Improving Your Appearance – It Makes A Difference

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Improving Your Appearance – It Makes A Difference

Two pictures of the same woman taken in the same year. I talk a lot about transforming your presence by using confidence and outcome independence, assuming a confident frame, moving commandingly, slowly, lowering your voice, etc.  However I often tend to forget the pure physical side of appearance.  In fairness to me, I do devote an entire chapter to it in one of my books, but beyond that I don't talk about it much.  I've had a few experiences lately reminding me I probably should.

-By Caleb Jones

A few weeks back I saw the movie "Sucker Punch" starring the 22 year-old actress above (Emily Browning).  I tend to like women with curves so when I first saw her on screen, I didn't think too much of it.  Then they did a closeup on her face (as the girl on the left) and my blood started pumping.  Big full lips, perfect dark eyes, and platinum blonde hair.  All things I like, and all things that turned me on, at least for a few seconds.

Here's the interesting part. Logically, I knew what I was looking at was fake.  Makeup, fake hair, fake lighting, camera tricks, etc.  But I didn't care.  My body and brain still reacted positively.  The facts didn't matter, only the perception did.

When fake breasts really caught on in the 1980's, there was an old joke repeated in lots of movies, TV shows, and stand-up routines, where a bunch of guys are gawking at a woman with big tits, another woman notices the men, glances at the woman, and says "Ugh.  Those aren't real!"  The men all reply in thunderstruck unison, "Who cares?"

It reminded me of an important lesson.  As long as the fake looks good, the mind doesn't care.  It still likes it, even if it knows it's fake.  Just look at all the guys who masturbate to Japanese anime porn.  Can't get any more fake than that.

When the fake looks really fake, then it matters.  I'll prove it.  In your mind, compare the breasts of Hally Berry, which are fake, with the breasts of some silicon-filled DDD-cup porn actress, which are also fake.  Notice the difference you feel in your body when you envision both women?  You see my point. Halley Berry is just as fake as Ms. Porno, but I've never seen any man complain about Hally Berry's tits.  Ever. Now let's take this same dynamic and switch the genders.  Men don't have the option of wearing buckets of obvious makeup (unless you follow Mystery dum dum TISH). 

Over the weekend I watched the original 1963 "The Nutty Professor" starring Jerry Lewis.  If you've never seen this movie, you should.  The transformation he makes between the nerdy professor and the Alpha male is pretty astonishing when you first see it.

As far as I can tell, all he did was take out some fake teeth, remove his glasses, darken his eyebrows a little (this is important...dark, full eyebrows are an attractive, masculine trait), and change his hairstyle.  The rest was voice, attitude, body language, clothing, etc.  Jerry Lewis was a master, but the actual changes to his appearance were very minor, yet extremely effective.

Another less-known example of this was the 1990 movie "Don't Tell Her It's Me" starring Steve Guttenberg.  The movie sucks, but halfway into the movie they take Gutenberg, a very plain-looking guy, and they completely transform his look, for the better, by growing out his hair, having him grow facial scruff (another important point, one Paul Janka recommends highly and one that I have seen a difference in when I try it), and a few other little tweaks.

The great thing about being a guy is that a few very small changes to your appearance make a huge difference (whereas women really need to go-all out to achieve a big change).  Notice I haven't even mentioned changing the way you dress, and that's a huge one as well.

There is so much you can do!  It does make a difference.

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This article was originally published on April 18, 2011
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  • GreenDragon 2014-03-31 16:52:19

    Definitely attest to this one. I've always been sub-average and was the antithesis of male beauty - short, pale, bald and weird looking. A recent divorce forced me to step it up, and I jumped at least 2 points with solid IOI's to back it up. My recipe at age 42: * Gym: Solid 3x/week full body training with no-nonsense lifts (deads, dips, squats, presses). * High-fat/protein diet: Skin is glowing from the eggs, high fat dairy, high fat meats/fish. * Tanning. Don't bother with whole body - just do face + neck. I started with Banana Boat Summer Color, but it's not dark enough. Now gonna try Famous Dave's Tanning Lotion ($35/bottle). Everyone looks better with a tan - Everyone. * SMP. Acronym for Scalp Micropigmentation, basically a hair tattoo. Started with temporary SMP and loved the look, but faded quickly. Then took the plunge with permanent. I'm pretty well versed in this obscure procedure, so feel free to ask anything. * Skin care. Get over it - not just for gays. Weekly scrubs for exfoliating, daily moisturizing. Get Trader Joe's Nourish Moisturizer and Trader Joe's Lavender Salt Scrub; both are dirt cheap with solid reviews. * Restalyne (Fillers). I've been plagued with dark circles under the eyes (genetic), so this Thursday I'm taking the plunge. May also explore orbital rim implants in the future. * Stubble. After reading BD's "Facial hair" piece, I decided to rock the stubble look. Compliments the SMP very well, and last night my latest hookup (late 40's cougar) couldn't stop raving that it "hurts so good". * Dress: I'd venture that 80% of success with clothes boils down to *fit*. My favorite pair of jeans - $25 Levi Signature Boot Cut from KMart. Yeah, I said it. No baggies - everything should fit and compliment your tapered and well muscled physique from bullet #1. Guys - Get your looks under control and do it now. Take baby steps if you must (start with moisturizing and tanning, save for hair), but at some point these steps should be on autopilot. "Be a slave to good habits".

  • Le Petite Princess 2014-12-04 15:54:59

    At 42, you're my dads age but you sound hot.

  • Niteride Mick 2016-12-31 01:34:14

    Lifting weights ok But if you really want to get in shape and learn a skill at the same time Learn to box Shits all over weight training You get a lean fit body abs plus you learn how to look after yourself also boxing gyms don't charge a fortune to train ,worth a look !!