Facebook Dating – A Real Example

Facebook gets you laid

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Facebook Dating – A Real Example

A few months later, in December 2010, I sent her a quick message on Facebook. Something cute and smartass. No response.  I deleted her off the slow track list and out of my life.  Didn't give it another thought. This does not usually happen.  You should not ever plan on this kind of thing happening.  My point is it can happen, especially if you put in the numbers like I do.

-By Caleb Jones

Still uncomfortable with my advice of putting the women you meet/date/whatever on your Facebook page?

I've talked about a bazillion real-life examples of why.  Need even MORE proof this works?


Last year I hit up a very cute gal on (I think) OKCupid.  We IM'ed a little bit, exchanged contact info, etc.  Tried to get her out on first date, and while she I could tell she was interested, she was just too reluctant.  She was on the younger side one so I assumed it was because of the age difference but it's hard to say.  So as always with women who don't want to see me in real life but did demonstrate interest that at least seemed real, I deleted her off the active list, moved her to the slow-track list, deleted her out of my mind, continued to focus on other new women. BUT...I made sure to get her on my Facebook page, as I usually do.  (Remember guys, you can always delete women off your page if they end up going nowhere.)

This was August, 2010.
Then, last week, over a year after we communicated last, out of the fucking blue, she sends me a message on Facebook, responding to the message I had sent her last December.  Since that time, she has not communicated with me in any way.  Not a text, not an email, not even a comment or "like" on my Facebook page.  Nothing.  And now here she is, emailing me almost a year later, acting very positive and interested.

Now before you scream "WTF?" and start ranting about how crazy and irrational women are, let me explain a few things:

I would bet money she did this because she's just broken up with a guy or "moved on" from a guy, or something like that.  I have no evidence to support this theory in her case.  I just know this from extensive experience when non-interested women suddenly become very interested.

In a dating context, "No" from a woman often means "Not now".  "Not now" is very different than "No".  Remember that women are serial monogamists, constantly switching monogamous partners.  Women under age 50 are repulsed by relationships that last longer than about three years at a deep biological level, regardless of what they say, and the further away from 50 she is, the more this is true.  If a woman you're working on has a boyfriend, don't worry about it.  Just keep your distance, but keep her in your orbit.  In a few months, a year or two at most, he won't be around any more.  Just watch.

So me and Ms. Suddenly Interested have been emailing back and forth over Facebook for a few days now, one message exchange per day.  The trouble is, I'm leaving for Asia for two weeks this Tuesday, so a meetup at this point is not going to work, or else I would have pulled the date trigger and met up with her ASAP.

What I'll have to do is continue to sporadically communicate with her while I'm in Asia, then nail down a meet for when I get back.  This is not an ideal way to do things, but the life of an Alpha is a busy one and sometimes shit's gotta give.  Not a problem.  I estimate a 35% to 40% chance I'll actually get her out on real-life first meet.

If I don't, than this was just another exercise.  If I do, the odds are extremely high (85% at least) we'll end up having sex.  That percentage is higher than normal because she's specific type that I do very well with, which is yet another reason she's remembered me for this long. We'll see what happens.
The point here is Facebook can be, should be, a HUGE source of sex for you.  I have gotten laid a ton from Facebook (from women I've already met or communicated with outside of Facebook, not from cold Facebook approaches which I don't think is a very good use of your time).  If you don't use Facebook to:

1. Bloster your dating/sarging efforts...
2. Manage returning LSNFTE women...

...then dude, you're leaving a lot of money on the table.  Or sex, as the case may be.

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This article was originally published on September 30, 2011


  • John Rendon 2011-10-01 21:43:59

    I love your Facebook advice. I recently got on Facebook, and what you wrote in your posting is very similar to what I was thinking about Facebook game. When I put a girl on slow burn game, Facebook is essential.

  • eddie 2017-01-11 23:00:29

    Do you recommend posting photos of yourself with girls you're dating on your FB page, or is this too likely to create drama?

  • Gaz 2017-04-10 09:08:48

    I second Eddie's question and note what you've written about linking to your professional page. Do you find this places you at any professional risk from previous lovers?