Snow White – The Feminist Beta Male Version

Modern Snow White

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Snow White – The Feminist Beta Male Version


I saw this "modern retelling of the classic tale" trailer the other day.  Let's watch it and see if it really is modern...

Overt portrayal of pussified beta male characters, bordering on the homosexual?


Angry older woman jealous of more attractive younger woman?


"Strong, independent" woman looking for a man to marry to solve her financial problems?


Feminization of men, like making the male lead wear cute bunny ears?


Making men look stupid and women look smart?


Woman over 30 freaking out about her wrinkles?


Ensuring attractive little women use swords and are experts in hand-to-hand combat, easily vanquishing men double their size?


Having women rescue men instead of the other way around?  (And making a strong effort to point that out in the movie trailer to show how nuanced and modern we all are?)


Ensuring men are the butt of all the slapstick physical jokes?


Liberal white guilt and political correctness being shoved down our throats?  Like ensuring that at least one dwarf is black and one is Asian?


Yep!  This certainly is a "modern" retelling.  I can't wait to see it!  I would LOVE my daughter to see this and be totally brainwashed by it.  She'll be better off.

I can't wait until we see the modern, sword-wielding version of Cinderella having sex with a bunch of wimpy guys to see which one will fit her pussy and therefore become her beta male husband.  Or the strong, defiant, intelligent, axe-wielding Sleeping Beauty shoving the bumbling homosexual prince out of the way and single-handedly killing evil queen after she turns into a dragon.



Holy shit! Hollywood answered my prayers!  Apparently there's ANOTHER "modern retelling" of Snow White coming out!  Right here -


Fuck yeah baby!  THIS Snow White not only wields a sword, but fights in wars and wears plate mail armor. Yeaaaaah, that's what I'm talkin' about!  Hopefully if they make the movie really modern and realistic, she'll have huge muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger and whip out a gatling gun to mow down all those god damn male soldiers!

Thanks Hollywood!  You rock!

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This article was originally published on November 30, 2011
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  • onyxx 2011-11-30 11:18:18

    hahahaha epic. I'm so sick of all this modernization bullshit! The best part about it is that females then complain that there are no "real" men around.

  • Jed 2011-11-30 16:42:31

    I took a feminism class once in college. It was 16 weeks of total bullshit..... but their goal is to weaken men "to even out the playing field." The weak beta men believe this feminism propaganda and will keep becoming weaker. We who don't feed into it are becoming rarer and rarer. Such a rarity that women become awestruck when in our presence because it is something they rarely see. These feminist women treat their husbands and boyfriends like shit and they just sit their and take it like little bitches. Neither of them are happy.

  • futureproof 2011-12-13 20:17:05

    What horse-shit. Why is Hollywood doing this? What link does feminism have to Hollywood and who is lining who's pockets? Interesting.

  • Dijona 2012-11-09 20:07:01

    im a woman and why is it that all fairytales are just based on women being the damsle in distress or even not that. i mean, women in reality arent that helpless but screw that, thats not the point. the moderized tales are cool ya know but somethings missing, in the real world as of today doenst have to be fictionized. another thing is i wanna see something that has a male lead role version with step father and all and yess it can be done because even men, boys get mistreated just like women do. damn disney, why dont you make a story like that. hell men got problems too. this is what i do, i write male sides of the story when it come to fairytales. ok something like that goofy musicle " once upon a matress", the focused character is the prince because he wants to get married and have his own kingdom and have it all too, he stresses over the passing of a test that the princess must do and tries all in his ability to help her, same goes for the king. Men can be "damsel in distress", hell im begging my brother to leave that emotional abusive bitch now because of the stress he's going thru. im not saying there has to be a prince charming for a guy but a woman that can help lift a burdon or 2. im 21 but i learn to be independent with submiting myself as a virtuous woman, a good woman to such a worthy man and i would never down him nor make him cry. Men like strong women yeah, well women like strong men. Write something for the fellas.