Kobe Bryant Divorce


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Kobe Bryant Divorce

If people just stopped expecting monogamy we could avoid all of this upset and silliness, but I guess they'd rather have drama and divorce.  So fine.  I really have nothing to add to it other than to say "How many times do I have to be right?" and When will men figure this out and stop marrying women..

-By Caleb Jones

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Update, January 2013: Kobe and his wife have "called off" the divorce. His begging must have worked.

I really wasn't going to comment on this.  Kobe's divorce is the standard divorce you and I have seen a thousand times now.  Guy cheats, woman gets pissed, guy says he's sorry and Won't Do It Again™, does it again, woman files for divorce. BUT THEN I saw the above video on my favorite YouTube news channel, those liberals over at Young Turks.  It's soooooo good.  Stop right now and watch it if you haven't yet.


1. How the woman defends the fact that Kobe pays 50% plus child support plus alimony for the rest of his life.  "But that's how divorce works in a lot of cases!"  Like that makes it right.

2. How the main guy (his name is Cenk, pronounced "Jenk") was honest about the fact Kobe probably did cheat on his wife "a million times", which I sure he did.  Monogamy doesn't work.  People cheat.  Eventually.  Kobe's a famous, ultra-wealthy, good-looking guy, thus like Tiger Woods, his CTF is very low.

3. How the Asian guy was getting upset that Cenk was giving California divorce law a bad name.  Or something.  He really did seem upset that Cenk was complaining about how stupid this all is.  Notice how he said the exact same thing the woman said, "Hey, that's just how it works!" as if it's perfectly justified and the end of the conversation and we shouldn't be complaining about it.

Occasionally (though not often) I will debate with men like this, feminine betas who think that 50% of assets plus alimony plus child support is a perfectly fine thing to give a woman and to give women less is being misogynistic.   Amazing.  Feminism, misandry, and societal programming have done their work well.

By the way, the Asian guy (who is an attorney I believe) was wrong about the alimony.  He's right in that she doesn't automatically receive lifetime alimony, but per California law, because the marriage was longer than ten years, Kobe's wife could indeed end up with alimony for the rest of her life if she plays the system right, which if she's married to a multibazillionare like Kobe, she will.

She indeed waited past that magical California 10 year-mark on purpose (many married women in California do this...wait exactly 10 years before divorcing their husbands). Mark my words, she will be getting alimony from Kobe for the rest of her life or very close to it.  (Unless she actually marries someone else...but why the fuck would she do that?  Alimony is based on the dude's income!  She's going to get more money than a lottery winner).

4. How Cenk's math was right.  If she receives 50% of the assets plus child support plus alimony for a very long time, she gets way more than 50% of Kobe's current asset value.  The Asian guy was bothered by Cenk saying that, but it's completely accurate.  Cenk was not "propagandizing it" or "overstating it".  He was stating truth.  Truth more people need to hear.

5. How the woman didn't think Kobe's wife purposely waited exactly 10.5 years before she divorced him.  Oh no.  Of course she didn't.

6. How the woman paused HARD when Cenk asked her if the wife was right to wait past the 10 year mark.  Go to the 4:30 in the video and watch her squirm.  Then finally she implies that because the woman was so angry at Kobe, it was justified.  I love chick logic.
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I just loved this discussion.  It's so representative of the rational view, the beta male view, and the feminine view.  All they needed to say was:

1. Most men cannot be monogamous for long stretches, almost always end up cheating if the relationship lasts long enough, so women shouldn't expect eternal monogamy from men in the first place.

2. A man should not be forced to pay a woman that much money during or after a divorce.

3. The law should not incentivize women to wait ten years (or any set amount of time) before divorcing a guy for an extra financial bonus.

But see, that would be rational.  So we're going to get a lot of chick logic and societal programming and misandry and anger and defensiveness instead.  🙂

P.S. - Some of you female or beta male readers will probably be thinking "Is this Blackdragon guy defending Kobe? He fucking cheated on his wife over and over again!  Of course he should get raped!  Serves him right!"

Of course he shouldn't have cheated.  I am completely against cheating and I've never cheated on anyone in my entire life, even when I was married for nine years.  (Even though I wanted to, and notice I got divorced anyway.) Cheating is bad, lying is bad, I am against both.  For record, Kobe is a dipshit and a beta male and a pussy and a liar and I've always had zero respect for the man.  None of that changes the fact that:

1. She should not have expected a man like Kobe to be monogamous forever, regardless of what he promised. THAT'S INSANE, and women are not stupid.

2. She does not deserve all that money.  Is she due a hunk of money from him to help take care of their kids? Absolutely!  But 50% of his assets plus massive child support (based on his massive income) plus massive alimony (also based on his massive income) for (most likely) the rest of her life?  No.  Again, THAT'S INSANE.

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This article was originally published on December 21, 2011
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  • John 2011-12-21 17:00:49

    Great post! Love it! Men lose 70% of their assets in divorce. That is a fact which has been re-stated many times, as in this very well done CNBC special: http://www.hulu.com/watch/232347/cnbc-originals-divorce-wars The divorce rate is approaching 60% in this country: http://www.darndivorce.com/divorce-rates-around-the-world/ Why would any rational, intelligent man enter into an endeavor where he has a 60% chance of losing 70% of all that he worked for? Gotta follow you on Facebook...

  • Soy 2011-12-21 18:13:02

    Wow, that young turks show rocks... it is so unamerican. A Voice of reason in all your crazyness... Is it a youtube only show? 🙂

  • Soy 2011-12-21 18:22:05

    Also, one major issue I have. Sure, the guy cheated and was a dick. But that doesn't justify anything. We tell children that eye for an eye is bad, lets try to put that in practice.

  • Johnny Caustic 2011-12-21 21:56:55

    I agree with most of this. I differ with you on the child support, though. I think if both parents want custody in a no-fault divorce, the parent who gets custody should pay for it. The incentives work better this way: the parent who gets the kids really wants them, and isn't just fishing for cash. More importantly, it also reduces the incentive to divorce in the first place. Barring fault, I don't think it's fair or reasonable that someone get screwed out of his/her kids *and* screwed out of the income to start a new family. And I think both sides should go in knowing they're going to lose something; in the current winner-take-all system, divorce can be like winning a lottery. I'd also like to see a return to presumptive paternal custody, as was the norm a few centuries ago. Would you agree or disagree that after the age of 6 (and especially after puberty), kids need proper discipline even more than they need optimal nurturing?

  • Blackdragon 2011-12-21 22:31:50

    @Johnny Caustic The child support issue is complicated. The best way to handle it in my opinion is to have ALL child support and custody matters in the prenuptial agreement. Then the government has absolutely nothing to do with it. If the parents aren’t married, the two of them hash it out together and come up with an arrangement. If they can’t they go to arbitration or mediation just like any other legal matter. The idea that government has to automatically presume on the basis of mother or father is insane. It’s none of the government’s business, it’s a the two parents’ business. @Soy Young Turks are awesome. They're extremely liberal/progressive, but they’re honest and not part of the establishment, and that's all I ask in my news sources. They have a YouTube show and a “real” TV show on the Current network. Two answers to your point: 1. Kobe will suffer for his cheating and lying. He will lose 24/7 access to his own children. He will lose the Woman Of His Dreams. He will look like a dumbass in front of everyone. And yes, he’ll lose some money. Getting a divorce is no picnic, believe me. I didn’t cheat, and my divorce was no big deal compared to a hell of a lot of men I know, and it was still a shitty experience. Men who lie and cheat and get divorced pay a huge price without 50% communal/alimony/child support. 2. We don’t know the full story. Yeah, he cheated. But we don’t know if she cheated too. We don’t know if she denied him sex for years and years. We don’t know if she was a raging bitch to him all the time. Etc. The current system assumes the man is always at fault and the woman is a innocent victim doing nothing wrong.

  • Fedaykin 2011-12-22 19:25:24

    a hitman would be so much cheaper

  • John 2011-12-24 16:50:57

    Now the biggest payout in history : http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20556666,00.html?hpt=hp_t3 Ex-wife was a dental nurse when he met her...