Fun With Theory: Dancer Sex

Dance Class Game

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Fun With Theory: Dancer Sex

This is the first in a series of blog posts called "Fun With Theory".  They will be the opposite of another series I have going, which is "Fun With Logic".  In the "Theory" series, I'll be letting my imagination run wild (tempered by INTJ logic and rationality of course) and will be musing about hypotheticals.  It's one of those rare times I'll be completely KJ (KJ - Keyboard Jockey, giving advice on something you have no real experience in).

-By Caleb Jones

So I'll start this with a disclaimer:

I have never actually done what I'm about to talk about.  It's only a fun hypothetical theory to discuss.  However, I have seen other men do this or similar and achieve results with it.  It also matches everything I know about how women operate, so I see no reason why it would not work. 

Today I'm going to talk about a sure-fire method for you to get laid very easily that has been completely ignored by the seduction community.   It should work as long as you're not super overweight and a decent amount of flexible time in your schedule.  Of course, it's just a theory, but I think I'm right.  Read on and you be the judge.

Observation Number One: Over the course of my life I have met several guys who lay TONS OF CHICKS who are more or less AFCs.  Ugly or average-looking, no real game, no real appeal, no seduction skill whatsoever, needy, pussified, just like every other AFC out there. How did they fuck all of these chicks then?

The answer is: they're dancers.  Actually, calling them "dancers" might be too kind.  Some of them are dancers, but most of them just go to dance classes a lot.  Sometimes they're students, sometimes they're instructors, but they're always at these god damn dance classes and it's a big part of their lives.

At these classes, they meet tons of chicks.  I'll be honest, most of these chicks are not super hot, but many of them are cute and ALL of them are physically fit.  These women also tend to be outgoing, relaxed, fun, and sexual.  Just through dancing with these chicks, these dorky beta males get laid like rock stars, often without even trying.

Moreover, I've seen things like men over age 40  lay chicks as young as 19, with the girls' excuse of "Well, normally I wouldn't go for a guy that old...but he can dance!"  It really is amazing to watch and frankly, I've often been shocked at the sheer quantity of physically-fit pussy these dorky AFCs end up with.

Observation Number Two: I have talked to many non-dancer normal people who will start going to a regular dance class, only to be turned off because, and I quote, "All they do is fuck each other," and "It seems like everyone in the class has slept with just about everyone else in the class."

Hmmmm.  Are your wheels turning yet?
Observation Number Three: Most people don't know this, but there is an entire dance class subculture. These people dance with each other during class, then go out on the weekends together and dance at dance clubs and bars and fuck each other like hippies in a 1970's commune.

I have a good female friend who is heavily involved in this subculture and I've talked to a lot of her friends, plus I've talked to a lot of other "dance classers", both male and female.  I constantly hear comments from these women like "Well, you can't NOT fuck your dance partner."

Another commonality I've noticed: These people, the men and women both, often have had huge numbers of sexual partners.  People who have had 30, 40, 60, or more sexual partners are not unheard of at all.

"Dance Class Game"
Alright, I'm done trying to convince you.  Let's turn this into action now.
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Here's is your step-by-step guide on how you (hypothetically) get all the women you want by doing "dance class game".

1. Use Google, Facebook, Craigslist,, and friends you know and locate a number of regular dance classes in your area.  Every major city has tons.  Focus on in-style dancing like salsa dancing, tango, country western dancing, etc.  Avoid classic/conservative stuff like ballet or ballroom dancing (though I have a feeling even that would work too).

2. Narrow down the classes that are made up mostly of unmarried women under the age of 33.  Talk to the dance instructors, who are almost always female, to get this kind of information.  They'll be more than happy to talk to you all about it.  (By the way, you can fuck them too.)

3. Whip up $15 to $80 and sign up for at least two different classes that meet at least once per week.  Three or four classes would be better.  These classes are often very cheap, and it will easily be the same or cheaper than buying drinks for chicks, buying food or drinks on a bunch of first dates, or paying cover charges for clubs.  As an extra benefit, you get to learn how to dance, which can only help your game.

4. Before attending each class, pay close attention to your appearance and dress and look and as good as you possibly can, just as if you were going out sarging.

5. Go to class and dance.  Even if you suck at it, show a strong desire to learn and get better.  That's all that matters with these people, believe me.

6. Make and implement a plan to meet, dance, and flirt with every fuckable woman in every one of your classes.  If you're a nerd at heart like me, make a spreadsheet so you don't forget anyone.

7. Use your skills you've learned from me and other guys in the seduction community on these women.  Push/pull, kino, sex talk, confidence, outcome independance, etc.  The works.  Isolate, escalate, and fuck as many as you can. Many of these women are DTF already because of their dance class subculture and attitudes.

8. Rinse and repeat with other new dance classes once you've fucked everyone you can.  Or game the new arrivals to your current classes as they arise.

Dude. This should be like shooting fish in a barrel.
I'm serious, I bet these damn dancer guys are doing their best to keep this technique a secret from us.  If I had the free time, which I don't, I'd try it myself.

Is there any reason why this technique would not work? (By the way, if any of you are adventurous enough to actually try and really make an effort at this, comment or email me, keep me in the loop, and I'll devote a blog post or two strictly to you and your progress and results.)

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This article was originally published on February 16, 2012
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  • Brian 2012-02-16 10:19:04

    This makes a great case. Been thinking about getting into a dance class or two this Spring and this only cements it. Was smiling like a bastard the whole time reading. Probably the best KJing I've read. Keep it up.

  • N 2012-02-17 01:39:58

    As someone who's been a 'dancer' for years: Observation Number One: Yes, especially the women you describe. Observation Number Two: Yes, with the following observation: With latin dance (salsa, merengue, etc) and 1950s dancing (swing, lindy hop) this is more pronounced than with ballroom dancing (waltz, etc). Ballroom dancers tend to be more 'serious' dating people. On average. Not surprising; the former dance styles are a lot more sexual, ballroom is quite formal. Hence cancan dance and anything burlesque is quite full of sexual energy too. Odd one out: bellydancing. A lot of ..."odd" girls in there. Kinda hippy. And many Indian girls, if that's your flavour. The same is also true for dance competitions, where teams compete against other teams, and dance teams which perform for cash or tickets or just fun... Competitive people are more serious and that reflects in their dancing and sex lives. Observation Number Three: Yes. More than that - the numbers are in your favour since the amount of gay and bisexual men in the class / community is disproportionately high compared to the average population. Agree with everything else, except for: "Even if you suck at it, show a strong desire to learn and get better. That’s all that matters with these people, believe me." Nope. In a dancing community, being a good dancer is *the* DHV. That said, having above average game, not being smelly, smiling, being slightly cocky, TFM.. makes totally up for that. Massively important: Be very very comfortable with kino and your body (and dancing will help you with that). I remember for example when I asked a friend about how a certain move worked. I "borrowed" a girl for a minute and we experimented till I got that move right - "now raise your elbow... put your hand on her hip and push, turn..., pull her close, let go..." And so on. That shit is completely normal. Since the men have to do the leading, you get a lot of women who are compliant and easy going. I have to yet see a dancing feminist. Dancers are very touchy-feely and used to human touch. Use this to overcome your inhibitions and fears and to become comfortable with kino. Works wonders. And remember to have absolutely excellent hygiene. No one likes to touch a smelly greasy dude. Leading: In dancing, men LEAD. They decide which move happens and when. Women LOVE a strong lead. Again, the PU analogies abound. Learn to lead. Screening: I know you don't screen, but how a woman behaves in bed and in a relationship is strongly correlated with how she dances. I.e. whether she follows your lead easily (=compliance), whether she's difficult, whether she has a sense of rhythm and self. Fitness: Jive, Swing, Lindy Hop, Rock and Roll - those are dance styles which are a complete cardio workout. In many of them you jump 100% of the time, in some you lift up your partner and swirl her around. Some of the fittest and healthiest people I know are dancers in those styles. Hence this can be good for your health, but if you wanna pick up girls, you may want to do it in a class where you're not concerned with heart attacks and catching your breath. Essentially if you smoke and/or aren't in top shape, stick to tango, salsa or ballroom. Unless you want to use this to get into shape. Finally, dance society is enormously gossipy (surprise there). Not much to worry about if your frame is strong, just something to keep in mind.

  • Soul 2012-02-17 11:05:15

    Ahaha. Feels like you wrote this just for me, BD!! I was doing a lot of dancing up until a year ago when I got an impingement aka "frozen shoulder", which put me out of action for awhile. I don't question what you're saying here -- and all I have to add from my non-KJ experience is that with enough anti-game, it's possible to screw up even the most perfect opportunity. I think N is exactly right, that the girls in ballroom are more formal and looking for conventional LTR's. So of course, I spent most of my time doing ballroom, and I made sure to bring my wife to the events from time to time, dance with her enthusiastically, and introduce her to all my dance partners. I think that's good LTR game (anyhow I must be doing something right in my marriage) but obviously sucks if the goal is to GASGF. And I got a private instructor, so I was able to avoid wasting much time in classes! Like you, I am all about efficiency... but in this case, efficient at what?? Even with the impingement, I've been able to keep doing "ecstatic dance" which is a very postmodern feminist hippie scene. It's almost purely solo dancing, there is little or no leading or following going on. I suspect that full-on Roissy-style feminine hypergamy is running rampant, a few men must be getting most of the pussy because they're alpha. Or worse, maybe there's just a lot of girl-on-girl action going on behind the scenes. If I were more alpha myself, I think it would be paradise -- but this seems to be a venue demanding really tight game, that I don't have. So it's basically pretty obvious what I've been doing wrong here, and what I could do better. My shrink thinks the frozen shoulder was basically psychosomatic, a result of my own internal conflicts about loyalty and concern about rocking the boat with my wife. Could be, he's right! There's some very deep subconscious stuff going on with me, it's clear I've been doing a lot of self-sabotage, and we'll see what else keeps surfacing as we go forward. Anyhow, now that my impingement is in remission, I expect I'll be "stepping out" some more, and I have some questions for you: (1) Do you think it's important, when out dancing for an evening -- to stay to the end of the event, hang out afterwards, and press for the SNL if possible? Or do you think it should work equally well (or adequately well) to go after contact information and then proceed as if she were a woman you met through online game, starting with a short late-afternoon day1? I'm like you, I don't want to stay out too late if I can avoid it. (2) In dance classes, some of the men & women are "in rotation" dancing with everyone in turn, while others come as a couple and stay together. Do you think it's OK to bring a partner to dance class and stay with her if she's a plausible "target", or is this too beta-izing?

  • Blackdragon 2012-02-17 22:27:43

    It's interesting. I never know which blog posts will resonate with people and which ones people will largely ignore. @N: Good info. And I agree with you about how dancer women will often complain about "smelly" guys. I've heard them complain about just that. Good thing I just made a post about cologne. @Soul: I too would use a private instructor if my objective was to learn how to dance. But in this case, I wouldn't even care about dancing, and I'm serious. I'd just be there to get laid. In answer to your questions: 1. I don't do SNLs so I can't advise you on that. (I'm a second-date-lay guy.) But SNL/day2 nomenclature doesn't really apply here, since this is not cold's more like a concentrated form of social circle game. Would I stay after to isolate and escalate on one particular chick at a time? Hell yes. That would be my entire objective. AND I would gather contact info from all those women I couldn't isolate in that way. Just like with online game, my approach would be a very shotgun one. As I've said before on this blog, FUCK EVERYONE. Then sort 'em out later. Yes, eventually I might get the reputation as "the guy that tries to fuck everyone". I don't care. By the time I got that rep, I'd already would have nailed at least three women if not more. Mission accomplished, move on to the next dance class. 2. I would not bring a partner to class unless I had completely exhausted all the potential fuck-partners in the class first. You should be focusing on the chicks in the dance class before you use the dance class itself as a DHV or pivot. Remember our objective here. Good discussion!

  • JosephK 2012-02-18 10:09:54

    I'm totally KJing here, but... the idea of bringing a partner with you to class makes sense if SHE is your Pivot. And of course you would only bring a Pivot to a rotation class where you could dance with all the women in the class. Make sure everyone sees you with your Pivot when you arrive, and while hanging out before class. Even if everyone knows your Pivot is just a friend (if that's what she is), it's still social proof.

  • AnotherDragon 2012-02-19 10:54:02

    Cool and interesting. As someone going to a lot of dance classes (solo classes at the gym though, afro, zumba, street dance etc) I definitely see how this can work out really great. You meet a lot of women of which nearly all are impressed with a guy having the guts and the moves to get in there, and if you are at least somewhat good at the dancing itself it's a huge DHV. I'm married though and we are looking for girls for threesomes and in these classes I meet women on my own, without my wife, so it's not really ideal (I'm sure it still would work but my game is not at that level, yet). In the near future we will be taking salsa lessons together and start to go to salsa clubs so I'm excited to hear what is going on in those circles!!! 😛

  • Magik 2012-02-27 08:56:43

    Anyone ever tried yoga classes? This seems like it would be a great venue as well, maybe just as good as dance classes

  • Simon Limon 2012-08-20 00:58:21

    I started taking salsa classes this summer, (partly because of this post!), and thought I'd share my observations. The actual classes I took were very small, often without even one woman I'd call attractive, but the same studio holds 'social dance nights' almost every day of the week which pulled in a lot of people and serves well for pick up purposes. The whole thing seems like "pick up with training wheels". Opening is a no-brainer: you just walk around until you see somebody who fits your time and say, "Do you want to dance?". Nobody says no because that's what they came here to do. During the dance you can talk, but both of you also have to focus on dancing, so you keep it light and don't try to go so far with eliciting values or launching into your long DHV story about snowboarding with Chrstina Richie or whatever. The good thing is that there are no awkward silences; you can just shut up and dance and that's fine. She may be really chatty or she may not say anything at all. She may stare off to the side the whole time or she may stare piercingly into your eyes. If she seemed receptive to you during the dance then you can go talk to her later, because no one is going to dance every song anyway. Like someone else mentioned above, it's great because kino and leading are built into it. From the time you ask her, you take her hand, lead her to where you want to go, and then guide her through the song. After that, regular kino just flows naturally, touch her arm/shoulder/back of neck. If you're a good dancer, (which I'm not. Yet.), that's great, there's your DHV. If she's a bad dancer, that's great because you can show her what she's suppose to do. I've gotten several phone numbers out of this, but no lays yet. (I guess you still need to have the rest of your game together. I'm working on it! ;-)) Lastly, I live in a medium sized city, about a million people, but the salsa scene isn't enormous. I don't think I could hop from class to class for very long to avoid being followed by a reputation. However, the city also has several clubs which host "salsa nights" which I haven't yet taken advantage of.

  • Blackdragon 2012-08-21 12:30:27

    Sounds good to me! Keep us posted. And as a side note I would not worry about my "reputation" if I joined a bunch of dance classes. I would join up and sarge away anyway. If I indeed got a reputation that was so horrible it caused problems, I'd bail on the classes, wait 6 to 12 months, and do it all over again.

  • Greg 2014-09-29 04:13:11

    I've been to one dance class for about 6 months, my observations: It is a good playing field in that there are many women there who are quite receptive, and most of the guys are betas. You have an easy intro, but you still have to use some skill to get them. AFCs with tonnes of pussy has not been my observation, but it is a much better field than say going to a club, or street pickup. AFCs still don't get shit, it's not like they throw themselves at you. "All they do is fuck eachother" has not been my experience at all. I have layed some, but really since it's a community, once one of them gets a hold of you it's hard (for me) to pull others as they avoid upsetting your girl, as much as I tried to hide the fact we're together it still became pretty obvious. It was an open relationship, but I couldn't really advertise that. I don't know how guys lay multiple girls from the same social circle. You are part of a friendly community, full of initiative to meet and dance. Women love dancing it's a very different experience than it is for guys. They get to be led, so there's a thrill of not having control there. The more advanced ones are not so easily impressed, but beginners come every now and again and once you get a little skill you have huge value to them. They are intimidated and fearful of not screwing up, which is a great position for a man to be in. For this you pay every month, in money and time. There's also a community, so you get a reputation. During the summer there's a lot less action, many women take a vacation.

  • Blackdragon 2014-09-29 16:13:17

    Thanks for your information, I'm glad someone could confirm/deny my suppositions. Some of your complaints are because you're in ONE dance class, and my suggestion, if you really want to try this "for real" is to sign up for several, as in at least three.

  • Yan 2018-12-25 15:15:13

    I have been going dancing for 6 months after my separation. Focused on 5 dancing styles. Got one Fb from each dance. Happy man,now focusing on my son and my businness life One of my passion is traveling, I pay my trips giving dance workshops in Europe and meet very attractive girls as well :). This method was so successful I haven't tried online game. I even consider "dance" game as a good introduction for guys who would like to try daygame. Only negative is time consuming and could affect your sleep pattern as most of classes are evenings. Have fun!