The Women Who Will


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The Women Who Will

-By Caleb Jones

The yeses are good, the nos are good, the maybes will kill you.

It's been said a lot around dating/seduction/relationship circles that every woman you meet up with will fall into one of three categories: those who will fuck you, those who won’t fuck you, and those who might fuck you.

In general I agree with that.  Though it’s not quite as simple as it sounds. The assumptions in that statement are:

1. Those who Will are easy no matter what you do.

2. Those who Might just require enough game, then they Will.

Both those assumptions are inaccurate. I will explain.

Those Who Will

These are the easiest women for you by far. You are already exactly “her type” . As long as you don’t screw up, women in this category will have sex with you very fast with almost no resistance. You will often be surprised at how easy it all was. I’ve had many lays like this and if you’ve been with more than a few women in your life, I’m sure you have too.

However! Notice I said as long you don’t screw up. It is very possible, easy even, to destroy a potential lay with a woman in the Will category. If you’re an asshole, or a real pussy, or get too needy too fast, or flat out have crappy game, you can certainly turn a Will into a Won’t Ever. In my early years in the game I certainly did this, and I’ve seen many guys do the same.  It's brutal to see a guy blow it with a hot chick who easily would have put out.  Especially if that guy is you.

Wills are great, but never assume they are zero work and require zero game. You don’t need to do much right, but you can’t do much wrong with these women either.

Those Who Won’t

Not much to say about these, other than I like the Won'ts. Why? Because they take zero time. A woman who absolutely positively doesn’t not want to go out on a date with me because she finds me repulsive will never waste my time, never piss me off, never cost me any money, and never give me drama. So God bless ‘em.

Most guys get pissed when they get a fast no from a woman. Shit, not me. It actually makes me happy. It means I can delete this woman from my brain forever and move on to the next one.  My favorite TV show (of the few I actually bother to watch) is Shark Tank.  On it, Kevin O'Leary has a great saying, "When you walk out that door, you're dead to me, and I'll never think about you ever again, because there'll be another deal right after you."  Amen.

The only great danger with the Won'ts is if you choose to spend time chasing one.  Many guys, especially guys under 30, will spend weeks, months, and sometimes years chasing and clinging to a woman who will absolutely not fuck them no matter what they do or how nice they are.  That's where the term "orbiter" came from.  When a woman says no, persist.  If she still says no after a good persistent effort, forget her forever and MOVE ON.  Forget she ever existed, and go meet ten new women (at least!).

If you keep pursuing a Won't, you are the moron.

There is a term floating around there called "long game", where you game a particular woman over a long period of time.  As you may probably suspect, I am not a fan of this concept.  Nothing says "I'm a desperate beta" like repeatedly trying to fuck the same reluctant chick over and over again for months or years.  There are certain variations of this that work under certain conditions with certain women, provided you're actually having sex with other women while you're doing it, like BradP's Slow Track, but these situations are the unusual exception, not the rule.

Those Who Might

The Mights are the worst category of all three. By far.  Yes, Mights are far worse than Won’ts. Women who might fuck you will piss you off, waste your time, blow your money, lead you down blind alleys, and give all other women a bad name. In terms of online game, the women who never respond to your opener never bother you.  Right?  No, it’s those ones who respond enthusiastically and then vanish after a few back-and-forths, THOSE are the ones who make you go grey.

When I was in corporate sales training years ago, I had a trainer bore into my head: "The yeses are good, the nos are good, the maybes will kill you."  He was absolutely right, not only in business, but in dating and seduction as well.

About 70% of your time (at least) in dating and seducing will be fucking around with Mights. (Wills take about 20% of your time and Won’ts take up about 10%.) Most of what people call "game" is spent qualifying and disqualifying those god damn Mights.

It gets worse. The generic “Will, Won’t, Might” statement assumes that if you have enough game, you can fuck the Mights.  Often that's true.  Often it's not true.  As I’ve talked about a lot before, many times Mights technically might fuck you, would fuck you, but realistically aren’t for many reasons beyond your control even if your game is rock solid.  Especially if they're over age 33.

Bottom line, your mission with these three types of women is the following:

1. Wills: Cover your bases, relax and don't screw up.

2. Won'ts: Ignore and run away fast.

3. Mights: Get very good at turning them into into Wills or Won'ts as fast as possible.  Make one or two good efforts, then drop them fast and move on to new women.

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This article was originally published on March 8, 2012


  • Soy 2012-03-09 13:03:28

    "2. Won’ts: Ignore and run away fast." If I had only known this ages ago :D. Important advice. Combine this with the balls to check if they are a no or not. (The whole, be a man, escalate, make the ho say no stuff). And you are golden.

  • Sylvia 2015-03-01 21:56:38

    As pethetic as it might sound I only renaosdly went on my second real date in my life (I did have boyfriends before I'm not that bad) with this very nice guy. I'm 19 and he is 21. I'm all confused at how it is suppose to work and what is suppose to happen, when is it suppose to happen .. I'm not always a patient woman but I can wait if I have to or want to. I am not looking for SEX but a hug or a kiss whould be nice. We went on our second date on Friday night and I met his co-workers PLEASE HELP AND EXPLAIN HOW THIS DATING THING (GAME) WORKS!!!!!

  • Blackdragon 2015-03-01 22:09:18

    Sylvia are you a virgin?

  • Felix 2016-02-02 22:21:52

    20/80 rule. 20% of the time gets you 80% of whatever you are after. So instead of chasing mights, guys should be spending more time looking for wills. Just keep filling the pipeline with more wills. Why bother spending all that time and not get anywhere? If you are a full time PUA then mights are fun to chase because you literally have nothing else to do. If you have a business to run. If I could I would just find more wills. Sounds like it would save a huge chunk of time to work on other businesses.