Fun With Theory – What If Blackdragon Had Been Born A Woman?


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Fun With Theory – What If Blackdragon Had Been Born A Woman?

Disclaimer: I debated back and forth on whether or not to even post this. This post is going to make some of you very, very angry. Men and women both. I know this because I have already shown this blog post to several different people, and most of them lost their shit. I have sat on this post for quite a while, knowing that a percentage of the reading audience are going to completely misinterpret it. However, shock and awe is part of what I do here, so I've finally decided to post it.

-By Caleb Jones

Therefore, if you decide to read this post, do your best to read it in the funny, hypothetical, and non-serious context in which it is provided. Otherwise your head will explode. You have officially been warned...that means if you read this post and get pissed off, you have only yourself to blame.

EDIT: Some of the comments have made some good points, so I have amended a few things in this post to make it more accurate and congruent.

EDIT 2: I have made a much-requested part 2 to this post here, so read it when you're done reading this. 

And now for something completely different. This is an article I wrote for the forums several years ago. I've cleaned it up and updated it. As part of the "Fun With Theory" series on this blog, this is a purely hypothetical thought experiment. It is not meant as anything literal or serious (though as is usually the case with these hypothetical stories, there are some serious aspects to it).

Let’s take a Star Trek moment and say a tear in the space-time continuum caused an alternate timeline in which I was born a female instead of a male. Let’s assume my personality and goals were more or less the same (as much as possible with a more emotional feminine brain), and let’s also make the wild and unlikely assumption that as a woman I was able to maintain at least most of my rational life outlook at least most of the time (which probably wouldn't be the case, since I’d be a girl, but let’s go with it for the sake of illustration).

How then, would I have lived my life, and continue to live my life to this day, knowing what I now know? How would I achieve and maintain my lifestyle and goals of freedom and consistent happiness? It's an interesting question because of the vast differences between men and women, also considering that men and women take very different paths in life. Note that I am not necessarily recommending that women do what I'm about to describe. At least, not all of it. This is simply an example of what would happen if a high-sex-drive, long-term-happiness-seeking, hyper-rational personality were a woman, rather than a man.

Here then is an overview of what I would do if I was a woman, "Blackdragonette", starting with young adulthood at age 18.

Phase One: Be Hot

Whether we like it or not, whether we like to admit it or not, it's a universal truth that generally speaking, the better looking a woman is, the easier her life is and the more she gets. (Have you ever seen a hot homeless woman? Neither have I.)

Therefore, starting at age 18, my primary focus in life would not be creating a high income (which it would be if I were a man). Instead, it would be to look as hot as I possibly could, "hot" being defined as what men find attractive, not what women find attractive, since often women find physical traits on women attractive that men do not (like short hair, for example). A hot chick can, if she plays her cards right, get all the money a man can get by working, and usually with far less time and effort invested.

That would mean:

A. Buying and reading many books and magazines on physical fitness and taking their advice.

B. Total focus on my eating and diet. (I have a feeling I'd be hungry often, like a supermodel.)

C. Hitting the gym daily. I would never allow myself to go above a size 4, ever.

D. Keeping my hair long and full.  I would bleach my hair blonde if it was not blonde already. I would do this regularly until I hit my 50s. (Remember, I'm looking for what most men think is hot on women, not what women think is hot on women. That means long blonde hair.)

E. If my boobs were anything less than a C cup, I would get breast implants ASAP to get to a C or D cup (depending on my body frame and height). I would pay for the surgery either via my parents (I would use my feminine superpowers of begging, pleading, doe-eyes, crying, and acting sad) or I would borrow the money and have an AFC baby-daddy pay off the debt for me (more on this in a minute) or trick/cajole/seduce the money out of an AFC boyfriend. All of which would be relatively easy because I’d be hot.

F. I would only wear hot clothing, i.e. clothing men consider sexy. Think clothing from Bebe (assuming I could afford it, if not I would dress as sexy as my income would allow…not a difficult thing to do).

By doing all of this, by the time I was 20 or 21 at the very latest, I’d be very hot, even if I had been born with an average face. Trim, fit body, big nice tits, long blonde hair, sexy clothes. Phase one accomplished. I can now get a significant percentage of what I want from men on my looks alone, even if I was a complete bitch. (Which I would not be. Just like Blackdragon, Blackdragonette would be a nice, chill person most of the time.)
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Phase Two: Reduce Fear

Women spend most of their lives being scared of everything. Scared of strangers, men, poverty, rape, spiders, disease, Republicans, etc. One of the huge advantages of being a man is that you're not scared to death to walk around outside by yourself at night, or travel alone, etc. Therefore, my secondary focus would be to reduce these fears to their absolute minimums by doing the following:

A. Take a karate class three times a week. Within three years I would have my black belt. I’d be sure to take a type of karate that really made a difference in real-life self defense, like jujitsu or aikido, not a pretty or feel-good karate like kung fu.

B. Save up about $600, purchase a small handgun, and keep it in my purse at all times. I would take several in-depth gun safety courses so I was really comfortable with the gun and knew how to use it inside and out. (I am a huge proponent of women carrying guns.) So by the time I was 22 or 23 years old or so, I would be a karate black belt and have a gun on me at all times that I knew how to use well. All my feminine fears about getting mugged or raped or whatever would now be at absolute minimums.

Phase two accomplished.

Phase Three: Eliminate The Biological Clock

Now we have to deal with the next problem that fucks up women: the dreaded biological clock. Because of the stupid biological clock, even very intelligent women regularly make terrible, irrational decisions about who to marry, who to have babies with, and when to marry, all of which completely fucks up their lives. I don't want a fucked-up life, so I need to eliminate the biological clock problem as early in my life as I possibly can.

There's only one way to eliminate the biological clock forever: have two babies. Yes, two. At a biological level, the vast majority of women out there want two kids. Not three, not one. Two. It's just how women are. Therefore, I need to have two kids then get my tubes tied as fast as possible, so for the rest of my life I don't need to worry about this biological clock bullshit.

Therefore, armed with my super-hotness and my lack of fear, I would go date and fuck a ton of guys. I would be as careful about preventing pregnancy and STDs as I am now as a man.

Over time, I would find the most wealthy and responsible guy I could, preferably a needy older millionaire with a six-figure income, and convince him to cum inside me when he knew I wasn't on any birth control. Which, of course, he would. It's what guys do.

Then I'd get preggo.

I would not marry him or move in with him, of course. At least not immediately (more on this in a minute). Just like with Blackdragon, being married and monogamous in a traditional fashion would not make Blackdragonette happy at all. If anything, Blackdragonette would have an even higher sex drive than Blackdragon does. She also wouldn't have to work nearly as hard (in terms of time and effort) to find sexual partners. This would all make her even less qualified for long-term monogamy than Blackdragon! And she'd be well aware of this reality and not bullshit herself about it like most other high-sex-drive women do.

I would have the baby and start enjoying my huge child support checks (which are based on the income of the father, and he'd have a high income, so...). I would also get the needy AFC, uh, I mean, the father of my child to cover the cost of childcare while I was at work.

I would still watch the diet and hit the gym daily during and after my pregnancy to keep the hot young figure. (I'd have a few stretch marks on my stomach, but the vast majority of men out there don't give a shit about those, and other than that I'd still be hot as hell. Plus there's always surgical options.) As soon as the baby was born, I’d have Mr. High Income AFC get me “accidentally” pregnant again. (Worst case, if he was out of my life by then, I’d find another high-income beta to impregnate me.) As soon as the second baby was born, and I knew it was healthy, I would immediately get my tubes tied.

So by about age 25 or so, I would have had my two kids and tied tubes so I never, ever again need to worry about all the bullshit women spend the first half of their lives worrying about, like the biological clock, finding the right man to father my children, or getting pregnant by accident. In addition, I would be getting major monthly financial support from a guy(s) who would likely be a six-figure income dude, and that's in addition to my own income.

That means the biggest problem of being a single mother (lack of income) would be eliminated for me; financially supporting my two kids would not be a problem with all that income, most of which wouldn't even require me to work. (Then I might look at getting those damn stretch marks removed surgically...gotta stay hot!)

If I actually loved the baby daddy, which would be preferable, I would get into a serious OLTR with him, perhaps even move in with him. Such a thing probably wouldn't last, but I would give it a strong effort (assuming I cared for him enough).
Phase three complete.
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Phase Four: Snag My Man

As a hot chick, my income would be low. Instead of spending my early 20's focused on increasing my income (which is what I did as a man), I would have been spending them at the gym, dieting, taking care of my kids, and dating high-income beta males (while getting sexually satisfied by Alpha Males on the side of course).

There may even be long stretches were I wasn't even working at all. This is all well and good because of my child support, but I have a problem. As a woman, I know that my physical beauty is temporary, and thus can't be relied upon forever. Like that famous Craigslist guy once said, women are depreciating assets. I would not bullshit myself about this and be well aware of this weakness as a woman. I would know that my hotness will deteriorate just a little bit every year after about age 25, and be rendered essentially useless for attracting the really amazing men by the time I hit my mid 40s or early 50s.

Yikes! That means at age 25, I'd have a 20 year window or so to make my looks earn me enough money to be able to support myself financially AFTER age 45 when my looks won't do it for me,  just in case I can’t find or don’t want to put up with a beta male husband to pay my bills for me at that age.

I would not want to be like most older single women, looking around for some guy to marry to take care of me in my old age. I need to be independent and financially self-sufficient in my old age if I so choose. That means I need to start investing some money. Right now. That means I need money.

Where would I get my money? Well, I'm a young, super hot chick, so where do you think?
Knowing that as a woman I'd constantly be getting bored with my male partners, by age 25-28 or so I would likely have become bored with the father(s) of my two kids, so I’d be on to my next high-income beta boyfriend by then. He’d be paying for shit like my sexy clothes and my plastic surgery. Of course, I'd still be fucking Alpha Males on the side to satisfy me sexually. I would avoid outright cheating. Cheating is lying and drama and Blackdragonette doesn't do drama. Instead I would force my submissive beta boyfriend to let me do it. Which, of course, he would.

When I finally started dating a really rich guy, I’d marry him immediately. I would make sure he understood that I'd be fucking young hot sixpack-ab guys on the side occasionally, but I would promise to keep it discreet (and I would). Plus he would not have to worry about them getting me pregnant; I've got my tubes tied, remember?
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If he brought up the subject of a prenuptial agreement (and he likely would not, because men are pussies about prenups), I would act hurt and start crying. Then I’d soft next him and fuck some young dumb guy and made sure Mr. Beta found out about it. Mr. Beta would instantly reconsider all that mean nasty unfair unromantic misogynistic prenup stuff and marry me without one.

(Like many modern day women, while single I would brag that I "didn't believe in alimony" and "would totally go for a prenup" because I "completely understand", but when it came time for me to actually get married, I would do a 180 on all that shit and suddenly find prenups offensive and unacceptable.)

Phase four complete. Man successfully snagged.

Phase Five: Ensure My Retirement

During the marriage I would make sure there was an account set up in my name for my retirement. I would start to read books on investing and learn the topic well. This money is my retirement, so I need to make it last, with or without my husband.

I’m a girl, so after a few years I’d very likely get bored with Mr. Beta, and I’d more than likely divorce him, take a big pile of money with me, and leave most of it invested. I would not blow this money on stupid shit for me or my kids, which is what most women do. No, as always, the only money I would spend would be for sexy clothes, an inexpensive personal trainer (gotta stay hot!), and a moderate to low middle-class lifestyle for me and my kids, carefully investing everything else.

Worst case, I could get married a second time (without a prenup!), and either stay married to Mr. Beta in an open marriage or get divorced yet again, perhaps taking yet another "divorce payday" (that as a woman, I would be convinced I would be "entitled to"...Blackdragonette is a woman after all, not immune to at least some chick logic). Doing all of this, by the time I was in my late 30s / early 40s and my looks started to deteriorate, I’d have at least a million dollars in the bank or close to it, in safe, conservative investments I knew a lot about (because I would have been studying the subject of investing for feminine brain would find the topic boring and tedious, but I'd force myself to do it anyway).

I would have never lost any of it on some dumb guy I rushed into something with to "have babies before I'm 25/30/35/!" because I already have my two kids and my tubes are tied. Remember, the biological clock irrationality I already solved a very long time ago.

Now that I'm financially covered, the entire provider issue women constantly wrestle with, the issue of finding or keeping a man to financially take of them and their kids, is a moot point. I’m covered. And I’m still looking really hot for my age, hot enough to attract any high-quality man I want. And I have the money to pay for whatever plastic surgery and personal trainers I need to stay hot (or at least hot for my age), well into my 40’s and even beyond.

Going into my 40's as a hot, sexually and financially independent woman, with my children grown and out of the house, I would eventually settle down in an OLTR (if I wasn't in one already, which would be likely) with a beta whom I loved but wasn't super attracted to sexually (while fucking Alphas on the side), or to an Alpha. Needy Alphas Blackdragonette would consistently avoid, since they would demand eternal monogamy. Blackdragonette doesn't do monogamy or cheating, so Needy Alphas are out, other than as casual FBs on the side.

I would probably spend most of my time shopping, hanging out with my girlfriends, perhaps working part-time, and blogging about making homemade purses or something. Blackdragonette would be one happy gal.

Two Possible Questions/Objections You Might Be Thinking

Would Blackdragon ever date Blackdragonette?

Yes, with some provisos. If I was fucking Blackdragonette before she had her two kids, I would be very, very careful about birth control. If she ever really gave me shit about it, I'd hard next her fast. Likely she would end up pregnant with someone else's baby either way, which would be fine with me.

Once she had her two kids and her tubes tied, I would date Blackdragonette as an FB or a very low-end MLTR, but she would clearly know that I would never marry her (with or without a prenup) because of her gold-digging attitude. Likely Blackdragonette would next me or LSNFTE reasonably quickly, unless I was her "Alpha on the side" once she was already with one of her high-income betas.

This is terrible! You actually want women to do this???

No. But I'm a man, sitting on the other side of the fence here. And like I said, this is just a theoretical thought exercise. I avoid gold-diggers myself. Plus, I don't think most women can maintain the long-term logic and rationality it would take to pull something like this off. A woman like Blackdragonette would be highly unusual.

I do agree with the overall points the above demonstrates, including:

A. Removal of fear from a woman's life.

B. Conquering the biological clock, a source of much pain and stress and bad decision-making for many women, including very intelligent women.

C. Being financially independent and understanding money.

D. Realizing that Disney fairytales are fantasy and don't exist in real life, that very long term relationships or marriages are unusual for people under the age of 50, and that 82% of divorces are initiated by the female for a reason: because women hate LONG TERM monogamy. They like SHORT TERM monogamy.

E. Avoiding the self denial that plagues most modern women, regarding what they really want.
Now to see how many people's heads explode....
Update: Part 2 to this post is right here.

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This article was originally published on May 12, 2013


  • Austin 2013-05-12 05:58:30

    Excellent as always, BD. Just one correction: aikido, jiujitsu and kung fu are different martial arts, not karate, which is another martial art. Keep up the good work (and laying)!

  • Maldek 2013-05-12 07:31:37

    This could work. But happy it would make you not. Specific feedback: * 2 Kitds, tubes tied. Braindead. Women are not rational beeings. When a woman gets the "feeling she needs a kid" there is NOTHING that can stop her. It is absolutly NOT important if she already has one child or two or five. This can hit any woman, at any age at any time. You can not stop this feeling with tied tubes. Depression and prozac here you come. * Suck the money out of stupid rich men. Yes it works. Yes it will make Blackdragonette rich. It will also make her a cold hearted slut. Most people have a natural sense for what is right and wrong. And this simply reads very wrong. Why not make a job out of it and become a high-end prostitute? Now here comes Maldeks counter suggestion: Phase One: Be hot Just as you describe, with the noteable exception that i would choose red hair. Phase Two: Like you say. Added some mental choaching to the mix. Phase Three+Four: Have children young is a good idea. I would use my super-hotness to find a high-quality, high VALUE (not income) person that I actually like! Beeing hot has the advantage of CHOICE! Until the age of 25 or so I would have found my dream-boy, marry him and have 2-3 children with him. I would then try to raise my kids as a couple. Stay at home, run the household, manage the servants, educate the kids; all the while doing everything possible to stay as hot as possible. If the marriage works well, I will not fleece my beloved for no reason. I will not put my personal greed over the happyness of our kids, HIS HAPPYNESS or our future. I understand that men may feel the need to see other women and I might feel a similar need so if both me and my husband want an open marriage that would be fine with me. Phase Five: In my mid 40s I would hopefully still be with the same loving husband and family I did marry 20 years ago and we would have a happy and fun loving life. If not, and I understand shit happens, I would now enjoy life as a single. After 10+ years as SAHM and mother of 2-3 kids there would be no need for me to work. Even without stone cold greed in my earlier life, my financial situation would be fine and I would be able to travel a lot and explore the world. If during my travels or on a cruise I would meet an interesting man who I love and can spend my old age with, even better.

  • Jack 2013-05-12 11:56:07

    I am deeply offended by this, but I'm glad I read it, because now I get to challenge you on the two things that made my head explode: First, what's with the gold-digging? Can't you be more like Hitori? Any woman who uses sex as a means to a financial, or non-sexual, end is trash, in my opinion. If betas don't attract you, you should have nothing to do with them at all. Sleeping with men for money, or to provide for you in any way, is unacceptable in the 21st century. Instead, get off your ass and financially support yourself! A man's income should play no role whatsoever in choosing a sex partner or a life partner. Using beta millionaires to support your kids, taking their child support, alimony, half their shit, and generally sleeping with them for a reason other than sexual, is nothing short of evil! Again, why can't you be more like Hitori? lol. You should have nothing to do with betas (unless they attract you), and you should never use sex as a means to a non-sexual end. Second, paternity fraud! Sigh, this should be a felony in all 50 states. Seriously? You're going to lie to a man about being on birth control so you can force him to be a father against his will and take legal control over his wallet for the next 18 years? This is psychopathy! It's a crime worse than rape! Getting a man to impregnate you against his will, as stated, should be a felony! Financially enslaving him for the next 20 years against his will should merit close to life in prison! Please tell me you don't really believe this golddiggerish and psychopathic nonsense!

  • Jon 2013-05-12 12:06:53

    That's hilarious! A man's brain in a hot chick's body would be a force to be reckoned with.

  • Blackdragon 2013-05-12 12:18:14

    I knew this would be a fun one. 🙂 Maldek- - Most women don't strongly want more than two kids. The unusual ones who want more than two will have more than two. They won't get their tubes tied at two. - Yes, sucking money out of stupid rich men would make this woman a cold hearted bitch. (I won't use that other word you used, the one starting with "S", since I consider that a good word, not a bad one.) - Yes, ideally she would have kids with a man she actually liked. I mentioned that. However as a woman, at some point she'll get bored with that guy and move on. It's how women under age 50 are. Jack - - Hitori is awesome. Probably the greatest woman on the internet. But this example isn't Hitori. (I have no idea how Hitori plans on retiring in her old age. It would be interesting to ask her if she's assuming she'll be married and dependent by then, or not.)

    Sleeping with men for money, or to provide for you in any way, is unacceptable in the 21st century. Instead, get off your ass and financially support yourself!
    Of course you know I 100% agree, but you know damn well that hot chicks aren't going to do that. We have to acknowledge the way the world really works, not the way we want it to work.
    You’re going to lie to a man about being on birth control so you can force him to be a father against his will and take legal control over his wallet for the next 18 years?
    Again, I completely agree. Actually, you make a very good point: Thinking back on this, "Blackdragonette" would not actually engage in paternity fraud. Instead she would simply FORCE the guy to cum inside her while he knew she was not on birth control. I will amend the post to reflect this.

  • lifeofalovergirl 2013-05-12 12:50:36

    EYEROLL..... You are assuming you would be born into a family with money in the first place. Maintaining long, bleach blonde hair, if you weren't born with it is expensive! It's also very damaging to keep bleaching out your hair. I only highlight mine but have had to darken it some to keep it from getting all fried out by repeated bleachings. To keep it long, HEALTHY and bleached is an expensive endeavor. You also have this idea that there are men just waiting in the wings to provide boob jobs for girls that aren't already drop dead gorgeous or that most parents are willing and financially able to assist with something like that. Please. Not all women are scared of things but you'd have to be pretty paranoid to justify toting a gun around in your purse. Wonder how likely it is that you'd actually be able to UNZIP the purse and get it out in a moment of danger anyway. And how is she saving up this $600 with no job? Oh, wait, she was born rich and/or beautiful already. So someone else can provide the money. I'm not against classes in self defense but when pitted against a male that is twice your size it's still no guarantee. What planet do you live on where women only want two babies?? Every woman I know who has had two or more kids wishes she could have more, and often deeply regrets her husband having a vasectomy or getting her tubes tied. The biological imperative doesn't stop at two kids. You are also assuming that while you are fucking a ton of men that there will be ones who want to settle down with you and are willing to provide you with boatloads of money. I have my doubts about that. Are you forgetting the extent of most men's Madonna/whore complex? He provides money for her only as a way to "own" and keep her all to himself! If she's sleeping around openly the chances of that drop DRASTICALLY down. These "Beta" men you speak of are even more inclined in that direction. He wants to own one wife who won't fuck anyone else, so then he will pay for shit. Trying to be "open" with men about sleeping around is not as easy as it is in reverse. Blackdragonette is a very cold, manipulative and calculating woman to plot this all out and clearly missing genuine feelings for people. You say she's not a bitch but then have her using all these guys like they are dirt and moving on, lol. That is kinda being a bitch... Yeah and she's supposed to read all this boring financial shit but has no education. I consider myself fairly intelligent and have a college degree, but don't have a clue about investing and all that crap. A spoiled princess who has been given everything all her life isn't going to have much interested in digging up all this info at the library. Somehow she's supposed to learn it without taking classes?

  • Jack 2013-05-12 13:03:23

    Another thing, BD: I assume you know that carrying a concealed weapon is a crime in most states, right? In fact, even openly carrying a gun, or leaving the house with it, is a crime in many states as well. What state do you imagine she would live in that would actually allow her to legally carry a concealed weapon?

  • Blackdragon 2013-05-12 13:36:03

    LG - - I know PLENTY of low-income women who maintain beautiful fake blonde hair. Similar goes for women with boob jobs. (All women with boob jobs are rich? Please.) - I know a lot about finances and have studied it in depth, and I have zero formal education. Education has nothing to do with it. As a matter of fact, these days, education can often harm you. But that's another topic. Jack - She would become aware of the gun laws in her state, and if necessary move to a state where concealed carry was legal. Now stop nitpicking.

  • faggot beta male 2013-05-12 15:03:12

    Its a good thing you wrote the disclaimer of this article being a non-serious funny hypothetical one (seriously). Otherwise I probably wouldn't have had some good laughs about your observations. Like you said,this is basically 'on paper', a super rational outline of knowing what you want(as a woman lol), and taking the rational step to obtain them. From what i can tell, the thing Dragonette want are money, non-monogamy, and 'elimination of biological clock' = two kids. And you labeled an efficient way to obtain all those through a relatively short time frame in her 20s. It makes sense. But, will Dragonette truely be happy, in this outline? Working hard toward her goals are fine but the form she does it is thru manipulation of beta what caught my attention. I would think she would feel guilt or remorse or a similar feeling to pull those things off. Or since she's totally de-brainwashed Social Programming ala Blackdragon, those feeling would not arise and golddigging/manipulation of hotness is thus justified within Dragonette? Of corse if Dragonette was a manipulative Sociopath then those would be no problem to pull off and makes much more sense.

  • Don M 2013-05-12 17:41:50

    The price we pay to subscribe to blackdragon's wisdom is that, every now and then, some of us have feed troll posts such as this. Get angry!

  • lazy guy 2013-05-12 20:25:51

    BD, generally I enjoy & respect your posts, so take this in context: Your ignorance about martial arts is amusing. Aikido is not practical for self-defense until you've dedicated MANY YEARS to it. [Steven Seagal flicks have perpetrated misconceptions about what comprises aikido.] Aikido takes way more finesse than learning how to kick & punch effectively. Most modern Americans won't invest the time & effort required to make aikido an effective self-defense method. Many, many, many of the thriving suburban 'store front' martial arts schools (typically Tae Kwon Do) are rainbow colored belt factories (this keeps the customers happily paying for a longer time). They produce deluded suburban softies dreaming that they are ready & able to do well in a real street fight. That delusion is dangerous, and it's a shame. These schools award black belts to countless people who are much more dancers than they are fighters. Many, many black belts are worthless shams. One of the best styles for a woman to learn for true self-defense is Wing Chun, which is a style of kung fu (often pronounced & spelled "gung fu" for a Southern style such as Wing Chun). Wing Chun was created by a woman. It was Bruce Lee's foundation training. Plain old American boxing has a lot of offer to most people wanting to be ready to win a street (or bar) fight. Most American martial arts schools can't & don't teach you how to put all your moves together and use them tactically & strategically like boxing does. Anyway BD don't feel too bad about your ignorance about martial arts; it's very, very common... And of course in other areas you have lots of knowledge which I am woefully lacking ...

  • Greg 2013-05-13 06:11:56

    "my personality and goals were more or less the same (as much as possible with a more emotional feminine brain), and let’s also make the wild and unlikely assumption that as a woman I was able to maintain at least most of my rational life outlook at least most of the time (which probably wouldn’t be the case, since I’d be a girl, but let’s go with it for the sake of illustration)." It's basically a hypothetical situation where you chose some traits and left out others. The value of it is not in how you completed the puzzle, but in the pieces that you chose to keep. A reminder that women 1. want kids; 2. get bored with their partner to the point where they feel the need to not see him anymore; 3. will choose their 'moral' principles according to their needs at the time. Also, I wasn't this aware of the fear that dominates their reality.

  • Greg 2013-05-13 06:20:56

    I would love a fun with theory about making money as a male golddigger. 😀

  • jetsetjim 2013-05-13 10:15:54

    @Jack: All states but Illinois issue concealed weapons permits. Only about 8 or so make you jump through hoops to get one (like showing you are a celebrity/rich/bodyguard/money courier etc). I can take a class and get certified in 3 states, which would allow me to get a permit through reciprocity in about ~40 states. This brings up an interesting point: By learning martial arts and shooting, a woman can get entry into a lucrative career in personal security. Female bodyguards are in high demand, and eye-candy ones especially so. I used to take Aikido with a woman in her late 30s-early 40s who was a black belt. She was a very distinguished looking blond woman who worked as a bodyguard. Carried a 9mm in a little fanny pack everywhere she went. She learned Aikido because bodyguards aren't looking to throw punches, they want to subdue people and as a woman, the grappleing martial arts are probably a better choice since leverage and technique can (to an extent) make up for lack of strength. Blackdragonette wouldn't WANT to work, (because she'd want men to support her), but if she needed to, she could make bank as security for J Lo or Beyonce or some Middle Eastern Sheika.

  • Billu 2013-05-14 01:37:14

    Lol, most if not everybody above says this'll work. Funny. You left out some LOGICAL stuff that happens in life. You're a smart woman You're atleast somewhat Hot. You have a good probability to get a man you want, either by stroking his ego or being very shrewd in getting him to drop his partners, or whatever else you may think of. AND THEN YOU GO GET YOURSELF PREGNANT WITH A BETA? Even a rich woman. Yes its good for you life, but soooooo bad for your genes. And since society clearly lets you do whatever you want, Wouldn't you GENES prevail over your brain? Write the story with the change in plot- that you get pregnant (at least for the 1st kid) from an ALPHA (rich or not) and then see the complications it brings to your (obviously untested) story.

  • franco 2013-05-14 02:39:03

    As this is a thought experiment, I suppose there is no reason to obsess about details. For example, what if BDette trains hard to get a hot body but is unlucky and is born ugly? Although an interesting question, along with some others posted, BDette's life plan would probably adjust here and there, just like people do. What struck me as interesting was your comment about BD dating BDette. Hmm. Back in the days of the debate challenge I was thinking about writing my debate statement titled "You don't exist". Apart from getting your attention, my aim was to show that the lifestyle you advertise was, let's say, somewhat problematic. But my arguments were not very solid, I couldn't bother working on them and never went into trouble doing it. However, this post of yours helps me express myself better. Let's say that BD and BDette roughly represent an alpha male and female. That means that they employ a set of strategies, and a good one, to optimally realize their goals. For BDette this is financial independence without working, by marrying a rich beta male, while satisfying her sexual needs with an alpha male. BD is no fool so he can never offer her the husband she wants but he can offer her good sex. Through her chick logic, this is a small but perhaps acceptable compromise: She cannot have the man she desires. Her charm didn't work on him. I believe it is safe to assume that making BD marry her would be even better; she would get both the money and the sexual man she desires. I know you will say that women really do not believe in monogamy etc, but I can't believe BDette will not be tempted to lure the financial independent BD into marriage and/or children. And when she finally loses this fight, I cannot believe she will experience anything but discomfort and disappointment. But still, nothing to make her change her goals or not enjoy her achievements. BD on the other hand works hard to get his high income and flock of women and is proud of it. Nothing like filling your pockets with cash and your calendar with chicks. BDette is definitely a sexbomb because she has been investing in her looks for all her life. Plus, she is not dumb. She can be a good, fun company, if only to increase her chances of successful marriage. This is a pity; BD would definitely spend a LOT of time having sex with her but is extremely cautious because he knows this woman is trouble! He will be very careful around her for flags and next her the moment she crosses his safety line. So what does he do? He spends his time with other women, women who show little resistance to him achieving his goals. This means that these women are younger, therefore quite less experienced than BDette. They cannot match BDette who designed her life to be a man-hunter. They have some flaws (no deal breakers though) and they require some training before they can please him like he wants. He does better than most men though! My point is: they both need betas. BDette needs beta males, BD needs beta females. I am not talking about doormats or uglies. Just people who are not alphas. You will probably say that the lifestyle you show is not for everyone and statistically these kind of people will always exist to fulfill the needs of the alphas. In that case I would like to see a post dealing with this. One can get the impression through your words that all you are saying is: "Guys, I really want you to become happier in your lives and progress and evolve, but not all of you! Only around 5%. I need the rest of you to remain betas so I can get richer while women take your money and come to me for sex as you have no clue how to deal with them. If you did, I would have a lot more trouble getting laid". If something is targeted to, let's say 5% of the population, be it product/knowledge etc., I do not consider it as feasible or sustainable and I think nobody sane enough does. On that grounds I had chosen the title "You don't exist". However, I do believe that you have already given these topics some thought. I would be very interested to hear if you have an idea of how would the world optimally work with MORE people achieving happiness (men and women). The current financial system is based on financial betas who work many hours and hand over their income to financial "alpha" elites. Similarly, in dating/relationships/sex, alphas enjoy added benefits that come from the sexual frustration of betas. The reason I provide this analogue is because I think there are many similarities between the financial and dating system. In these days of financial crisis, could someone still claim that getting rich is feasible without some kind of problematic mechanism? (loaning, printing money out of thin air etc?) Having invested in the years of prosperity does not count as advice to someone who is now entering the market (I hope you are contemplating the above sentences in both financial and dating contexts!)

  • Blackdragon 2013-05-14 11:06:07

    One can get the impression through your words that all you are saying is: “Guys, I really want you to become happier in your lives and progress and evolve, but not all of you! Only around 5%. I need the rest of you to remain betas so I can get richer while women take your money and come to me for sex as you have no clue how to deal with them. If you did, I would have a lot more trouble getting laid”.
    Here's the more accurate message I'm trying to convey: 1. Most men will voluntarily choose to not become Alpha, even if given all the information on how to do so. Most betas are too scared and most Needy Alphas are too addicted to their negative emotions. This saddens me, since I know that Alpha is a far more fulfilling lifestyle, but I accept this as an unchangeable reality. 2. Given the reality of item number one, I want as many men to become Alpha as possible. I think the current percentages break down like this: 5% Alpha 25% Needy Alpha 70% Beta A perfect fantasy world that is impossible would look like this: 50% Alpha 10% Needy Alpha 40% Beta That way you have a lot of happy Alphas, but plenty of betas to take the brunt of things. However, given the reality of item number one, I would like society to look more like this: 20% Alpha 20% Needy Alpha 60% Beta That I think is achieveable, given time and with more guys pushing these concepts further into the mainstream. Franco your debate point is a good one. If you would like to have a debate on this blog, you and I, say the word and I'll make it happen.

  • dennis 2013-05-14 14:41:16

    @franco good points, thanks. @bd Alpha is a cultural thing. With more guys pushing the alpha concepts I would guess that at most you could increase the alphas to 6% from 5%. that's a 20% increase and that's a big maybe. However three things. First it is human nature to take the easiest path so I would guess that most people would stumble around not doing shit to improve their lot and becoming betas because that's the easy way. Second, most all of us arel trained by our Mothers to be betas, so it takes a lot to break that mold. Third there is age. As you get older the opportunities that you didn't go after when you were young disappear or are not available because of your age. Most older men give up and are stuck in the beta mode with work and women. No amount of concepts is going to change their ways. It's the old saw "people's personalities don't change".

  • Machine Elves 2013-05-16 02:41:25

    Humans sure are interesting...

  • Alejandro 2013-05-19 08:14:47

    This would probably work, but there is still an inherent risk for a woman when getting pregnant from a guy who doesn't want the kid. Namely, that he dissapears or moves very far away (even overseas) so it is difficult to pin him down. He could even change his legal name to make it even more difficult. And you would be stuck with a child and no income source. Grantes, it is very unlikely. But it does happen. Sometimes guys do abandon women like that. It is probably one of the reason why family laws are so strongly biased towards women.

  • space_monkey 2013-05-23 15:14:40

    What is your income? How old are you?

  • Blackdragon 2013-05-23 16:04:45

    I'm 41 years old. I don't give personal financial information publicly over the internet, but my income is higher than average.

  • hotwoman 2014-01-02 16:23:56

    I just discovered this blog and I like how funny it is without being judgmental. I just love guys who are open, who understand women and who don't judge. My ex-Alpha used to imply that he could be a better woman than me if he was one. And he made references to goldigging as well. I left him because I felt judged in the end though. Another story. I have wondered lately what kind of woman he will settle down with in the future.

  • Dawson Stone 2014-05-19 12:30:05

    I agree with literally EVERYTHING in this article. I have a daughter myself and have dated many younger women and after dating them I have basically given them nearly this precise advice. They never take the advice because they are women and generally act from their emotions and not their reason but you can always try. The response that surprises me the most is that people get tied up on the money issue. There is a financial component to ALL relationships...especially marriage. It's called a Marriage Contract for a reason...because it's a fricking contract. Men are retarded around beautiful women. If a woman was so inclined she could pull this off EASILY and not have to lie about a damn thing.

  • Zuko 2015-10-04 19:13:01

    Hmm...I think a better strategy for miss blackdragonette would be to become a high-end femdom mistress/dominatrix. This approach may or may not take more work,but the benefit of this is that she has her financial needs(and she has servants who will do her bidding,lol!)covered by her clients/slaves so now she is free to only date men she has a genuine interest in. The price the gold-digger pays by targeting rich naive betas is that she isn't as free to pursue men she truly loves. also,unlike the prostitute,she doesn't need to have sex with her clients. What do you think? She gains both a luxurious life AND the freedom to pursue men she wants. If we are talking about how a woman could achieve true consistent happiness,this seems to be the way to go. Of course,this is all theoretical,it might not be as simple as I believe.

  • Blackdragon 2015-10-05 21:54:18

    What do you think?
    She could get all of that without being dominatrix during sex.

  • Zuko 2015-10-14 04:46:13

    Maybe you didn't get that what I meant,I think this link will spell out what I meant: Honestly,I can't help but think this is a brilliant way to make a living. Its also more ethical than gold digging naive rich(normal)betas. because the clients in this business actually WANTS the treatment. sorry for the late reply.

  • Jack 2016-05-07 01:39:17

    Phase one: Be Hot I couldn't stop laughing the whole rest of the article, this was awesome  : )   Personally, a girlfriend of mine is really interested in knowing how she as a girl could establish and setup open relationships as you describe in  your book because, just as you say, it is typically the dude who starts right away early on trying to establish monogamy and getting territorial. A guy can simply opt not to do this. But how does a woman handle these guys and get THEM to go nonmonogamous?

  • EsauAlfaro 2016-08-01 15:35:38

    Oh my god! This was such a FUNNY read!! I enjoy it because I know is hypothetical, still I agree with some points that could actually make a woman happier. But oh Blackdragonette seems like a girl I'd love to fuck honestly. I loved this 🙂

  • Laure 2016-10-01 07:59:36

    Hahaha, this post cracked me up big time. There are so many illogical twists and wild assumptions at every single step of the "method", that this theory of yours ends up being more of a "fantasy". The basic foundation is that nothing can be "calculated". 95% of people spend their lives FIGURING out what they personally want because they are too busy trying to live with their society. Their choices are ever so flexible and never permanent. This bullshit mentality that you deride (breaking out of the mould of societal expectations) is the very same mentality that guided your "theory" here. So talk about the snake biting its own end and not making any progres. As a woman, and an independent one, who gets bored like hell with most people (male or female, friends or romantic interests, adults or children), my ideal life would be to be left alone and not have all the noise from those people around me. If I could change one thing about myself, it would be the "social" need that we humans have. I've spent the current 31 years of my life swimming against this inbuilt human defect in attempt to claim "my space" away from the human noise. I've done a pretty great job so far. And because I'm out of this social game bullshit, I actually have enough money/assets (which includes my down-to-earth lifesyle, encyclopedic knowledge and jack-of-all trade skills) now to possibly survive anywhere, anytime, with or without people. Relationships are bullshit ways to find a meaning in your life. Knowing the history of humanity and taking the time to observe the circus of life is the ONLY true way to own your existence, find your place in the world and therefore, find happiness within yourself. FB, LTR, ??? (WTF?) all these blabla typologies are waste of energy, time, and, really, life force. May the universal force be with you the day you understand this.

  • Joelsuf 2016-10-01 08:54:23

    if you decide to read this post, do your best to read it in the funny, hypothetical, and non-serious context in which it is provided. Otherwise your head will explode.
    It disturbs me that this disclaimer even needs to exist. Does everyone have Aspergers combined with a double digit IQ and an inflated ego to take EVERYTHING seriously nowadays? The title itself should scream: DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!!! It did to me, at least. Fucking christ lol n e ways this was a pretty funny read. I imagine most chicks do this and I actually don't mind it. I don't mind gold digging chicks anyways. Look, if a beta is so stupid that he thinks he can win a chick over with money, the he deserves to be used. If I had the ability to be a gold digger, I would do it up, down and all around! Who cares who gets butthurt?

  • Sue 2018-03-25 12:11:05

     As soon as the baby was born, I’d have Mr. High Income AFC get me “accidentally” pregnant again. 
    Back-to-back pregnancies aren't always the best idea in terms of the mother's health, especially not if the first pregnancy ended in a C-section. Usual advice is a minimum 2-year gap between having a C-Section and trying for another baby. Also, the average length of time it takes to conceive is 6 months. That's among young, healthy couples who are really trying - as in, tracking ovulation and going at it like rabbits during the woman's monthly fertile week. You said you'd want to start trying at around 23, and have your 2 kids born and your tubes tied by 25. A year of trying to conceive (6 months for each kid), 2 years of being pregnant (10 months pregnant, plus a couple months' post-birth recovery) and 2 years between kid #1 being born and starting to try for kid #2 adds up to 5 years. Yes, some women are super fertile and have uncomplicated pregnancies which end in uncomplicated births so they can conceive, give birth, physically recover and start trying for the next kid in a year flat. But you are being incredibly optimistic by assuming that you would be such a woman. A more realistic timeframe would be as follows: Start trying to conceive at 23, kid #1 born at 24.5, get nexplanon to avoid the increased risk of uterine rupture associated with a pregnancy less than a year or two after a C-Section, nexplanon removed at 26-27, kid #2 born at 28, tubes tied by 29 or 30. Bearing this in mind, the 20 year window which you give yourself  to "Make [your] looks earn [you] enough money to be able to support [your]self financially after age 45 when [your] looks won't do it for [you]" is realistically more like a 10 year window. Maybe 15 at the most if you're lucky and age better than the average woman. Even this timeframe is being somewhat optimistic. 1 in 5 established pregnancies ends in a miscarriage; add 6 months if you're one of the 25% of women who suffers a miscarriage at some point. These percentages are well above your "Don't worry about it" 2% cutoff, so they should be borne in mind; you really shouldn't count on having had your '2 kids and tied tubes' before 30. PS: Unless you want to pee yourself a little every time you sneeze/cough/laugh/run from the grand old age of 25 onward, you'll want to go for the C-Section even in the absence of obstetric complications.

  • Gary 2019-02-21 11:02:07

    Problem is that women who behave like that regularly eat bullets or "disappear"

  • TheHugeO 2019-03-09 03:27:04

    Doesn't offend me at all, great read actually. Before reading this I quickly theorized about this (as I've done before) and came up with the same course of action as you did. Minus some details of course. The only 'large' thing I forgot was the biological clock and the irrationality it's responsible for when not smothered early on. As I see it the main lesson which can be learned from this thought experiment is that women are REALLY FUCKING LAZY. Probably also dumb since they think getting degrees is somehow the 'wise' thing to do (it only is for really ugly bitches) amongst other things. While the only thing they should be doing is maximizing their looks. Always double down on your strongest point. Invest where you get the most return. (How much of them go to the gym daily from a young age or at least 4-5 times a week? Answer: Less than 1 %. Also, most of them eat fucking garbage, drink too much alcohol use drugs etc.) Any woman with at least a 5+ face in terms of looks who works diligently on her body, looks, cooking, social skills etc. is basically holding a guaranteed 1 million $ lottery ticket. The majority never cashes it in, they squander their most valuable gift, at least partially. The woman who marries a millionaire at 35 could've married a multi-millionaire at 30. The woman who marries a multi-millionaire at 30 could've married a billionaire at 25 etc. As men we must do many fucking things to become successful and satisfied in life. Lift, make money, read books, build a business, become confident, create an abundance philosophy (OI), pimp bitches, don't make accidental kids, don't get married, don't fuck up in general etc. The only thing a woman has to do is maximize her looks and lock down a wealthy beta. Slightly oversimplified, yes, but that's essentially what it comes down to. And most of them fail to even do that because they're so tied up in discovering their own little universe, riding the CC in their 20's during their peak value and being too lazy to go to the gym and eat healthy. Then when they want to lock down a 'high value' man they're at least 5 but usually 10 to 15 years past their prime. (Prime being 20, most settle down somewhere between 28-33 but every 5 years this is becoming 1 year later currently as I see it) If you understand what a woman's dominant strategy is (BD outlined it perfectly in the post above) and what most of them actually do in reality you know just how irrational most women are. For a woman to attain 'success/happiness' is much simpler than it is for a man. Yes I said simpler as in less steps. However, no it's not easier for them as you would think because if it was, they would be happier than men (surprise they aren't). Their own biology is the reason for their unhappiness, them always wanting more and not being able to think rational but make decisions based on in-the-moment feelings. They continuously fuck themselves over. We are all our own worst enemy but this is ESPECIALLY true for womyn.