A Model Profile

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A Model Profile

I have said before that men taking dating advice from women is a fool's errand, and that you're not going to get real-world accurate information if you do this. However there are still times when getting a woman's perspective is a worthwhile thing, especially if a woman is very experienced and attractive, and has a true set of experiences to draw conclusions from.

-By Caleb Jones

I recently came across a woman's profile on OKCupid that struck me as not only different, but very telling as to what women want, and what men do wrong online. I messaged her and told her I wanted to profile her profile (alliteration intended!) here at the blog. (She lives several thousand miles away from me which would disqualify her from me actually hitting her up, since I still have my 45-minute distance rule.)

She responded positively and we struck up a little conversation about her online dating experiences, of which she had many. We'll call her "Maria". Maria is in her early 20s, has done some modeling, and is what most men would consider a 9 or a 10 in looks.  This means that a hell of a lot of guys are going to be clicking on her thumbnail, drooling over her photos (many of which were professionally taken) and sending her messages.

All of this is a factor in what we're about to discuss, because while all women are usually the "choosers" online, the really attractive women are even more so. These women can expect men to jump through hoops in order to impress them. Not all attractive women will do this of course, but the point here is that the more attractive a woman is, the more easily she can do this and still get dates.

In reading through Maria's creative profile, it made me think on whether or not she would have bothered to write it that way if she was a 4 rather than a 9 or 10. (That actually would be an interesting topic...how would a woman who was a 4 or 5 in looks construct her profile for maximum dates? But I digress.) Before I go on, here is Maria's entire profile, edited only for anonymity.

First off, my name is xxxxxx. In order to make things fun, I’ve created this short quiz for you to see if you qualify as a good match. If you dare, send your score in a message 😉

Career ________
If you look at my pictures then send me a message -20 points

If you look at my pictures, read my profile, then send me a message. +20 points

If you use full sentences, grammar, and punctuation. +10 points
If you possess the ability to hold a conversation and go a little outside of the "how is your day?, what are you up to?, etc." +10 points
Copy/pasting me the same message you sent to the last 10 girls. -15 points

Calling me beautiful, pretty, mami, sexy, gorgeous, or anything mildly referring to my looks. -15 points

Giving me your number. -50 points
Asking me for my number. +10 points
Asking me for my number without a couple days of online conversation -20 points

Less than 4 photos -20 points
No clear photos of body, face, or eyes -10 points
Photo of you in sunglasses -15 points

Less than one paragraph about yourself in your profile. -20 points
Looking for “new friends” -45 points
Looking for a serious relationship +50 points
Can remember my name +25 points
Scrolled back up to reread my name +5 points
Scrolled back down to see if you completed the test +5 points
Thanks for reading! 😀
It's certainly different than the typical female I-like-long-walks-on-the-beach-and-I'm-not-here-for-one-night-stands profile that fills dating sites all over the world, even though it coveys much of the same concepts.

Her profile also ensures that most guys will actually read her profile. Not an easy feat with men like me out there on the dating sites. Hell, she got ME to read it. More importantly, it gives her a strong indication of which incoming messages are indeed from guys who bothered to read her profile, which is something she clearly feels strongly about.

Let me pause here and get you to think about duplicating Maria's technique for your own profile, based on your own online dating objectives. I think this technique, used cleverly, would likely raise your response rates, as well as "cold opens" you get from women who come across your profile via searches. If any of you would like to try the guy version of this method and report back your results, please do. (I may do this myself next time I go back online to do some blitzes, but that may be a while.)

Back to Maria. Sadly, as you can probably tell, she would not be one of those women who would respond to any of my huge, canned-opener online dating blitzes (unless perhaps I was much closer in age to her and looked really, really hot). More on this in a minute.

The Woman's Perspective
She told me what most women would agree with, in that:

It's a tad insulting when a guy only looks at your pictures and doesn't even skim your profile. If I was a woman I'd probably feel the same. However, the man side of this equation is very different. Again, I'll discuss this more in a minute.

As a 9-10 in looks, Maria is very choosy and quite outcome independent:
Some guys will joke in their messages that they don't have the time to do it, they're bad at math, or ask me to score them. Instead of telling them to go message an easier girl, find a calculator, or stop being lazy, I just delete the conversation...obviously, I wasn't that important to them.

Men are often surprised, and even a little offended, that women don't "try" harder online. For example, more than once I've had guys who complain to me that women will send out openers that just say "Hi".

"WTF? That's it??? Why don't they try harder??? That's bullshit!" Well, guess what dude? They don't have to. They're girls. Damn near every guy online wants to have sex with them and they know it. This isn't complicated. If they're really hot women, multiply this by ten. It's just how the world works. Accept it.

Even more importantly:
And a perfect score doesn't mean a perfect match...I still have to be physically attracted to you. Ah, indeed. This is why I've always said that your online dating profile photos are at least 80% of your success or failure online. You could be the coolest, suavest, funniest guy on OKCupid or POF or Match, but if a woman feels absolutely nothing as she looks at your photos, you're not getting a response. Remember how I've said, many times, that complimenting a woman's appearance is bad? If you needed any more evidence on top of the mounds I've already given you, take a listen to this:

Even more guys would much rather refer to me with an adjective (ie beautiful, sexy, mami) than my name which is insulting. I'm not on a dating website for guys to talk about my looks and give me compliments. I get enough of that in real life. Exactly. Too many of you bastards out there still don't get that.

It's you guys who need to print out Maria's above statement and plaster it up on your monitor every time you go hunting online (or in real life). Complimenting women's appearance is death, especially if she's very pretty. I've been screaming this from the rooftops for years now, and every time I do, guys come out of the woodwork saying that it's okay as long as you do it using the correct frame or something.

Take my advice, and Maria's advice, and just don't do it. Wait until you've had sex with a woman on at least two separate occasions before you start complimenting her appearance. By then it won't hurt you.

She even expanded on this:
I'm online to filter through and find myself a potential serious relationship. My looks are obvious. Let's try other topics like my education, hobbies, ambitions, etc. The key phrase in there is "my looks are obvious". This is exactly what I've been trying to tell you guys. Dammit.

Next is this:
So many messages I get have terrible spelling, sentence structure, and grammar. A two page message without any periods or commas are painful to read. I'm not asking for perfect, but if you want to impress an educated woman in your introductory message, you might as well show some evidence of passing high school English.

I go into detail about this in my ebooks, but how many times have I said that women online are like picky English teachers when it comes to written communication? In the real world, a woman will forgive, or even ignore, a slip up in grammar as you speak. But online, she's going to see every little thing you do wrong, and it's going to turn her off fast. This is very normal. Expect it.

Moreover, contrary to what she says, this does not just apply to "educated women". Women who are complete morons and who use bad grammar themselves will judge you harshly if you do the same to them. If you don't believe me, try it sometime. No, it's not fair, but again, it's how the world of online dating works.
Provider Hunting
The next few items apply not to women in general, but women who are in provider-hunting mode. As she stated above, Maria is looking for a serious relationship. At one point she told me:

 I'm not looking for just "anyone". I'm looking for THE ONE. Therefore, such high expectations require a certain degree of patience. Remember that, because the fact she's looking for The One™ is going to strongly color the next few opinions she has.

1. As you can tell from her profile, she doesn't want guys to attempt a date or phone/Skype contact until after a longer conversation online. It's unsettling when guys are trying to establish a date, ask for my number, or communicate via Facebook, email, Skype, etc. in the first message...or even in the fifth message. I like at least a few days of QUALITY conversation before I'm comfortable enough for anything outside of this site.

2. She is looking for a very particular type of man, compatible with her provider desires:
I prefer men that are educated, employed, older than myself, and capable of conversation that extends past small talk. Consider this: If Maria was looking to just have fun, would she really care about how educated he was or was not? Or his age? Probably not, and even if she did it would be much less of a qualifier.

3. She wants an two-way evaluation during the online phase, well before any phone/Skype/FB introductions or conversations:
I don't really think it's fruitful to put a whole lot of information about myself, because I feel that this information should be earned through conversation. I'd much rather have a guy evaluate if he could measure up first. Generally, both online and in real life, the more a woman is in provider-hunting mode, the slower the interaction will be. The woman will demand a slower pace, the vast majority of men will oblige her, and she knows it.

Most men looking for just sex will bypass a woman like this quickly. Men looking for both a good time and "something serious if it happens" may or may not move at this pace, depending on their personalities, how long it's been since they've had sex, and how attracted they are to a woman's photos. A guy for whom Maria is exactly "his type" will probably take the time, whereas a guy who has a different "type" probably would not. And I have a feeling Maria (and other women looking JUST for a serious relationship and nothing else) would prefer it that way.

The Man Side of the Coin
Most longtime readers already know my opinions about reading profiles (don't) and when to pitch a first date (at the second or third email exchange). So am I right or is Maria right?

The answer is, we both are...based on who we are, what we're capable of based on our respective genders, and what we're looking for.

She's right, in that if she wants a serious, monogamous, compliant provider/boyfriend/husband,  she needs to do a hell of a lot of screening, filtering, and compliance tests, and online she can easily do this before she ever even has a phone call with a guy. Because she's a woman, most men will take the time to oblige her. Because she's a very attractive woman, the amount of men doing this will be extreme, allowing her sit back, relax, and pick the juiciest apples from the barrel.

If you judge success by a woman's ability to snag a boyfriend, her online process is likely effective. (That of course brings up several other topics. We could have a very long discussion about her long-term relationship effectiveness,  the type of men she will be attracting whether she's aware of it or not, as well as how fast Maria should be having sex with prospective boyfriends, but these are all topics beyond the scope of this post, and most of you know my opinions on these anyway, as well as the facts surrounding them regarding human behavior.)

I am also right in my online approach, in that as a man attracting women, if I want to get from zero to sex as fast as possible with the minimum amount of time spent, and sort the girlfriend-quality (or in my case, MLTR/OLTR quality) women from the non-quality ones post-sex, I'm not going to read profiles at all. I'm also going to pitch the first date not on the first message (tacky, and low odds of success) but definitely on the second or third back-and-forth exchange (unless there is a very huge age difference, in which case more comfort may be required). In other words, I'm going to move pretty damn fast and ignore the women who don't play. And it works.

I'm not going to engage a woman in a long, drawn-out online conversation, because as most men know, there are way too many women online who will talk to you for days online then suddenly vanish and never talk to you again. Which means you've just wasted all that time interacting when you could have been on a real-life first date with a woman much more likely to have sex with you and/or get into a relationship with you.

In a way, Maria and I are doing the same thing. We've established a specific system, only work with people who go along with the system, and quickly reject and ignore people in a very outcome independent way who don't choose to follow our systems. Of course Maria's short-term and medium-term goals are very different, but that's part of what makes this interesting.

This is why a little journey into Maria's world was so fascinating, as it usually is when I talk to experienced women. Thank you Maria for giving me permission to examine your technique! (She's seen this blog post and I told her she's welcome to place comments but she's under no obligation to do so. I also happen think she might make a good judge for a future online dating profile contest.)

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This article was originally published on July 7, 2013


  • Marellus 2013-07-07 05:11:13

    Mary wrote :

    It’s unsettling when guys are trying to establish a date, ask for my number, or communicate via Facebook, email, Skype, etc. in the first message…or even in the fifth message. I like at least a few days of QUALITY conversation before I’m comfortable enough for anything outside of this site.

  • maldek 2013-07-07 07:15:45

    "Can remember my name +25 points" So this is what we have become. We get bonus points for name remembering, something that 20 years ago would have been a given. But I disgress. "We could have a very long discussion about her long-term relationship effectiveness" Aha here it is. BD's sharp backstabbing praise of her compliance screening. Can it be, that by filtering for beta traits she will get exactly that; a compliant, stable, provider husband who she will marry and get children with. Same guy who she will have romantic dinner with, who will buy her gifts weekly and who she will divorce within a few years for obvious reasons? Maybe. May also be that there is one more layer to this. Maybe this is the best course of action, to land such a guy while you are still hot and young so your future is secured. A few years in the future she will be around 30, still hot. Maybe a kid or two. Still time to get a different guy - read: alpha guy - but without financial problems troubling her mind. I do have 2 daughters and I might advice them to act like that when the time comes...who knows?

  • Dan 2013-07-07 07:22:41

    I don't see the point of this post... If it's just about not giving women compliments or spelling correctly, we already know that for ages. This is one of the worst female profiles I've ever read, given the fact that I'm not looking for anything serious, there's no way I'd message her. And what about information about herself in her profile ? Is there just this crappy quiz ?

  • lifeofalovergirl 2013-07-07 07:55:13

    I find it amusing that it takes a 20 something "9 or 10" to get across the message to you that women stating a list of "rules" in their profile is a viable and intelligent strategy to filter out guys they don't want and isn't about being a bitch. You constantly COMPLAIN about "over 33" women doing this, but it's because they tend to be smarter and not interested in attention whoring in the same way that a lot of younger women are. Mary is clearly wise beyond her years and you accept this from her because of her youth and beauty. Just interesting to note. In any case, I agree with many of the things she says but since I am looking for something different I disagree with others. I hate when a guy wants to message and message me before exchanging numbers or setting up a date. If I bother to respond to him it's because I am interested and to keep "chatting" is wasting my time. I also still say that it is good to compliment a woman if it is done properly. I too, am turned off by the lame "you are gorgeous" statements but I want some acknowledgement of my attractiveness to a man before sleeping with him or I'm not going to go there. Maybe that is because I am past the age where I just take it for granted. I bet she still gets tons of guys who don't bother to read her profile. On the swinger site I am on I get all kinds of men winking at me or sending their VIP pictures and I state, TWICE, in LARGE BOLD LETTERS that it is pointless to do so because I don't have a paid membership and can't see who is sending winks to me or look at VIP's. Or they email me but don't leave a regular email address and on that site if you don't pay money you can't respond so I tell them, very clearly, a COUPLE of times that they NEED to include an email address but many of them don't so I couldn't contact them back even if I wanted to! SMFH

  • GOB 2013-07-07 10:03:56

    @maldek “Can remember my name +25 points” "So this is what we have become. We get bonus points for name remembering, something that 20 years ago would have been a given. But I disgress." I don't think that it would be a big deal. Optimally you message dozens of girls simultaneously online, so remembering their name is challenging. I think it's almost player-ish if you don't remember her name(for example read the Skittles man article @ Heartiste). Also, it happened to me once, that after some good nights I had a bunch of phone numbers, I've met one of the girls, and I called her a different name. She told me that she should leave, 'cause I was such a dick, I didn't even care to remember her name... ~30 minutes later I was f.cking her on my bed. So, that is my opinion about name-remembering.

  • Oxyjinn 2013-07-07 13:27:57

    My view: Still another attention whoring profile, just written in an uncommon way. In her age it would be a wonder if it was anything else.

  • lifeofalovergirl 2013-07-07 13:33:03

    Oops "Maria" not Mary. Someone else called her that and I followed in suit. I suck at remembering names. Glad im not a guy and dont have to 😉 lol

  • YouSoWould 2013-07-07 14:21:35

    There's no way I'd answer that quiz, no matter how hot she is, because it's simply trying to establish a frame of her being the prize, and making men jump through hoops for it. I'd make up my own quiz, and send her that one instead to try and make things interesting.

  • Phoenix Ember 2013-07-07 15:05:43

    I agree, this seems to be mostly just an example of the sort of profile to ignore. It selects only for men who are easily intimidated ("if you dare") into compliance. There is no possible way Maria could be sexually attracted to any man who follows her instructions here, so she must be using this as a lazy way of luring in weak men whom she can exploit by extracting their time and money while delaying sex indefinitely ("You're such a great guy, I don't want to rush anything"). Guaranteed she is already having sex with at least one man, and possibly several, who got her in bed by demonstrating an unwillingness to play just this sort of game.

  • jetsetjim 2013-07-07 15:15:45

    This is a really great post, and I think some people reading it are missing the point: it's about showing that technique is critical in order to get what you want online. Maria's technique is pretty spot-on for a woman who is 1)Hot 2)Young and 3)Wants potential high-quality husband materiel. Of course, Maria *will not* get men who are 1)Dominant and 2)Extremely self confident. She *will* get successful, engineer-geek types with minimal experience with women who are firmly rooted in the "I must pedestalize and marry a 'Good Girl' in order to be happy, because thats what society says" mindset. There's nothing wrong with that. Maria, like many women, might be willing to give up the sexually attractive, dominant, confident male in return for security. She might even be able to do it for a lifetime of monogamy. Only she can really decide that. What I got out of this, though, is that MY technique, which is to skim a girls profile (usually the first line or two) looking for her name, is a viable technique. Every opener I send begins with "Hey Maria" (if she gives her name) or "Hey Lookingfortheone" if she only has a user name. The point is, I'm actually *addressing her individually*, which I think helps. I hadn't thought about the 4 pics thing, because I have always thought that you should give women as few reasons as possible to eliminate you, but I can see the advantage of have 2-3 excellent pics instead of just 1.

  • Blackdragon 2013-07-07 18:38:23

    I find it amusing that it takes a 20 something “9 or 10″ to get across the message to you that women stating a list of “rules” in their profile is a viable and intelligent strategy to filter out guys they don’t want and isn’t about being a bitch. You constantly COMPLAIN about “over 33″ women doing this, but it’s because they tend to be smarter and not interested in attention whoring in the same way that a lot of younger women are. Mary is clearly wise beyond her years and you accept this from her because of her youth and beauty. Just interesting to note.
    No, my objection to over-33 women is their unwillingness to have sex on date 2 or 3, and when they state or imply that on their profiles. (And remember we're talking about most women over 33, Lovergirl. Not sex monsters like you.) This blog post has nothing to do with that, and Maria's profile says nothing about that.
    Maybe this is the best course of action, to land such a guy while you are still hot and young so your future is secured.
    No one's future is "secured" like this in a society with a 64% divorce rate and a 70-77% infidelity rate. That's the point I was alluding to in my "backstabbing praise".
    this seems to be mostly just an example of the sort of profile to ignore. It selects only for men who are easily intimidated (“if you dare”) into compliance. There is no possible way Maria could be sexually attracted to any man who follows her instructions here
    Well...yeah. As I said, Maria is in provider-hunting mode, and her profile reflects that, and employs that strategy, and executes that strategy well. And as I also said, guys looking to get laid fast are going to quickly pass on a profile like this. And as I also said, I think Maria, at least at the current mindset/stage she's in now, would probably prefer it that way. What I'm saying is that she's effective within her own set of goals. Especially considering she got a guy like me, who never reads profiles after looking at literally thousands of them and advises other men to not read profiles, to actually pause and read her profile. That's quite a feat. You and I may disagree with her goal, but that's not the point. At least...not today. 🙂

  • Oxyjinn 2013-07-08 03:53:29

    @jetsetjim 3)Wants potential high-quality husband materiel. - Sorry Jim, but LOL She might even be able to do it for a lifetime of monogamy. - LOL 2 I hadn’t thought about the 4 pics thing, because I have always thought that you should give women as few reasons as possible to eliminate you, but I can see the advantage of have 2-3 excellent pics instead of just 1. - LOL 3 > she got you @ YouSoWould I’d make up my own quiz, and send her that one instead to try and make things interesting. - waste of your time

  • dennis 2013-07-08 10:20:21

    Ha! very amusing profile. If this woman is so hot and a model, she is getting hit on every day in real life at work and play and doesn't need to bother with on-line. She's probably doing this for laughs. I also wouldn't bother to read her profile on-line as I don't bother with all women I contact on line. She would just be one of the 70-80% of women who don't return my mass emails.

  • Rose 2013-07-08 14:35:58

    Interesting strategy. I've never bothered with online dating so I am curious what a "typical" profile looks like. I too am wondering why, if she is so attractive, she would need to do the online thing in the first place.....

  • Wils 2013-07-08 15:29:08

    @BD I'm sure you mean sex angels. 🙂 We need more women like her, so let's not label that "monster".

  • Parade 2013-07-08 16:39:42

    Personally, I'd read the first paragraph and skip her profile. I do usually read profiles (though I shouldn't -- I prefer to customize messages slightly). I don't play those kind of games, and I'm not going to rate myself on some random arbitrary scale. Also, why the concern with reading her profile when she only has implicit information in her profile?

  • Ken 2013-07-08 18:50:30

    These comments about "why would she need to do online" assume there is still some kind of stigma around online dating. But it's 2013, and I think online dating is mainstream now. Why would she do it if she's hot? Maybe the guys she's coming across in her day to day life aren't what she wants. Even so, I wouldn't bother jumping through her hoops. I'd probably send her a short message, and if she looks at my profile and likes what she sees, maybe she'll go for it regardless. If not, oh well ... plenty of others out there.

  • Blackdragon 2013-07-08 19:15:53

    We need more women like her, so let’s not label that “monster”.
    I agree. I meant sex monster in the most positive way of course. Seriously. If most over-33 women put out as fast as Lovergirl, much of this blog would look very different.
    These comments about “why would she need to do online” assume there is still some kind of stigma around online dating. But it’s 2013, and I think online dating is mainstream now.
    That's exactly what I was going to say but you beat me to it. All these "why would she go online" comments seriously make it sound like it's 2006-07. I heard the exact same comments back then! There are hordes of good looking women online, who are real. They're there the reason most of us are there; because they can't find the exact types of people they want in their real lives. I didn't go online so many years ago because I had no other way of getting laid. I went online because I was looking for (and found) the type(s) of woman I wouldn't normally encounter in my day-to-day life.

  • dennis 2013-07-09 07:51:21

    @BD, @Ken I wasn't implying that there was any stigma with online dating. I was making the point that if one is exposed in your work and play to a large variety of persons of the opposite sex then there is little need to go on line. I, like BD, am self employed and work out of my home so online is an efficient choice. But when I worked in NY on wall street, an abundance of women were readily available at work and after work.

  • lifeofalovergirl 2013-07-09 10:54:27

    You complain about over 33 women's list of rules and demands and this is exactly what her profile consists of. She is demanding things like that you have at least 4 pics on your profile and that you supplicate to her in order to respond. I'm thinking she probably thinks that is what is what she wants but if a guy simply follows all her rules and sends her an email, careful to do so, she is going to get turned off, without really knowing why. EVEN if she is looking for a husband/provider/long term thing, no guy who follows all these demands is going to stand out and they are all going to seem like boring losers or too easy. So I'm not sure I agree that it is an "effective" profile strategy either.

  • Ken 2013-07-09 11:18:31

    Just read the following this morning from a girl on OKC ... there are many reasons women might use online, but I'll bet this is a big one: "I'm a super private person; I don't like dating people who are in my social circles."

  • lifeofalovergirl 2013-07-10 14:54:31

    I really hate it when men question my reason for looking online. Why shouldn't I? There are more people in the world than just who you come into contact with on a daily basis. Why not broaden your spectrum and see if there is something better out there? Maybe the guys she meets regularly just aren't what she is looking for. You can come into contact with all kinds of people online that you would never meet in person. Plus, intelligent people aren't always going to have a chance to connect on a mental level during the daily grind. Maybe she's getting hit on all the time by men that are below her standards and wants to find someone who she matches better with for a long time partner. Me, I have no attraction to the vast majority of men I see around here. Rednecks, hicks and hillbillies, no thanks. We don't have much in common. So I often prefer to meet guys who live farther away. Most people in a regular day see the same old same old people and we do get tired of that.

  • Anthony 2014-04-02 14:40:38

    Too much work! Ironically she's using her looks (which she doesn't like anyone commenting in) as a attractor, and then gives guys all these questions to answer. She's putting herself on a pedestal, above everyone, making them fro a quiz to qualify messaging her? It's INSANE! I don't care how attractive she is, I'm completely put off. I barely know her, she tells me nothing about hsrself (so far as I can see) and I have to qualify myself to messages her? No thanks! I don't think this girl wants love. She wants to feel superior and so much better then everyone else. Reef lags all over the place. Think about it... Much prefer a 7 who's open to a simple opener, and then we both go into a fun, conversational flow. You know, JUST LIKE REAL LIFE!

  • Dave 2014-05-06 08:14:24

    Anthony beat me to it. If she wanted a man who was interested in her hobbies etc, she'd write something about them. I skim women's profiles because I want to see if they're intelligent, compatible, and most of all, making an effort. She's making none; her looks are the only reason to contact her. Her quiz isn't even smart, BD; I've seen these same demands over and over, but most of the time it's at least at the end of a profile after the woman's said something about herself. The guys commenting that she doesn't need online dating because she's a model have never hung out with models. It's a party lifestyle, and she's looking for a provider type. Also, a disproportionate amount of the guys in fashion circles are gay.

  • buzz 2015-02-02 00:07:02

    I would instantly next her I am way past the point where I would put up with that much sh*t even for Miley Cyrus well alright maybe for Miley :p but use her test to improve my on line game a little and turn the tables and put some test questions in my profile. I do read profiles. I do cut and paste with a little customization anything else is unrealistic when you consider how many messages you have to send for a response.

  • Felix 2016-02-09 00:41:55

    You guys are silly. That's the whole point of her profile is to get rid of alphas and find a compliant high earning beta. Why would she want to go online? If you're looking to snag a fish why would you settle for a merely high earner when you can hook a millionaire or hundred millionaire? If she wins the jackpot, she could snag a billionaire. Of course she should go online and look. Yes, she comes into contact with some people but does her social circle comprise of multi-millionaires? I doubt it. If you were a hot woman and provider hunting, this is exactly what you would do too. Hook a super-beta. @lifeofalovergirl She may not be all that sexually attracted but girls in provider hunting mode don't much care. She snags a wealthy beta, she will walk off with half. There is no way she could earn that much in her lifetime. This is the fastest and best way for her and many women to ensure they have "financial success" and guarantee an income for life.

  • Ed 2016-09-05 20:26:39

    I agree wholeheartedly with Felix, that young lady is beta hunting, and many 9s/10s are looking for the same thing. Only a beta would comply with all the requirements. Why would any Alpha even want to try? BD will probably trash me on the 9s/10s comment, but I am around many in my work, and they all are trophy hunting betas. Not money, or success at times, just pure beta males, hunkyness preferred, but beta status overrules everything else. In fact, I would say 7s/8s are doing much the same thing, but may not be as selective. I will never understand (my own self denial) why women want less than pure masculine Alpha mentality in their life, or bed. We once lived in a world in which they did, and we gave it up for this. Another reason to move to southeast Asia!

  • Ed 2016-09-05 21:20:32

    (3. Perfectionists with too many dating rules.  Many women online are indeed single, and are indeed looking to meet up with a guy in real life, but only if 100% of everything is perfect in every way. If all of his pictures are perfect in every detail, down to his fingernails, eyelashes, and sleeves of his jacket, and if every single word of his profile she agrees with, and if he asks her out in the exact right way (whatever the fuck that is), and he wants to meet up at the exact right day and time she happens to be available, and the place and atmosphere he suggests are exactly what she has in mind, and if her horoscope is favorable that day, andshe’s in a good mood that day, and her boss hasn’t yelled at her lately, and her cat hasn’t pissed in the house, and Jupiter and Mars are aligned with the moon just right, THEN she will say yes to a date pitch. Other than that, hell no.  She’ll pass on you and just keep basking in the attention of needy horny AFCs just like the Attention Whores are doing.) I cannot help but think that BD is evolving slightly. The comments here were a bit sympathetic to Maria, but he would have "scorched " her any other time. Let's stick to the Alpha anthem now guys. They are what they are, and they do what they do, and they will not change until this society changes.