POF Sucks, Continued

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POF Sucks, Continued

I was minding my own business one day when I got this lovely message from our friend Markus, founder of Plenty of Fish. The last time Markus sent out a message to everyone, it was a sad day where Markus told all of us, in his godlike wisdom, what ages are appropriate for dating. The post I made about this ended up being one of the highest-trafficked and most-commented posts in the last few months here, and this despite it being left off the Archive page due to an error.

-By Caleb Jones

His new message isn't much better.

My name is Markus and I created POF.com to help people like you find someone! We are now the world’s largest dating site with over 2 million people using POF every single day. Over the years I've watched millions of people find someone special. I'd like to share with you the secret to finding someone. It’s not some magic formula, it’s actually very simple. The more effort you put into finding someone, the more likely you are to find someone.

On average it takes about 7 dates with different people until you find your match. If you are lucky you will meet your perfect match on the first date, but for most people it will be by about the 7th date. Now there are of course ways to speed this up. If you are actively looking to meet someone, go on dates with people who say they want a relationship. Most people who don't want a relationship will actually put it on their profile. Another way to speed things up is to upgrade your membership here. There are lots of benefits to being a upgraded member, such as being able to send gifts, having profile themes and showing up first in search results and at the top of a lot of pages.

This entire paragraph screams: "This service is for women. We will cater to the needs of women. We will reinforce the false beliefs of women. Please women, love us."

I have said before that online dating sites cater to women, not men. Just about every major decision in managing a site like this, and it's not just POF who is guilty here, is in consideration of the female customer. From messaging policies, to the structure of the profile, to the look and feel and colors used on the site, it's all about what women want, and what women will respond to.

Men are considered irrelevant cannon fodder, always replaceable in vast abundance. In a way, this is probably true. These sites could send a mass message saying, "If you're a man, we don't give a shit about you," and still likely get plenty of male users anyway. The quality of male customers might suffer, but do you think Markus gives a shit about that?

Thus the continuing smackdown of men on these sites and the continued Disney, all in the name of what women want.
That entire paragraph made me puke, but the part about the seven dates really frosted my balls. Here's what he's really saying:

"Hey, if you want to find your 'match' (whatever the hell that is), go on seven first dates with seven different guys! No problem! You'll get seven free dinners and seven free drinks! You'll get free, lavish attention seven times from seven unsuspecting dipshits who are completely unaware you're there to take their hard-earned money and waste their time for a few hours while you talk about your cat! And maybe one of those seven you'll actually have sex with and continue to see! Fuck those other six guys! Who gives a shit about them? They wanted to waste $70 and six hours of their time to impress you, because you're a woman and you're awesome!"

The saddest part about all of this is that most women (and beta girly-men like Markus) have no idea how offensive, destructive, and hurtful their outlook on dating really is. Hardcore Alpha Males will always be okay, but most (if not all) of those six guys these women Markus wants to discard are normal, everyday guys with feelings and desires and often limited incomes. Well, fuck 'em! I'm a woman and I'm on a quest for my "match"! Make way for my Strong Independence and Magical Pussy! Grrrr!
Here are some things you should be aware of

1. If you are a jerk, are mean to other users, upload nude images, do not fill out your profile correctly, etc., you will be deleted and banned. As a free site, we work extra hard to maintain the quality of our database

How does one fill out one's profile "correctly"? I know guys who have been banned from POF because they discussed sexual topics in their profiles. If a guy just wants sex and says it in his profile, is that "correct"? Or is that not "correct" in the perfect romantic Disney fantasyland POF is attempting to become?

Wait a minute. I thought women wanted men to be honest? If men honestly display their intentions on their profile, is this "correct" or "incorrect"?"

How about those 38% of women who lie about their age and/or weight on their online dating profiles? Is Markus going to ban all of these women for lying? Or is that "correct" because they're women and women are allowed to lie?
These questions answer themselves, folks.

2. Cut and paste messages are blocked. No one wants to read a message you sent to 100 other people.
They don't?
Well that's interesting, because I've had sex with a huge number of women who found me via copy and paste messages on POF. I've been in serious, long-lasting relationships with women who found me via a copy and paste messages...from POF. Hell, just two days ago I was talking to a woman who has been in my life for over five years (since summer of 2008), who I met via a copy-and-paste message...on Plenty of Fish.

Are you saying all these women didn't want to read my message? Really? Then how do you explain the above, Mr Markus?
If copy and paste messages did not work, if women hated them so much, then no one would have ever heard of Blackdragon. I would still be the completely unknown, sexless, AFC beta male I was seven years ago, still desperately trying to figure out how to get laid.

Copy and paste messages work. Most women don't mind them. Most women don't even realize them for what they are. Most importantly, millions of women have found strong, meaningful relationships with men they would have never met online if copy and paste messages were restricted. Markus, YOU SUCK.

3. You should check out our chemistry test. We tracked thousands of couples who found someone on the site and from that we build a predictive model to see who you would actually match up with. It basically works by removing all the people you wouldn't date in a million years.
...and then go on a bunch of dates where you get free dinners, drinks, and attention from men who matched you on the stupid chemistry test whom you have no intention of ever seeing romantically ever again.

1. If you upload a picture of yourself you tend to get 10 times the number of responses.

2. If you message people without pictures they are more likely to respond to you.
Hey, good idea.

Oh wait. On your fascist site, I'm not allowed to use copy and paste messages and I'm not allowed to message women outside of my age group.
Fuck you Markus.

3. Use the advanced search to search for users based on height, ethnicity etc.
Um, duh.

4. Use the mail settings to block groups of people you aren't interested in from messaging you.
WHOA!!! Wait a minute!!! You mean women have the ability to block men of certain ages!?! What a great idea! I guess you don't need to put any global age restrictions on men messaging women then!
Oh wait...

5. Use the who has viewed me feature to check out who has been looking at your profile.

Like no one is aware of these basic features. Who the hell are you talking to, Markus? All those 65 year old women on your site who just learned about "them internets"?

6. Make sure to check out your matches.
Yeah. Because those matches are always so accurate.

I hope you like my site as I've worked hard to make it a place where you can meet quality people without paying an arm and a leg for it. I only hope you have as much fun using this site as I had building it.
And I hope you enjoy the vast exodus of masculine, quality men from your site, and the mass influx of lying men who create fake profiles to get around all your insane-Disney, hyper-Christian, Nazi-like rules. I hope you have as much fun watching your business model slowly collapse as I do watching it happen.

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This article was originally published on August 18, 2013


  • Lee 2013-08-18 05:25:44

    I gave up on POF years ago. I used to get the run around by gross, middle aged women with a ton of kids. and my prime thought was "was this site designed for men like me?". it doesnt seem to be. Then I got some game and all suddenly became crystal clear. The ONLY answer is our own site,for clued up men. Over to you BD...

  • Jon 2013-08-18 08:51:20

    Men are considered irrelevant cannon fodder, always replaceable in vast abundance. In a way, this is probably true. That's the key. It's the same logic that allows bars to let women in for free while still having a cover charge for men. Men go where the women are, so I generally don't have a problem with dating sites catering to women. However, I have a huge problem with Markus trying to force his one-size-fits-all "relationship" model on the entire population. PoF should just focus on providing the best platform possible and let it's users determine their own morality.

  • bluecheertripping 2013-08-18 10:36:49

    So what is the site to use?

  • Bo 2013-08-18 18:25:49

    @Lee - create a site where you charge guys .25 per opening email that will cut down on attention whoring (less flooded inboxes) and lower asd (by cutting down on the hey let's F**k ghetto crowd). Hell maybe even charge the girls the .25 too.

  • BabesKing Pua 2013-08-18 23:19:01

    I'm pretty sure this was a "copy and paste mail" from Markus. I can't believe how this guy can run such a big site, he doesn't seem to have any game at all, not with woman, but even less when it comes to business. There was absolute no relation between his mail and your previous post, would have been much better for him to not answer at all...

  • Lee 2013-08-19 02:27:02

    I bet if you owned your own big site, you'd have your pick of the chicks.

  • Sparks 2013-08-19 06:32:49

    I don't know if it's just me but I've found the women on POF are even less likely to respond to an older man since the new rules came in. I did a BD-style message blitz in February this year and got a 25% response rate. Another blitz last week resulted in a dismal 4% response rate. Same profile was used. I have also noticed that a hell of a lot of the 18-23 demographic I'm targeting won't even let me send them a message. I was very suprised to find a 22 year old wasn't accepting messages from a 30 year old (I'm really 36 but look a lot younger so I put my age on POF as 30, might need to create a new profile and say I'm 28 lol).

  • Blackdragon 2013-08-19 12:18:15

    The ONLY answer is our own site,for clued up men. Over to you BD…
    Guys ask me about this often, and they underestimate how expensive and time consuming something like this would be. If I had a few spare million dollars laying around plus an extra 30 hours a week, I'd be happy to start a dating site for men. I have many ideas. Alas, it is not to be.
    So what is the site to use?
    OKCupid, so far, is still workable. Paid sites like Match.com still work just fine, within a few limits. Social media sites like Tagged can also work but the process is a little different.
    I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve found the women on POF are even less likely to respond to an older man since the new rules came in. I did a BD-style message blitz in February this year and got a 25% response rate. Another blitz last week resulted in a dismal 4% response rate. Same profile was used.
    It's not just you. POF response rates have dropped for me across the board, even when response rates on other sites remain constant.
    I was very suprised to find a 22 year old wasn’t accepting messages from a 30 year old (I’m really 36 but look a lot younger so I put my age on POF as 30, might need to create a new profile and say I’m 28 lol).
    Exactly. All POF is doing is jacking up the number of men who are lying on their profiles. This whole thing is silly.

  • Wils 2013-08-19 12:51:58

    How good is Meetme? I'm not looking to get married, so would match.com still be a good place to go?

  • Korg 2013-08-20 07:20:37

    So after the owner of the site said that it is not 'normal' for women to date older men, the response rate dropped. More proof of the importance of social acceptance for women. Like there as a need for more proof :D.

  • BA 2013-08-21 05:56:45

    The irony is that one of the ads that POF shows is for dating younger women. I'm sure Markus will eventually send an 'personal' email asking me to upgrade. I'll tell him I'll upgrade when he stops telling me how to date.

  • jacob b 2013-12-31 22:42:09

    I hate the damn site. I got an email about how they used a new method to match me up with a new female member. After messaging her a while it turns out that she's engaged and only wants friends. Every girl on this site sucks. It's a piece of shit. I've never had any dates yet from this site.

  • dave 2014-01-10 07:23:54

    WAS a great site, but man... they've gotten worse and worse each year. its a free site tho, so you cant really complain... right? but with all these damn restrictions, its nuts. i just wanna message women and go from there... i dont wanna deal with all these rules, restrictions... its a dating site, not a fucking prison for god sakes. let the women decide if they want to get messaged by older/younger men. dont decide for them. and who the fuck is he to say anything about the canned messages. If I walk up to 20 girls and say hello... you think they care I said hello to the other 19 girls? gimme a fucking break. let us message whatever the fuck we want (without the sexual stuff, i get that part).

  • Andy 2014-01-25 18:07:10

    These morons have yet again deleted my account. They can't link my accounts together as they use different email addresses and different IP's. They are just stupid morons! I've done nothing wrong! How can anyone find a date when they delete accounts for no reason what so ever?

  • db cooper 2014-03-29 04:37:26

    I really dont have a clue what I did on pof and still dont! I had this one lady who left me a friendly message who had a good profile and I fou nd do be attractive. And there profile said they lived in Tulsa, ok. We talked back and fourth for a month. Then I decided to ask her out. Then she said she would love to! But she currently lived in Aneheim California for the time being..But was now moving back! I thought to myself it said she currently lived in Tulsa! When it should have said Aneheim California. Originally from Tulsa,Ok.. In all reality put your current location down. Wait till you move and change it to the present. Anyway I didnt think much about it I just thought to myself why put down Tulsa when you havent even moved yet!?? Anyway this lady 2 years earlier had met a guy through her best friend who happened to be her best friends cousin. who was taking a job in Aneheim. And he was soon going to moving in a month. Well anyway 2 weeks before they left they decided to get married in Tulsa.. Well two years later she was moving back to Tulsa because they were going through a divorce. Well she quit talking to me I messaged her twice she did not reply back.. So I quit trying and thought to myself maybe they are getting along and aren't getting a divorce or she decided to stay.. Well a month later she messaged me again asked if I was still interested..It was a sure thing she was coming back, but it might be a month she was going to give her boss time to find a replacement, I replied back ok.. If you want message me If im still single by then possibly we can see.. Well 3 days later I tried logging into POF and I couldn't.. I knew I had the right password but maybe a mistake. Well I decided to create a new password and the send us your email address we will shortly let you know. I did that and it said your email adress is no longer in our darabase I was like WTH!! I emailed POF and surprisingly they got back immediately and it said my profile was permantley removed and deleted,any hostility is prohibited. I was like WTH again??? I emailed POF there was no reply I waited a 3 days later could still not log in which I knew I couldent. But thought id try to, I messaged again they blocked me from even emailing them thatd be POF! All I did! There wasnt any arguing nor being rude on either side. I was like this site sure is really touchy and really easy to delete and suspend! All I know 3 things I had been on pof off and on for over 2 years. Maybe they wanted me to purchase the unlimited. Or because I am a guy and in all reality markus is a female, and dislikes men and looks for reasons to delete. But again I did not do anything to draw any attention to stand out or be noticed. Or markus is a guy who likes woman and takes there side no matter what? Or that lady I was chatting with I didnt tell her what she wanted to hear or the way she wanted it said and reported me as being rude.? I'll never know but I said to her really nice and very true. Also all I know is Date Hookup and OK Cupid are not a bit like that u dont get blocked from woman for being nice. which on POF seems to be common, maybe something going on there?? Forget POF!!! itll soon get caught up to and no guys will be wanting use it theyll all be deleted or quit and there will not enough guys to make it work.

  • db cooper 2014-03-29 04:40:35

    I agree I think maybe she complained the e idence is there POF sucks!!!!

  • T John Mullan 2014-12-09 14:18:02

    Yeah, I've been on pof for about 3 years. Moderate success. One thing I know is that as with the general population, the number of truly attractive women is pretty low. But having said that, it is still mathematically impossible that not one single attractive woman has sent me a message, responded to my messages, or even viewed me. . It's impossible! Not one! I can't stand pof any more. I guess I'm just a master - baitor like many others. Lol. Get it? Master b. You get it right! ? Hahaha

  • Gary Woollard 2015-01-31 09:40:35

    Plenty of Fish is a waste of time, I have contacted several women and sent them really nice messages. The Issue is that they get loads of messages from guys who want one thing from this site and that is a knocking shop. Plenty of Fish have to address this issue big time. Marcus you need to address this situation, you also need to address the situation of your POF Singles parties. I went to one back in the summer of 2012 in Weston Super Mare, it was a money spinner for the organiser, which is not a bad thing as folk want to meet one another, but you threaten to ban the organiser from POF if you find out that they are making money from POF....Why Marcus? That is bad business because folk who attend these parties are going to be traffic for your site if they do not meet anyone. You need to seriously address this business side of things. I am thinking of holding a singles party in Weston Super Mare, I can invite lots of people not only from plenty of Fish, also from other social media sites, I would advertise your site at my function and I will make money from it because that is what i do in marketing. I may be interested in a JV, I Challenge you to contact me, but you need to stop banning folk from POF if they make money from your singles parties, they have to, they have wages to pay, venue to pay, disco to pay....GARY.

  • Jordan 2015-03-11 15:54:05

    Plenty of FATTS with TATTS, multiple kids from several different dicks. Uneducated, can't spell C A T without spotting them the C & T. Most profiles read like a text message. Bunch of OLD "cougar wannabies," on there FOREVER. Hooking up, hooking up, but put "long term" for their relationship desire. Oh yeah, 51yrs OLD and wants "long term" from guys between 29-39? "Not looking for hookups, one night stands, fuck buddies, FWB, etc." Yet post countless picture with their ASS in the mirror, Sista's spilling out and TATTS on display? Hilarious! These idiots put they are 31yrs old, have a high school education, profession is "stay at home mom" and have NO car. They write how their 4 kids are "my world," definitely WANT MORE, yet their longest relationship was just over a year? Talk about RED FLAGS!

  • Jordan 2015-03-11 18:20:08

    DB Cooper. If you joined and commented on one of their forums and the mediator didn't like what you have to say, THEY can have you removed. Also, sounds like this woman was a typical, online game player. She was "talking" to you, until she found something better, then blocked you. If a certain number of women block you, POF automatically deletes you, no questions asked. Likely she blocked you to hide her nefarious behavior and POF took it as a sign that you need to be removed.

  • DZ313 2015-04-10 23:08:17

    I tried zoosk which is a paying site, and I have had quite a bit of responses, and 4 dates since February. Even hot ones respond there. Complete opposite experience on POF. Even women that I wouldn't glance at in person won't return messages. The free messaging feature ruins it if you're a guy and turns female 4s into 10s because every guy on there is just trying to screw them and they become stuck up and think they're something special.

  • ADB 2015-06-29 17:03:41

    Avoid POF like the plague, the site is a waste of time and joke. A majority of the women on the site are only looking to waste time with you texting them, but have no intention of meeting up in person. I have also noticed when you call the women out on their bull$#*! they get pissed off. Beware of the women that have sex for money, they are on the site as well, but list the profession as stay at home mom or other. After being on POF I have basically lost all respect I have for women, the site is full of the entitled single moms that think the world owes them something and should help them with the mistake they made by having kids they barely can support. Do not pay for a membership on this site I have noticed that they will send out many meet me emails of people that want to me you, but when you go on the site to look for some odd reason that people have deleted their profiles from the site, this is clearly a way for the owners of POF to sucker someone out of paying for a membership. I am sure a majority of those meet me emails of users are fake. Majority of the women are so stuck up they can't respond to a message, but they view your profile. I think I would have better luck with a paid site like Zoosk or match.

  • Annamari 2015-09-20 11:40:08

    Fuck you all. (Men) I am a woman. I am on POF. Nobody ever fucking writes to me, probably because my profile says I want to get married. Fuck you. A.  

  • Blackdragon 2015-09-20 12:41:35

    It's because of your photos, not because you want to get married. Tons of guys on POF want to get married. And this is not an anti-woman thing. If men complain about the same thing, it's the same problem; his photos.

  • William Matheson 2015-09-26 11:00:55

    POF silently deletes messages that don't pass a filter, but says to the user that they were sent! But you can tell if they weren't sent by manually checking your sent messages. If it's not there, it wasn't really sent. I find I always have to check to see if they were in fact sent, because I trip the filters a lot, mostly with things that aren't even sexual. As POF user Khazar puts it: "POF censors men's emails (but not women's) by scanning them for certain keywords deemed offensive and then -- get this! -- quietly discarding a message without any warning for the sender. The list of banned words contains, among the obvious, such innocent items as "cocktail" and "bedroom" (however, "bed" is kosher -- at least until the Big Brother realized his oversight and mercilessly adds it to its top secret blacklist). So ladies, don't despair if the object of your online romantic interest suddenly stops responding to your emails -- he may have simply tripped POF's overzealous smut filters when he invited you out for****ails in his latest reply."

  • John K 2015-11-13 21:16:05

    Yes, I do agree that POF sucks. I created a fake female profile to find out what I was up against and why women never responded to my messages.   I used some nice photos of an average good looking woman, made her single, in her early 30's, average/athletic build, etc... Within the first day, the profile received ovr 600 views and an unimaginable amount of messages from men. Most all messages were the same, were of one line, one sentence, some whom couldn't spell correctly, etc...   After a couple of days of watching this fake profile, I deleted it along with my real profile because I figured out why I was never receiving any responses to my messages, they were never getting read and buried very quickly, because every guy on the site was messaging this fake profile.   Oh, and on another note, it was reported this past summer (2015) that Match.com has purchased Plenty of Fish for 579 million US dollars. So I'm sure that Marcus is laughing all the way to the bank.

  • 8xxmemdouineiuvbrviyehbhidjv 2016-04-10 10:06:27

    Fucking gortesque look marus whatever I give too donkey shitting about anything you have to say. It's just another dating site I've gotten lots of ass from... I've come across tons of crazy bitches too. Ones who exclaim that they'd love nothing more than to cut the tip of my dick off while I sleep while sleeping with me... :S ouch! huh? When asked ME: "why? Why would you do that" Her (Psycho crazy bitch): See how much it hurts, or if it'll grow back.. smaller" something like that. Guess she thought it needed to shrink? like wtf If it hurt all she had to do was say so. Then there was (pretty sure) killing her dog... and other cats. she also admitted to liking the sound frogs made when cars ran over them on the ROAD. FTW?!?!?! :/ yeah thanks for that! Fucking traumatic. I am newly on there now and finding more and more fucking deprived of sex! yes needs to be stated this is total bull shit... this site makes them so horny so desperate to find some guy who is going to solve her ever day problems by that be there for her the other ones just either want to screw with you play games try and get you to do some crazy stupid ass crap like shave everything down and go some place she says she'll meet to which that was mm about holy years .. 5 or so ago I never did I knew it was fake and she was nuts. Like I'm going to listen to that. I have better ways of getting women. like going out the door and picking them up so I made better use of the site. If my account gets taken down I have others. by others I also mean more sites I can do it at so good luck. Plus making my own sites for dating to which will be better than this crap.

  • John 2016-08-27 18:35:24

    I keep getting my account deleted, it is pretty bad.  I read about a zero tolerance, but I posted all correct information and they seem to have deleted my account or lost password or whatever, I tried it a number of times and get the same thing.  Couldn't find a way to correct the problem, this site is messed up

  • JustDukky 2016-09-27 19:38:26

    pof is a totally screwed up site. I joined it for a lark in 2004 and have taken a few several-year sabbaticals owing to its draconian policies. I have watched over the years as everything that was once free became an extra cost option. I never got a date out of it and wasn't trying to. I used to enjoy the forums. I went back on recently and now find my posting privileges limited even more than they were, because they can't even be honest about the limitations. I'm supposed to be limited to 2 posts out of the last ten on a thread, but can't even make one crummy post on a totally different thread. I'VE HAD IT!! I'm telling them to delete my profile and ALL my private information! I'm gonna find a discussion forum where people can actually discuss things.

  • sss2001 2016-11-28 18:21:27

    ADB says June 29, 2015 at 5:03 pm Avoid POF like the plague, the site is a waste of time and joke. A majority of the women on the site are only looking to waste time with you texting them, but have no intention of meeting up in person.
    How amusing, because I'm a woman and I had the exact same experience.  Guys who wanted to message message message, text text text, but if I suggested meeting up they either never messaged me back or I got stood up.  Personally I don't see the point in writing back and forth with someone for months only to meet them and feel zero chemistry.  I'm not talking about people not measuring up to their pictures, I'm not talking about if you don't look like Channing Tatum I don't want to talk to you, I'm talking about feeling some degree of sexual attraction.   For some people that's not important, fine.  For some people it is, and acting like they're assholes for being honest and self-aware doesn't help anything.  I'd sooner meet someone right away and see if this is going to go anywhere, rather than wasting both of our time.    

  • Mike Sims 2017-01-09 22:35:12

    DUDE, STANDING FUCKING OVATION TO THIS BLOG!!! You fucking NAILED it! I've written into POF support more than once, "calling to task", their lame assed policy of blocking messages to anyone who is more or less than 14 years apart from you. I know a few successful couples with age gaps larger than 14 years, yet their answer to me was, "we have found that couples rarely succeed when they date outside of this age gap" ... to which I said, "So why can't you let grown ups be grown ups and figure that out for themselves, or perhaps end up in a long-term, quality relationship?" They responded with "There is also the factor of older men harassing younger women" - again I replied, "Then promote the EXISTING email features that you have offered your users since day one - such as the ability to not permit email from people of a certain age ... wouldn't it make more sense to allow your users to be the adults that they are, and let them manage their own life, instead of being the "big brother" and forcing us to live our lives the way you think they should be lived?  I personally find your restrictions insulting to my intelligence, and my autonomy as a grown-up, living in a free society. You should be ashamed of yourselves." ... I got no further discussion from them oddly enough. Thank you for this blog. Spot on!

  • Mrod2162 2017-01-12 13:18:56

    Hey BD. If you are banned from POF, do you know how to recreate a profile without it being banned again. Myself and a a lot of other men are deleted for no reason and then everytime we try to make a new profile it is deleted within a day. Are the POF bans for life? Any tips would be appreciated.

  • Blackdragon 2017-01-12 17:19:30

    If you are banned from POF, do you know how to recreate a profile without it being banned again. Myself and a a lot of other men are deleted for no reason and then everytime we try to make a new profile it is deleted within a day. Are the POF bans for life? Any tips would be appreciated.
    Make an new Gmail address, clear your browser cache and your cookies, and make a brand new account with the new email address. Some say you have to use a VPN but I don't think that's necessary.

  • CM 2017-04-16 16:04:39

    Back in 2007-2012 I rocked POF all the time. Through a lot of learning from PUA products and stuff for online dating, I was able to get decent numbers (like a 20-30% response rate that usually lead to dates and sex). Since 2012 I've been in a relationship. Over the past 3 days I just wanted to try POF out again just to see if I can still get the dates (I'm still in a relationship, shh).   I sent out 30 e-mails. 15 read the e-mails. 1 responded but fizzled out as she clearly was not looking to actually meet anyone for dates. So 0 for 15, with about another 15 unread still (due to users not being online since I e-mailed). Disgusting results. This led me to question why the response rate was so piss poor in comparison to what my response rate was in the past. I didn't change anything dramatically in my profile. That led me to this site, where BD made this and another post about how response rates have plummeted for online dating. POF  (and Tinder, which I have never used yet) are the only options in my area, as other dating sites like OKC and match and stuff are obsolete.   Conclusion: What the hell happened since 2011/2012 that has resulted in women on POF providing such low response rates?

  • dedbit 2017-05-08 09:09:31

    Here's another kicker for all you guys. Girls can tell if you read their messages without the premium membership. I had one girl I was talking to basically admit that because she thought I was ignoring her lol Good post by the way, kudos to the author. POF is the plague itself. P.S. I was looking at this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_online_dating_websites I wanted to know if Badoo is any good, I know it's paid but apparently it's got the most users out of all

  • USA 2017-05-30 14:50:51

    Seems as though POF's free entry price will continue to cost paying users like me (male), valuable time wasted.  Appears as though the number of women broadcasting their Social Media accounts, uploading pics of their cleavage hanging out, images of them in underwear and the continuous violations of pof’s Terms of Service...makes me wonder why I paid them in the first place?  Sad experience.  Customer Service is pretty much non-existent, for they operate behind pre-loaded copy & paste responses and even after reporting such violations of their TOS policy, they still fail to remove female user accounts who clearly are in violation.   Pof’s search functions continue to populate “repeated profiles”, page after page.  Pof also has a TREMENDOUS volume of OLD OUTDATED ACCOUNTS. My guess is they are operating with a skeletal crew, a very tiny budget, and a lack of true innovative leadership.  I rate pof as needing a  complete overhaul, from leadership down to the end user experience.  Now I am going to contact my merchant services account and reverse the charge. Thank you for this website, I hope it helps others do the same: stay away from pof.

  • teadrinker 2018-10-25 06:04:44

    I discovered that the stuff that prevents a profile of a 28 year old male from contacting an 18 year old female works only M to F. I had a 48 year old woman message me out of the blue to a profile with an age set at 24, this was a genuine woman who I was chatting with for a bit but is the same age as my mum so wierded me out a bit and I never met her, although she was keen. So I can confirm that the age limit thing applies only to men messaging women. What I dont understand is why POF lets so many obviously fake female profiles to exist. I'm talking the webcam/escort scammers who usually have say 3 pictures stolen from some pornstars site, some instagram slut or really wierdly theres one that keeps appearing that uses pictures of one of the girls who advertises that tictoc app with a 1 line bio saying to add them on Kik, snapchat or whatsapp. I mean they dont hide behind legit looking profiles anymore these are blatent fake profiles appearing every damn day. Say I hit 'search' only about 10 profiles will be online and of those 10 at least half on any given day are these kik scammers. 3 will be blank profiles, 1 will the tats n cats single mum leaving just 1 possibly genuine profile online.

  • Fuckit 2019-06-17 23:12:03

    This dating site is a pile of fucking shit. I haven't been able to log in in over 2 years yet I still get their dog shit fucking spam junk matches. I seriously hope the owner gets fist fuckedv by each and every fuckng person who cant log in!

  • chris 2019-07-19 07:04:40

    how can they kick you off for no reason??? omg!  because I have a job and a home and there are nothing but losers on there???? it you are male or female with your life together then do not go on POF it is nothing but hookers, scammers, loser guys who are to pathetic to get laid