5 Ways To Avoid Getting Banned From Online Dating Sites

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5 Ways To Avoid Getting Banned From Online Dating Sites

-By Caleb Jones

A very common complaint I see all over the internet, all over the forums, and even in my own incoming email, are guys getting banned from online dating sites.

I've always thought this was strange, considering I've never been banned from an online dating site in my entire life. Not once. That's saying quite a bit, since I've been doing online game relatively consistently since 2007. In that time I've sent thousands upon thousands of openers, communicated with hundreds of women, used scores of different profiles, and done so on numerous different dating sites. All without ever getting banned, or even warned, by any of them.

I know exactly why these guys are getting banned from all these sites, so today I'm going to tell you exactly how to do what I do and not get banned, while still being able to open many women online and even utilize multiple profiles when needed.

1. Don't get too overtly sexual in your profile.

Now I realize that some guys looking for fast ONS sex actually want to get sexual in their profile. For younger or better-looking guys with strong game, this can work so more power to ya, but you're going to be getting banned left and right and I won't be.

My model is to not get overtly sexual in my profile at all. The worst I ever got with that was a line I stole from Neil Struass about how I'm "old enough to do it right and young enough to do it often", but even that line I haven't used in years.

That's the loophole. If you want to get sexual in your profile, then use language that subtly implies it rather than saying it straight out. That's usually fine.

However, if you want to never worry about getting banned, just keep the sexual stuff for the first dates, and not on the profile.

2. Don't get too overtly sexual in your online dating messages to women.

This one should be obvious but a lot of guys still blow this one, often on purpose.

First off, you should NEVER be overtly sexual in your online opener (unless you're attempting something very unusual). That's a recipe for low response rates.

Once you're actually having a back-and-forth with a woman you also need to watch it. Online dating sites these days make it very easy for women to "report" people, and women can and will report your ass if you get too sexual over messaging. As you might expect, the sites are only too happy to ban too-sexual men. Remember, the dating sites have a surplus of men, but not enough women. If you were born with a penis, they have no problem banning you at the drop of hat.

The one way around this that I have found is that it's usually fine to get sexual if you are using a dating site's IM communication. Once you're IMing a girl and you're really into a back-and-forth conversation she's enjoying, going sexual is fine. I've done this many times without a problem. (I have copy-and-paste copies of real IM conversations in my ebooks as examples.) What I'm talking about is you getting sexual over the dating site's messaging system. That's a no-no. (Frankly, if you're getting sexual over messages, you're likely doing it way too soon in the interaction anyway.)

3. Follow the 24/24 Rule.

If you only get one thing out of this article, the 24/24 Rule should be it. This is the absolute, sure-fire way to be able to send out lots of openers without ever going over a site's opener limits or getting banned.

Most online dating sites have a limit on the number of openers you can send. Sometimes this limit is published but inaccurate (in the case of POF) and other times the site says there is no limit but there really is (as in the case of OKCupid).

Instead of trying to guess each sites limit, just follow the 24/24 Rule. It's simply this:

Never send more than 24 openers within 24 hours on any single dating site.

That's it. Simple isn't it? No site will ever block your outgoing messages or ban you if you send less than 24 openers within a 24 hour period. I have carefully tested this on just about every major (American) dating site you can think of, and 100% of my messages get through to their targets and I never have a problem.

From now on, when you send openers, note the time when you do it. Let's say you send out openers it's between 6pm and 6:15pm. The next evening you simply don't send any openers until 6:15pm. So you send another 24 openers at 6:30pm, then the following evening you send another 24 openers at 7pm, and so on.

Remember this is 24 openers per dating site. You could send 24 openers on OKCupid, another 24 on Match.com, and if you don't mind the negatives of POF, send yet another 24 there. That's 72 openers a night you could blast out without ever worrying about being banned or having the site limit or filter your outgoing messages. Nice.

4. Do a "copy-and-paste customize" inside each opener you send.

As most of you already know, I do copy-and-paste canned openers. Have for years, and it works very well. However some sites (POF in particular) are getting a little pissy about guys doing this.

No problem. All you do is customize each opener in a very quick way. I call this "copy-and-paste customization". The easiest and fastest way to do this is to copy and paste the girl's name into the opener. Just paste your opener in, then copy and paste her name from her profile, so your opener starts out by saying "Hi Jennifer!", then hit send. You more enterprising folks could easily set up macros to do this.

Another way to do this is to change one word in the opener, or add one phrase that you can quickly type that refers to the first sentence or two of her profile (this way you don't have to read her entire profile).

I personally just put the woman's name in. It's easier, but the customization really doesn't matter.

If you mix this method with the 24/24 Rule, you're really going to be protected from getting banned.

5. Stop yourself before you say something mean, even if you have a good reason.

Guys still blow this one all the time. Badly. Including guys who should know better. Emotional control is still a huge issue for way too many of you.

I'm going to repeat something, so get this through your thick head: Online dating sites have more men on them than they need, but they cater (read: kiss ass) to women. That means that if you're even a little mean to any woman on a dating site, even if you think you have a good reason, even if "she started it" (what are we, in kindergarten?) and she reports you, you're gone. Goodbye.

I still see way too many guys get snippy with bitchy chicks on dating sites, only to be surprised that they get banned a few days later.

If a woman on a dating site is acting like a bitch or psycho, just ignore her and block her. Do not respond to her. The deck is stacked against you, and in a he-said/she-said battle, you're going to lose. It's not worth it. Be nice, or stay silent.

That's it! Now stop getting banned!

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This article was originally published on May 15, 2014
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  • Sparks 2014-05-15 11:47:37

    Speaking of POF I finally found evidence from Markus himself that there is now an age restriction filter: "If you are are looking for women the youngest you can search for is your age minus 14 years. This rule is only in effect if you search for women under 35. Women 18 to 21 can only be contacted by men under 30." What this fails to mention is that there is also a graduated filter for men in their 30's. At 29 the youngest woman you can message is 18. However once you hit 30 this instantly jumps up to 22. At 37 the youngest you can message is 23, at 38 it's 24 and so on. Or you can just do what I did. I look young so I made a new profile that says I'm 29 so I can still message all those young hotties 🙂

  • Sparks 2014-05-15 11:54:47

    This might make it clearer: Man <30 can message woman 18+ Man 30-36 can message woman 22+ Man 37 can message woman 23+ Man 38 can message woman 24+ etc.

  • Asher 2014-05-15 12:10:47

    Dating sites need to realize that catering to women only can be problematic- especially because most fake profiles in the online dating world are men posing as hot women to try to take advantage of gullible desperate men. Sights like datehookup.com are ridden with such con artists. A possible post? How to spot a fake profile. If a woman's first response back to you contains "Hi! I'm so bored", if "she" gets overtly sexual, and ESPECIALLY if they ask you to change forums to Kik or something else in the first message, run.

  • Blackdragon 2014-05-15 13:12:31

    Or you can just do what I did. I look young so I made a new profile that says I’m 29 so I can still message all those young hotties
    I don't look young, but I still did that a few months ago as a test. I put my age as something in my 20s, but stated in the first paragraph that I was "way over age 30". It worked; got laid exactly 19 days later (she was 25). So this will work even for guys who don't look "young".
    A possible post? How to spot a fake profile.
    My method negates worrying about fake profiles, because A) I don't read profiles and B) I send out such large amounts of openers, a few fake profiles don't matter to me.
    If a woman’s first response back to you contains “Hi! I’m so bored”, if “she” gets overtly sexual
    Yes. If a woman goes overtly sexual very quickly in the conversation, before you do, "she's" fake. Ignore and move on.

  • MWC 2014-05-15 18:17:34

    BD wrote: "I don’t look young, but I still did that a few months ago as a test. I put my age as something in my 20s, but stated in the first paragraph that I was “way over age 30″." This is encouraging. Nobody flagged your profile for the discrepancy. I am officially married and I am open with my wife about seeing other women. I suppose I can fill in my status on POF and OKC as "separated" and mention in the profile (in a no-big-deal kind of way) that I am officially married.

  • Blackdragon 2014-05-15 19:01:12

    This is encouraging. Nobody flagged your profile for the discrepancy.
    Yeah I was waiting for something like that to happen...it never did. However I only had the profile up there for about a month. Once I'm done with my blitzes I usually delete the profiles and/or the account I'm using. If I had the same profile up for months on end sending all kinds of openers for that long, it's possible it may have been flagged. Not sure.

  • Dave 2014-05-26 04:37:34

    BD, you mention that you create a new profile for every blitz. I know you experiment alot, but if you have a profile that works or just want to tweak it a bit, you could use the same one repeatedly. Do you think having a new profile each time helps your response rate (showing up higher in results since most people look for new users first, and maybe just a positive psychological effect from them seeing that you're new)?

  • Blackdragon 2014-05-27 14:59:20

    BD, you mention that you create a new profile for every blitz.
    Usually, yes.
    I know you experiment alot, but if you have a profile that works or just want to tweak it a bit, you could use the same one repeatedly.
    Yeah I do that sometimes too.
    Do you think having a new profile each time helps your response rate (showing up higher in results since most people look for new users first, and maybe just a positive psychological effect from them seeing that you’re new)?
    It might. I have no definitive evidence that it improves (or harms) my response rates, since I haven't had the exact same profile, or even same-but-tweaked profile, for longer than about 6-9 months before. So I really don't know, but its very possible. Having a new profile probably can't "hurt" my response rates, again, as far as I know. One exception I can think of is when OKC determines you're "good looking" and starts matching you with hotter people. If you start a new profile you destroy that and OKC will start filtering your results again. However, I'm always a paid account on OKC these days so even that is irrelevant to me at this point.

  • yannick 2014-10-20 17:32:00

    I had a successful account on POF plenty of fish, sending 30-40 emails i had close to 12-15 replies, i had met a women i was interested in and we where scheduling a date, this morning i tried to log in my account and i could not... i re created my profile and 30 minutes later same thing. I emailed POF to find out what happened, and got a response in the after noon that my account was deleted because i violated there site policy no more information where to be given to me. First off my ma stunned to hear this because i always sent polite emails to women, and never ever sending a second one unless i got a reply. Email that where sent where simple asking where the person went on vacation, where did they like to hike and simple things like that. I did get a few women try to contact me but i just did not reply. So what in Jesus name did i do wrong to get banned? This site is mental that is all i can say.

  • Joe Smit 2015-08-09 06:06:55

    Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman";} I was a member of Match.com for 12 years, YES 12 YEARS.  About a week ago, I tried to log onto their site, and got a message that my account had been blocked.  I called and asked why.  I was told that I violated some terms of their agreements with their members, but they're not allowed to disclose the reason.  If I wanted to know, I would have to get a subpoena.  I know what I did NOT do.  I did NOT do any of the following on their site: Threaten anyone Use profanity Attempt to scam anyone out of money Send naked pictures Use other people's pictures and claim them to be mine. Use old pictures Lie about details on my profile. Several times I asked if they could reconsider their issue with me since I have been a member in good standing for 12 years, and reinstate my membership.  I was always told no.  So does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Joe Smit 2015-08-09 06:09:14

    Plenty of Fish accepts complaints from members about other members as ultimate truth.  And the accused has no right of rebuttal.  So the complaint could omit relevant details absolving the accused of any wrongdoing or the complaint could be a complete lie.

  • joe 2015-08-16 08:56:45

    I was a member of Match.com for 12 years, yes 12 years.  One day not too long ago I was kicked off the site.  I called Match, and was informed that I wouldn't be told the reason for my membership termination because I might seek retribution on the member who made the complaint.   The only reason I could think of was a discussion I had with one member recent to that.   She kept viewing my profile, so I sent her a message asking why.  She replied to me and said that my profile kept appearing in her list of matches, and.....I WAS SUCH AN ASS.  I was offended at her reply and told her that I didn't like looking at her either, and she should put a mask on.  So this is probably the reason I was kicked off.  But I have to wonder.....was she also kicked off the site because she called me an ass?  If not, then I would like Match.com to send me an e-mail telling me that it's not a violation of their membership rules to call someone an ass.

  • Shane 2015-12-07 11:56:35

    4 years ago I was on plenty of fish i met a girl we had a fallen out.. I ended up getting kicked off the site. Then I decided to join again I have a new computer since last was on the site I go to the site my old name on the site it wouldn't let me make a profile !! Like stuck !! How can that happen ? So I made a profile on there app it worked then 7 days letter kicked off for no reason I broke none of there rules! I email fish asking what have I done but no reply they won't let me join . How do I stop them from doing this any ideas ? Like I seen girls on that site and on a paying site where you have to spend money to contact them .. I just don't understand how they keep doing this ? I had a relationship with a girl 4 years ago why do they care why we broke up for and keep the vendetta going against me ? But if bring up the web site on computer blocked of a old name .. Now app is blocked

  • Blackdragon 2015-12-07 18:00:11

    1. Delete all of your cookies or use a new browser you've never used before (Chrome, Firefox). 2. Take your laptop to a Starbucks or other place with wifi so your IP address has changed. 3. Sign up on POF using a new email address and new account name. Create one with Gmail if nessessary. 4. Make sure to use a new primary photo in your new profile. That will work.

  • Matthew Harrison 2019-05-25 09:56:40

    The real problem with these dating sites is the 1% of totally humorless, socially retarded bitches that will complain on you for a non-obnoxious, non-sexual opener and screw up all communications with the women you actually are chatting with and want to date.