Why Do Men Lie To Women?

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Why Do Men Lie To Women?

-By Caleb Jones

One of my exes recently sent me a text asking me about some strange behavior from a man she went on a date with. On their first date, they met up, went back to his place, made out and fondled for quite a while (no sex), and it was "great." The next day he sent her a text saying he "didn't think it would work out." She was asking me what happened.

I said it was hard to tell with such limited information, but either he was a male provider hunter looking for a Perfect Virgin Wife™ and she violated his right-wing purity fantasies, or more likely there's another woman in the picture. Usually when a woman goes from very hot to very cold like this, there's always another man. Men work the same way, so the most likely explanation was there is another girl in there somewhere.

She said, "Yeah, I figured the same." Then she sent me another text asking, "Why can't men just be honest?"

I'll tell you what I told her at the end of this article, but let's talk about that. Women are always bitching that men lie to them during dating and relationships.

One of my personal standards is that I do not lie. Not to women, not to anyone. I am very good at not answering questions. I am very good at dodging questions. I am very good at being sarcastic. But none of that is lying. Lying is seriously stating something you know to be untrue. I don't do this to women, ever, but I'm unusual in this regard. Why?

Let's say a woman you've recently started sleeping with asks you, "Are you still having sex with other women?"

You have three options:

1. Say yes.

2. Say no.

3. Refuse to answer the question.

Most men in this scenario answer no. The problem is answering no is a lie. This not only means you're a liar (not good for your self-esteem and inner peace to be a liar), but it's also virtually guaranteed to bring you drama down the road. Since drama = unhappiness, and I don't do unhappiness, I can't answer no. I also constantly berate men about lying to women. DO NOT LIE TO WOMEN. Lying to women is STUPID. It's a no-win scenario (unless you like a lot of drama). I don't. You don't have to either.

Saying yes is honest, but it also creates a huge problem. At best you're in for some drama if you say that. At worst you're in for a break-up. We'll cover why this is in a minute.

This is why I always choose option three (unless she's been around a very long time and we've already had "The Talk"). I just don't answer the question. Often I'll throw out some sarcastic remark ("Oh hell yeah. I fuck 15 women a week, baby!") and then change the subject. It works as long as your frame is Alpha and outcome independent. (I even have a free ebook on exactly how to do it.)

But why do I have to do this? Why can't I just say "yes" without any problems? More importantly, why do most men have to lie about these issues?

Why Men Lie

Do men lie to women? Yup. All the time.

Lest you think I'm picking on men here, let's be fair about this. Do women lie to men in dating and relationships? Hell yes they do.

Chris Rock (who is busy these days getting ass-raped in a divorce...ah, monogamy) has an old joke about which of the two sexes lies more often. His answer: Men lie more often, but women tell the biggest lies. Men will lie to women all over the place, about all kinds of things in the relationship. Women generally won't as often, but when they do lie, it's a friggn' doosey. ("It's your baby!")

We've already discussed why women lie about things like who the father is, or that she didn't understand what she was signing when she signed that prenup, etc. But why to do men lie? It's a much more interesting reason.

One of my favorite quotes (I even quoted it in my book) is from Scott Adams when he says:

Society is organized in such a way that the natural instincts of men are shameful and criminal while the natural instincts of women are mostly legal and acceptable.

This is, of course, correct.

If a woman is on a first date with a man, and she states her normal, natural, biological desires by saying, "I'd like to find a man to marry me, live with me, and have babies with me." Men shrug and think, "yeah, okay." That natural desire is completely acceptable by society. Not only is it acceptable and legal, but it's even strongly encouraged.

What if, on that same first date, the man starts stating his normal, natural, biological desires? Ohhhh boy. You can see this one coming, can't you? What if he's honest and says, "Yeah, I'd like to be with a woman like that someday too. Kids would be fine. While married to this woman I also want to fuck cute teenage cheerleaders with big tits. You know, have a little on the side. I like variety, and younger women are more sexually attractive to me." Just like the woman, he's stating his normal, natural, inborn desire. And he's being completely honest, which is what all women ask men to be.

You and I both know what would happen. The woman would be horrified and never see him again. If he actually acted on those normal, natural desires, he could even wind up in prison.

Society loves women's natural sexual, dating, and relationship desires. Society hates men's natural sexual, dating, and relationship desires.

Generally speaking, a woman stating her natural, sexual desires gets approval. ("I want a boyfriend." "I want to get married." "I want kids.")

Generally speaking, a man stating his natural, sexual desires will face scorn, and will probably never get laid. ("I want to fuck that 16 year-old over there." "I think people should always have sex on the first date." "Honey, I want a threesome with your sister.")

Because of this very usual predicament, men learn very early in life that they must lie to women in order to have sex with them and pair bond with them. Unless they're aware of Alpha Male 2.0 concepts, they have no choice. If they clearly and honestly tell women what they're doing, or what they want to do, very few women will go near them.

Of course women constantly say they want honesty from men, but they actually don't. The last thing a woman wants to hear from her husband or boyfriend is that he wants to fuck her sister, or her best friend, or her mom(!), or her grown daughter(!). Or that he's already fucked one of those people behind her back.

So men just keep on lying, and keep this stuff as far away from their women as they can, until they get found out, and then drama, break-ups, and divorces usually ensue. Because society doesn't approve of men's biological sexual desires the way it happily approves of women's sexual desires.

Am I giving men a pass for lying to women because of this? NO. I've said it for years and I'll say it again. MEN SHOULD NOT LIE TO WOMEN. LYING TO WOMEN IS STUPID.

What I am saying is that women cannot complain about men lying to them. YOU are the reason they're doing it, ladies. Women (and society's) largely pro-woman stances on sex, dating, and relationships are the direct cause of men lying to women.

If women (and society) didn't care at all that men needed to have sex with younger hotties on the side while married (as just one of many of men's unapproved yet perfectly honest and natural sexual desires), then men wouldn't have to lie about any of this.

That's what I told my friend. When she asked why men couldn't just be honest, I told her that men get yelled at when they're honest. Thus men lie.

Men's sexual biology isn't ever going to change. We're going to be horny, societally-inappropriate bastards from now until Judgement Day. So either women need to wake up and accept men for the human beings they are, or men at large have to keep lying to women in order to get (and keep) sex, girlfriends, and wives.

Pick one of those two options, ladies. Then don't complain about the option you choose.

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This article was originally published on August 7, 2015
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  • RPSigmaStigma 2015-08-07 06:57:38

    To be fair, I think this is the same reason women lie. Women lie about their partner count because they get slut shame if they don't. They lie about "accidentally" hooking up with the DJ in their girls night out because of they don't they get yelled at and dumped. I don't think this is unique to men.

  • POB 2015-08-07 08:03:43

    I'm currently dating a divorced woman who's 8 years older than me. She's been married for 13 years. After one of our sex nights at her place we started to talk about relationships and the differences between men and women. This is the stuff I got: 1) when I asked her about the sex part after that many years together she told me her husband was not enough for her in bed. He even acknowledged the fact and told her he knew that (while they were still together and fucking each other). Even so she strongly stated they had an amazing sex life and were fucking at least once a week. 2) she told me they were extremely happy except for an off year where fights took place. Said he's a good father and left by his own choice. According to her, the reason was he was trying to get her close to his family and she did not agree. She wanted to do other stuff and he was forcing her to go where she did not want to. 3) after the split he apparently regretted the decision and is trying to get back with her. He left the very nice apartment they bought and is living with his mom on a crappy neighborhood. Of course he paid more for their place, but she dismissed it as a tiny detail. Oh yeah, this past week he offered to pay for kitchen and bathroom remodeling in a desperate attempt to win her back! 4) she has at least 3 strong orbiters she keeps around only for validation. When I told her she was being mean and should to cut them loose, she laughed and used the lamest excuses possible. After some debate she told me I was probably right (but kept them anyway). When I saw the texts these guys write to her OMG I felt so sorry for them. Made me kinda of ashamed of the over 30 male population in my city. Now here is the fun part: 1) I fucked her on the very first date (took me 01 interaction on Tinder, 04 interactions on whatsapp and 02 and a half hours of face time). One of these orbiters is trying for 4 months just to get a date with her. 2) she told me about her husband "problems" after I did everything I wanted with her, including anal (which she loved BTW). As a FB I'm not seeing her very often, but every time we get together she asks me to do nasty stuff in bed. 3) she knows I have other women. As BD said, I never said that straight to her face, but she subtly hints it every time I take too long to contact her. Each time the topic arises I joke and change the subject 4) once she asked me if I want to raise a family. I said yes, but not in a way most people do. I said I would love my wife dearly but discreetly fuck other women on the side because I'm an Alpha who loves sex and knows for sure feelings and desires are two completely different things. One does not exclude the other. Said my wife would be free to do the same as long as her priority stayed with our family. She complained and argued a bit but in the end nodded in approval. Now who's the liar?

  • Doubter 2015-08-07 08:09:44

    Hey BD, not sure I agree with you about why he dumped her. I believe most guys, if they had a girl nearly there, would continue to try to get the bang at a later time. Not normal for a guy to abandon what looks to be a solid lay prospect. Guys rarely turn down new pussy when available. But your insight about the societal acceptability of women's needs being higher then men's is rather profound. So (plug alert) your coverage of the topic in you ebook is spot on......they will figure it out by your answer, you just can't say it directly that there are other women. This is one of the profound truths of which I was obliviously unaware prior to marriage/divorce.....if you're the right guy, women will put up with sharing. This, and knowing that women are open to casual sexual relationships if presented correctly, are the two most important keys to dating to your advantage as a man. As usual, solid work. Keep it up.

  • CrabRangoon 2015-08-07 08:14:09

    Damn BD another solid post.  I used to lie to women a lot for the same reason you state-basically I didn't want to get yelled at and deal with drama at the present.  Now this of course means there will be drama down the road but alas us humans only care about the present happiness sometimes.  I've heard men and women say that full disclosure is the bets policy but I don't totally agree.  I do like the idea of just letting out some info and not the full, instilling some "soft dread" as it's called so the woman thinks I might be seeing other women on the side without me saying it directly.  I never deny the fact nor do I offer up details.  Anytime I truly revealed some of my basic desires to some girlfriends I was immediately met with scrorn, all starting with my own mother.  We learn early to cover up those oh so nasty male biological desires don't we?

  • Omega Man 2015-08-07 08:38:54

    The guy who dumped the girl after a first date, despite everything seeming to go well for the lady is something I did more than a couple of times. It was often a single thing which the young lady did or said and while I never spoiled the evening, in that I kissed her good night and all that, but I never called her again, ever.  I just didn't  see the point of starting a relationship with a woman who had already turned me off. As I got older I became a bit more forgiving of the ladies foibles, as I'm sure the ladies became more forgiving of mine as well.  

  • Bulma78 2015-08-07 08:41:49

    I agree, I think guys lie or say what they think we want to hear because they want to avoid drama and/or they don’t want to hurt our feelings. I actually do want honesty from a man.  I’d rather hear the truth and be put out of my misery; suffer for a few days and then finally be at peace, rather than forever wondering about something.  I find it’s better to let him pound the final nail into the coffin so that the subject can be put to rest. I’m with one guy but we are not exclusive, by his choice.  I have good days and bad days.  I have good days where I’m fine and content.  I have bad days where I just want to interrogate him and give him grief.  I haven’t given him any grief yet, but I came close to almost doing it a few times and stopped myself.  I’ve asked him personal questions like the one BD mentioned above, gotten the answers, had hurt feelings for a couple days and then came to terms with it and felt mostly at peace. I don’t believe that most girls can be truly happy, being one of many to a guy………you guys might think we are fine with it, just because we can put on a happy face, but it’s not like you have a crystal ball so you can really know.

  • ricerocket 2015-08-07 08:48:10

    Great subject, fully believe that in general, most guys do this, as BD's post explains, as that is how we have to deal with it based on SP. The funny thing is, once you break out of this, it is so much better, and being honest changes the way women interact with you, reduces drama, and makes for far more consistency. For example, I have lost count of the women that are in my life, who consistently tell me, "I am so comfortable around you", Or "I have never been so open with another man" , or "I can just be myself around you" There is no drama, or very little, no behind the back stuff, etc. Just this past week, got into a conversation about my open relationship style with one of them, who stated right off the bat, they probably couldn't see me anymore, as they couldn't have sex with someone that has sex with someone else.  Told her I completely understand her feelings toward that, it's not for everyone, and that I would wish her well, and would miss that, and still feel sad about loosing that with her, but happy to see her continue her lifes journey, and hope that she stays in my life when she can. The thing is, and I told her this, living my life this way, is not just about sex with women, it is about prioritizing my happiness first, and living honestly aligns with that.  Sex, relationships and women are only one part of living my life this way, and only one part of the whole. I know I am communicating that, as well as sub communicating that to women, and they get it, and I have found them far more open to this honesty, than you would first expect, but you have to get through that SP to get there. After our talk, when at first she was nexting me, she grabbed me by the hand, and literally dragged me to the bedroom for sex.

  • lazy guy 2015-08-07 09:03:06

    Yes BD, interesting stuff. What intrigues me most is all the pretending that goes on (both men & women doing it) in order to keep things pleasant on the surface and to help individuals maintain some dignity and self-respect. Your tactics & skills for not really answering a crucial question ('Are you having sex with other women?') may be the core of the helpful info here. Some might say you are 'lying by omission', but I'd say it is not that simple. Maybe in some cases that might be true, but only some (at most).  In a LTR where the woman accepts her man having other sex on the side -- as long as he is discreet about it -- often her implicit message to him is 'Allow me to pretend I don't know'. That's crucial for her to go on accepting the situation. It allows her to keep her dignity and self-respect, despite what her man is doing. So perhaps a key step is for many men is to recognize how often he can finesse the gap between the truth and the required pretense if he will just enable his woman to pretend, to live in denial, etc. Your statement about "Society hates ... " is true enough, but really, of course (and I think you'll agree) the situation is more like "In our society, most of us agree to pretend ...".  

  • Marsupial 2015-08-07 09:52:46

    "I said it was hard to tell with such limited information, but either he was a male provider hunter looking for a Perfect Virgin Wife™ and she violated his right-wing purity fantasies, or more likely there’s another woman in the picture." Or, he's so petrified about FRAs (possibly having been burnt before) that he won't escalate past "fooling around" without a very clear go-ahead from the woman. If she's not actively DTF on the first date - fuckkit. After all, if your ex finds him attractive enough to go back to his place on a first date, then other women do too. Welcome to the new world, ladies. No only do you have to be DTF on the first date, you have to initiate. If you don't, some other woman will. BWAHAHAHA!  

  • SteinK. 2015-08-07 10:45:38

    Both sexes lie because lying will get them more stuff.  Maybe more sex stuff for the guy.  Definitely more $$$ if youre a girl.  As soon as they -tell the truth- the other sex will disappear out of their lives, majority of time. Guys have to lie for a much longer time which is harder and will eventually break down because it is not congruent with who they are. Girls only have to tell a few, short, quick simple lies to get the guy into her hands. I am a serial monogamous bf gf kinda guy.  But lets look at the last girls I was with chasing.    Meet her on a bicycle path.  Exchanged #s.  Texted and talked for a while.  Dinner.  Bar.  Dancing.  Alcohol.  Clubs.  REPEAT.  She and I would only get as far as making out each time.  I told her people sometimes have one night stands or sex by accident cause theyre too drunk and having too much fun that night into the moment.  You know..  She told me thats gross and so disrespectful, take things slow together.  She told me, I want to really get to know you.  Awesome, so I thought to myself.  Cycle of going out fun activities continues.  One super drunk night in Xmas I get texts from her.  -I made love to Brian.  I love him sooooo much.  Hes my boyfriend.  Weve been together for X months.-  I tell her shes a fucking liar for all these months.  She says I was the only guy she ever lied too and that she is sorry.  YEAH FUCKING RIGHT.  And she still wants us to continue partying as FRIENDS and doing the same routine weve been doing for the past months, except no more making out stuff.  I cut her off.  So this entire time she was pretending to maybe be my lover and gf, she had a bf she was also with and fucking.   She tries to initiate again and again with open ended stupid questions I know she doesnt care about.  Like what do I think of -something happening on the news-, or hows my family, or tell me more about your studies back in college.  You know, total BS. Next girl, started inside the supermarket.  She sounded shaky when she told me she had a bf.  Almost as if she didnt know whether she had one or not.  I told her so youre gonna get married to him and be together with him 40 yrs from now.. (I learned that line from this site.)  She said she doesnt know.  So begins our lovers dance like the above paragraph and she pulls the identical shit as the girl from the above paragraph. Girls lie so much because it gets them so much more FREE stuff.  If they were honest they would get NOTHING.

  • John Smith 2015-08-07 11:38:45

    Other times guys lie simply because women ask bad questions. e.g. "Does this dress make me look fat?" "Do you think I'm pretty?" "Do you think [other woman's name] is pretty?" "What are you thinking right now?" etc.  

  • SOL 2015-08-07 12:37:02

    @Bulma78 I think most guys understand that most women want monogamy from their man.  It's their natural state to seek it.  That's not a question.  We understand that they will continually try for it and cause drama to get it. The issue is that when we give it to them, they are miserable in the end.  They quickly lose attraction for us and friendzone us in the relationship.  You know it happens.  It happens in virtually every relationship.  It's a paradox and the duality of female human nature.  You want to us to commit, but don't really respect us on some level when we do.  We literally become 'icky'.  You have a natural repulsive reaction to us.  Logically you may still love us on a family type or buddy level, but any lusting is gone and in fact now thoughts of intimacy are largely negative.  Then starts the excuses, the shaming about sex, the cheating, etc...  That's monogamy in the modern era. I think most guys would actually be pretty happy if their monogamous girlfriend/wife remained crazy attracted to them.  Most would be content with that even if they still had the occasionally natural urges to seek out other women.  Relationships would work for the most part.  That doesn't mean it's women's fault.  It just is what it is.  It happens over and over.  If you remove the divorced, the never get married, the mutually low libido partners, and the guys who just suck it up, how many marriages or LTRs are really truly at a state of two parties remaining attracted to each other and feel loved and cared for?  Not many I think. So in the end, what are the options?  What's better?  To give in to NRE, commit, become familiar to the woman, and then deal with feeling repulsive to your girlfriend or wife?  NO THANKS!  She's not happy either.   We've all been there.  You aren't happy in that state either right?  Nobody is happy when it gets to that point.  You want to be repulsed by your own long term partner and have him cheat, leave, or be miserable while he sucks it up?  Really?  You know it will happen. So the alternative is to not be monogamous.  Commit emotionally, but not sexually.  Unless you find the unicorn woman who's sex drive doesn't taper off naturally, you are left with open relationships.  No, a lot of the women aren't content on a primal level with that arrangement, but in the end I believe they are happier than they would be 3 years into a LTR.    

  • Oh Yes 2015-08-07 13:52:31

    Unbelievable.  Chris Rock's wife stayed with him just long enough so that the pre-nup expired and now she could take half or more of his money.  Is there no end to the divorce rape industry?  It is getting to be more and more that marriage and the inevitable divorce is a premeditated career choice for these broads. For that matter, it wouldn't surprise me to see a law be passed that throws men in jail for having multiple partners, like what BD does.  Of course said law would not punish women for doing the same thing.

  • Blackdragon 2015-08-07 15:41:28

    To be fair, I think this is the same reason women lie. Women lie about their partner count because they get slut shame if they don’t. They lie about “accidentally” hooking up with the DJ in their girls night out because of they don’t they get yelled at and dumped. I don’t think this is unique to men.
    Yes, but a woman isn't lying about this over and over again in your relationsihp. That's a one-time lie. Men will lie much more often about these things, since they're ongoing needs, not something they did 5 years ago.
    I actually do want honesty from a man.  I’d rather hear the truth and be put out of my misery; suffer for a few days and then finally be at peace, rather than forever wondering about something.
    Correct, so you can quickly dump him when he reveals something you hate. That's why men aren't honest. They don't want you to dump them, so they'll tell you what you want to hear.
    Some might say you are ‘lying by omission’, but I’d say it is not that simple.
    In my ebooks I describe in detail how to leave obvious clues around to show that yes, you are fucking other women. You're showing it and she knows it. You're just not verbalizing it.
    Other times guys lie simply because women ask bad questions. “Does this dress make me look fat?”
    My response to those kinds of questions is always: "Sweetie, do you want honesty or happiness?"
    Chris Rock’s wife stayed with him just long enough so that the pre-nup expired and now she could take half or more of his money.
    Yep. That's exactly what women do when prenups have an expiration date. Lesson for you men: If you're crazy enough to get legally married (and you shouldn't) then NEVER have an expiration date on your prenup, and go back and get the prenup updated once every 5-10 years or so. A prenup should be an ETERNAL document.
    Is there no end to the divorce rape industry?
    Not if men keep getting married. Men could end this insanity in a heartbeat if they just stopped getting married.

  • SargeMaximus 2015-08-07 18:07:31

    Hey Blackdragon, this is an interesting and surprising (to me) article to read from you. I actually thought you were more savvy in finding a way to be who you are with the women you're with. Having said that, have you ever read the book "Mode One" by Alan Roger Currie? The sub-title of the book is "tell the woman what you're really thinking".   I must say this article comes at a good time for me as I'm beginning to see that the only way to get anything in life is to be disingenuous. People say they like genuine (and they DO respond better to it) but your own achievements in life seem to be dependent on how well you "play" other people.   Thoughts?

  • Blackdragon 2015-08-07 19:52:21

    Hey Blackdragon, this is an interesting and surprising (to me) article to read from you. I actually thought you were more savvy in finding a way to be who you are with the women you’re with.
    Everything is verbalized after 3-5 months. The EFA phase (dodging the questions) is only the first few months, not forever.
    Having said that, have you ever read the book “Mode One” by Alan Roger Currie?
    I have not read it, but I'm a little familiar with it. That frame might work in seduction, but not in nonmonogamous relationships (unless the woman has lots of prior poly experience). You simply can't tell a woman on a first date, "I want to fuck you tonight, then then once we start having sex, I'm going to fuck other women while fucking you." That's not going to work no matter how much game you have or how Alpha you are (unless you're a celebrity).
    People say they like genuine (and they DO respond better to it) but your own achievements in life seem to be dependent on how well you “play” other people.
    Again, I never lie. Even when not answering the "are you fucking other women" question, I provide a lot of evidence to women that I am. I'm hiding nothing; I'm just not verbalizing at that early stage. (I will after 3-5 months.)

  • Nathan 2015-08-07 20:05:27

    I do it differently. I don't lie, I hate it. When I go out with a new girlfriend, I pause all my other girlfriends. Then after a while weeks maybe two months, I state that I'm going to have sex with other women. I have this need, and I don't mind if she does also. This is when I resume my former relationships. Sometimes they meet and join in together. Many times they go their own way. I simply state honestly, that I haven't had much experience and don't want to miss out. They often protest, but then I ask "Have you had a Frenchman?" "Well why would you settle for me, until you've tried one, I wouldn't want to block you from that experience." Usually this makes them come around, and when I state that I am honest and they can ask me ANYTHING, they have not experienced it and LOVE it. If the Frenchman doesn't work I usually joke about an African, that often does the trick. Sometimes I get the drama when I state they are putting on weight etc. if asked, but I often state many examples of people suffering from not knowing the truth and being surrounded by Yes Friends (similar to Yes Men. And I do say I would want to know if I was turning into a couch potato blob, and I wouldn't expect you to put up with it or stay with me.

  • SargeMaximus 2015-08-07 20:12:40

    I see, that makes sense. I myself am not even at the sex stages of relationships yet but I had to ask as this whole topic fascinates me, and I want to be in 3 MLTR's one day. Speaking of which, you don't have anything that is particularly pointed towards seduction itself. I'd love to know your take on seduction and how to go from "meet to lay". I've recently started getting numbers and dates from daygame, but there's never much of a spark from the women. I think they go out with me just because I had the confidence to approach them, not because they're attracted. Any suggestions on how to optimize my chances? For example: how much does looks/money matter? Is it ALL game/confidence? How can you spike attraction? Is it better to be "genuine" or "alpha"? etc.

  • Blackdragon 2015-08-07 20:40:48

    you don’t have anything that is particularly pointed towards seduction itself.
    You must be new here. I have mountains of material on seduction, both on this blog and in my ebooks. My average meet-to-lay is 3 hours of face time. Start reading here for specific techniques and frames.

  • Dennis 2015-08-08 13:03:16

    There are direct lies and lies by omission. To me they are both the same...lies. With women, I lie to get fucked fast.  I tell them what they what to hear even if I don't believe it myself.  I don't have any qualms about lying to women since women lie to men  all the time. That's a fact of life..get used to it.  The relationships usually end after the NRE in 2-3 months, but who cares since there is an never ending supply women out there. With my business and fiends, I very rarely lie, not even by omission, and word is my bond.  

  • JRM 2015-08-08 23:50:41

    Hmm...almost always when I do this to a girl is when I realize, I really don't want to put in the necessary 2-4 dates it takes to have sex with them. I'd rather just work on my business or hang with friends. I have too much stuff to do to try and screw a girl I have a very low interest in.

  • Drexel Scott 2015-08-09 23:18:05

    I agree that lying is ultimately counterproductive. Of course, there is always the fact that women are implicitly lying about their mate value with fake hair, fake lashes, fake tits, fake nails, fake teeth, fake makeup to make them look a certain way, etc, so in a sense, deception is the entire female mating strategy. It is important for men to be aware of that, and I agree that it is not worth violating one's personal principles for pussy. Usually if they ask "are you having sex with other women?" I will say something like "mostly little boys, and the occasional goat" until they realize I am not going to answer. There is an exception, however, that being when I can tell the woman is very open sexually and would find it a turn on. I am sure that you have experienced the phenomenon of women getting off to pictures and videos of you sleeping with or getting your dick sucked by other women. When I can identify women as such, and they usually have tells, then I will go into full dirty detail...knowing that the girl is going to have a higher chance of fucking me for doing so.

  • themaster 2015-08-11 06:20:40

    I tell women that ask if I am dating other women that of course I am because I am a man. If a woman doesn't want to fuck with you because you are dating other women then she wasn't THAT attracted to you in the first place (multiple reasons) or you aren't an alpha male. Men don't ever dodge anything especially from women. Dodging her question is weak and is a type of deception. There is a difference between being honest and answering questions truthfully. One is a state and another is an action. . Men think a certain way they don't act and that state translates into any actions being alpha. Since I stopped being  a boy and became a man everywoman I have fucked with new before I fucked them that I was seeing other women because I told them even if they didn't ask. That explains why BD doesn't believe a woman can have attraction for a man that never expires. You have to be a man first to get that from any woman.

  • Blackdragon 2015-08-11 13:18:37

    That explains why BD doesn’t believe a woman can have attraction for a man that never expires. You have to be a man first to get that from any woman.
    If you would like to give proven, field-tested, specific, step-by-step instructions on how to hold a woman's attraction for you for 45 years straight, please enlighten us.

  • themaster 2015-08-12 07:50:24

    If you would like to give proven, field-tested, specific, step-by-step instructions on how to hold a woman’s attraction for you for 45 years straight, please enlighten us.
      All the cultures (Arab, African, Asian) with Alphas that practice Polygamous marriages and hold on to their wives till their death for one. For a fictional but somewhat realistic narrative of how it could play out in American society see the HBO show Big Love If we are talking about strictly relationships in America where polygamy is illegal then a FB relationship built from the ground up where you establish the entire framework from the jump and you dominate all the parameters of it in perpetuity

  • POB 2015-08-12 09:42:58

    If you would like to give proven, field-tested, specific, step-by-step instructions on how to hold a woman’s attraction for you for 45 years straight, please enlighten us.
    He can't. The "Golden Cock" mantra never worked in real life. Guys need to realize once and for all that sometimes women ask specific questions for which they do not want to know the answers. In  fact, for these specific questions it's better to not give a straight answer: just some shrug and a little comfort. If they ask you if you have other women or if she's looking fat, she already know the answers! It's not a logical question. They just want to feel safe and know if you have any feelings for her, if you're paying attention to her and if you care about her. Even with a good intention giving a straight "man" answer destroys that. Lying is worse because she'll feel disrespected. So yes, shrugging it off with a joke or changing the subject is the best course of action for the best outcome possible.

  • Blackdragon 2015-08-12 19:42:49

    All the cultures (Arab, African, Asian) with Alphas that practice Polygamous marriages and hold on to their wives till their death for one. For a fictional but somewhat realistic narrative
    Those are enforced by law, not sustained because of forever female attraction. But they're irrevleant anyway, so I'll re-ask my quesition with my usual (and usually unspoken) clarification: If you would like to give proven, field-tested, specific, step-by-step instructions on how to hold a woman’s attraction for you for 45 years straight, in the western world and in the modern era, please enlighten us. Not Saudi Arabia, not in 1952, and certainly not fictional (pointing to a TV show to back up your point...are you kidding?).
    If we are talking about strictly relationships in America where polygamy is illegal then a FB relationship built from the ground up where you establish the entire framework from the jump and you dominate all the parameters of it in perpetuity
    Great. Please show me one FB relationship that's lasted consistently for 45 years straight because the woman was so attracted to the guy she never cheated on him or left him. This stuff is all in your head dude. I realize it's a nice fantasy, but fantasy is all it is.

  • giulio 2018-04-24 08:25:20

    BD I have a pratical question, if your OLTR ask you "what are you doing tonight?" and your plan is seeing a FB what do you asnwer? do you say something sarcastic, you avoid the question, you say the truth? She knows I see other girls but I don't want to be too harsh on her