The Sexual Dynamics of Peter Pan

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The Sexual Dynamics of Peter Pan

Nothing serious today, just an interesting set of observations. I’ve been reading some stuff lately about the origins of fairy tales and other pop literature prior to the 1970s when political correctness began to permeate the culture. The conclusion is that much of this pre-70s literature, including stuff written for children, is filled with violence and sex, or at least strong sexual overtones.

-By Caleb Jones

While reading through this stuff, I thought of Peter Pan. I’m not sure why. Peter Pan was my favorite movie when I was a small child before the first Star Wars was released and captured my generation. As a little boy pre-Star Wars, I had Peter Pan books, dressed like Peter Pan for Halloween, and had a Peter Pan record (as in LP, for a record player) that I used to listen to over and over again, to the point where I memorized the songs and parts of the movie.

I hadn’t seen the original Disney Peter Pan animated movie since I was about five years old. I decided to re-watch it and view it through adult eyes. I thought it would also be interesting to view it as a glimpse into past culture, since the book was written in 1911 and the movie was made in 1953.

It was a very interesting experience. You think of Peter Pan as a fun little kid’s movie, when in fact Peter Pan is actually a movie about women trying to murder each other because of intense sexual jealousy. What follows is a summary of exactly what I saw when I watched the film. Everything I’m about to say is 100% accurate to the movie. Feel free to watch the movie if you don’t believe me. Just keep in mind that this movie was made for kids.

What Really Happens In Peter Pan

The movie starts with three children in early 20th century London: Wendy, who is about 11 years old, John, who is about 10, and Michael, who’s about 4. They get a visit from Peter Pan, a boy of about Wendy’s age, and his pixie slave, Tinkerbell. Very unlike Wendy, Tinkerbell is a fully developed woman (albeit pixie-sized). While she has small boobs, Tinkerbell regularly admires her tiny waist, big ass, and swinging, sexy hips. The makers of this movie really hit this aspect hard. During one scene, she tries to exit a drawer via a keyhole, but can’t fit through because her hips and ass are too big.

Tinkerbell doesn’t speak. She instead communicates telepathically with Peter. Her first translated words in the movie are when she calls Wendy “big” and “ugly.” Completely the converse to the sexy and silent Tinkerbell, Wendy is prepubescent, domesticated, annoying, and hyper-talkative. “Girls talk too much,” Peter says when he meets her. She responds by helpfully sewing his shadow back to his foot so it won’t escape.

Tinkerbell immediately hates Wendy with a fiery rage. Clearly in love with Peter, like some female high school teacher in love with one of her younger students, Tinkerbell is viscously jealous of Wendy. Ironically, since Peter is a child, he doesn’t pick up on the fact that Tinkerbell likes him this way, or that Tinkerbell is a sexual creature while Wendy is just a child.

When Wendy tries to give Peter a kiss, Tinkerbell goes berserk and attacks Wendy, pulling her hair. Peter catches Tinkerbell and imprisons her in his hat.

Tinkerbell’s pixie dust is also the source of flight for the characters, enabling them to fly like Superman. The characters use Tinkerbell as a salt shaker, snatching her out of the air whenever they need her and shaking her to get her pixie dust so people (and even dogs) can fly. Tinkerbell obviously isn’t happy about this, but reluctantly accepts her role as Peter’s slave, likely out of her creepy adult-on-child lust for him.

Upon the five characters arriving on Neverland, we are introduced to Captain Hook, a paranoid psychotic who regularly murders his own crew members whenever he gets even mildly irritated. His crew is near mutiny because they want to leave Neverland and continue piracy on the high seas. He wants to stay in Neverland and kill Peter Pan. Why? Because recently Peter sliced off Hook’s hand and fed it to a giant crocodile, who now has acquired a taste for human blood.

Peter commands Tinkerbell to protect Wendy and her two brothers by hiding them away while he goes to deal with Captain Hook. Tinkerbell instead tries to murder Wendy by tricking the Lost Boys into shooting her down with their makeshift firearms. They almost do so, but at the last minute Wendy is rescued from death by Peter. This makes Tinkerbell so enraged that her entire body glows red with lava-like temperatures, and she literally burns through plants as she flies around in a fiery wrath.

Peter rants and raves at Tinkerbell, accusing her of high treason. During his ranting, Tinkerbell walks around on a tree branch, strutting her stuff, swinging her hips, tossing her hair, pursing her lips, sticking out her ass, and acting sexy like some kind of slutty Marilyn Monroe. Peter, being a child who hasn’t even reached puberty yet, doesn’t notice any of this sexual vibe. “Don’t you realize you could have killed her?!?” he cries. Tinkerbell smiles big and answers with an enthusiastic yes. She clearly wants Wendy dead, and won’t rest until she’s six feet under.

Peter banishes Tinkerbell forever, but Wendy pleads with him to go easy, so he reduces the sentence to “one week.” Tinkerbell leaves, furious. Later, Peter orders John, Michael, and the Lost Boys to go capture an Indian for literally no reason other than for fun. This results in an encounter with Indians, portrayed in a way that would be considered hilariously racist by today’s standards.

While this is going on, Peter and Wendy go visit the mermaids. Oh, this part is great. The mermaids are naked, super hot chicks with big boobs (as compared to the rest of the characters), their nipples covered only by their long hair or by small seashells. All of the mermaids are ridiculously horny for Peter Pan, swimming up to him, kissing his ass, giving him the doggy dinner bowl eyes, tossing their hair, and begging him to tell them stories, all of which they’ve clearly heard before. Once again, Peter Pan, being a kid, has no idea what’s really going on. He shrugs and proceeds to tell them a story.

When the mermaids see Wendy, they instantly go into hysterics. They immediately attack Wendy, tearing at her night dress, pulling her hair, and trying to yank her into the water. When this fails, they encircle Wendy and start splashing her, laughing the entire time while Wendy is near tears. Peter Pan, being a child and a moron, thinks it’s all a game and laughs too.
Wendy finally gets her hands on a large conch shell, and attempts to bash in the skull of one of the nearest mermaids. Peter flies down and puts a stop to it, telling Wendy that the mermaids were just having fun. With murder in her eyes, one of the mermaids says, “We were just trying to drown her.” Hook later kidnaps the Indian chief’s daughter, Tiger Lilly, though she is rescued by Peter and returned to the Indian tribe. To celebrate, the Indians throw a party and dance while Peter and the Indian chief smoke weed. John also tries to smoke some weed, but it makes him sick.

With everyone dancing, Wendy tries to join in, but she is angrily stopped by one of the squaws, who tell her that women aren’t allowed to dance, and that her job is to go collect firewood while the men are all having fun. Wendy scowls but obeys. This rule doesn’t apply to Tiger Lilly however (probably because she’s the chief’s daughter). So while Wendy is out collecting firewood, Tiger Lilly dances for Peter Pan, eventually giving him a lap dance and finally kissing him Indian-style by rubbing her face into his. Peter gets into it, starts dancing with Tiger Lilly and they keep mashing faces.

Wendy sees this and flies into rage. She drops her firewood and attempts to stop Peter, but she is interrupted by her little four year-old brother Michael, who calls her “squaw” and orders her to take care of his teddy bear. Wendy fumes as the same squaw from before then orders her to go get more firewood. Reaching her boiling point, Wendy storms off into the forest, alone. Peter and Tiger Lilly keep dancing and making out Indian style, having a great time.

After a failed attempt to torture Tiger Lilly for information on Peter Pan’s whereabouts, Hook captures Tinkerbell with a plan to use her against Peter. “A jealous woman can be tricked into anything,” he says. He tricks a furiously jealous Tinkerbell into revealing Peter’s secret hideout, promising Tinkerbell he’ll capture Wendy and take her away from Neverland. When Tinkerbell spills the beans, he imprisons her in a lantern and sets off for Peter’s treehouse with his pirates in tow.

Back at the treehouse, Wendy and Peter have a huge argument. Peter leaves, and Wendy acts as the Lost Boy’s “mother” and sings them a song. Soon all the Lost Boys decide they want a “mother” and beg to go back to London with her. Before this happens, Hook and his pirates arrive, capture Wendy, her two bothers, and all the Lost Boys. While Peter is asleep, Hook places a dynamite bomb in his bedroom, set to go off the next day.

Tinkerbell escapes her tiny prison and saves Peter at the last minute, and they both return to the pirates and defeat Hook by feeding him to the man-eating crocodile. Peter takes control of Hook’s ship, calling himself “Captain Pan.” He orders Tinkerbell to cover the ship in pixie dust so they can return to London. Ecstatic that Wendy is finally leaving, Tinker accurately obeys Peter for the first time in the entire movie. They all go home, the end.

What the hell did I just watch?

Purity I just watched a story about the old-school, right-wing, Alpha Male 1.0 concepts of female purity vs. impurity. On one side, we have purity, represented by Wendy, a sweet, submissive, virginal, motherlike, domesticated, innocent girl. The kind of girl the traditional male might want to marry.

On the other side, we have impurity or “sluts,” represented by sexy Tinkerbell, sexy mermaids, and a sexually aggressive Tiger Lilly. These women are hot, sexual, horny, angry, and combative. These are the kinds of girls the traditional male might want to have sex with, but would never marry.

Peter Pan, representing the traditional 1950s man, spurns the advances of the impure women, despite the fact they’re way more attractive and exciting, and gravities towards the purity of Wendy, despite the fact she’s far less sexually attractive, more boring, and clearly more irritating.

How does this play out in the real world? In the real world, both now and back in the 1950s, since sexual monogamy doesn’t work and never has, the Alpha Male 1.0 marries a Wendy and then cheats behind her back with a Tinkerbell. He puts up with the rules, irritation, and jealousy of his Wendy, as well as the drama, jealousy, and anger of his Tinkerbell.

This is especially true of what I’ve called “Mediterranean marriages” in my books. It’s a type of high-drama open marriage common in Southern Europe and South America, where married men are expected to cheat and do, and their wives don’t divorce them, but instead unload a constant stream of volcanic anger and drama about their husband’s repeated infidelity. The husband tolerates this crap forever until he ends up in an early grave.

It would be interesting to observe an updated, Alpha Male 2.0 version of Peter Pan, without the purity-worshipping guy-Disney or slut shaming of the Alpha 1.0 version. I think I just thought of another idea for a novel to add to my list..

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This article was originally published on December 17, 2015


  • SadiesBlonde 2015-12-17 07:06:41

    This was interesting BD. It supports the characterization of women often used in literature and film as the Madonna v. Whore complex and how a woman has to subscribe to one of the polarities and to never outwardly assert her sexuality. To see this blantanly in a children's book just proves how deeply ingrained our societal conditioning is of this bullshit. Can you review "The Little Mermaid" next please? Xoxox

  • Lovergirl 2015-12-17 08:13:15

    Yes and notice how blissfully unaware Peter is of the cruelty of the women towards one another. Sounds like real life! The message little girls are getting too is to feel sympathy for poor Wendy and try to be the virginal madonna because all the other females in the story are bad. Almost all fairy tales have disturbingly adult messages if you pay attention.

  • Blackdragon 2015-12-17 10:16:50

    It supports the characterization of women often used in literature and film as the Madonna v. Whore complex and how a woman has to subscribe to one of the polarities and to never outwardly assert her sexuality.
    Can you review “The Little Mermaid” next please?
    Um, fuck no. I've never even seen that movie and I'm pretty sure I'd kill myself if I did. I'm pushing the evneople here talking about Peter Pan. Plus Little Mermaid is post-political correctness, so I'm not interested even if I was curious about that movie (which I'm not).
    Almost all fairy tales have disturbingly adult messages if you pay attention.
    They do. It's pretty funny.

  • maldek 2015-12-17 10:22:29

    Interesting. Even back then at the dawn of the 20th century little boys had to be tricked into the "Wendy" type. Today the plain educated feminists are sold to men as the prize. Same old story. But then there is light at the end of the tunnel. The wise man will make sure his kids understand it the right way. Wendy sux. Tinkerbell and mairmaids, thats where all the fun is. The much bigger number of fools, who cant see the truth in front of their very eyes will go chase Wendy and worship her. Let them, they dont deserve any better.

  • Lovergirl 2015-12-17 10:53:11

    The original little mermaid story was written long ago but yeah the Disney version was made in the 90's. Its one of my favorites. Ive seen feminist commentary that its teaching girls to change themselves for a man (she had to get legs to win him over the other woman) and also that its desirable for a woman to just keep her mouth shut (she had to lose her voice to get legs). Speaking of older movies though- watch Pinocchio or Dumbo sometime... sheesh, its like was this seriously made for kids?

  • Bulma78 2015-12-17 12:37:53

    Um, fuck no. I’ve never even seen that movie and I’m pretty sure I’d kill myself if I did.
    Lol!!!  I knew BD was going to say something like that after I read that first comment!

  • JoshuaTenor 2015-12-17 15:11:48

    Hey BD, nice analysis. I really enjoyed reading this. It almost makes me want to go back and see the film. The differences from todays films are glaring.

  • Jack Outside the Box 2015-12-17 15:50:30

    This was great, BD! I never thought about Peter Pan in this way, but it's spot on! For me though, the most disturbing Disney movie is, and always will be, Beauty and the Beast. She's in an abusive relationship, not allowed to leave the castle, is constantly yelled at, her boyfriend is breaking things in front of her, and so on. But she decides to stay with the abusive asshole because "I can change him." And with the power of her love and caring, she changes him and makes him love her! Isn't this the same thinking that women in battered women's shelters have? Meanwhile, Geston, the other alpha 1.0 of that story wants only the virgin prude (the main character), while all the sexually open minded women are throwing themselves at him even as he rejects them all. These same sexually open minded women call the female main character "crazy" for not fucking Geston. The movie ends with the abusive alpha 1.0 (the beast) fighting the non-abusive alpha 1.0 (Geston). Now Geston has never actually abused her, but she wants the one who did abuse her because "I can change him." In the end, the abusive alpha 1.0 wins, gets turned into a handsome prince, and puts away his abusive ways because he was changed by the power of love! After the ending credits, five years later, Belle is in a battered women's shelter and is fighting in family court for sole custody of the kids! .....................Or, they agree upon a BDSM "Fifty Shades of Grey" lifestyle........

    Um, fuck no. I’ve never even seen that movie and I’m pretty sure I’d kill myself if I did. I’m pushing the evneople here talking about Peter Pan.
    The Little Mermaid is NOT a politically correct story. In addition to Ariel losing her personality (represented by her voice) in exchange for a hot pair of legs (representing a sex drive), the story is filled with slut shaming adult themes. Ariel's father is an alpha 1.0 who wants her to stay away from hot guys and be a virgin. The hot guy she falls in love with is a typical beta male provider who her biological mother wants to fuck. Yes people, the "sea witch" is Ariel's biological mother. That's not explicitly mentioned in the story, but it is strongly implied. King Triton (Ariel's father) is ashamed of this, so he tells Ariel that her mother is dead. But when he and the sea witch meet face to face, you can tell he is ashamed when she says sarcastically, "Ha ha, well King Triton, how are you? It's been a while." You KNOW those two had a drunken hook up which produced Ariel, and because he's the king, he banished the witch (read: evil "slut")  and got sole custody of Ariel. Now, the bio-mom wants revenge by fucking the beta male her own daughter is in love with, because "sluts are evil(tm)," so she tries turning her daughter into a sexually open minded woman by giving her "legs," but tells her that open minded women shouldn't have personalities (voices), because "sluts are stupid(tm)." When this plan works too well (because the prince is needier than the witch thought, even though the witch's original plan was just to humiliate her daughter), mommy gets jealous and tries to fuck the beta prince herself, but Ariel's baby daddy and the witch's one time drunken hook up kills her and then allows his daughter to be with the beta by giving her permission to have legs (sex) and the voice (personality) because the beta prince is a decent provider who won't corrupt his daughter! Whew! Basically these Disney stories are all the same. Madonna/whore, virgin prudes = good and sexually open minded women = evil. And don't even get me started about Sleeping Beauty being raised by three lesbians (fairies). When I have kids, I will never allow them to watch Disney! Ever! This goes double if I have a daughter!  

  • ETA 2015-12-17 17:54:36

    I'm originally from Albania and I confirm the nature of Mediterranean Marriages. The down side for a woman to be in that kind of marriage is that she's not seen as a sexual creature. The upside is that she has a very consolidated role in family and society. The motherly figure that the woman takes is highly respected. Unlike the beta fathers in the west who get divorced, and deprived of their kids and earnings and made fun of. From a few opinions I've got from Americans, Albania is like America in the 50... But please don't go there hunting for wives, we barely have for ourselves. Another thing I'd like to point out, is that when I first moved to the US and was trying to make sense of the culture, I heard the terms Alpha and Beta for the first time... For a while it didnt make sense to me why some men would be alpha and some beta, because of my cultural upbringing just calling someone a Man, it was implied that he was Alpha. Now I understood some are more elite Men, but more like Alpha of Alphas, not Alpha among Betas.

  • Blackdragon 2015-12-17 22:27:02

    The Little Mermaid is NOT a politically correct story.
    Whatever. I'm still not watching the fuckin thing.
    And don’t even get me started about Sleeping Beauty being raised by three lesbians (fairies).
    Yeah. My next Alpha Male Fairy Tale will be Sleeping Beauty.
    I’m originally from Albania and I confirm the nature of Mediterranean Marriages.
    Absolutely. It's the norm in your region. (Sadly.) I know or have worked with many guys in Eastern or Southern Europe (and S. America too) and I've seen these marriages first hand. If I had to put up with drama like that on a regular basis I'd kill myself, but A) I have an extremely low drama tolerance and B) I was raised in a lower-drama culture.
    The down side for a woman to be in that kind of marriage is that she’s not seen as a sexual creature. The upside is that she has a very consolidated role in family and society.
    Spot on. Exactly correct.
    Another thing I’d like to point out, is that when I first moved to the US and was trying to make sense of the culture, I heard the terms Alpha and Beta for the first time
    Correct, the concepts of "Alpha" and "beta" more apply to Western, first-world countries. In less developed countries, men don't really have the option of being a pure "beta." At least some Alphaness is required as a baseline. It's what many manosphere guys in the West "miss" about Western culture.

  • POB 2015-12-18 06:59:31

    You know what? Games are way ahead of movies these days. They have better plots, way more interesting characters and overall a better "message". Take Geralt of The Witcher series for example. I know the saga is based on books, but he's clearly a MGTOW. The guy is a sword for hire (no "regular" job, just a "consultant" at killing beasts), fucks tons of beautiful women (but don't compromise to any of them, always keeping his options opened) and has the most overall freedom of any character in the series! The only downside is that he cannot have kids. Well, I guess it would push it too far to have that kind of "player" fathering babies on a popular videogame. Even so, he's pictured as an excellent dad figure to his stepdaughter.

  • Jack Outside the Box 2015-12-19 08:55:18

    Whatever. I’m still not watching the fuckin thing.
    Ow, that sucks! And here I was hoping for a new Blackdragon series - "Disney Movies from a Red Pill Perspective!" It would have been enlightening. You sure you can't be bribed?

  • Lovergirl 2015-12-19 10:35:47

    Jack Outside the Box- Lol at the idealism of people who have never been parents....good luck NEVER allowing your daughter to see a Disney movie.  You'll have to lock her up in a tower somewhere like Rapunzel.  😉

  • Blackdragon 2015-12-19 11:12:51

    Games are way ahead of movies these days.
    It would be more accurate to say that games are not as affected by political correctness yet, but this is changing too. Right now I'm playing the third Dragon Age game, Dragon Age Inquisition, and holy shit, you would not believe the left-wing PC crap all over this game. EVERY female character is a Strong Independent Woman. Almost all the women in the game look like butch men. All the actual sex scenes from prior installments have been removed (there are nude scenes, but no sex scenes any more). Every other main character is gay, including the men (seriously). I could go on but trust me, it's really blatant. In the long run, Gamergate will not be a victory, just another unusual blip on the way to collapse.
    You sure you can’t be bribed?
    Of course I can. Mail me a check for $10,000 and I get right on it.
    Lol at the idealism of people who have never been parents….good luck NEVER allowing your daughter to see a Disney movie.  You’ll have to lock her up in a tower somewhere like Rapunzel.
    True and I thought the same. If he ever has kids, he'll find out.

  • POB 2015-12-21 04:56:56

    It would be more accurate to say that games are not as affected by political correctness yet, but this is changing too.
    Yeah, I guess you're right. Even Geralt has to deal with piles of drama from one of the main female characters of The Witcher (although they give you the choice of completely blowing her off and continue to fuck other girls!).

  • Han 2016-02-05 22:53:41

    Can you please review the movie "Eyes Wide Shut"? I'd love to get your take on it.

  • Dale 2019-06-14 15:38:54

    The movie was based on the play, in which Peter has always been played by adult women. J. M. Barrie wrote two books after the play succeeded, Peter Pan, a prequel, and Peter and Wendy, which is close to the play, except that after Peter and the Lost Boys take over the pirate ship, Peter is described as becoming like Captain Hook. In the first book, we learn about Peter's rejection by his mother