Brexit – The UK Leaving the EU? (Let’s hope so)

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Brexit – The UK Leaving the EU? (Let’s hope so)

-By Caleb Jones

On June 23rd, our British brothers will be voting on whether or not to leave the EU. Obviously, they should. As I’ve been saying for 15 years, the EU is a corrupt, fascist, elitist boondoggle that enriches a handful of elites at the expense of everyone else. Here’s why...

The UK sends the EU £350 million a week (!!!). What do UK citizens get for this? (source)

1. The EU pays organizations (using taxpayer money) to call for the EU to be given more power.

2. Members of the EU parliament make 740% more than the average EU citizen, and get things like free haircuts and 52 gallons of gas a month, as well as private malls just for them where normal citizens aren’t allowed to shop.

3. Every time citizens of EU countries vote down EU treaties, the EU either makes them vote again or simply ignores the vote and proceeds anyway. If the EU were a country applying to join itself, it would be rejected on the grounds of being insufficiently democratic.

4. Southern EU countries are waving in millions of third-world immigrants knowing that these people will simply go north to the wealthier nations with larger welfare states (Germany, Sweden, the UK, etc.).

5. The EU has destroyed England’s fishing industry in many areas, because of EU laws restricting the British from fishing in their own waters (and often giving fishing rights to other EU nations).

6. Non-EU nations like Switzerland, Iceland, Guernsey, and others are experiencing strangely good economic conditions as compared to EU nations, like high GDP, low unemployment, high standard of living, and low crime. Hmmmm. Yet these nations still benefit from the EU since they can still trade with them. (I know this might be a shock to many, but you can still trade with the EU if you’re not living in a EU member nation. I make a lot of money selling to individuals and companies in the EU, and last time I checked the United States wasn’t a member of the EU.)

7. Since the late 1980s, every time the UK voted against a EU legislative proposal, the UK lost the vote. 70 times. What a great deal for the UK! Is the UK exerting influence over the EU, or the other way around?

How Obvious is This?

Clearly the UK needs to leave the EU. The problem is, we’re talking about Europeans here, and Europeans are suicidal. Recent polls show that the EU gets a shocking 51% approval rating in the UK, and 70% of the UK think it would be a “bad thing” if the UK left the EU. Looks like the elites will win this one once again (but you never know; polls can be odd things.)

To my European brothers, dammit, look....I love you guys. I’m going to be in London and Rome this October and I can’t wait. But most of you are so addicted the concept of government-worship that I doubt this vote to leave the EU will pass, even though it’s so blatantly obvious that it should.

In an upcoming post I will demonstrate the economics of the EU, and how it’s really a scheme the elites cooked up to force money from richer, harder-working European nations (like Germany) to poorer, lazier nations (coughGreececough), while the elites take their cut off the top.

The counterargument to leaving the EU is that there may be a recession. This is likely true, a temporary one while the economy adjusts. Going off heroin is a painful process, but once you get over withdraws, you live a happy and productive life. The UK, after a possibly brief painful period, will experience an economic boom just like the other non-EU European nations currently are.

Edit/Update: Since first writing this blog post, the elites in the UK have attempted to shift the focus of this issue to a individual psycho who was (likely) on psychotropic drugs who shot someone with a handgun (Wait a minute! I thought handguns were illegal in the UK? You mean guns laws don't work???) while allegedly shouting pro-Brexit stuff during the murder. Regardless of the details of this case, it has absolutely, positively, nothing whatsoever to do with the issue of Brexit. It has to do with psychos and psychotropic drugs causing gun crime. And I'll say it again: handguns are illegal in the UK. Explain to me how those gun laws work again? Oh, and he stabbed his victim too. How are knives controlled under gun laws again?

By the way, if you're a leftist and think big government should take care of the mentally ill like this murderer, UK taxpayers paid out £674 million in 2014-15 for mental health services to the EU. The UK only got £50 million of that back. Yeah. What a great deal you Brits are getting from being a part of the EU!

Will they vote to leave the EU like they should? The fact that I have to say, "I doubt it," or even "I don't know" shows you how bad things are in Europe.

As I’ve explained before, if you live in an EU country and you value your future happiness, you need to make plans to move somewhere else. Europe’s future is very dark. (And coming from a guy who lives in the USA, that's saying something.)

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This article was originally published on June 20, 2016


  • blarg 2016-06-20 07:09:27

    I'll be honest, I never heard of EU parliamentarians havong their own malls. Where did you read about this?

  • Caleb Jones 2016-06-20 09:52:07

    The video I linked in the article as the source. Click it.

  • Jeff Caffrey 2016-06-20 13:06:19

    The collective population of the EU may be the ONLY western population even more throughly manipulated and brainwashed than Americans. Then again, I suppose Russia counts as "western." I wish public schools taught propaganda techniques because for anyone who knows anything about propaganda, they see western governments using every play in the book recently.

  • Caleb Jones 2016-06-20 14:34:07

    The collective population of the EU may be the ONLY western population even more throughly manipulated and brainwashed than Americans.
    Sadly, I agree. And since Europe has a much more deep and magnificent history than America, it's even more tragic, at least in my opinion.

  • Nick Holden 2016-06-21 03:48:20

    Come on now Caleb, that video can hardly be called a source. It states one time that they have private malls but where is the proof of this? The guy also states that Berlusconi lost office because he opposed the EU? Erm I think there was a little more to it. Doesn't exactly give the video a whole lot of credibility from a fact standpoint.

  • Sparks 2016-06-21 08:37:32

    I live in the UK and the pro-Remain propaganda coming out recently has been sickening. They've warned of everything apart from a plague of locusts will occur if the UK leaves the EU. The people here are brainwashed and equate voting leave with being racist. I will be voting to leave this shambles on Thursday but I fear the result will be a 55-60% vote in favour of staying. The EU will start to break up anyway over the coming years I reckon. Caleb your point about the EU fishing rules is bang on, other countries are permitted to fish in UK waters. This includes landlocked countries that don't have a coastline themselves. Utter madness.

  • Caleb Jones 2016-06-21 11:34:37

    Come on now Caleb, that video can hardly be called a source.
    You could say that about any source, including mainstream ones. I know this because often when men don't like a point I'm making, they attack the source so they don't have to address my point, even when the source is mainstream. Lets say this guy with over 400,000 YouTube followers in a video full of stats, numbers, and clips from other videos is completely making up this mall thing. He's just pulling it out of his ass and hoping no one finds out or calls him out on it. (Haha) Let's also say he's skewing the Berlusconi thing. Hell, let's say that 25% of everything he said in that video is complete bullshit he made up. Does that suddenly mean the UK isn't getting screwed by staying in the EU?
    I will be voting to leave this shambles on Thursday but I fear the result will be a 55-60% vote in favour of staying.
    I think you're right. Europeans are too addicted to collectivism at this point. I really wish they weren't.
    Caleb your point about the EU fishing rules is bang on, other countries are permitted to fish in UK waters. This includes landlocked countries that don’t have a coastline themselves. Utter madness.
    Yep. And it will keep getting worse.

  • Fraser Orr 2016-06-21 12:07:13

    @Sparks > The EU will start to break up anyway over the coming years I reckon. This is my view. I am also originally British and I actually don't have a strong view on this referendum. Margret Thatcher was one of the few politicians that I hold in any esteem. She really tried to stop the insidiousness of the EU (or EEC as it was then.) And I suppose she can be given credit that the UK didn't enter the Eurozone. However, that was about the last time it really mattered. Today, were the UK to exit the EU would it make any difference? Not really. The British people, despite all the "land of hope and glory" going on really don't have views much less socialist than the broad consensus in Europe. British elections are only marginally more representative of people's views (not that I think democracy is such a great thing anyway.) Here is the one scenario where I think it might matter though. One last sliver of light. If Britex did happen there is a fair chance that Nicola Sturgeon (First Minister for Scotland) would bring about a new Scottish independence referendum, and it would probably have a good chance to succeed. If that were to happen and Scotland would gain independence, perhaps within the EU, Scotland would quickly whither away to be Greece, without the nice beaches. However, there are consequences also in England/Wales/NI. Specifically, the loathsome Cameron would have to go, and, without Scotland, British politics would move significantly to the right. This is especially so with the Labour party's suicidal election of Corbyn as their leader (he is a red flag carrying marxist.) That leap to the right, where all right wing politics are very much moderated by PC meaning their silly social agendas are way too hard to pass, means that Britain, sans Scotland, might have a chance at reform. Who knows. Even in this scenario they would have two angry ex wives to deal with, and we all know what happens when that kind of crazy messes with your life.

  • borgcollective 2016-06-22 20:08:12

    From what I've read, the Brexit doesn't even mean anything. When it comes to leaving the EU, Parliament has the power to do this. This referendum is merely a strong suggestion (which will likely be overruled.) Seems like a ton of horseshit from the start to me...

  • Nick Holden 2016-06-23 05:58:56

    I'm not even disliking the point you're making, I myself believe that the UK would be better off with an exit. I just think it's weak when you can't build your argument without turning to such bullshit tactics. Isn't it ironic how the guy from the video calls out the opposition for lying with their fear campaigns and here he is doing basically the same thing. I think you yourself have multiple times called out the "mainstream" for not telling the truth, but for you it's somehow okay to use bad sources like everyone else (according to you) does?

  • Caleb Jones 2016-06-23 09:56:08

    You are a blazing nitpicker. That's why you can't answer the simple question I asked you in my last comment.

  • Nick Holden 2016-06-23 12:38:47

    So if you think that you have argued your case oh so wonderfully why even include those useless points in your post? I think you're portraying a lot of arrogance at the moment.

  • Caleb Jones 2016-06-23 14:11:29

    Yeah, I'm arrogant and you're a nitpicker. Deal.

  • Brexit 2016-06-24 05:22:31

    OMFG CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? The Brits actually did it, they voted to LEAVE!!!!!

  • 2017-02-15 08:50:35

    The biggest problem I had with the bail out was that we gave money to failed banks to turn around and loan money at high interest rates to the citizens to run business. TOO BIG TO FAIL, TOO BIG TO EXIST!