Bill O’Reilly Harassment

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Bill O’Reilly Harassment

-By Caleb Jones

I normally don’t like analyzing current events like this, but today’s an exception. I find this entire Bill O’Reilly thing hugely fascinating and I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

For those of you outside the US or who don’t follow the news, it recently came out that a conservative, nationally-known political commentator on Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, has been sexually harassing women in pretty aggressive ways, and has been doing so for many years. Both he and Fox News have had to pay out $19 million in settlements to numerous women. There was also recorded audio of him doing this stuff back in 2004. Mostly he’s been guilty of hitting on women at his work with the promise of jobs and/or career advancement if these women put out.

Now Bill’s in deep shit. Fox News has lost millions because advertisers are pulling out, and at it now appears that Bill has been fired. (Though frankly, because he's one of the elites, he'll be just fine no matter what happens. The law doesn't apply to the elites, and I'm sure he'll get millions upon millions dollars as an exit prize.)

Now erase all that. Let’s get to the interesting part.

Let me ask you a hypothetical question that I already know the answer to. Think very carefully before you answer, and I’ll tell you the correct answer in a minute.

Ready? Okay. If you were physically unattractive, but were nationally famous and worth millions upon millions of dollars, would you have any trouble getting laid with at least reasonably hot chicks? Even without paying hookers?

Think about it.

Got your answer? Okay.

The correct answer is no, you would not have trouble getting laid with reasonably hot chicks if you were that rich and famous, even if you were old and/or ugly. Trust me on this. I’ve met two or three men like this, and I know several people who personally know or work with men like this. Believe me, these ugly/old/gross but rich and famous men have NO problem getting laid at all, and with hot or reasonably hot chicks.

They don’t need to pay hookers either. I said they don’t need to. They can pay hookers, and some of them do “for fun” or if they have a preference for hookers. My bro Charlie Sheen bangs hookers all the time, but only because he likes to, not because he needs to. In other words, hookers is an option for these men, but they don’t need them.

I could give you some real-life examples of men I’ve personally met over the last few years, but since I'm at least a semi-public figure, I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. So instead, I’ll give you a very dated and somewhat hypothetical example.

Back in the 90’s, I briefly worked with Danny DeVito and his staff. He was married at the time and I have no evidence that he ever cheated. Regardless, I can tell you for a 100% fact that Danny could have had hot chicks lined up outside of his house ready to fuck him, despite the fact he was the negative trifecta: short, fat, and ugly. He was confident, funny, world-famous, and ridiculously wealthy. (He made tens of millions of dollars on the movie Twins alone.) I would bet $10,000 of my own money that if he wanted to go out and bang some hottie, he could have done so, and without paying her.

That brings us to poor Bill O’Reilly. As I kept hearing about all these crazy stories of him hitting on numerous women at his work, (allegedly) offering them jobs, then (allegedly) refusing them jobs when they didn’t put out, (allegedly) calling them on the phone while masturbating, (allegedly) giving them all kinds of dirty talk when they clearly weren’t interested... I mean, what the fuck was he thinking?

Dude, you’re Bill O’Reilly. You’re world famous and worth almost $100 million. If you want to get laid, you could snap your fingers and do so, even without paying hookers. (Though paying hookers is certainly an option for Bill as well, however I understand how some men, myself included, can view having sex with prostitutes as a little nasty.)

Why the hell are you harassing women at work, which is the most dangerous place to pick up chicks? Didn’t you know this crap would come back to bite you in the ass? This isn’t 1952 anymore, dude! You can't get away with this stuff these days, at least not if you do it a lot, repeatedly, with many different women.

Why the hell are you using the most uncalibrated approaches I’ve ever seen? You’re Bill O’Reilly. You’re a wealthy, famous, confident Alpha. Even if you look old or whatever, you can just go to a party and pretty much have your pick of the room (at least among the women who aren't hardcore left-wingers). Why do you even bother with offering women at work career advancement? You don’t need to do that!

That’s what I was thinking as I kept reading and hearing these stories. Why would a rich, powerful, confident, famous man bother with begging women for sex at work using carrot-and-stick methods reserved for five year olds? I get some loser with no money and no fame doing this, but a rich and famous celebrity like Bill O’Reilly? WTF?

It makes no sense. O’Reilly must have some kind of huge mental block about this. Below are my theories as to why I think he voluntarily, and for no reason, took the most difficult and dangerous route to get sex I can think of. Feel free to add to my list in the comments if you have a theory I didn’t come up with.

Theory 1: He’s an old-school guy who was brought up in the era where that’s simply what powerful men did; offer career advancement in exchange for sex. That’s why Roger Ailes did it, and it looks like Bill Cosby was guilty of some of this too. O’Reilly is nine years younger than Ailes, but he’s probably close enough in generations where doing this seemed “normal” to him.

Theory 2: O’Reilly saw tons of other guys in the news industry do this, and he was simply a victim of group think. He grew up in his career thinking it was somehow “easier” to harass female coworkers than to find easy sex outside of the office. I’ve heard the theory that since Bill didn’t achieve super-success until later in life, he didn’t have a lot of experience in terms of calibration for women until it was too late. I guess that’s possible.

Theory 3: This method actually worked, and we’re just hearing about the five or six women it didn’t work on, when perhaps there’s another five or six (or ten or twenty!) women where this shit worked and Bill did indeed get laid. Perhaps Bill has banged women all over Fox News, and those women are now terrified to admit it based on what’s going on now (as well as putting their own current careers and/or marriages in jeopardy).

Theory 4: It simply never occurred to him. Perhaps O’Reilly has been such an insular workaholic (that appears to be his personality, based on his divorce and other things from his personal life) that it simply never occurred to him that, “Hey, I’m rich and famous! I could go get some serious pussy every weekend anytime I want it!” The only women within his life circle were those at work; to him, there were no other women. I find it hard to believe this theory is accurate, but I admit it’s possible, since I’ve met men in the business world with very narrow tunnel-vision like this.

Theory 5: He is so hyper-arrogant that he thinks he can do whatever he wants and never get caught. This seems to be the most popular theory, though it’s not exactly an objective one, since this is the theory usually trotted about by people who hated Bill O’Reilly in the first place. However, I have to admit it’s certainly possible. Regardless, it doesn’t explain why he didn’t focus on any women outside of the workplace.

Theory 6: He has been banging women outside of the workplace and in the workplace, and we’re just hearing the ones in the workplace that didn’t work out. Maybe my entire premise is wrong, and Bill has been a super-player this entire time, quietly getting laid left and right, both inside and outside of his work. It’s possible, though not likely.

Theory 7: He has some kind of mild personality disorder, where whenever he works with a hot chick, he gets overwhelmingly horny and just can’t control himself, even if he logically knows it will get him in big trouble. I’ve met a few men like this, so it’s possible.

Theory 8: He has a co-worker fetish. This is the simplest explanation. Most of us have at least one or two weird turn-on’s. (I like really short women.) Maybe Bill’s fetish/fantasy is banging women he works with. Maybe sex with a non-co-worker is not sexually exciting to him at all.

Anyway, I could speculate forever. I just think it’s really amazing how some men go out of their way to pursue sex in the most difficult and/or dangerous ways possible, when there are so many other easier, safer, cleaner avenues to get to sex.

What a crazy world we live in.

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This article was originally published on April 20, 2017
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  • DM 2017-04-20 05:11:03

    Perhaps Bill pissed off the wrong person, was targeted for character assassination and it's all (for the most part) fake news.

  • Calvinator 2017-04-20 05:16:59

    Theory 9: This was a "hit" by the younger Murdochs, to remove O'Reilly from FOX. Actually I think it may be a little of everything you laid out. But to my eyes it's clearly a smear campaign. Dogpile on O'Reilly.

  • Onder 2017-04-20 05:20:57

    Being Rich and Famous has it's own problems. Especially if you started with nothing, experienced what it's like to get girls and how hard it was and for it to eventually get easier once you're at a better place in life. It leads to massive self-esteem problems because you realise that it isn't you they're interested in, but the status and money. Conversely, you become more cautious because you won't know whether a girl's with you genuinely or because she wants to increase her own public spotlight and status through false allegations. Either way, what this guy did makes no difference. If a girl has an agenda to get you to increase her own status and public image, she will. The real problem is gynocentrism.  

  • AwareManNYC 2017-04-20 05:32:39

    There is too much smoke for O'Reilly not to have engaged in bad behavior. Fox paid because the women had a case. To resort to a power relationship instead of just using his assets to attract women is probably a sign that at some level he must have had a really low self-image as an attractive man.  It's not clear what the exact pathology is, but as BD points out, something is wrong with the guy. That said, I would prefer that he defend himself vigorously and get all the evidence out there. If he does that from here on out, we can all judge if he was badly treated or if he did bad things.

  • Mike 2017-04-20 06:01:09

    Theory #10: Human beings tend to want what they CAN'T have. Women wanting a "bad boy" who is unpredictable, indifferent, yet exciting, etc. instead of a "nice, boring guy" = the exact same principle. Grass is greener on the OTHER side. When selfishness, self-centeredness, and lust are the driving force, all rational thinking about consequences tend to be pushed aside.

  • doclove 2017-04-20 06:14:16

    Theory Number 9 as DM and Calvinator said above is the most likely possibility in my opinion. Notice how some man who is viewed as liberal is less likely to get hit with this crap than some one who is viewed as conservative. Theory Number 10 is that women can get away with this and most people when they have options have a tendency to use them as a friend of mine once said as he was responding to what I said that just because you have a right to do something does not mean you should do it. Most men do not understand that just because you have a right to do something does not mean you should do it and a higher percentage of women are worse in this regard. Another friend said that most people think having a right to do something is a strong ringing endorsement even when it isn't and the opposite is true. Like Onder said above many women will do this just to increase their status and public image. I say many more women will do it for revenge either for real or imaginary reasons. Yes, I know most men are like this too but a lower percentage of men are than women. Playing the victim can increase a woman's status and most likely will in today's Western culture. It can be used by women to say see how many powerful, rich and famous men want me. Men are also treated as second class citizens in this Western gynocracy or VIM, Vicious Idiot Matriarchy by comparison to women despite the protests from our ruling elite and their useful idiot leftists and feminists saying that women are treated like second class citizens in the patriarchy. Theory Number 11. Put men around women especially women men regard as pretty and men have the instinct to try and have sex with them sometimes realizing what they, men, say and do and sometimes not. Fox News has a lot of pretty women.

  • TShandy 2017-04-20 06:20:06

    Theory #11: He has a power-to-bully-and-coerce fetish, and that's why he likes putting women in such a position. Within that spectrum--and we have no idea where he stands--he may prefer it when they end up loving it, or he may prefer when they end up not loving it. There's ample evidence from his interview style that he loves being the bully. [This would be the feminist theory-of-choice, I know and I apologize. But I think it's correct in this case.]

  • Seppuku 2017-04-20 06:42:41

    Another theory. How about that? He started doing this many years ago when he was not famous yet, and couldn't count on fame alone to get laid. It became his "normal" way to get sex. He got used to this way of doing, and continued to use it to the present day out of habit. Poor guy.

  • Tony 2017-04-20 06:44:51

    I'd say it's a combination of 3 and 5 with sprinkles of the rest. He likely wouldn't keep doing it for so long if it didn't work occasionally (unless he just enjoyed the harassment in itself), but he had also gotten away with it before so it made him more confident it wouldn't catch up with him. For some reason this reminded me of a local sex scandal, where a politician was caught hitting on one of his interns. It wasn't harassment in this case, but he did end up resigning. But to me it was the saddest sex scandal I'd seen, because these texts that he had sent were just so pathetic. It's not like he was a senator or anything, but he still represented over 100,000 people, yet he was asking this 19-year-old stuff like "Do you like me?" and "Can we still be friends?" like he was some high school kid.

  • Kurt 2017-04-20 06:53:35

    I'm on the side that views this more as some sort of power and control psychopathy than purely sex-driven.

  • Capitalist 2017-04-20 07:40:44

    He wants what he can't have. It's the challenge of those women in particular that makes him want them so bad.

  • Ash 2017-04-20 08:31:28

    I just assumed he's horny geezer who power trips over what he can get away with despite his obvious flaws of being older and not very attractive. I just assumed any woman who engaged with him has just got dollar signs in her eyes and looking for an easy way up the ladder.   However, Capitalist has a good point as well. He wants what he can't have.

  • Shubert 2017-04-20 10:23:10

    Jeez, who did he piss off so badly?

  • anon1 2017-04-20 10:29:10

    Bill O'Reilly, Alex Jones, Rudy Giuliani, it looks like so many high profile people on the right are either getting divorced nowadays or they're cheating on their wives.  So much for the "family values" they promote. Give it 10 years and I'm sure you'll hear about how Tucker Carlson cheated on his wife, or that Ben Shapiro is getting divorced.  America is slowly seeing that no matter how successful or conservative that you are, you still will experience the failings of monogamy.

  • hilsey 2017-04-20 10:31:00

    I'm in the forbidden fruit + power-control camp with a bit of smear campaign. I agree that it's not purely sex-driven. With some of these rich and powerful types, they not only want who throws themselves at them (power) but who strongly resists them (control). You can ask the same of these elites who engage in illegal sex rings. Why? You're rich and powerful. There are easier, more legal ways. He'd reply, Um it's *because* I'm rich and powerful and can get away with it. Go away, law-abiding peon. I don't think it's that extreme with O'Reilly. He just went for what's near--willing and unwilling coworkers.

  • Kurt 2017-04-20 10:32:45

    despite his obvious flaws of being older and not very attractive. I just assumed any woman who engaged with him has just got dollar signs in her eyes and looking for an easy way up the ladder.
    I think it would be a mistake to categorize him as 'unattractive'. While he may disgust plenty of women, his position of celebrity and authority, combined with a bullying, domineering personality is catnip for a lot of women, especially very submissive women or women who have serious domination needs (the kinds that can't even get turned on or sexual unless they are being dominated in a very aggressive way). They will be attracted to him and be drawn to him even though they know full well he will abuse them mentally and/or physically. I'm sure every time he starts beating up on a guest or has one of his AM 1.0 outbursts there are plenty of pussies out there getting all soaking wet for the guy. I think there is a good evo-psych foundation for this; guys exhibiting this sort of personality tend to gain and maintain social dominance if they are smart enough, unless a more powerful alpha kills them off before they have a chance to gain power or they are too mentally unstable to keep it together (happens a lot with these types). Therefore they are a reasonably desirable source of successful genetic material. The dictator archetype.

  • Blackdragon 2017-04-20 12:40:54

    Perhaps Bill pissed off the wrong person, was targeted for character assassination and it’s all (for the most part) fake news.
    Theory 9: This was a “hit” by the younger Murdochs, to remove O’Reilly from FOX.
    Theory Number 9 as DM and Calvinator said above is the most likely possibility in my opinion.
    You guys are focused on the wrong topic. You're focused on why he got fired. I'm focused on why he harassed these women. Of course there was political bias in his removal (Bill Clinton did far worse than Bill O'Reilly and he never got fired), but that isn't what I'm talking about today. That is, unless you think O'Reilly did absolutely none of what he's accused of, but shit, really? I don't believe that for a minute. As AwareMan said,
    There is too much smoke for O’Reilly not to have engaged in bad behavior.
    Precisely. I said the same thing about Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Tiger Woods, etc, etc.
    He wants what he can’t have. It’s the challenge of those women in particular that makes him want them so bad.
    Good point. Very possible.
    Bill O’Reilly, Alex Jones, Rudy Giuliani, it looks like so many high profile people on the right are either getting divorced nowadays or they’re cheating on their wives.  So much for the “family values” they promote. Give it 10 years and I’m sure you’ll hear about how Tucker Carlson cheated on his wife, or that Ben Shapiro is getting divorced.  America is slowly seeing that no matter how successful or conservative that you are, you still will experience the failings of monogamy.
    Yep. Right-wing Alpha 1.0's are the worst offenders among the monogamy crowd. "I can make monogamy work! Because morals and Jesus and America!" Nope. You're still a human being and so is your wife. You'll cheat and/or get divorced, regardless of Jesus or morals or America or white people. Sorry.
    I think it would be a mistake to categorize him as ‘unattractive’. While he may disgust plenty of women, his position of celebrity and authority, combined with a bullying, domineering personality is catnip for a lot of women
    True. All these left-wingers over the years insulting Bill O'Reilly's appearance just don't get it. He'd be unattractive if he was a typical, non-famous beta male walking down the street, but that's not who he is. One of the key points in the above article is that being traditionally unattractive physically has nothing to do with any of this. Also, frankly, I never never considered Bill O'Reilly an unattractive man, just a guy who aged poorly. For comparison, John Stossel is older than Bill O'Reilly, yet Stossel looks 20 years younger. If you look at videos of Bill from 15-20 yeas ago he looked perfectly fine, and probably attractive to many women.

  • Eddie 2017-04-20 12:47:02

    Damn, BD... you pretty much covered all the possible, possibilities except one. The "God-complex" (that uncontrollable toxic mix of narcissism and arrogance, for which there is no cure). It's the same reason why other powerful men (Presidents, CEOs, etc) and Religious leaders do what they do, rather they be Catholic Priests, Pastors, Preachers (Jim Bakers, Jimmy Swaggerts, etc). They have every reason NOT to do it (families, reputations, health, happiness, peace of mind, etc) and everything to lose (careers, churches, assets, legacy, etc,) yet they still commit these sexual crimes. It's the same reason why Donald Trump can't stop tweeting, even after assuming the most powerful office in the land (isn't it amazing how he himself, not only defends and supports Bill O'Reilly but Roger Ailes, notwithstanding his own history of sexual misconduct). And, we all know (or should know) that sexual dominance (in any form, from harassment to rape) is the ultimate confirmation that you are a god. I'll leave you with a quote we all should be well familiar with... "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."  

  • Jeff 2017-04-20 14:34:17

    Bill has said that he's not a Conservative. I forget what he calls himself. A traditionalist, I guess. But he attacked Conservatives, many times on his show. He pretended like he was better and more objective than either side, on many issues. How many actual Conservatives cheat on their wives? Very few. Most Republican politicians aren't Conservatives, contrary to popular opinion. If you you support gay marriage you are not a Conservative. Rudy Giuliani is not a Conservative. Words mean things. People put false labels on things all over the place without thinking. The bottom line about O'Reilly? His huge ego brought about his downfall. He was and is dumb.

  • Duke 2017-04-20 14:40:12

    “I can make monogamy work! Because morals and Jesus and America!”
    I almost spit out my coffee I was drinking when I read this. Good stuff. It wouldn't surprise me if they actually thought that.

  • Blackdragon 2017-04-20 14:41:02

    Bill has said that he’s not a Conservative.
    Doesn't matter what he says. He is overwhelmingly a conservative with a few leftish opinions on the environment.
    How many actual Conservatives cheat on their wives?
    The vast majority, at least those who have marriages that are 5+ years old.
    Most Republican politicians aren’t Conservatives, contrary to popular opinion.
    Correct. Doesn't matter. Conservative men are still human beings. LONG TERM MONOGAMY DOES NOT WORK. Conservative or non-conservative doesn't matter.

  • johnnybegood 2017-04-20 17:11:24

    It's a combination of 1 (mad men era), 2 (saw others do it), 3 (worked sometimes) and 5 (he was all-powerful and arrogant) --- which are all really flavors of the same thing.   He was head hot-shot there, and a living God back in the day before harassment laws really took root. You hire a secretary based on her tit size and slap that ass for a job well done. No one really informed him otherwise. Like you said, being a rich famous celebrity one, even an ugly one, you'll have plenty of women. Plenty likely did fuck him, particularly in his younger days. The concept that someone wouldn't, when he fucked hotter, and career treats were dangled, mystified and probably enraged him. Like it was a double-slap in the face. A couple decades back, every boy in that ole boys club at Fox was getting their wick wet in company ink and having a noon scotch. He's a dinosaur that is anacronistic in the modern era. He was clearly a bit out of touch (which was great for his ratings and communication with other Old, out-of-touch geezers, he spoke their language quite well). He didn't the memo about not telling your secretary to "unbutton a few buttons" is no longer acceptable corporate policy. And was so powerful, no one wanted to correct Gramps.

  • Jack Outside the Box 2017-04-20 18:05:30

    I normally don’t like analyzing current events like this, but today’s an exception.
    You're the birthday boy! Analyze anything you want. 🙂
    My bro Charlie Sheen bangs hookers all the time,
    Not since being diagnosed as HIV positive:        

  • Blackdragon 2017-04-20 18:22:40

    Not since being diagnosed as HIV positive
    Ha! We're talking about Charlie Sheen! You seriously think he suddenly stopped having all sex with hookers just because he found out he had HIV? No way.

  • Duke 2017-04-20 18:43:33

    You’re the birthday boy! Analyze anything you want.
    BD's birthday is on 4/20? No way. I'll have to spark one up in his honor.

  • Ch 254 2017-04-20 18:54:48

    1) You know how tall Devito is, don't you? Can it be true there were plenty of "hotties" ready to be done by him?

    The law doesn’t apply to the elites
    Well, even being aware of it puts one into a, how to say?, cognitive elite. Theory Mine: the thrill of power. You want it from your underlings, and you want it even (even more?) as you see it's not what they want. Like it is for nearly all "successful people", it works many times, feeding a self-reinforcing cycle.   And, of course for people of his generation understanding the political correctness world doesn't come easy at all. You aren't a power-driven human, BD (those are never individualists: they, unsurprisingly, love "communities" and "groups"; you look like an individualist), nor the type to have to suffer from "successful" humans' power-driveness much (or at all), so it's not easy for you to know to what extent the drive for power rules the minds of "successful" humans.

  • KryptoKate 2017-04-20 18:59:28

    I guarantee the answer is #3. It's not right to use a Hollywood celebrity as an example of a rich ugly guy getting laid. There are literally tens of thousands of young, hot starlets all competing for a tiny handful of paying roles in Hollywood, and they can and will suck ANYONE's dick who is in a position of wealth and influence to get them into the right job. Same goes for young attractive men in Hollywood, trust me they're sucking a lot of dick too. Almost all famous actors nowadays are nepotism cases and some connected person's kid/niece/nephew/grandkid, but for the few who make it out of nowhere, trust me they were sucking some old rich guy's dick. It is interesting to me that this is not common knowledge. Anyway, you can't analogize that outside of Hollywood. NO ONE was going to suck Bill O'Reilly's dick, or Donald Trump's dick, unless they were getting a direct financial benefit. I'm talking actual cash or a ring or a promotion and a good job. NO ONE. You are just wrong wrong wrong about this. These are 70 year old men. With odious personalities. And for all their wealth and power, I have never heard A SINGLE FEMALE from any political influence have any reaction to them but sexual repulsion. Why is it Donald Trump had to import a model from a backwards impoverished former Soviet nation instead of getting one of the thousands of models here who are just as hot to marry him? Because he is personally, and at this age, physically repulsive, and no American model with options would do that. Same goes for O'Reilly. Number 3 is the answer. You guys don't understand how common this is. I have been sexually harrassed (I mean in blatant ways like I had to physically fight them off in an actual forceful physical struggle to not kiss me, more than once) by men who should know better. It is much more common than people think. And I will admit that until it actually happened to me I would not have believed it. Here's why it happens: the boss actually thinks the girl who works for him wants him. In his mind they have a mutual crush. The problem is that people have to laugh at their boss's jokes and smile at them and follow their orders and act like everything they say is brilliant. But when you are a good-looking female behaving in that manner (even though it's how all his employees treat him), some men seem to be unable to stop thinking that it means that the attractive employee wants them. Every guy that harassed me thought I liked them and it was mutual and in zero cases was it anything even remotely close to mutual. And I did nothing to lead them on either, there was no flirting, just simply normal politeness that any boss is due. But some guys just don't get it that a smiling woman is doing it because she has to because she is paid to, not because she wants you to bang her. This is why waitresses and other service industry workers get harassed all the time too, by deluded men who get all excited when the waitress smiles at him. And this is why men even fall in love with strippers and believe the stripper especially likes him too. It seems to be a wiring defect where men simply can't NOT react to an attractive women kissing his ass as if she must love him. And the men who are the worst with this tendency are conservative, especially religious men. Like they are worse by a factor of about 100. I was only ever harassed at work by super conservative, supposedly religious, married guys. Other men, even though I know they thought I was attractive, would have never in a million years thought of acting on that at work. It does not surprise me in the slightest that this all happened at Fox and it's only a surprise it hasn't taken this long to come out. I mean hello, all their anchors are dressed as strippers, wtf did anyone think was going on there? There are lots of women who WILL take the shortcut and just sleep with the boss. Tons of them. Especially in a tight or very competitive job market. Of course they would never admit it but it happens all the time...she goes to the hotel room, she gets the promotion, that's all there is to it and no one never needs to know. Then there's no harassment claim, unless he doesn't follow through with the advancement assistance he implied, in which case she will probably try to punish him. People sleeping their way to the top should be just as much of a problem to other workers when their colleagues are getting unfair non-meritorious advancement this way, it is not just something that effects the woman in question. I guarantee that O'Reilly did get some women this way, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if he slept with some of the women who later sued him.  So I go with theory 3. It's what fits my experience in the work world. Just because they slept with him wouldn't mean that they wouldn't resent him for it and burn with hatred that that's how they had to advance. In fact, none of these women that sued him brought it up until years later after they'd left the company. Very common. Profit off a boss's deluded crush on you for a few years and then later when he no longer has any power over you, then trot out your story. Same with Bill Cosby. Yes, he was taking advantage in that those women didn't really want to sleep with him, they just wanted access to his status and connections. But they all went along with it or didn't complain at the time or go to the cops or tell anyone because they were all hoping to get career advancement and get recommended for a job or introduced to an important casting director or whatever. It was only later when their hopes for an acting/modeling career were truly dead that they brought out their stories. Doesn't mean he wasn't a jerk. Does mean they were all willing to use sex to get ahead. It's a two-way reality that people need to face. Yes, men are willing to exploit their resources to get women who are actually disgusted by them and would never otherwise sleep with them to do so, and yes, women are willing and often DO exploit their sex by getting sexual with men that disgust them in order to get good jobs/get paid/get contacts. Of course, like everything, all the non-good-looking and/or non-rich/connected people act surprised about this. NO ONE would want to know how common this is.

  • Lovergirl 2017-04-20 21:29:15

    Most likely he just gets off on the fact that he has power over these women and can exploit it. I doubt there is much more to it.

  • Lovergirl 2017-04-20 21:35:50

    Kryptokate- that's interesting. You know, I've never really had an issue with men at work. Maybe it's because I just can't bring myself to kiss anyone's ass, boss or not, in that environment. I don't think I give off any vibe that I am or ever would be, remotely interested in any of them, in more than a friendly working relationship.

  • Alejando 2017-04-20 22:03:39

    Crazy stuff!   Happy birthday btw!! Hop you have a great week!

  • Blackdragon 2017-04-21 00:24:35

    BD’s birthday is on 4/20?
    Yep. Too bad I don't smoke weed.
    You know how tall Devito is, don’t you?
    Yes. 4'10".
    Can it be true there were plenty of “hotties” ready to be done by him?
    Yes. Here's proof. Vern Troyer is shorter than Danny at 2'8". Here's video of his current live-in girlfriend: I'd bang her in a second. Here's his girlfriend before that: And girlfriend before that: I don't consider the latter two that hot, but most normal men would. And he's fucked many other women besides these that we'll never see pictures of. You've got to get it through your head that LOOKS DON'T MATTER WHEN YOU'RE SUPER RICH AND FAMOUS.
    You aren’t a power-driven human, BD (those are never individualists: they, unsurprisingly, love “communities” and “groups”; you look like an individualist)
    Correct. I am the antithesis of a man who seeks power. The Alpha Male 2.0 avoids power over others, since that won't make you long-term happy. I'm driven by freedom, money, and sex, in about that order. I have no interest in power or fame (except as leverage to get me more money, of course).
    NO ONE was going to suck Bill O’Reilly’s dick, or Donald Trump’s dick, unless they were getting a direct financial benefit. I’m talking actual cash or a ring or a promotion and a good job. NO ONE. You are just wrong wrong wrong about this.
    I never talked about why these women would fuck O'Reilly, just that they would. I'm sure most if not all the women who would bang him would expect something in return, but that's completely irrelevant to my point. The point is he could easily get laid outside the workplace, without paying for it, if he wanted to. Also remember that we're not talking about Bill right now at age 70, but over the last 20 years, including back when, as I said above, he was decently attractive or at least average looking.
    Happy birthday btw!!

  • Sachmo 2017-04-21 00:35:25

    The most fascinating thing about all of this to me is frankly the timing of it... People have known for YEARS that Bill O'Reilly harassed women at his workplace.  The story about him allegedly calling a woman and masturbating was on his wikipedia page.  I can't imagine that his advertisers weren't aware of this -- these marketing people think very carefully of who they market to and their brand.  It's weird because all of a sudden, one day they suddenly gave a shit about his philandering ways. @kryptokate You are totally wrong about Trump.  I'm no Trump fan, but Ivana was hot back in the day.  Marla Maples was an American model who married him.  If for some reason Melania left him, he would be with another young hot model in no time. @BD & Others It is fascinating why a guy like Bill O'Reilly was so blatantly hitting on women at work / using his position or clout in potentially abusive ways.  I agree completely that a guy in his position should have no problem pulling reasonably hot chicks. I think the news room culture played a role -- it was notorious for men harassing women.  You also have to figure, Bill probably knew that Ailes was doing the same thing except 10x worse. It's kind of like when you are speeding 20 mph over the limit, but someone just in front of you on the highway is 25 over the limit.  He figured if Ailes wasn't getting caught, he was probably ok. I think it did probably work, and there are probably a bunch of women right now too embarrassed to come forward and potentially torch their own marriages / relationships. I also think, Seppuku is probably right that he started doing this years ago when he wasn't very famous yet, and continued doing it by habit. It all just goes to show, that in addition to having your work situation sorted out, you have to get your dating / relationship aspect of life sorted out too.  A massive imbalance in one aspect of your life will come back to bite you in the areas that you are successful.

  • Dionysus 2017-04-21 09:40:47

    It's very simple. O'Reilly has no game. He relied on money and power to get laid, rather than charm and seduction. The path of least resistance. This is why refining and maintaining your game skills is crucial, regardless of your financial/social status, which can change any moment.

  • Blackdragon 2017-04-21 10:33:00

    People have known for YEARS that Bill O’Reilly harassed women at his workplace.  The story about him allegedly calling a woman and masturbating was on his wikipedia page.  I can’t imagine that his advertisers weren’t aware of this — these marketing people think very carefully of who they market to and their brand. It’s weird because all of a sudden, one day they suddenly gave a shit about his philandering ways.
    Other commenters already mentioned this, but the more left-wing sons of Rupert Murdoch were behind this; they're taking power now. Up until now it was just Rupert. Alies gone, O'Reilly gone, Kelly gone, Rupert's sons now calling the shots... in a few years, Fox News will be yet another left-leaning news outlet. As always, the entire Western world continues to move slowly left. The election of Trump won't stop this. Another theory I've heard on the news is that they threatened to release the audio of Bill harassing that chick over the phone back in 2004, and Bill knew that would ruin him, so a deal was cut; bow out gracefully, take your $25 million, and we won't release it. I have no idea if this is true; it's just a theory.
    You are totally wrong about Trump.  I’m no Trump fan, but Ivana was hot back in the day.  Marla Maples was an American model who married him.  If for some reason Melania left him, he would be with another young hot model in no time.

  • Jack Outside the Box 2017-04-21 16:33:13


    They have every reason NOT to do it (families, reputations, health, happiness, peace of mind, etc) and everything to lose (careers, churches, assets, legacy, etc,) yet they still commit these sexual crimes.
    These aren't sexual crimes. Bill O'Reilly never committed a single crime! Sexual harassment is a violation of civil law, not criminal law. You can only be, at worst, sued for it, but you can't be handcuffed and/or imprisoned for it. There are two exceptions: 1. If the sexual harassment involved unwanted physical contact or straight up sexual assault. If it has a physical component to it, then yes, you may be arrested for assault or non-consensual physical contact. 2. If the sexual harassment occurs on the street and the man follows the woman who is trying to walk away, thus turning her into an involuntary "captive audience." This falls under the legal definition of criminal harassment and perhaps even stalking. For this, you may be arrested and prosecuted. But the civil laws against sexual harassment (which pertain only to the workplace and post-high school academia, nowhere else) do not have any criminal prohibitions attached to them at all (assuming there was no physical contact). And outside the workplace and post-high school academia, there are no laws (criminal or civil) against sexual harassment, except the criminal law mentioned above against turning someone into an involuntary captive audience by following them. This is why "cat-calling" is protected speech, as long as the "cat-caller" doesn't actually follow the woman. But if it were in the workplace or in a post-high school educational facility, the cat-caller would be violating civil law, thus leaving him vulnerable to a lawsuit, but still not criminal prosecution of any kind. Note: Civil laws against sexual harassment cover apartment buildings as well, since the apartment building is the landlord's/landlady's workplace and the tenant is his/her customer.
    And, we all know (or should know) that sexual dominance (in any form, from harassment to rape) is the ultimate confirmation that you are a god.
    This is feminist bullshit! There are many versions of sexual dominance that are perfectly consensual and have nothing to do with rape, sexual assault, or sexual harassment. In fact, sexual dominance is the preferred masculine expression of sexuality, and sexual submission belongs to the female. The source of female heterosexuality, in general, is male sexual dominance. Without male sexual dominance, most women wouldn't get turned on, except a few exceptions of sexually dominant women and sexually submissive men. Equality doesn't exist in the literal bedroom. One party is always dominant in bed and the other party is submissive. Let's not degenerate into heterophobic PC thinking!    

  • Drunny 2017-04-21 23:17:26

    just because someone is famous and rich doesnt mean they cant be beta, and this is deep beta behaviour. he's offering these women things because he wants them to give him something; he wants them to run the play. the guy simply has zero game. probably because his persona buries the real Bill's actual desires so deep in bullshit and shame, he has no capacity whatsoever to take a woman by the hand, walk her onto the dancefloor and fucking dance, and keep on dancing. he hates himself too much.

  • Blackdragon 2017-04-22 12:01:27

    just because someone is famous and rich doesnt mean they cant be beta
    Correct. I talked about that in detail when I talked about Brad Pitt here.

  • LibreMax 2017-04-22 13:29:18

    There is a typo in the 'about' page: Enter Your Email For 4 Free Ebooks Plus A Subuscription To A Free Q&A Dating and Business Success Newsletter Subscription not subuscription Sorry that this comment is totally unrelated to this article.

  • Blackdragon 2017-04-22 13:36:37

    Thanks - fixed. (What a weird typo.)

  • Duke Royal Davis 2017-04-22 13:53:17

    The workplace is easily the most dangerous place to hit on women. For a wayward millennial, one call from HR is immediately curative. Not for Bill. Thus O'Reily's problem was not that he did not get it, but that he repeatedly did not get it and there is no reason to believe he will ever get it. Therefore, we are confronted yet again by how intelligence, wealth and power can still be present with a fatal, incurable, willful blindness.

  • johnnybegood 2017-04-25 12:04:49

    Yeah, BD and most men here are right, KryptoKate, you're a bit off the mark.   There are a hundred floozies -- at absolute least -- in their twenties that would bang O'Reilly or Trump right this very instant. (less O'Reilly now that he's out of his show, for now). Hell, a thousand women would do it for the story alone, just to tell their girlfriends. The sitting President? But even before that. Most would do it for fame, fortune, favors, get a bit part on some fucking news or TV show (or the illusion of a shot at one). Does it have everything to do with their fame, fortune, and influence? Yes. Completely. But hell, there are thousands of hookers in the world that will bang for $200, if not $40 in some third-world countries. There are more than enough "models" in LA/ NYC that would bang powerful men pro-bono just to get their hooks in and roll the dice at some sort of "payout." The "delayed payment" for sexual services is actually a very common strategy among some women. Hell, even some hookers in Thailand do that. If they're running the long-con, they don't charge for sexual services for a couple bangs to some IT nerd, then they tell them about "sick family" and bagging one of these morons with "love" is easier than fishing with dynamite. Odds are better than the NE Patriots defeating the London Silly Ninnies.

  • Niteride Mick 2017-04-26 16:01:44

    BD some of these people need a blunt reponse in return ie I had a boss who was a total tosser towards woman We had a works Xmas party Well one of these woman tip a jug of beer over his head priceless to have seen it So maybe some of those woman Bill Riley insulted don't get mad get even cheers

  • mega 2017-05-03 20:37:42

    Yeah, late to the party. Read the original article and some of the comments and then skipped to the end of them. Guess my comment is directed to Blackdragon himself and his false underlying premise. He assumes O'reilly actually did something wrong. And that raises a huge question: WHY ? BD do you have a dick or do you have a Vagina ? Because your original question was correct. Given O'reilly is not a bad looking dude ... maybe old but certainly presentable. And RICH and FAMOUS. He should be able to get sex lots of places and there there are always hookers. So why would he harass anyone ??? Just doesn't make sense. So to me ... I assume the opposite ... whoever is making the accusation ... IS LYING OUT THERE ASS. And if you look at the situation ... it makes sense. If they make the accusations ... what are the ramifications if they are proven false ... NONE. What happens if the accusations succeed ? Well ... perhaps a very nice payday for one. And then if the motivation is political ... taking out another WHITE MALE IN POWER ... so even if you get nothing ... you still win. What happens of the allegations are proven to be false ? NOT AN EFFING THING. Just like accusing a man of rape ... THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES. But its even better for the accusers because they are not likely to even be questions ... A SLAM DUNK WIN. Why ... because of all of the prior accusations ... the media attention ... that fox news bigshots were very concerned about their credibility. New generation taking over and cleaning house, etc. And that's exactly how it play out. O'reilly was fired ... paid a years salary as severance ... which at his age and the millions involved ... actually not to bad. The accusers likely got paid off too (hush money to make it go away). So the LYING CUNTS TRYING TO TAKE DOWN A WHITE MALE ... WON, WON, and WON. And Blackdragon ... assumes O'reilly is mentally ill and is harassing women in the workplace ... when he doesn't need to ... where he has nothing to win and everything to lose ... it kinda makes you go ... what ???? BD ... just not sure how you could ASSUME O'REILLY WAS GUILTY??? Know I'm late to the party ... but would you mind explaining that. Seems like anyone with 1/2 a brain would conclude just the opposite. Thanks

  • mega 2017-05-03 21:23:40

    Oh ... just saw this: "The story about him allegedly calling a woman and masturbating was on his wikipedia page. " You do realize that Wikipedia has been taken over by Feminists, progressives, and SJW's ... right ? They are RE-WRITING HISTORY ... to make it POLITICALLY CORRECT ... ACCORDING TO THEIR AGENDA.  Do you know about this ??? they are publishing LIES and distorting the truth ??? ... because its a well known fact. In fact, its been known for so long and by so many ... that the software behind Wikipedia has been forked and a new instance created ... WHICH ACTUALLY REPRESENTS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. Its called Infogalatic. Its supposed to be what truly happened. And yes ... MEN did most of the important things in history. Not faggots and not women and not trannies and not socialists or communists. White men ... doing hard, important stuff. That's who created history. If you want the truth do not go to wikipedia anymore ... its nothing but lies and bullshit. You want the truth ... go here:

  • Throughfare 2017-05-04 12:38:38

    Concerning prostitutes, Charlie Sheen is famous for saying "I don't pay them for sex, I pay them to leave" And there's something to be said for this. I know some guys in high-pressure careers, earning four figures per hour, who just don't want to spend time on "relationship stuff". For these guys a $1,500 per hour escort is a good deal, compared to what it costs them to have a girl stay overnight, feed her breakfast, & get into work 3 hours later than usual, field her calls & texts . . . and all that. But there's also something about prostitutes that seems to appeal to edge-junkie Sheen. He said this: "Parts of it are soulless and parts of it are nourishing. It’s always a roll of the dice."

  • Evan Wilson 2017-05-19 11:49:59

    I wondered if it was possible some kind of setup for O'Reilly to be able to retire and get a windfall before he stopped working. The reason I think this is possible is that none of the women said or reported anything prior to him having his contract renewed. If they had, they could have probably gotten his contract renewal put on hold or even prevented it. Instead, the reports only start coming out just after he is signed for a new four year contract. Now when the network wants to fire him, they end up paying him $25 million to end the contract. If they had not renewed the contract, the network would have owed him zero. If this was the case, then the thinking was that O'Reilly wanted to retire, and wanted to go out the door with a big payday, so after he signs the contract with the network the women all start reporting on him to get him fired, resulting in the $25 million payday.