The USA is a Left-Wing Country – Here’s The Proof

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The USA is a Left-Wing Country – Here’s The Proof

-By Caleb Jones

America, the USA, is a left-wing country, has been for a long time, still is, even after Trump, and will continue to move further left, no matter who you vote for or what protests you stage.

This is not just young millennials. As you’re about to see, this is everyone of all ages and races, including white people, including old people, and usually includes Republicans.

This is not my opinion. This is fact. Speaking of facts, here they are with their sources linked in the asterisks.

• 63% - 91% of Americans wish America’s wealth distribution was more like socialist Sweden. [*][*]

• 58% of Americans want single payer health care. [*]

• As of 2015, for the first time ever, social conservatives have not outnumbered social liberals. [*]

• 78% of Americans want the minimum wage raised to $10 per hour. This includes 61% of Republicans. [*]

• 79% of Americans favor more gun laws to prevent people with mental illness to purchase guns and, 70% favor a federal database of all gun sales. This includes a majority of Republicans. In addition, 57% support a ban on “assault weapons.”  [*]

• 57% of Americans favor across-the-board legalization of marijuana. This is up from 32% just ten years ago. [*]

• Bernie Sanders, an openly-admitted socialist, is the single most popular politician in the entire country. [*] Keep in mind what I said about Bernie Sanders (and politicians like him) earlier this year right here.

• In the last 15 years, Americans have moved to the left on every social/moral issue [*][*] with the two exceptions of the death penalty (which is about the same) and medical testing on animals (an extremely minor issue). To quote Gallup: “Over time, no issues show movement toward conservative positions.”

• 69% of Americans oppose any cuts to Social Security or Medicare, even if those cuts would be used to reduce the deficit. [*]

• 61% - 80% of Americans favor raising taxes on the rich [*], depending on how the word “rich” is defined.

• 58% of Americans favor extending benefits for people who are out of work. [*] Remember what I said about the Can't Poor and the Won't Poor right here, and how people don't differentiate between the two.

• 61% of Americans support gay marriage. [*] This is double what it was just 15 years ago.

• 81% of Americans support universal background checks for gun purchases. [*]

• 73% of Americans believe in global warming and 52% say it will be a “serious problem” if big government doesn’t pass more laws to deal with it. [*]

Seriously, I could keep going for pages and pages, but I have other things to do today. Americans have moved to the left on just about every issue there is, and will continue to do so. Just because we have a warmongering military, Fox News, and a temporary Trump as president doesn’t mean we’re a right-wing country. We aren’t. We are a left-wing country and will continue to move further left as time goes on.

This move cannot be stopped by voting.

This move cannot be stopped by protesting.

This move cannot be stopped by political movements.

This move cannot be stopped by bitching on the internet.

This move cannot be stopped by any new generation coming down the pike at any time in the next few decades.

This is a culture-wide shift in the zeitgeist that will continue to grow whether you (or I) like it or not.

All you can do is create an Alpha 2.0 lifestyle where this crap doesn’t harm you as much as the typical person. Or, if you're really serious, move out of the West.

Enjoy the decline!

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This article was originally published on June 11, 2017


  • Tale 2017-06-11 06:58:37

    Yep. If you look at the demographics from the recent UK election ( it's the whole 18-44 age group, not just youngsters. Thanks to Theresa May's idiocy the UK accelerated it's decline by at least three years.

  • Caleb Jones 2017-06-11 07:39:24

    Yep. Everything I said above applies to the UK and most of the EU, as the recent UK election demonstrated. The Conservatives thought they'd garner more votes; they actually lost votes to the Labour Party.

  • CF 2017-06-11 12:50:52

    I don't get how gay marriage and climate change is a left/right issue. Isn't gay marriage just human rights? Climate change is a fact... Or you meant getting the government to pass laws to minimize climate change?

  • Tony 2017-06-12 06:56:30

    It's pretty frustrating as a liberal for the government to be run far to the right of the country as a whole. Even Obama was to the right of many of these issues. As far as polling goes, one thing I find interesting is that women oppose legalizing prostitution and are less in favor of legalizing weed, despite usually being more left-wing.

  • CrabRangoon 2017-06-12 08:21:32

    You're right it's going to keep trucking down that leftist path.  The fact that Bernie did so well an scared the shit out of the established Dems like Hillary is very telling.  He would have been laughed off the stage 20 years ago as some old kook and now is warmly embraced.    The WWII generation is dying off and will be gone very soon leaving the boomers and younger who all tend to tilt left. Meanwhile, they keep us fixated on boutique issues like gay marriage, trans bathrooms and abortion while the debt skyrockets.

  • CrabRangoon 2017-06-12 08:38:31

    @Tony "one thing I find interesting is that women oppose legalizing prostitution" Women will never agree to legalize it-making it legal would take power away from them and de-value one of their main offerings.  Honestly there's nothing wrong with 2 consenting adults exchanging money for sex-happens unofficially every day anyway in many "legit" relationships.  Not to mention sugar daddy/baby situations.  I personally know a couple girls that have been escorts and you'd never know it-they're not skanky (in fact quite hot) and did it for short spurts to make fast cash.  Just look at Backpage any day of the week-it's full of prostitutes. It's an odd waste of law enforcement time to bust these women and men who use them.  You're life could end up totally ruined over something completely harmless.

  • joelsuf 2017-06-12 09:49:53

    Meanwhile, they keep us fixated on boutique issues like gay marriage, trans bathrooms and abortion while the debt skyrockets.
    All that does is annoy me. What actually troubles me is when the leftists realize that the socialism they have orgasms for will blow up in their faces, effectively making citizens slaves to the government. I mean 15 years ago I was right there with them, and in fact was known as an anarcho-communist (wanted government to stay out of citizens life choices but also wants government to completely own any and all economic entities). But after doing some research and realizing that government (and especially socialists) care very little about their citizens, and are totally willing to make all of their citizens' choices for them, I quickly became anarcho-capitalist. The left doesn't understand that even those such as Sanders violate the non-aggression principle just as much as the right wingers did in the 70s and 80s. They just do it to different people and in different ways. Here are my predictions. This is just for fun really, don't take this seriously. I hope they don't come true. By 2024, the US will have its first socialist president. This will jump start what I call the "poor man's USSR" era. This is when I intend to move out of the US. I've been studying CJ's posts on moving out of the US for this reason. By 2032, history in the west will be completely revised, where government structures that are not socialist will be demonized, and those like Sanders will be seen as heroes. Any media that even remotely criticizes socialism will be confiscated and, like North Korea and the USSR before it, anyone who speaks out against the state will be executed on site. By 2040, there will be another bloody revolution as citizens of the US will be fed up with the state making all of its decisions and spying on them all the time, giving nothing back. And its gonna be bad, since the state will have all of the weapons.

  • A Man 2017-06-13 19:06:39

    So true.  So sad.

  • Caleb Jones 2017-06-14 11:44:02

    I don’t get how gay marriage and climate change is a left/right issue.
    Right-wingers don't like gay marriage. Left-wingers do. Thus, it's a left/right issue.
    Climate change is a fact
    Correct, but we don't know for sure what percentage of climate changes is human's fault. Left-wingers things it's all or mostly our fault, right-wingers think it's barely our fault. Thus, it's a left/right issue.
    Or you meant getting the government to pass laws to minimize climate change?
    Yep, that too.

  • Jack Outside the Box 2017-06-14 15:25:05

    I don’t get how gay marriage and climate change is a left/right issue. Isn’t gay marriage just human rights?
    No! There is no human right to have access to a government-invented fiction. A worthless piece of paper is NOT, and can never be, a human right. That's retarded! A completely socially constructed concept that doesn't exist in nature or in the real universe is not subject to any human rights protections because human rights only cover that which is real, not social constructs. There is no human right to gay marriage or straight marriage. In fact, there is really no such thing as marriage, but fantasizing and mentally masturbating in front of a priest or judge makes it so.
    Climate change is a fact…
    HA HA HA! Wow! You mean, like marriage? No dude, climate change is a mythological denomination of white guilt and anti-white racism that is currently used as a tool to abolish masculinity and facilitate one world government. Nothing more.
    Or you meant getting the government to pass laws to minimize climate change?
    And while we're at it, how about passing laws regulating the carbon emissions from Santa Claus's sleigh?  

  • JEB 2017-06-15 00:03:21

    @JOTB While I certainly agree that climate change is being used as a anti-white anti-male anti-capitalism weapon, you can't really argue that it also contains some truth. At worst, you could certainly argue that it would be a great idea to slow down on the rapid consumption of fossile fuels that the entire world depends on. However, most new climate change deals say that "We all need to slow down, but the countries who have had the biggest consumption should slow down the most", which is certainly a way to supress only the western world and does not have much to do with stopping climate change.

  • Shubert 2017-06-15 04:27:32

    Lol, reminds me of software. You write code that's half baked and then write more code on top of that to get rid of previous problems. Then, you realize that there are new problems. What do you do? You write more fucking code!!! And people wonder why software quality is bad... I've given up already...

  • walter 2017-06-17 10:58:42

    The tide will turn. It will start happening when a high number of rich people start leaving, taking their companies, investments and tax money to more business-friendly countries. I don't know exactly when it will happen but it will happen. And when a lot of people beging losing their jobs they will finally realize what they have done. Regarding the whole prostitution issue (is incredible how the US is almost the only civilized country where proatitution is illegal) men could fix it in a very simple way: boycott marriage. If a big enough number of men adamantly refuse to get married until prostitution becomes legal, it will end up becoming legal.

  • Caleb Jones 2017-06-17 11:15:35

    The tide will turn.
    No it won't. There is literally nothing to indicate that. And even if it does, it's already way too late to do anything about it. Our last window of opportunity to turn things around was back in the 90's. We're way past the point of no return.
    when a lot of people beging losing their jobs they will finally realize what they have done.
    Incorrect. Instead, they're going to scream for more government to help them. Just watch.
    Regarding the whole prostitution issue (is incredible how the US is almost the only civilized country where proatitution is illegal) men could fix it in a very simple way: boycott marriage.
    As I've shown repeatedly on my other blog, modern day men over 30 are never going to do this. If they were, they would have done it already. Like most conservative-leaning people, you're looking at the world the way you want it to be, not the way it actually is.

  • walter 2017-06-18 05:07:22

    Ok, maybe the tide can't turn. I wanted to talk about climate because that is a critical issue. That the planet is getting gradually warmer is an undeniable FACT. The discussion nowdays is how much of it is because of human activity (fossil fuel burn) and how much of it is because of causes beyond our control (the sun, geothermal activity, etc). This debate is important but it misses the big picture. Climate change IS a problem regardless of wether humans caused it or not. If a meteorite were in collission course with the earth, should we have a long debate about who made the meteorite come or should we join our efforts to destroy the meteorite as fast as possible? A big question is how URGENT the problem is. Scott Adams has a concept called " the law of slow moving problems" According to it, humans can solve any problem if it comes slowly enough. The question is: is the global warming problem coming slowly or fast? One simplified modell for the effects of global warming could be as follows: 1. each year, the earth warms up a little bit. 2. As a result, the poles melt a bit 3. The ocean level rises a bit. 4. Some land gets lost 5. The price of land and food increase a bit. We dont notice the increase in cost of food and land because the market reacts fast, but it is there. In conclusion, Scott Adams law of "slow moving problems" would tell us that climate change is not an urgent problem because the price of food is not increasing very fast. But this model is ignoring something critical: natural disasters caused by the gradual lost of the ice in the poles. The key to asses the danger of climate change lies in the POLES. The poles stabilize the movement of the tides and the rotation of the earth. Withouth the poles there will be massive tsunamies destroying all the cities. Measuring how fast the poles are dissapearing is hard because of seasonal changes and the inherent difficulty in drilling through solid ice. But we can correlate it with the population of polar bears. Right now there are only about 25000 polar bears in the world. This is very bad. We have to fix this.

  • Caleb Jones 2017-06-18 11:41:26

    Climate change IS a problem regardless of wether humans caused it or not.
    Correct, but as I talked about here, government can only help the environment on a local scale. The world-wide problem of climate change can't be fixed via government because the US can pass all the laws it wants and China, India, and Russia will just give us the middle finger and keep polluting. Climate treaties won't do shit because these countries are rarely a part of them, or don't follow them when they are. Unless we're willing to invade these countries to make them stop (and we aren't), there's nothing we can do governmentally to stop this problem. I'm not worried about climate change because I'm 99% sure that technology will solve that problem, but only when it becomes much worse than it currently is. As I've said many times on this blog, human beings are lazy UNTIL something really horrible happens, then they get off their fat asses and become focused and innovative. The occasional hurricane or flood isn't going to motivate anyone, but when normal people start to see other normal people dying in the street because the climate is so bad, trust me, someone will invent something that will solve the problem. But probably not before then.

  • walter 2017-06-19 04:31:53

    True, if the other countries dont commit to it, it will be very hard to reach a solution. What could be a way to make other countries help solve the problem? Maybe some tax system that says "if you (country x) reduce your emmitions by x amount, you get x% less tax on the products you send to my country" Also, regarding what you say about "Normal people dying because of the weather" Dude that is already happening. They are called tsunamies. The world saw big chunks of asian cities being destroyed by a tsunami a few years ago. Did someone invented anything to solve the climate change problem? no. "Invent something to solve the problem" sound easier said than done. The first thing that comes to my mind is a bunch of floating trees absorbing co2 and turning it into oxygen. But you need energy (or helium) to make them float and they have a limited amount of co2 they can take before they have to be chemically regenerated, and this requires labor. The problem is quite complex and we need to solve it before massive tsunamies start hitting mayor cities, killing people and destroying infrastructure.

  • Caleb Jones 2017-06-19 13:42:36

    What could be a way to make other countries help solve the problem? Maybe some tax system that says “if you (country x) reduce your emmitions by x amount, you get x% less tax on the products you send to my country
    That will work with some countries but not all. There is no governmental solution to global climate change.
    “Normal people dying because of the weather” Dude that is already happening.
    But normal everyday people aren't seeing it with their own eyes. That's what needs to happen.

  • Buzz 2018-02-19 04:21:18

    "The key to asses the danger of climate change lies in the POLES. The poles stabilize the movement of the tides and the rotation of the earth. Withouth the poles there will be massive tsunamies destroying all the cities."   WRONG!

  • Caddy Vayers 2018-10-01 07:28:19

    I'm gonna break this easy, but popular vote doesn't mean sh*t in America. You don't vote, the rich white guys do it for you. The electoral college can alter your vote if they so choose and don't have to tell you. And there is nothing stopping the conservatives from voting for the same party again regardless of aspects of that party.

  • Bill Stewart 2019-06-19 04:38:15

    Yes I think the USA will continue to go farther and farther to the left. There will be flip flopping. Soon Russia will be the "better" nation out of Russia and the USA.

  • James 2019-07-18 10:01:31

    Yes of course the USA is a Left wing country and has been since at least the time of our founding. Now to be certain, the term ''Left '' or Left Wing'' as used in politics, was not in common use here in the USA at the time of our Revolution, being that the terms ''Left'' and ''Right''as used in politics, did not come into common use until the time of the French Revolution; in the nation of France of course. It so happens that the French ''Right'' referred to the relatively few people of France whom belonged to the monarch supporting Aristocracy while the French ''Left'' referred to the masses of common people and their supporters in the French courts. History reveals to us that it was the French Right wing whom believed that the impoverished masses of that country were obligated by God and nature alike to submit to the authority of the French aristocracy, while those dastardly French Lefties believed that every Frenchmen and the common people of France as a whole, had every Right to not be ruled over by the French aristocracy. History also reveals to us that it was the French Left who supported; you guessed it, the American colonists in their revolt against the English monarchy; a monarchy that like the French monarchy, was supported by the wealthiest people of England. The very idea that the common people of a nation have a Right to govern themselves and not be ruled over by any elite class of persons, is an idea that no Right winger of any nation can claim as their own. My word,that would mean that American Right wingers are; for a lack of a better way to say this; a clueless lot whom are simply on the wrong side ! Oh and by the way, all that talk about ''small'' and or'' limited'' government; we all know that Right wingers are only for small and limited government when it comes to the ability of the government to represent the will of the common people, or to come to the aid of a repressed minority. When it comes to doing the bidding of the wealthy and enforcing the legislation that the wealthy have had passed into law in order to promote their own agenda, government then, can never be too big nor too intrusive. Now I would discuss a bit about how it was the colonial conservatives whom were opposed to the American Revolution, but I believe you Right wingers should be made to endure only so much shame in one day and no more. Cruel and unusual punishment, is unconstitutional after all ! Thank you for the opportunity to share these facts with readers.

  • James 2019-07-18 10:15:37

    That the USA is and always has been a Left wing nation; and not a Right wing nation; '' even though Right wingers have heavily influenced our history and partially shaped our national collective character,'' is a fact to be celebrated, not lamented over.

  • James 2019-07-18 10:31:11

    The idea that all ''men'', ie, people, are created equal and are entitled by nature and their creator with certain natural Rights, including the Rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,is not an idea that originated on the political Right, even though, Right wing propagandists, would have you think so. The idea that the common man is equal to and has the same Rights as any aristocrat , is a distinctively Left wing idea. Now of course the Right to speak your mind implies the Right to hold to errant ideas, but it would be good for our country if American Right wingers would not insist upon holding on to their terrible ideas and ideals. It did take Rome several hundred years to be built though I suppose.

  • James 2019-07-18 11:16:49

    What is all this talk about white guilt I wonder ? I am white and I feel no guilt for being white nor do I feel guilt for the transgressions of white people from the past or even the present. Most of the people I know are white and none of these people feel any guilt for being white or for any of the errors made by white people from the past. That said, I am capable of understanding that some of the things done by people in the past, including white people in the past, were terribly immoral and or unjust. I am also capable of understanding that we should commit ourselves to making sure that we today, regardless of our skin color, do not repeat the immoral, unjust deeds of the past. I do suspect that I have no understanding of this topic that the average white person does not have.

  • James 2019-07-18 11:29:56

    Bill Stewart, could you please define or explain what your idea of a better nation is ? In my way of thinking, no nation can be ''better'' if it is not committed to government by and for the people. Are you saying that Russia will soon have a government that is comprised of and committed to representing the common Russian citizen ? Maybe I just do not have all the facts, but I am fairly sure that Russia is ruled over by a handful of corporate tycoons who control the majority of that nation's wealth and have no real concern for the average Russian citizen. Maybe ''better'' to you means something entirely beyond my understanding ?