How To Make Location Independent Income Trading Stock Options

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How To Make Location Independent Income Trading Stock Options

One of my most frequent questions is, “What would be a good location-independent Alpha 2.0 business?” 

I’ll give you an amazing one and even show you exactly how to do it: trading stock options. Not only can you make $100,000 per month doing this, and I’ll prove it in a minute.

I don’t trade options, but I know someone who does.

Henry Moldavskiy, a fellow Alpha Male 2.0, has been able to retire off trading options. He is sharing his secrets to how a few simple, easy strategies nobody on Wall Street talks about have been able to generate him a location-independent income in the multi-six-figures at age 26. 

If you want proof of how much money Henry is making, just watch this video here.

This is an Alpha 2.0 business that has very little complexity and is the fastest way to get to the big, consistent money with little work. His program teaches investors big and small how to enter, exit, and profit in the stock market with stocks and options trading. He turned $17,000 into over $950,000 in under two years. His current students are easily generating 1% to 2% a week in consistent cash flow. His visual teaching approach has benefited over 350 students and over 100,000 through his YouTube videos. 

This program this available right now at a big discount by going here.

If you get the program before Monday, May 31 at 8:00 p.m. EST you’ll get it at $200 off using the discount code CALEBJONES.

I am super pumped about this. I have seen several guys make a lot of money doing this. And it’s 100% Alpha 2.0 compatible because it’s location independent.

If you have no idea what trading options entails, you can watch this video here where Henry explains it.

You’ve got just a few days left to get in on this. Just click here if you’re interested.

This article was originally published on May 29, 2021