Failers vs. Failures


If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate. 
~Thomas J. Watson

The greatest successes in the world, the people who make the most money, or accomplish the greatest things, are fantastic failers. They are good at failing. When they fail, it doesn’t bother them (much). They acknowledge the failure and continue working, trying new things. They fail over and over again. Thus, they become successful.

Unsuccessful people are terrible failers. They spend their lives avoiding failure. Failure is too painful for them. On the rare times they actually try something and fail, they are so horrified and disturbed by the experience that they immediately step back into line and continue on with their mediocre existence. They get sad, discouraged, or uncomfortable too quickly. Thus they never fail their way to success.

Successful people fail often. Unsuccessful people never fail. Mediocre people fail a little and then stop trying.

Note that I said failers, not failures. A failer is someone good at failing. That’s a powerful and successful person. A failure is someone who fails a few times and then stops trying. Very big difference. Opposites in fact.

Dude, c’mon. Stop with the motivational-speak. No one likes failing.

I never said failers like failing. I’ll be honest; when I fail, it does piss me off a little. But when I fail, I never consider it any big deal. I consider it feedback from the universe that either I’m doing something wrong (most likely) or attempting something impossible (very unlikely but it does sometimes happen). Sure, it might bother me when it happens, but it doesn’t derail my efforts, my goals, or my Mission.

If you’re not successful, it likely means you’re not failing enough, or that failure bothers you too much.

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