The Occupy Wall Street Protests

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The Occupy Wall Street Protests

These Occupy Wall Streeters want Wall Street to have less voting for the "right" Democrats.  Problem is, Democrat politicians love Wall Street and kiss their asses constantly (just look at Barack Obama's right-hand-man in business matters, Jeffery Immelt, CEO of GE (which paid zero income taxes last year and the year before). Therefore once again, from a practical point of view at least, the entire concept is flawed.

-By Caleb Jones

Several of you have emailed me about this.  So here we go. I'm going to make this as cut-and-dry simple as I can.

1. Generally speaking, I like protests.  I like it when people rise up against those in power.  It is good that the people push back if pushed too hard.  It keeps people in power in place.

2. The problem with the Occupy Wall Street protests is the same fundamental problem as the Tea Party protests. The Tea Party wants government voting for the "right" Republicans.  Problem is, Republican politicians like big government, so the entire concept is flawed.  Same problem here.   You will never get anything significant changed as long as you adhere to the ridiculous American two-party system that the elites shove down your throat and that the voters cling to like babies.

3. If you marry a woman without a prenup knowing there's at least a 50% divorce rate, and you get divorced and get raped financially, that's your problem and I have no sympathy for you.  You did it on purpose, now pay the price.  You may argue that women shouldn't rape men financially and I will agree with you, but you were the one who hit yourself in the head with a hammer on purpose.

Similarly, if you rush a police barricade manned by angry, little-man, baton-wielding cops while screaming "fuck you!", then guess what?  You're going to get your skull smashed in and I have no sympathy for you.   If you're dumb enough to do that, you pay the price.  Yes, you could argue that the barricade was illegal or that the cops shouldn't be so violent, and I would probably agree with you, but that doesn't change the fact you acted stupidly.  All these liberal pundits crying about how these "innocent" protesters who rushed the cops got beaten's childish.

The universe rewards stupid behavior with pain.  That's how it works. I'm a libertarian, which means I don't like police power and I have a lot of problems with how the police operate, but I never have any sympathy for anyone who purposely attacks an armed police officer and then whines about how they got their asses kicked.  Stupid.

4. I agree with progressives that Wall Street corporations should not be rewarded or bailed out when they do stupid shit or rip people off.  I also 100% agree that big corporations should not buy politicians to do their bidding.  Totally, completely agree with progressives on those things.

The problem is progressives keep going.  They go on to say that the government (you know, that exact same entity employing those cops who are beating the shit out of them) should bust into your house, put a gun to your head, pull money out of your wallet, and give it to your neighbor who doesn't make as much money as you.  That's where I completely disagree with progressives, and it's sad they don't see the irony in giving more power to government when it's government who is happily perpetuating all the problems they are (rightly) complaining about.

5. A guy named Larry breaks into your house and steals $100 from you.  You complain to the government about it. The government says, "Yes, Larry is an evil son of a bitch.  What he's doing is wrong."   The government goes to Larry and says, "You are a very bad person.  Stop stealing money from people."  Larry says, "Ok.  I promise I won't. Now I need $1000 to pay my bills so I can stay 'in business'.  If you don't give me money, things will get worse out there." The government says "Okay, but remember you promised not to steal from people any more," and hands Larry $1000.
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Next day, Larry breaks into your house again and steals another $100 from you. You complain to the government again.  This entire process repeats.  Over and over again.

So now you're reeeeeally pissed.  You want to go protest someone.  Okay, fine.  Do you:

A) Go to Larry's house and protest Larry, to get him to stop stealing from you.


B) Go to the government and protest it, to get them to stop encouraging and abetting Larry to continue to steal from you.

The obvious answer, at least to me, is B.  Not only should the government stop giving money to Larry because he's To Big To Fail™ or because it Might Be Bad Now But It Would Be Even Worse™ if Larry stopped stealing from you, what government should do at a minimum is stop giving Larry money and let Larry go starve in the street. (And never forget, it was liberals, the same people now protesting big business, who wanted Obama to bail out the auto companies.)  At best, government should throw Larry in jail where he belongs.

But because of their love of mommy government, progressives just can't see this.  All they see is Larry breaking into their house and stealing their money, so they want to go yell at Larry.  As if Larry is going to change his mind by a few people yelling outside his house. Fuck no.  Larry just sits in his house laughing at all of them while he rolls around in a pile of their stolen money, just like the Wall Street bankers and CEOs are doing right now as they see these protests.  Hey, I've worked with some of these guys.  They're laughing at the protesters while drinking $50-a-glass wine, snorting some cocaine, and yelling at one of their underlings.  This protest doesn't effect their world at all.  No protest will.  They know the government (including the Democrats!) is their little bitch who will do whatever they want.

6. "So then what's your fucking solution Mr. Smartass?"

There is no solution. The "solution" is for government to immediately stop giving money to big business for any reason, no matter what, period, end of story.  If that were the case, those credit default swappers would now be out on the streets begging for scraps, and no one on Wall Street would ever try to pull that shit again. But that's not going to happen, no matter how much you protest or who you vote for.

The last opportunity we had to avert disaster in the United States was the early to mid 1990's when the system was still fixable. Alas, the 90's gave us Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich, both of whom spent the 90's cheating on their wives instead of cleaning up the mess, and we missed our window.  Since then, we've had two psycho-spenders (Bush and Obama) who have been pounding nails in the coffin with glee.

If America had a government that actually represented the will of the people, there would be at least five political parties, not two.   A neocon party (like the Republicans), a socialist-leaning corporatist party (like the Democrats), a real progressive party (like the Greens), a real conservative party, (like the Constitution party), and a real freedom party (like the Libertarians).  Instead, the government is under a stranglehold by the neocons and the socialist/corporatists, both of whom love spending your money and giving it to Wall Street so they (Wall Street) can steal even more.

Things will get better, but only after things get a lot worse.  I've said it before, I'll say it again.  Things will start changing for the better when one of two things happen:

1. The US federal government starts defaulting and crashing in on itself.


2. States start seceding from the union.

THAT is when enough of the sheeple will snap out of their delusions and change things.  Until then, we're just going to keep swapping leadership between the neocons (Republicans) and the socialist/corporatists (Democrats) until it all comes cashing down on our heads.

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This article was originally published on October 8, 2011
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