The 5 Simple Rules

If you’d like to comment on blog posts here, please do! Comments are another way we can all help each other learn and improve.

If you would like to comment on this blog, we have just 5 Simple Rules:

1. No name-calling or personal attacks. Attack opinions or actions, not people. Comments containing personal attacks or name-calling against other posters/commenters will be deleted.

2. No threats. Comments containing threats of doing anything to anyone will be deleted.

3. Read the entire article before you comment on it. Any comments that clearly demonstrate the commenter did not read the entire article will be deleted.

4. Completely ignore obvious trolls. Do not respond to them in any way. We get the occasional psycho here just like any other blog. If you see someone tossing around personal attacks with no actual point (or a point that makes no sense), completely ignore him and do not acknowledge him in any way. We’ll delete his comments when we can. Feeding a troll will result in your comments being deleted along with his, so fight the urge and don’t do it.

5. We welcome and encourage strong, vehement disagreement, but you must clearly state why you disagree. Drive-by comments like “You suck” or “The guy who wrote this doesn’t know what he’s talking about” and that’s it, with no reason why you think that, will be deleted. If you disagree, you must clearly articulate why.

As long as you follow the 5 Simple Rules, you can do pretty much do whatever you want and agree or disagree all you like. Things like swearing and posting links are permitted, but remember there is a strong spam filter on this blog so if you go too crazy you may get filtered by it. Off-topic comments are allowed (as long as they aren’t spam) but Blackdragon will probably not respond to those.

Your comment should appear immediately after you post it. Sometimes, because of the spam filter, there may be delay before you see your comment appear. That’s because it was flagged for some reason and we haven’t pushed it through yet. If this happens, please be patient; as long as you didn’t violate one of the 5 Simple Rules, your comment will appear shortly.

Happy commenting!

(If you’re here because you made a comment that didn’t show up, relax and wait a little while. There is no word limit or link limit on comments here, but there is a strong comment spam filter and your comment has probably been caught by that. If you’re not violating any of the below 5 rules, then just wait a few hours and it will be pushed through. Most comments are never filtered.)