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The 6 Things You Must Do If You Stay In The Collapsing West

You acknowledge that the West is collapsing, that the United States is collapsing, and that Canada and Europe will soon collapse as well. You’re aware of all this and you can see it happening, but you don’t want to move out of your country or the Western world.

So what do you do? Is staying even an option?

Yes. As I’ve said before, and I don’t like this, but I understand that most of you are not going to move out of your collapsing Western country. Either you think the USA/Europe/Canada will do “fine” over the next few decades (hahaha!), or you’re too scared to move to another country, or you “can’t” do it (notice the quotes) due to some bullshit excuse. I would probably disagree with your excuse, but whatever, but it’s your life.

We’re talking about the collapsing trifecta here which consists of America, Europe, and Canada. Let’s call that the AEC. So today, we’re going to talk about the six things you MUST have in place if you decide to stay in your collapsing Western country for the rest of your life.

If you adopt Alpha 2.0 models, you can survive and even thrive by staying in the collapsing Western world — but only if you do these six things. If you choose not to do these six things and stay in the AEC anyway, then you’re in big trouble. Not today. Not tomorrow. But eventually.

1. You must have your own business.

This is an Alpha Male 2.0 requirement anyway, but we’re going to be very complete with this list.

If you decide to stay in the AEC and you have a job, kiss your ass goodbye. You’re done.

Again, you might be OK right now; you might be OK for the next few years, but in the long term, you’re screwed. You can lose your job for a massive host of reasons, none of which may even be your fault. You are at the whim of your employer, boss, and industry if you have a job working for someone else. You are not free even if you make a million dollars a year at your job. You’ve got to have your own business.

If you decide to stay in the AEC and you don’t have your own business, you need to get started on it now. I’ve given you all the resources to do that so you have no excuse. Even if you don’t like my business resources you can use someone else’s, which fine with me. Just get that going now.

2. You must have location independent income.

Again, this is an Alpha 2.0 minimum, but I’m being complete here. Even if you have your own business, if your income is locked into the city in which you live and you’re spending your life in the collapsing AEC, you’re screwed. What if something happens to that city and you need to move? I would be terrified right now if I had a location-based income in the United States, Europe, or Canada.

You need to reorient your business to make it location independent. I have resources for that; please use whatever resources you want to use. You cannot be location dependent if you’re going to stay in the collapsing Western world for the rest of your life. That is suicide. Don’t do it.

3. You can’t live in a city.

This one is a little more obvious to most guys; I’ve already had some of you bring this up. If you decide to stay in the AEC for the rest of your life — and certainly if you decide to stay in the United States — you have to get out of the cities and into the outer suburbs at a bare minimum.

As I’ve said in previous videos as of right now, you are going to experience civil unrest on a near-consistent basis in many (if not most) American cities. It’s just something Americans are going to have to start getting used to. (Many regions of Europe aren’t much better.)

I didn’t say a civil war; I said civil unrest — SJWs who are bored and start smashing buildings and burning shit down, bored MAGA guys going into those areas looking for trouble, authoritarian cops shooting people left and right, and so on. And you can expect this to keep happening until the final collapse of the country occurs, whenever that happens to be.

So you do not want to live in a city. In general, most cities are configured in such a way where the downtown area is the central core; then you have the outer core, which is a downtown area, but not literally downtown. Outside of that you have the suburbs; and then you have the outer suburbs, which are between the suburbs and outlying rural areas. Beyond that is rural.

If you’re going to stay in the collapsing Western world for the rest of your life, you must live either in the outer suburbs or in rural areas. You don’t have to go rural if you don’t want to; I currently live right on the edge of the outer suburbs and it works just fine.

And yes, there are a couple of downsides to living in the outer suburbs/rural. For starters, dating is a little more difficult if you live out that direction. It’s certainly easier to date and get laid if you’re living in the downtown core, but guess what — you’re living in the collapsing Western world and you’re never going to leave, so you don’t have that option anymore. It’s true you’ll have to travel a little bit more using cars, but I have lived in areas like this my entire adult life and I haven’t had any major problems with my dating life so I know it can be done.

The bottom line is you’re going to be very unhappy living in a major city in the collapsing Western world over the next few years/decades, certainly in the United States. Don’t do it.

4. You must have at least some non-Western income.

This one’s a little more complicated. If you decide to live in the collapsing Western world for the rest of your life, location independent income is not enough. It’s good and necessary, but here’s the problem. Let’s say you decide to hole up in rural Kansas the rest of your life and you have a location independent Alpha 2.0 business. Great! But let’s also say that most of that market is in Chicago. What happens when the United States — and Chicago — collapse? You’re going to have a serious problem, right?

So if you’re seriously going to live in the Collapsing Western World for the rest of your life, just having location independent income isn’t quite enough. You want to have a lot of your income sources outside of the West, at least eventually. This is mandatory for you; you don’t have a choice if you’re going to stay in the AEC for the rest of your life. You will not be able to rely solely on income from the Western world even if you have location independent income.

You can set your goals however you’d like, but I’ll tell you what my goal is: One of my business goals for the next few years is to get to the point where 60% of my income from all of my income streams does not come from the collapsing AEC. I want the AEC to only represent a grand total of 40% of my income.

I’m not there yet. My foreign-source (non-AEC) income is around 22%. Not bad, but I need to get that up to at least 60%, and then I’m comfortable. That way, when the Western world collapses, which will happen within our lifetimes, I will be inconvenienced instead of completely fucked financially. There’s a big difference between those two things.

So in addition to having a location independent income, you need to make sure a significant portion of your income is coming from outside the AEC, at least eventually. (This is the least urgent of these six items in that you have more time to get this done, but it still needs to get done.)

5. You can’t have any debt.

I’m not a Christian, but one of the parts of the Bible that is actually correct is that you are a slave to the lender. When you have a debt, the person or entity who runs your life is the one you owe money to. You don’t want to owe any money. So if you have debt, you need to pay that shit off, especially if you’re going to stay in the collapsing Western world. If you have debt, you have that much more of a nut to crack every month, and that will be even more difficult if you have income trouble because you live in a collapsing society. The government and/or the big banks can also call in your debt at any time if trouble arises, which it will, which means serious problems for you and your family.

Now, there’s one complicated aspect of this. Some might say it is possible that the United States will collapse via a hyperinflationary currency crisis, and if that’s the case, you want more debt because then you can pay it off more easily since the debt will be worth less.

That’s a really complicated discussion that’s honestly outside the scope of today’s blog. The bottom line is that by the time that happens, you will have suffered so many other problems because of your debt, that benefit will not be worth it. If you’re operating on the level of hundreds of millions of dollars, then yes, you’ll be able to finagle something like that. But most of you won’t be. You need to pay off your debt if you’re going to live in the collapsing Western world.

6. You must have government-safe and currency-safe investments.

If you live in the collapsing Western world and your investments are all inside the stock market or your fucking 401(k) or IRA, you’re screwed. (If you’re outside the United States, please translate for whatever takes the place of IRAs and 401(k) in your country.) Those are government instruments. As the Western world continues to collapse, the government will start to do all kinds of crazy shit with those. You don’t control your 401(k) or IRA; the fucking government does.

You don’t want those. I’m moving out of the Western world in February which means I’m safer than most of you and even I don’t have any of those.

On top of that, you want to have investments that are currency-safe so that if the value of your currency collapses, which is very likely for both the U.S. dollar and the euro, you’ll be OK even if you enter into a state of hyperinflation.

That basically means three classes of investments:

The first is precious metals, particularly gold, but silver and palladium would probably qualify too.

The second is cryptocurrency. There’s an argument that cryptocurrency would not do well in a hyperinflationary market, but you’d be a lot better off with cryptos than you would with stocks or something like that.

The third, for those of you who have the wherewithal, would be real estate, especially foreign real estate.

If all you’ve got is a savings account with a bunch of cash and American stocks, you’re fucked. You need to configure your investment life to be sure you’ll be OK if (and when) there are currency problems, which are coming, particularly to the United States.


You need to have all six of these things if you’re going to remain in the collapsing Western world. When I talk to a lot of you, you’ll tell me you’re staying in the U.S., but you’re covered. One guy told me he was going to hole up in North Dakota; he’s got his farm, his bullets, water, he’s got cryptocurrencies, and he’s good to go. And that is a start! That means he’s covered #3 and #6 on this list.

Then I asked about his income, and he said, “Well… I have a job.” He’s fucked. He needs to start his own business, get location independent income, get foreign-sourced income, pay off all of his debt, etc.

You need all six things on this list, not just the ones that turn you on or match your political views. Some of you guys probably have already covered some things on the list, but you’re missing other ones. Get on that now.

I know I’m going to get questions about what to do in the case of a major natural disaster or similar problem, and I’ve already covered that here. Disaster preparedness isn’t the same thing as what we’re discussing today; everyone should have those things in place anyway. The above six items are the additional things you need to have in place if you’re serious about remaining in the Western world during and after the coming collapse.