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A Dragon In Japan

Walked by this today and had to take a pic. This is actually someone’s *house*. It’s right in the middle of two skyscrapers. Must be a samurai who wouldn’t move.

I’m in Tokyo now, reading lots of signs that say things like “Space Create!” and “Button Is Pressed!” and hearing the word “kudasai” every 12 seconds or so.

Going directly from China to Japan is a fanscinating experience.  I have the unique opporunity to compare the Japanese to the Chinese in sharp detail.  And holy crap, there are some huge differences.

To be fair, in this post whenever I say “Chinese” I’m really talking about the urban, high-tech Shanghainese.  Most westerners don’t realize that saying “Chinese” (like “Let’s eat some Chinese food”) is like saying “European”.  China is huge and there are many different languages and subcultures, just like Europe.   I’m comparing Shanghai to Tokyo here, two big high-tech cities.

The Difference Between Japanese and Chinese Women

I am a very neutral, objective observer in this, because although I have slept with a few Asian women in my day, I have never slept with a Chinese woman nor a Japanese woman.  (At least prior to this trip.  Ahem.)

You probably knew this was coming, but yeah, Japanese women are clearly hotter than Chinese women.  This is my first extended visit to Japan, and going from China to Japan, the first thing you notice is how much hotter Japanese chicks are.  I’ve already talked about Chinese women, but Japanese women have sharper features, bigger eyes, and fuller lips.  All good.  However when some of these cute Japanese chicks put on a lot of makeup, they literally look like life-size dolls.  It’s a little eerie and it creeps me out.

Japanese women, like all typical Asian women, also “suffer” from the same problem of lack of cheastage.  That aside, if you walk down Central Gai you’re going to see some of the hottest women on the planet (again, assuming you don’t mind small boobs).

Tits are one thing, but one nice surprise is that Japanese women actually have asses.  Chinese women’s butts are flat as a board, but some of these Japanese women really are sporting some curves down there.  Very unexpected. I’ve been here a few days now I’m still surprised at how many “babies that got back” there are in Tokyo.  Pleasantly so.

Let’s have some fun and do a a quick visual comparison between Chinese women and Japanese women, and you’ll get a better idea of what I’m talking about.  I’ll demonstrate with some horribly blurry pics I took (my photography skills are dreadful) of two of the gals I’ve encountered in my travels.

In China, a gal like this is considered hot:

Cute, feminine, pleasing to the eye, but not hot, at least not to me.  Some of you Asian guys or Asian-lover guys might think she’s amazing.  A few guys in China certainly did.

She has the typical cute Asian-girl body and a cool girly style, all pretty standard for a modern urban Asian chick.

Now here’s a Japanese girl around the same age:

It’s a little hard to tell because of my horrible camera skills (and why does my fucking Android suddenly take blurry-ass pictures?), but this chick is very hot (small boobs notwithstanding).  You can see how Japanese women look a little more Western.  As I said in my last post about this, that’s not a good or bad thing, it’s just what us American guys have been trained by society to like.

I will say that both these gals were very feminine and nice and submissive, and on those counts both of them have the typical American woman beat, and beat soundly.  I know a few guys who are REALLY into Asian chicks and this is one of their big reasons.  I get it…

…but big-boobed blondes are still my favorite and Asian girls will always play second-fiddle to my Barbies.  Talk about societal programming!

Okay, enough about the women.  I’ll address some other aspects.

Where The Japanese Are Better

1. Hotter chicks, at least to my very American eyes.  Just talked about that.

2. Tokyo is clean.  I’ve seen some clean cities in my day (the Central side of Hong Kong is almost spotless) but damn.  The Japanese are the cleanest people on Earth.  China is very messy, sometimes disturbingly so, at least to Western sensibilities.

3. Can I tell you how much I love Japanese toilets?  They spray your ass with deodorized water and it cleans it better than our barbarian toilet paper.  Why don’t we have this in America?  If I had a few million dollars laying around I’d start importing and marketing these toilets to the US.  They just kick ass, pun intended.  I’m going to look into getting one for my home.  I’m serious.

4. Not only are they the most clean people on Earth, the Japanese are also the most polite people on Earth.  The Chinese scream in their cell phones on the subway.  I mean scream.  On Japanese subways, there isn’t a sound, other than the subway.  The Chinese honk their horns more than New Yorkers (I’m serious.  More than fucking New Yorkers.  It makes you want to kill someone.)

I’ve been in downtown Tokyo for several days now and have yet to hear a single honk.  The Chinese, even dainty little women, will regularly hock up flem and spit right on the sidewalk, right in front of everyone, like it’s no big deal.  It’s cultural from thousands of years ago…they have a spit god who lives in your throat whom you constantly need to remove.  I’m serious.  Interesting, but it’s still gross. Anyway you get the point.

I’m not saying the Chinese aren’t helpful and polite; they are far more so than Americans.  It’s just that the Japanese have even them beat on the politeness thing.

Where The Chinese Are Better

1. Number one, top of the list, the Chinese are motivated.  They’re number two and they hate being number two. They go out of their way to tell you “This is what they did in New York, this is what they did in Tokyo, but look at what WE did.”  There’s a hustle in urban China unlike anything I’ve ever seen anywhere.  It’s one of the reasons I like it so much.  They’re out to make things happen and take over the world.

In Tokyo, you get the sense that the Japanese are content going to work, coming home, reading manga, making female sex robots, and watching ridiculous game shows.  Not that these are bad things, but they don’t buzz through the streets with fervor and purpose like the Chinese.  They don’t push the entrepreneurial envelope like the Chinese, and feel like they don’t really need to.  I’m not saying Japanese don’t work hard, I’m saying they work hard for the status quo.  Japanese complacency (if you can call it that) is almost…American.

Like America, Japan has been on top for a long time, and feel no need to keep pushing the envelope (other than with high tech gadgetry…I might buy my daughter a robot dog while I’m here).

Japan is content being Japan.  China wants to be the center of the world.  (And soon will be.)

2. Because their infrastructure is new and Japan’s has been around a long time, Shanghai’s subway system beats the shit out of Tokyo’s.  Tokyo’s is larger, but not very intuitive.  In Tokyo, you have purchase a ticket (or use a subway card) every time you transfer from one subway line to the next.  I can’t begin to tell you how dumb this is and what a hassle this is, because you’re always transferring lines.

In Shanghai, you just select where you want to go, and the computer does the rest.  In Shanghai, every station has multiple  easy-to-find maps showing the street locations of all exits.  Tokyo, no.  You’re on your own.  There are signs pointing to an “Exit 4” but you have no idea on what street corner you’ll emerge.

Good thing I carry a tiny compass with me when I travel or I would have wasted hours walking in wrong directions over the course of my trip (I still wasted some time even with the compass).  In Tokyo, there’s no way (or no easy way) to just select the station you want when purchasing a ticket.  Instead, you have to choose yen amounts and hope that they match your destination and route.  Sometimes there’s a wall chart telling you what amounts to use, but usually you don’t even have that.

In Shanghai, you just touch the station you want to go to on one of the touch-screens, and the computer figures everything out for you, even the transfers.  Subways in Tokyo are nice (and spotless clean of course) but are clunky compared to the cool trains they’ve got in Shanghai.  (Japan’s actual trains, like bullet train and the Sky Liner, are extremely cool and still second to none.  I’m talking about the subway trains.)

This is an example of why I didn’t say the technology is better in Tokyo than in Shanghai.  Ten years ago, it certainly was.  Now?  In the Pudong district of Shanghai you’ll see technology that blows the shit out of anything they have anywhere, including Tokyo.  I couldn’t believe some of the stuff I saw.  Tokyo is very high-tech, but China is moving upwards fast.  Faster than anyone, including Japan.  It’s a little scary.

3. This is more of a personal opinion  but I’m a big skyscraper guy.  That’s one of the big reasons I travel to large cities; I’m a architectural skyscraper junkie.  In Shanghai (as well as other Chinese cities such as Hong Kong, Beijing, and Guangzhou), you have literally some of the tallest, highest-tech, most amazing skyscrapers in the world.  I sat in the highest observation deck in the world in the Shanghai World Financial Center (the third tallest building in the world) looking down on the Jin Mao tower, which is the fifth tallest building in the world.

Tokyo just isn’t a skyscraper kind of town.  Yes, there are some skyscrapers here, mostly in Shinjuku (Tokyo’s version of Manhattan), but Tokyo isn’t vertical like Chinese cities.  It’s more like a gigantic Los Angeles, with bazillions of small and medium-sized buildings that just go on and on forever.  The tallest building in Tokyo is the Midtown Tower, which is a midget compared to the buildings I hang out in when I go to China (and it’s ugly and boring-looking to boot).

The first time I had some free time in Tokyo, I headed right down to the Mori Tower, went right to the top to the 52nd floor, and looked out at Tokyo at night in all its glory.  It was very cool, but it wasn’t the virtual spiritual experience I had when I was having a drink on the roof of the Roosevelt House in Shanghai looking across the river at Pudong.  That one experience alone was highlight of my trip.

4. Better food.  Hey, I love Japanese food and I’ve had some food in Tokyo that is some of the best shit I’ve ever eaten, but authentic Chinese food is still better.  I haven’t weighed myself on this trip (don’t have a scale) but I’m confident I’ve gained a few pounds back that I lost earlier this year while on this Asia trip.  I’m going to have to hit the yogurt and almonds pretty hard for a while after I get back.  But it was worth it.  Um mmm.

Other Observations

  • Unlike in China, there are white people here speaking English.  Not many, but there are some, and “some” is more than “zero” when I was in Shanghai.  I guess I’m not surprised.  Westerners, especially Americans, have always viewed Japan as cooler and safer than China, which to them still seems a little alien.
  • My apartment in China was not new, not especially clean, but it was nice and large.   My apartment here in Tokyo is exactly the opposite.  It’s meticulously clean and spotless, with nice new furniture and a high-tech bathroom…but the entire apartment is just a hair larger than my bedroom in my house back in the USA, and my bedroom is the smallest room in my house.  Not only are apartments small here in Tokyo, but everything is small. Elevators, escalators, subways, showers.  I’m a big guy and I’m it seems like I’m always crashing into shit whenever I’m indoors here.
  • The Japanese dress better than the Chinese, however Japanese men not only all wear suits, but they seem to all wear the same suit.  It’s pretty funny.  Japanese women are slightly more stylish than Chinese women, but not by much.  Japanese women definitely dress more sexy/slutty than Chinese chicks.  One of the many funny sights here is to see a bunch of nerdy Japanese businessmen walk down the street and on the same street is some slutted-up hottie looking like she’s on her way to a club (even though it’s 3pm in the afternoon).  The contrast makes me smile.
  • This is going to sound a little silly, because it is, but for my entire life I have always envied Japanese men’s hair. No, I don’t want to look like a Japanese man, I just want that hair.  Ever since I was in high school I always wished I could have that jet black hair that was perfectly straight.  My hair is dark, but not black, and has always been wild and hard to tame.  Japanese guys have this perfectly straight hair they can do anything they want with. Some of them end up having some of the wildest, geek-sheik hairdos I’ve ever seen…and I’m not talking about the young punks, I’m talking about some of the middle-age businessmen!
  • One of the styles for women here is to dye (or is it bleach?) their hair a very light brown instead of the standard Japanese black. Not blonde, just very light brown.  I have to admit it looks pretty good, even though I usually hate brown hair on women.  What’s funny is that a lot of the women that do this seem to travel in packs.  I guess that’s to be expected, with Japan’s (and really Asia’s) collectivist mentality. (Which is the big thing about Asia I hate.)
  • You think I’M obsessed with big tits?  Dude.  The Japanese are way worse.  These bastards practically worship big tits here.  (As well they should.  Good job, Japan.)  I thought it was just limited to their animation, but now that I’ve watched some Japanese non-animated television and been in their stores, I’ve realized this obsession is all over the place.  Closeups of obvious giant cleavage is comically common.

Why then am I not seeing more Japanese women with big fake tits?  I’ve seen one or two, but that’s my point.  One or two.  When I go to Los Angeles or San Diego, I see fake tits everywhere (and I’m a happy man for it), but here, where there are images of big giant boobs everywhere, I don’t see any women who actually have any fake ones.  A very interesting dichotomy.  A big-titted Japanese woman would absolutely clean up here (and anywhere!) and snag any man she wanted.  There must be something more to this.  Fascinating.

  • 40% of people in Japan smoke cigarettes.  Good fucking god.  It sucks for non-smokers like me.  Hey, I married a smoker once and a lot of the women I date smoke, so it’s not like I’m not used to it, but it’s actually difficult to escape the cigarette smell here no matter where you are.  Sucks.  It’s funny, because in China it’s difficult to escape an odd, day-old food smell no matter where you are.  (I dislike both smells, but I assume if I lived in Asia soon I would be accustomed to it and not even notice.)
That’s all for now.  Gotta get back to a project before the weekend hits here and I head out of the city to explore rural Japan.  (It’s kinda cool being a day ahead of everyone else.  I could get used to this.  Now if only Asia had buxom blonde chicks…)

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  1. Steven

    This is a very interesting post BD.It seems like you’re having a hell of time man.

    Is all this traveling your doing part of the reason why your down to only 2 women back home though?

  2. Blackdragon

    Only partially. If you’ve been watching carefully, my number of women was very high at the beginning of the year when I did my last online blitz, and I’ve been slowly losing numbers since then. This is my normal pattern. I take two months or so, do a huge incoming surge of new women and returning FBs/MLTRs who were on “break” (LSNFTEs or soft nexts), and then I relax with all the new regular women. Usually this means 2 MLTRs and 3 or 4 FBs for a total of 5 or 6 women that are at least somewhat regular. Over time, women float away, or get jealous of other women, or get boyfriends, or get upset at my lifestyle, etc. They either leave on their own or I soft next them. Then, once numbers hit around 3 women or less, then I go back into hardcore sarging mode and LSNFTE recovery mode for a month or two, replenish the ranks, and repeat the process. This way, I only need to sarge about once every 8 to 10 months or so. I’ll just keep doing this until I find a woman hot enough, smart enough, low-drama enough, and who is comfortable being an OLTR, which I have a feeling will be a very long time. Which if fine with me; I’m in no rush.

    So now it’s been almost a year since my last sarging blitz, and my numbers are quite low, but in the last two months I’ve been really busy, and now I’m on this trip. So in November / early December, perhaps January too, I’ll be back in replenish mode. That’s when you’ll see the relationship numbers bump back up again. And, slowly decrease again.

    Also remember those numbers on my blog represent regular, recurring women. Occasionally I’ll get a few lays from women that are not consistent; those never make the FB/MLTR numbers because those don’t fall into my definition of a “relationship”.

  3. Australian Alba

    The short, straight hair is hot !

  4. David

    I hope you enjoy Japan. I’ve been there a number of times now.

    Hopefully you grabbed yourself a Japan Rail pass before you went there. As you’ve probably discovered trains there are like domestic flights in the US.

    If you felt like travelling around, I can highly recommend these spots: Nara, Nikko and Kyoto all for their amazing culture and heritage (and also if you like nature). Hemiji castle is amazing if you were into ninjas, shoguns and samurai as a kid and Hiroshima is well worth a visit for it’s historical significance.

    If you weren’t that keen on travel, I’d at least do Kyoto to complement your Tokyo experience. From memory it’s only an hour away by train but feels like a completely different country. Many shrines, temples and a completely different pace.

  5. Kevin Velasco

    This post is right up my alley since I too do a lot of travel.

    “Western” women, whether from USA, Canada, Europe, or Australia, still have societal programmings that I find unattractive or superficial. They can’t really help it I guess, so it’s best I work on accepting and appreciating them for the way they are.

    I can’t wait to interact with women from Central/South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia. I’m interested in women who are attracted to me for my core, essence, and presence, rather than my social status, money, fancy titles (pro poker player, world traveler, etc), or American passport.

    Do you have a preference for “types” of women with certain societal programmings?

  6. N

    > I will say that both these gals were very feminine and nice and submissive

    Yes, asian women are. However once in a relationship they transform into dominating dragon queens. I’ve seen it happen (though luckily not to myself… I generally don’t go for asians, never have)

  7. Blackdragon

    @Australian – I more of a long hair guy myself. But I admit certain women can pull off the short hair thing and still look very hot. The Chinese gal above does.

    @David – Kyoto is about six hours away from Tokyo, so can’t go there this trip. I have clients in Nagoya so next time I hit Japan, I’ll do the Nagoya/Kyoto/Osaka thing. Today I’m headed towards Kamakura which is about an hour away and rural enough for me.

    @Kevin – My deal is if a woman is attracted to me for reasons other than “me”, that’s fine, that just means she’s an FB (as long as she’s not a pushy golddigger…those don’t get past the second date). I thought about it, and no, I don’t have a preference for certain types of women with certain types of societal programming. I like women who are very hot, have high sex drives, can provide interesting conversation, and are relatively low-drama. Not very many women out there with all four of those qualities, most are missing one or two.

    @N – Absolutely right. Most Asian women become absolute domineering monsters if you move in with them / marry them. I too have seen it happen MANY times, and often with a few of the Asian women I play with, I can see hints of this. Yikes. I have a feeling even in an OLTR structure an Asian girl would be a bitchy handful if you actually lived with her full-time.

  8. Stian S.

    Thanks for the article and info; I like the contrasts between China and Japan. How did the women treat you there in general? Did you get approached at all simply for being foreign?

  9. Blackdragon

    I did not get approached by women (other than the female pimps selling sex). Asian women are quite passive when it comes to that stuff.

    A percentage of Asian women are really into white guys, so I did get a few looks of interest from those types, and those are the ones I ended up talking to (language barriers notwithstanding).

    In general the women there are what you’d expect from Asian women anywhere. Very sweet, kind, feminine and submissive. The problem is Asian chicks have a tenancy to turn into screaming domineering bitches when you marry them. 🙂

  10. Kdog

    Hey man…love your blog. I’m a London guy, some great first date tips in your other post.

    I agree on the submissive thing with Oriental girls, though I wonder if they’ll have the same mentality in 50 years time! I suspect that will be subject to change with the culture!


  11. 7gj7

    I think Japanese women are very good looking…maybe the best in Asia. Japanese porn stars often have big, fake tits. I think the ratio of big tits in Japanese porn is much higher than American porn. I would agree that Japanese girls are more stylish than Chinese. I think, for most American men, that Japanese women make better wives than Chinese women.

  12. Anthony

    After reading this article, I now realize that South Korea is China’s cousin. Koreans also have a spit God in their throats and I absolutely find it disgusting whenever I am out in public around Seoul. I makes me miss those 9 days I spent in Singapore back in 2011….NO SPITTING and EXCELLENT DRIVERS!!!!!

  13. bob

    Great post, I’m in tokyo now. Women are submissive, top notch face/petite body (minus breast but I don’t mind)

    I’m in the “Alpha 2.0” camp though younger than most of the folks reading here (28). High income/prestige, top 1% physique,  chinese american. Prefer work, working out, and girls more or less in that order and source through daygame (work breaks, walking to and fro gym, grocery runs). Online ironically doesn’t work well for me (I’m 28) as girls seem to assume player/unreal, or maybe intimidated, or maybe turned off by perceived showboating so maybe could get pointers here, appreciated.

    In Japan wealth is concentrated in the older demogaphic, so it is a mindfuck for people (girls especially) when you can both be a “bucks”/yen provider and also alpha ikemen/cool guy.

    Like people anywhere else, no one wants to feel (and often can’t believe) that an individual can maximize so many areas (wealth, physique, social extraversion, charm) and it may stir resentment.

    Japan especially, like you said, is collectivist and in contrast to America, the “winner gets all” mindset is not in vogue nor appreciated. They’d rather be dominated by a bunch of old japanese men who set the rules to society and constrain everyone to status quo (being mindless, uncreative drones soon to be replaced by robots).

    Would be great to hear more japan/asia experiences, especially as your viewpoint is more or less reality and I like the frankness. Also, maybe tips for “high value”, fit young guys (seems ironic) to leverage this…your preferred online blitz seems to work for older, Alpha-ish white men, vs. younger, fit “pretty dudes” esp. as latter is assumed (and more often correct) to lack wealth or maturity

    Wishing you the best for 2016




  14. Erik

    couple things to add just got back from Tokyo (1st time) in dec 2018.

    -subway is unintuitive but with the Tokyo metro app and google maps you are not going to get lost.

    -900yen day pass is good for almost all lines- less the JR line. cost me 160yen to go shibuya to Tokyo station in Ginza, and they have a “ticket adjustment” machine if you don’t calculate the fare correctly- NBD. everything is touchscreen and in English.

    -From shinjuko to shibuya to Ginza people are dressed up and look great. best looking streets I have seen yet- better than LA for sure.

    -Women are hot- but you have to like the feminine look- covered, no lips done, no tits done, no fake nails, no blonde dye jobs. But they look great and the guys-even young early 20s look like clothes models. All thin.

    -its- IMO not a drinking culture, a couple drinks at dinner, the bars suck, all small hidey holes filled with just men in suits and a 1200-1500 yen cover (no live music just a basic bar). The exception being Ginza with Japanese bars and men and geisha girls which are paid to like you- not Thailand they will not blow you.

    -lack of gyms, no one is jacked, only 1 golds seen near park hyatt. protein powder is not prevalent and I suspect getting macros in would be hard (was only here 3 days) or very expensive.

    -Tokyo is expensive- people blow money here, make HK look poor. everyone with AP, Subs, patek watchs and huge department stores that look like a sears with $2500 usd coats. Frequent stores like rolex, coach, Hermes, Bulgari store- all busy.

    -No visible tourists- barely any white people barely any muzzies or Chinese.

    Really loved this place coming from 3rd world shit hole like Thailand.