Airport Screeners Have A 95% Failure Rate Finding Weapons

The Department of Justice ran a test where they tried to smuggle weapons through TSA screeners at American airports. The airport screeners failed to find 67 weapons of the 70 tests. That’s a 95% failure rate.

These from the same guys who take nude pictures of you and often save them to their computers for no reason.

I’m so shocked. From the TSA, to the DMV, to Obamacare, to cops abusing black unarmed teenagers for no reason, to the war in Afghanistan, and to anything else you can think of. It doesn’t matter what flavor of big government it is; big government doesn’t work. All it does is waste your money and time and make everything more complicated and tedious for no reason (other than to enrich the political class of course).

The TSA chief was “reassigned” (not fired mind you, but reassigned), but do you think this will result any positive changes or reforms at the TSA? Nope. They’re going to keep right on doing what they’re doing at 95% failure rates.

Just remember this next time you have to wait in line to get scanned or fondled before you go on an airplane. They are literally and demonstrably wasting your time and tax dollars.

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