Another Sees The Light Too Late

I have found that the best criticisms of politicians come from those politicians ex-supporters. The absolute best, most fact-filled anti-George W. Bush book I ever read (Crude Politics) was written by a right-wing republican who voted for Bush.

I warned the Obama voters back in 2008, telling them Obama was lying and wouldn’t change a damn thing, just like I warned the Bush voters back in 2000, telling them Bush was lying and wasn’t for small government at all. In the next presidential election, I will warn people again (although much more lightly since I care far less these days), and no one will listen again, and the Great Decline will continue on its merry way.

Moreover, at the end of the video she’s finally discovered the same thing I discovered about 15 years ago, that it doesn’t matter which party you vote for. The US government run by Bush-Obamaism will do whatever the hell it wants regardless of your vote. Voting in the US or Europe is the greatest illusion of freedom the elites have ever played on the masses. It’s actually a pretty neat trick.

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  • Steven
    Posted at 05:00 pm, 10th April 2014

    Great video.It takes a lot of guts to admit you’ve been scammed like she was.

    Politics is like It’s like WWE wrestling.

    Two guys pretend to fight when the camera is on,then have a beer afterwards, and laugh about how believable the show was.

    It’s not real.It’s entertainment and misdirection for those whom really control the world (the bankers) for the masses.

    “Left” VS “Right” is quite simply,the Hegelian dialect.Two opposing forces,creating the prior,intended outcome.

    Which is their real agenda,the New World Order.One world, fascist/socialist government.I know people don’t like “conspiracy” talk, but I’m not afraid to say it.It’s the truth.They write books bragging about it.

    The only good thing about the Obama administration was that their betrayal was so blatant. It was so obvious and undeniable, that it has woken up so many to the scam, that they can now actually see it for themselves.

    Hopefully,it’s not too late…

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 12:54 pm, 11th April 2014

    It actually is too late. Our last shot to fix things was the 1990s. It will be a fun spectacle to watch though!

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