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Lifestyle Design

The Unchained Man

The primary manual for the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle. Maximum freedom and happiness for the modern-day man. 440+ pages on business, women, time management, and overall lifestyle design. Required reading!

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Sampson and the Wizard

A business fable about a lost young man who goes to study under and old and powerful wizard. Learn the nine tenets for success and happiness while enjoying a quick and fun fantasy tale.

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Big Income From Little Work

How to design Alpha 2.0 Business; your small business that makes at least $7,000 a month in completely location-independent income that requires less than 30 hours a week to maintain.

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Ultimate Online Dating

The most comprehensive book regarding online dating available anywhere on the internet. Learn a field-tested, proven system for scheduling dates as fast and efficiently as possible.

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Get To Sex

Learn a specific, step-by-step system for getting to sex within 3-4 hours of face time with a new woman for under $23 on average, without having to lie, as fast and inexpensively as possible.

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Ultimate Younger Woman Manual

Written for men over age 30, learn exactly how to meet, attract, and have ongoing relationships with younger women. Covers everything from first dates all the way to long-term relationship management.

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Ultimate Open Marriage Manual

Want to be with one special woman but are nervous about the concept of being sexually exclusive? Stuck in a traditional marriage that’s driving you crazy but you don’t want to leave your wife? Learn step-by-step instructions on create or how to convert to a marriage where you can have the best of both worlds.

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Ultimate Open Relationships Manual

Why date one woman at a time when you can date several? Learn a step-by-step system get normal women to date you along with other women at the same time with no cheating, lying, or drama.

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