Christie Brinkley At Age 60

Yep, this is her at age 60.

Photoshopped? Perhaps. You never know about this stuff. So here’s another current pic that has lower odds of being “shopped”.

Christie Brinkley

But she’s had work done!

Of course she has. So what?

Well of course SHE looks that good! She’s Christie Brinkley!

I personally know plenty of people in their 50s or early 60s who are not wealthy and not celebrities who, while they don’t look quite this good, do look pretty damn good. I certainly know many people in their 40s who are very, very good looking, and I’m not talking about “good for their age”, but very good looking.

Moreover…when you saw Christie Brinkley as that perfect 10 back in the 1980s, honestly now, did any of you think she would still look pretty much as good 30 years later as a frickin’ 60 year-old?

Because of advancements in healthcare, new awareness about health and fitness, and advances in cosmetic surgery, we are rapidly entering an age where men and women are going to maintain their looks well into their old age.

The social ramifications for this are going to be really fascinating. Just imagine how things like dating, marriage, and child-rearing will change in several decades when you literally can’t tell the difference between a 30 year-old and a 65 year-old.

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  • Johnny Caustic
    Posted at 03:38 pm, 25th May 2014

    Of course, there are plenty of places in America where you literally can’t tell the difference between a 30-year old and a 65-year old because the 30 year olds look 65.

    Some day we will distinguish the upper middle class from the working class solely by whether they look 30 or 65.

  • Arthur
    Posted at 12:35 pm, 11th December 2017

    I found out about Christie Brinkley from Steel Panther lyrics.

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