The Superior Man Inner Circle

A while back, I stopped offering coaching to the public. I’m just too busy and my time is too valuable. However, I still offer personal coaching to men in the Superior Man Inner Circle (SMIC) Program. As an SMIC member, you will also receive monthly Alpha Male 2.0 podcasts on business and women that no one else receives, plus a private forum where you can bounce ideas off other SMIC members, plus articles, plus monthly video conferences, plus personal coaching, and a lot more. Click the button below to gain access to the program!

The Alpha Male 2.0 Focus Program

Only for guys who are serious. Over the course of an entire year, you will meet with me one-on-one with a small group of men where we lay out a plan of action for you and give you specific techniques I don’t cover anywhere else. We will improve your financial life and woman life, 90 days at a time. Click the button below to access the program.