Defending Bureaucracy

Another stunning video, demonstrating how 1984 we have become. Get ready for this.

This video “teaching you about bureaucracy,” put out by a YouTube channel with over 3 million subscribers, says that bureaucracies are efficient. Bureaucracies accomplish tasks quickly.

Yeah. The video actually says this.

You need bureaucracies because the laws we pass are so complicated, the video says. So we have to have them. See? They’re good!

Then why don’t you make the laws the government passes less complicated? There’s a thought.

Sure, the video says,¬†bureaucracies¬†pass laws that are unconstitutional. But that’s okay, since every once and a while they publish the proposed laws online and let people comment on them.

Don’t like the DMV? The video says you can’t blame the DMV, because it’s a state bureaucracy, not a federal one. Huh? Therefore…what?

Amazing. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. And bureaucracy accomplishes tasks quickly.

Orwell would be proud.

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