Designing an Alpha Male 2.0 Life – Part 2

This is the second article in the series on how to create your own Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle full of maximum freedom, and thus maximum happiness for a man. The Maximum Freedom Course comes out on Friday the 30th (really midnight on the 29th PDT/PST) in just a few days.

In the first article I described how the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle is a life built on principles based on long-term freedom rather than Societal Programming. This is because while living life according to Societal Programming may impress your mom or get you a pat on the head from your dominant girlfriend, it won’t make you happy. In fact, it will probably make you unhappy a decent amount of the time.

Happiness can only be found in freedom… at least long-term happiness.

We also talked about how your financial life and your woman life (along with your physical life if you’re over the age of 35) are the most important cores of your freedom-based lifestyle. Without these, all the other areas of your life will suffer, or at least won’t make you happy long-term.

Now we need to get into detail about what your financial life and woman life need to include under an Alpha 2.0 model, all of which you’ll learn how to implement in the course.

Alpha 2.0 Financial Life

The financial life of the freedom based Alpha Male 2.0 is centered around these core traits:

1. Self-employment. You will never be long-term happy working for boss at a job. You won’t necessarily be miserable, but you’ll be far happier if you can set your own schedule and do what you want to do rather than what your stupid boss tells you to do.

2. Location-independent income. If you are forced to stay in the city in which you currently reside in order to make money to pay your bills, you are not free. If you can’t live wherever you want, travel wherever you want, whenever you want, and stay there for as long as you want, you are not free. You’re following the lifestyle model of a plant, not a human being. You should be able to make money regardless of where you are physically located.

3. Multiple, diversified income streams. You don’t want to rely on one income source from one business selling one thing. That’s not only dangerous in these economic times, it’s also extremely hard work. Instead, you want monthly income coming in from 2-4 small businesses, each possessing multiple streams of income.

4. $75,000 per year pre-tax income in US dollars. I’ve talked about this before. The studies clearly show that men who make less than $75,000 per year would be much happier if they got their income to (or beyond) the $75K per year mark. Of course, you are free to make more money than that if you wish (I make much more) but $75K per year is the Alpha 2.0 minimum provided by your location-independent businesses.

5. Extremely low taxes. You need to get your legal tax burden as low has humanly possible. That way you can enjoy a greater lifestyle doing much less work. Self-employed Alpha Male 2.0s who make $75,000 per year make much more money in actual take-home pay than guys who make $120,000 a year as employees in San Francisco, and on far less hours per week. Speaking of which…

6. Low work hours. Your businesses should only require a maximum of 30 hours per week to maintain once they’re up and running. (I could maintain my entire business empire working just 15 hours per week if I chose to.)

7. Low or zero debt. Debt is the second greatest killer of men in the modern era (after oneitis, which is the largest). You don’t want any (barring certain exceptions).

8. Rock-solid savings and investments. You need to have diversified savings and investments to take care of you in the future when you get old, have any catastrophes, or are unable to work. Having these things provide you with options. Men who have no savings or investments are not free.

Alpha 2.0 Woman Life

The second pillar of your freedom-based lifestyle is your woman life. This includes all sexual and/or romantic relationships you have with women, regardless of if they are casual, dating, serious, very serious, or married.

It’s based around these core traits:

1. Nonmonogamy. A man who is only allowed to have sex with one woman is not free and will never be long-term happy. I don’t care what your religion says, or what your mom says, or what your girlfriend says… it’s not the way you were biologically designed. Any biologist will tell you that human beings are pair-bonding creatures, yes, but we are not sexually monogamous creatures. Pair bonding is wonderful (I am pair bonded and I love it), but monogamy doesn’t have to be a part of it, nor should it.

You should be allowed to have mutually consensual sex with any woman you want, whenever you want, even if you’re in a serious relationship or marriage. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with either A) only being able to have sex with one woman and eventually hating it, B) not having any sex at all, or C) cheating, which creates all kinds of drama, psychological problems, and logistical problems.

2. Sexual abundance. Science again. Doctors, researchers, and psychologists all agree that men who never have sex are not as happy as they can be (and don’t give me this exception-to-the-rule bullshit about Buddhist Monks; you’re not one of those). It’s also not healthy psychologically or physically. You should be having regular sex with women (at least two, since one is monogamy) you consider at least cute (not average or ugly).

3. Low or zero drama. Fighting with women, arguing with women, and putting up with women’s crap isn’t going to make you happy. Even men who “like” drama (coughHispanicscough) aren’t happy when they’re yelling at their girlfriends or wives, and you aren’t either. You need to structure relationships where arguing and anger are rare, brief, and unusual.

4. Low or zero rules. The more rules you have to follow in a relationship you’re in with a woman, the less happy you’ll be in the long-term. Sure, initially you won’t mind, but over time, you will. FB and MLTR relationships pretty much involve zero rules on your part. OLTR relationships involve just a few. You only want relationships with women where you are allowed to live your life and be a man, rather than a beta male slave or an Alpha Male 1.0 who has to hide what he’s doing all the time.

5. Multiple women. Having zero sex won’t make you happy. Having sex with only one woman, at least in the long-term, won’t make you happy either. You need to have at least two women in your sex life on a regular basis. That can mean one semi-serious MLTR and one sporadic FB on the side you see occasionally. That’s plenty for most men. (And if you want more women than just two, you’re welcome to that as well. I have more than two.)

6. Attractive women. Using my four-level female hotness scale of ugly, average, cute, and hot, the women in your life need to be at least “cute” to you (since most of this is subjective from man to man). Men who only have sex with ugly or average-looking women (again, to them) are not going to be happy long-term. It’s really bad for the self-esteem as well.

7. Financial protection. With today’s sky-high breakup rates and divorce rates, if you get serious with a woman or move in with her, you must do so in a way where if/when you get divorced or break up, 100% of your finances are 100% protected so she doesn’t get one penny of your money (unless you choose to give her some). Men who get traditionally married these days with none of these protections are the stupidest men on Earth. You can’t be one of them. This isn’t the 1950s anymore. The odds of breakup/divorce are way too high and the financial devastation caused to you as a man is just too extreme.

In the next article, I will describe how to integrate all of these things based on the Three Life Phases. Coming in a few days.

The Maximum Freedom Course is over 16 hours of video, plus over 70 podcasts, plus coaching from me where you will learn exactly how to implement all of the above items in your life in step-by-step detail. There’s also and optional add-on course for younger men here and one for older guys here. They’re only available for one week starting August 30th. If you can’t put all the money together right now, there’s an installment plan too, so you don’t have to miss out.

If you get the course and aren’t satisfied with it, there’s a 30day money-back guarantee.

There’s no risk to you.

Here’s a quick video on some of the questions we’ve been getting about the course:

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, objections, or observations.

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  • Donald
    Posted at 04:26 am, 28th August 2019

    It’s funny that your lifestyle is an INTJs heaven. We place freedom and autonomy over everything. But I think a lot of people would be depressed and overwhelmed living this lifestyle because they cannot handle the burden of it.

    Your teaching is a good guide for INTJs but it hardly applies to the general population.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 10:18 am, 28th August 2019

    it hardly applies to the general population.

    Correct. I’ve said that many times. My material only applies to about 10% of men, thank god. Read this.

  • Vlad
    Posted at 05:21 am, 1st September 2019

    2 questions:

    1). In the course, you state that, upon purchase we get One month of Gold membership to the SMIC program. Can I start my membership in the SMIC program at a date that is convenient for me or must the 30 day clock start ticking upon course purchase? Starting the membership on my own time is better for me because the 2-3 weeks immediately following the date that your course is no longer open for purchase are weeks full of travel and other commitments. So I would derive more value out of being able to access the SMIC program a bit later down the line.

    2). Is there any other aspect of your course that is “time sensitive” and requires action on a certain date after purchase (for example, scheduling/ executing the personal coaching or the video conferences)? I think the rest of your course is self paced, but wanted to double check this point.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 11:10 am, 1st September 2019

    Can I start my membership in the SMIC program at a date that is convenient for me or must the 30 day clock start ticking upon course purchase?

    Upon course purchase (within 24-48 hours). I get what you’re saying but managing what you’re asking for for scores or hundreds of people would be a scheduling nightmare and too cumbersome for my staff.

    Is there any other aspect of your course that is “time sensitive” and requires action on a certain date after purchase (for example, scheduling/ executing the personal coaching or the video conferences)? I think the rest of your course is self paced, but wanted to double check this point.

    Only the coaching (which can be scheduled pretty much any time between 30 and 365 days out) and the two video conferences, which will be two specific dates 6 months and 12 months out.

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