Everyone Should Be A Consultant

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It is my strong opinion that everyone has knowledge in an area is that is worth money to others. This knowledge doesn’t have to be business related. Maybe you know some good techniques for mountain climbing or dog grooming. No matter how non-business you think your knowledge is, I promise you this stuff has a monetary value to someone else. There is no reason not to sell that expertise to others. This is why I’ve said “everyone should be a consultant.”

If you don’t like the concept of charging money for your knowledge, you can still make money from it. You can set up a blog or a YouTube channel and give away your knowledge for free. Once you build up enough traffic, you can sell ads on your site and get…money!

I honestly don’t see a reason not to do this. I really think that just about everyone, even normal corporate employees, can make either big money or decent on-the-side money by selling what you know.

Still think you don’t know anything of value? One of the craziest examples of this I ever heard was a guy who owned a bird feeder who had trouble with squirrels eating all of his birdseed. He came up with a clever way of keeping the squirrels out of his bird feeder while still allowing easy access for the hungry birds.

He wrote up a short ebook no how to keep squirrels out of your bird feeder, and sold it for something like $2. He sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 200,000 copies of this thing, making around $400,000.

I’m not saying you should expect to make $400,000 in your spare time (though you never know!). I am saying that you have within you, right now, knowledge that is worth money to someone else, and you’re crazy to not turn that knowledge into cash.

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