Fun With Minimum Wage

I like Funny or Die. It’s a good site and there’s some entertaining stuff over there. However like all Hollywood enclaves it’s extremely left-wing in its messaging, to the point where circular logic doesn’t seem to bother them.

In the video, Mary Poppins quits because she can’t afford to live. This is because, she complains, her taxes are too high. Once all of her big government taxes are taken out, she’s now under the poverty line.

Her left-wing answer to high government taxes? Have the government raise the minimum wage. Because, you know, clearly the cure for high taxes is to pass more laws and use even more government force.

Wouldn’t a better and simpler answer be to have the government significantly lower taxes on the working poor so they can pay their bills?

No, I guess not. Since lowering taxes, even on poor people, sounds too Republicanish. Oh god, can’t have that.

It’s the same problem with society’s modern view of healthcare. In the 1960s, American healthcare was the best and among the least expensive in the world. Then big government got involved, and now American healthcare is the most expensive on the planet and poorer people can’t afford it. The left-wing answer? Easy. Have government (i.e. the taxpayer) pay for everyone’s health care.

Wouldn’t a simpler answer be to have government un-do all the crap they did to healthcare in the last 50 years, thereby making it inexpensive again?

I know. Logic. It’s tough.

I’m amazed when I watch videos like this. People complain about too much government, and three seconds later declare the answer is more government. The cure to too much government is less government. It’s called math.

Okay, let’s say you don’t agree with me, and really do think that raising the minimum wage is better than significantly lowering taxes on the working poor. If you want the minimum wage raised so poorer people can pay their bills on top of their already way-too high government taxes, then you simply want to funnel more money to the government.

Why do you want that? The US government takes in $5.4 trillion per year in tax dollars already. Are you seriously saying that’s not enough? The government really needs more money, huh?

If the working poor paid zero or near-zero taxes, then this would be a very different conversation, but as Mary Poppins says in the video at the 36 second mark, they’re often paying federal income tax, state income tax, medicare tax, and social security tax. Sometimes they pay a city income tax on top of that, such as in places like New York City.

But oh no, we shouldn’t make any of those taxes lower for the working poor. That will help rich people. Or something. Instead we should just pass more laws and create more bureaucracy to make sure the government gets more money.


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