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I have started posting regular video, audio, podcast, and article content all over social media for you to enjoy, for free. A month ago my staff and I enacted a massive social media wing of my business, so now I’m all over the place in a very big way.

I’m not just on some social media. I’m pretty much on all major social media platforms, as you’re about to see. Here is a list of where to follow me, with links and posting frequencies:

Video Content

I post videos on YouTube right here twice per week. Subscribe and don’t forget to hit the notification bell.

For every Youtube video we also upload the same video to Vimeo right here as a back up just in case anything ever happens to my YouTube channel.

I post videos and other content on Instagram and Instagram TV right here every day.

I post videos and other content to Facebook every day right here. I also have a private Facebook group right here.

I post updates on Twitter every day right here.

I post video and other content at LinkedIn right here every day.

I’ve got lots of stuff at some these sites already, including videos I did from Panama and Paraguay, some seminars I did for the Alpha Male 2.0 World Tour, and some I did from when I spoke at Freedomfest in Las Vegas last week. Others are just getting started, with much, much more to come.

Also don’t forget we have the Alpha Male 2.0 Facebook Group right here (350 members and growing), and the Alpha Male 2.0 Community Forums right here (over 100 members already).

New Podcast

I have also launched a new podcast, the Alpha Male 2.0 Podcast, on all major podcast platforms. The first episode is up now and we will release a new episode once every 10 days. The podcasts will feature advice from me, and every third or fourth podcast I will interview an expert guest regarding relevant Alpha 2.0 topics such as investing, finance, daygame, night game, location independent income, online dating, non-monogamous relationships, lifestyle for men, travel, and so on.

My first guest for these interviews is none other than Richard Cooper of Entrepreneurs in Cars. I have a whole schedule of guests lined up but I don’t want to reveal it yet past Richard (who was fucking amazing). Subscribe for the podcast so you can get all of this goodness. If you have any suggestions regarding future guests (especially good daygame or night game guys), please let me know and I’ll see if I can get them on the show.

Here’s where you can subscribe to the podcast and get the first episode:

Apple Podcasts / iTunes here (CASH GIVEAWAY: Go listen, subscribe, and leave an honest review and I’ll randomly select a few winners. Take a screenshot and DM me your PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App on Instagram, Facebook, or in the Alpha Male 2.0 Facebook group. We will be paying cash prizes of varying amounts, but the minimum will be $50. Yes, I will pay you $50 (or more) if you do the above.)

Soundcloud here

Spotify here

Castbox here

Sticher here

TuneIn here

We will be adding to the podcast on more platforms over the next week (such as Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Overcast, and others). I will let you know when these are ready.

And as always, I will continue to post blog articles here at The Caleb Jones Blog and over at at The Blackdragon Blog once a week each. That posting schedule will not change.

As you can see, I’m very serious about this and I’ve made all the commitments in terms of scheduling and money to post video and audio content to all of these platforms on a regular schedule from now on.

If you’re wondering, before I had two Facebook and Twitter identities: Blackdragon and Caleb Jones. To go full-blast with social media like this, I was forced to pick a primary one to focus on. As of about a month ago, this is Caleb Jones. Alpha Male 2.0 and Caleb Jones is the primary brand, and Blackdragon will remain a sub-brand under Alpha Male 2.0 which is where all of my dating and relationship content will be (including The Blackdragon Blog and the Blackdragon books on these topics). As I promised ten years ago, I will continue the Blackdragon brand and dating/relationships content until at least 2024, so don’t worry. I’m just saying the Blackdragon Twitter and Facebook account won’t be updated very much with new stuff. Go to the Caleb Jones Facebook here and the Twitter account here for all the new content instead. Those will be pure Alpha Male 2.0 topics, of which dating and relationships will make up at least 50%.

So scroll back up, click the links you want to follow or subscribe to, subscribe/follow, share the content, and tell all of your friends. The more people who subscribe and follow my social media and podcast content, the more free content I will provide there. So if you like my content, it helps you if you share it as much as you can.

So far I’ve had a lot of fun with these videos (though I have made a lot of mistakes and probably will continue to do so until I get the hang of it). I can’t wait to do more and I have a entire list of them planned.

Want over 35 hours of how-to podcasts on how to improve your woman life and financial life? Want to be able to coach with me twice a month? Want access to hours of technique-based video and audio? The SMIC Program is a monthly podcast and coaching program where you get access to massive amounts of exclusive, members-only Alpha 2.0 content as soon as you sign up, and you can cancel whenever you want. Click here for the details.

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