Get The New Alpha 2.0 Business Book Now!

The new Alpha 2.0 business book Big Income From Little Work is now available in electronic format (you get the PDF, EPUB, and Kindle file). It’s only $19.97, making it one of the cheapest books I’ve ever written. Just click here to get it.

If you would like the unabridged audio version as well, that’s just $37 for everything (audiobook + all three digital versions). Just click here to get it.

Big Income From Little Work is an introduction to the Alpha 2.0 business model, designing your own small business (eventually getting two to four of these businesses) that sell high-margin products, services, or information to a narrow niche, thus generating 100% location-independent income that’s at least $75,000 a year (or a lot more if you want it) that takes less than 30 hours a week to maintain. It works for any man, of any age, in any country in the world where you have an internet connection.

It’s a very easy read, simple, and to the point, just 62 pages long. It summarizes all the core how-to aspects of building your own Alpha 2.0 business.

If you get it this weekend before this Sunday night (July 12th) at midnight PST, you’ll also get the following three FREE bonuses. (You will not get any of these if you order the book past this Sunday night!)

1. Alpha 2.0 Business Planning Worksheets– A set of Excel worksheet I’ve configured specifically for this book so you can plan out all the key aspects of your Alpha 2.0 business.

2. All three digital versions of my personal success book Sampson and the Wizard. It’s a business/success book but told from the fantasy perspective of a young man apprenticing with a wizard. I’ve had several guys tell me it’s literally the best self-help book they’ve ever read. You get the PDF, EPUB, and Kindle versions, free.

3. Getting Started With Your Alpha 2.0 Business Audio Training – This is an audio lesson I recorded just for this book that will help you get started with your first Alpha 2.0 business. I go over the 9 steps on exactly how to get started.

If you are an Alpha Male 2.0 Affiliate this product is enabled for commission for you. This book is a good, cheap, easy, much-less-controversial entry point for new Alpha Male 2.0 customers.

The clock is ticking if you want those free bonuses! I disable all the bonuses in 48 hours. Just click here to get it before that happens.

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  • joelsuf
    Posted at 10:49 am, 11th July 2020

    Just bought the book but I didn’t receive it in my inbox. I do have the receipt however.

    Should I wait, or contact your staff or something?

  • Eoin
    Posted at 03:40 pm, 11th July 2020

    Same thing has happened to me.

  • joelsuf
    Posted at 04:55 pm, 11th July 2020

    Just got all the stuff in my inbox now. Looks like it just took Caleb a couple hours to process the orders!

    Can’t want to get into this book. My other life areas are good (I mean, I’m taking time off chicks now because of the virus) but money/vocation is one area of my life where I have always sucked. Hope Big Income From Little Work will help me since I want to improve every aspect of my financial/vocational life before this year ends.

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