Goodbye, Star Wars

Well, hello there, Star Wars!

I said that I would give you one last chance. I said I would give Star Wars: The Last Jedi a shot and go in with an open mind, in the hope that it explained at least some of the many things that made literally no sense about the universe portrayed in The Force Awakens. After all, that’s what all the Star Wars fanboys said to me two years ago when I complained about The Force Awakens, “You have to wait until the next movie, Caleb! Then they’ll explain it!”

Okay. Challenge excepted, nerds. I went and saw the movie, excited to see these explanations that would redeem The Force Awakens.

So, ummm…


Not only did the new movie not explain anything, it actually threw out just about everything in The Force Awakens, and even added more shit that made no sense. Some a few questions just off the top of my head…

1. Why do they still use X-Wings and Tie Fighters 35 years later? Again? (And I want an in universe answer, not a Disney business decision answer.)

2. Where did the Empire (I mean “the First Order”) get all of its vast money and power when they were thoroughly defeated in Return of the Jedi? Again?

3. How in the hell did The Empire (I mean “the First Order”) take over the entire fucking galaxy in the brief screen time between this movie and the last one? What the hell?

4. Why did the Empire (I mean “the First Order”) build yet another vast, gigantic, expensive super-weapon that can be easily destroyed in totality by hitting one little spot? They’ve done this four times now. Four. Seriously, are they all retards? How did retards like this take over the galaxy? Again?

5. How was Rey, who has never been trained to use a lightsaber in her entire life, able to easily kick the ass of numerous Imperial royal guards armed with super-weapons? I mean, huh? That entire scene made no sense. (Did you guys not hear us last time when we said having Rey be amazing at everything for no reason looks really stupid and makes no sense?)

6. Why does the AT-ST (the two-legged Imperial Walker) look exactly the same 35 years later?

7. Why are there at least four different scenarios in this movie that almost exactly mirror other situations or scenes in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi? (Again, I want an in universe answer, not a Disney business decision answer.)

8. Why was the most powerful force user in these movies, the Emperor (I mean “Supreme Leader”) unable to read the mind and obvious intentions of Kylo Ren when he betrayed him with Luke’s lightsaber? Can you seriously imagine the original Emperor making such a blatant and stupid mistake?

9. How are you able to knock out a guy wearing a large helmet by slapping him with a floppy boot? (Really, Star Wars? Really? Is this what you’ve become?)

10. Why is there gravity in space? How are bombs “dropped” from a spaceship onto another spaceship in space? (If your answer is that they were self-propelled, then why do they need to be dropped by a spaceship at point-blank range instead of fired from far away?)

11. Why did the codebreaker only wait to break out of jail when Fin and Rose were added to his cell when he clearly could have broken out at any time?

12. Why did Fin and Rose trust a complete stranger when he said he’s a codebreaker just because he said so? Are Fin and Rose retarded? (Are all characters in Star Wars retarded now? Even in the prequels the characters weren’t retarded. Badly acted and boring, but not retarded.)

13. How are you able to have multiple scenarios in which a crowded room explodes, and literally everyone in the room is conveniently either dead or knocked out except the protagonists? Does the force magically steer fire and concussive blasts away from good guys now?

14. Why did the massive defeat of the destruction of the Death Star (I mean “Starkiller”) and all personnel on it in The Force Awakens do literally nothing to stop, or even slow the advance of the Empire (I mean the “First Order”)? Did all of the victories of The Force Awakens mean nothing? What was the point of that movie then?

15. If Leia is able to fly/float using the force, why has no other Jedi or Sith ever used this particular force power in any of the other seven Star Wars movies? (And no, force jumping is not flying or floating.)

16. Flying a ship at light speed into another ship blows it up. Okay, no problem, I’ll accept that, and it was a cool visual. But how does destroying one ship by flying into it at light speed automatically destroy all other ships in the vicinity, including those who are no where near the flight path of the ramming ship and too far away to be hit by debris?

17. Where did a low-end security guard in the Rebellion (I mean “The Resistance”) learn how to pilot a fighter?

18. Why is the most powerful Stormtrooper (“Captain Phasma”) so easily defeated? By a janitor? Again?

19. Why did… oh fuck it, I’m tired of this.

I could go on and on Star Wars, but my fingers are getting tired of typing out the myriad of ways your universe presented in the last two movies makes absolutely no sense in terms of the other seven Star Wars movies you’ve made.

(I like X-Wings and callbacks to Return of the Jedi too, but if you wanted to fill a movie with those things, you could have simply rebooted Star Wars, which I would have been fine with, or set these new Star Wars movies within the era of the original trilogy, like you did with Rogue One. That would have been awesome.)

But hey, you don’t have to answer my questions, Star Wars. This movie will make over a billion dollars despite these inconsistencies on top of the fact that it suffers from boring sequences, tonal problems, editing problems, useless story lines, pacing issues, and so on. Just like modern-day voters on both sides of the political isle, modern-day Star Wars fans lost their minds a long time ago and have embraced a heightened state of emotionalism and irrationality, so you don’t need to create a universe that makes any sense in order to be successful. I get that.

I’m just saying that you’re officially dead, at least in my view, and I’m done. This was my last attempt, and I can’t take it anymore. I’m not going to see any more Star Wars movies in the theater (unless something very unusual happens). I might see bits and pieces of upcoming movies at home, but that’s about it. I’d much rather watch the first three Star Wars movies, which were great, and the four prequels, which had major problems but at least made sense within the universe, than watch any of these new movies which have completely butchered the setting, literally to the point where every ten minutes while I’m watching I’m saying “Wait.. what?”

I don’t need movies to make sense. I can shut off my brain and enjoy all kinds of crap, as I’ve demonstrated many times in the past with my movie reviews. But I need the movies to make sense within the universes they create. I need consistency. This is why, for example, I can actually (somewhat) enjoy those god-awful Transformers movies. They’re horrible, but they’re always consistent within their universe. The Transformers movies exist in a fantasy reality where every human character is a stupid cartoon caricature, and where robots pee, grow beards, and have breath, and where the laws of physics don’t exist. Stupid, but okay, if that’s the universe, and you stick with it, I’ll accept it, and maybe I can enjoy it.

But it’s clear that since you know you’ll make a billion dollars per movie no matter what you do, you don’t give shit at all about the consistency of your universe anymore, Star Wars.

Which is fine. I’m a capitalist, so I’m glad you’re making money. But I’m done.

Hey, I tried.

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  • POB
    Posted at 07:56 am, 20th December 2017

    The movie was such a disappointment, on so many levels, that it’s hard to point out all those flaws in one sitting.

    The Force Awakens was bad…but this one completely destroys – or disregards – everything established on the first 6 movies…PLUS the same Force Awakens!!! There’s absolutely NO reason to like it from a movie experience stand point. And you didn’t even touched on the PC crap:

    -saving the animals is more important than everything (including the universe),

    – ordinary looking chick representing minorities has a good heart, shows everybody personalty is more important than looks and hook up with the handsome dude, or

    – rich people are always bad

    These days Disney is a humongous corporation ruling the entire fantasy genre in the cinema industry. This is the only reason virtually every critic is giving props to such a crap flick (93% on rotten tomatoes….really???). Nobody wants to be shut out of interviews/materials for the Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man and so on.

  • BS1
    Posted at 08:35 am, 20th December 2017

    I am with Caleb on this one.

    It was terrible. The Last Feminist Jedi.

    White men are mostly bad guys.  Women are good guys and awesome leaders and naturally gifted.  Men are stupid, even the good guys. The heroic acts are mostly from women in this film.  Rose is another example of a character that shouldn’t be able to do the things she is shown doing.  She even teaches Finn a lesson about love. Aww.

    The force is about feelings.  Apparently, Ren can just sit cross legged in a meditation position, while Luke tells her to feel the force and she is good to go as far as training is concerned.

    And the whole scene fighting the guards and killing the Supreme leader was just unbelieveable.  He was a weak ass “Emperor”; killed much to easily by a whiney ass Darth Vader fan-boy wantabee, Kylo Ren.


  • CrabRangoon
    Posted at 08:48 am, 20th December 2017

    I heard the movie was dog shit-one of the biggest discrepancy between critics and fans too.  I read the plot and it sounds completely ridiculous.  No explanation about anything and even after the “Mary Sue” criticism with Rey, they clearly did nothing to solve it.  Snoke was a nobody throwaway character after all this speculation about his background. And lessons about love??? This is fucking Star Wars, not the Notebook.   Hollywood has lost it man.  After a lackluster Justice League,  this is really disappointing,  Although I just watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and that was pretty entertaining.

    Back to re-watching the good old 80’s action flicks I guess-at least we have those to fall back on.   Star Wars is bleeding…if it bleeds, we can kill it

  • Kevin
    Posted at 10:01 am, 20th December 2017

    Agreed sir.

    I hated this movie for the reasons detailed above, but what continues to irk me is that the damn titles of the movies don’t make any bloody sense.

    “The Force Awakens”? This makes no sense because Luke and Rey’s interaction informs us that the force is always around, it was never gone, and never will be (life, death, decay, rebirth etc). So, it’s not like to force just sort of took a break post-Luke/Ben Solo attempted murder.

    Then, for shits sake, “The Last Jedi” makes no sense.  Maybe it should be “The New Jedi” or something?  Luke isn’t the last jedi and presumably neither is Rey going to be the last jedi.  This new trilogy is incoherent from top to bottom, left to right, and all things in between.

  • joelsuf
    Posted at 10:05 am, 20th December 2017

    Star Wars fans lost their minds a long time ago and have embraced a heightened state of emotionalism and irrationality, so you don’t need to create a universe that makes any sense in order to be successful. I get that.

    Not just Star Wars fans, fans of pretty much anything. We’ve entered an era where fandom is greater than logic. Its been like this for a LONG time now. Case in point: Adam Sandler still makes movies where he copies and pastes tropes and they still get publicly AND critically acclaimed. Kevin Hart still performs in front of millions of fans even though he is the worst comedian to come down the pike since Dane Cook, and that’s saying something.

    These days, if its a new thing, its automatically the best ever.

    I for one do not even count the prequels in Star Wars Canon. But because fanboys and fangirls will hopelessly defend their brand (because god forbid they have anything else to protect), this is what it has come to. Its turned into a high school thing; I’ve been told that I’m a “bad person” for refusing to watch any of the prequels and for saying anything besides the three original movies are not canon. To which I respond: Cool story bro. Keep ruthlessly defending a franchise that never really cared about its fans and only cared about spreading a very clear collectivist message: “Nixon (and later Reagan) bad, democrat good.” Back in the day it was at least enjoyable, lol

    Everything else, and I do mean everything else other than the first three, was just retcon and a cheap money grab for Lucas. And like Caleb says, more power to him; I’d be doing the same. Hell, I’d probably be doing worse.

    Hollywood has lost it man. It was terrible. The Last Feminist Jedi.

    Meh, Hollywood has been performing legit mind control and psyops for a LONG time now. Back when it wasn’t “tradcon bad, progressive good” it was “progressive bad, tradcon good.” People tend to forget that. Same psyop, different flavor. Only now they are being taken more seriously than back in the day and that’s what scares me. But again, that’s just a choice that society has made. We can thank social media for this. Sometime in the next decade or so we will actually SEE a Film Actors Guild like in Team America: World Police where actors are esteemed just as much as philosophers and scientists etc. It will be mind blowingly hilarious but scary at the same time. That’s when the average IQ of the west will be somewhere in the 90s lol.

    Although different from what the conspiracy theorists believe, this is not going to turn the west into some weird Jewish Theocracy which is what the conspiracy theorists warn about.

  • MoChnk
    Posted at 12:48 pm, 20th December 2017

    People complain about the movies but keep watching them. Like people complaining about politicians but continue voting for them.

    Maybe THIS is Disney’s spiteful plan. Making the movies bad on purpose so they generate more buzz and therefore more money. From a purely monetary and marketing perspective.

    Well, maybe that’s a bit too exaggerated. But look at these porg creatures. It seems like their only purpose is to have a reason for creating more merchandise to sell.

    Well, I haven’t seen the movie so I don’t know. And I’m not gonna see it. TFA was the last one for me. Star Wars was already dead after that one.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 01:16 pm, 20th December 2017

    People complain about the movies but keep watching them. Like people complaining about politicians but continue voting for them.

    You’re absolutely right, and I’ve been guilty of this myself in the past. No more. For the first time in my life, I am now going to refuse to buy tickets for movies that I think have a good chance of being crappy, even if they’re within franchises I’ve historically liked. This is actually a big change for me (lol), but as I said in the article, movies are getting so bad that I just can’t do it anymore.

    It seems like their only purpose is to have a reason for creating more merchandise to sell.

    Yes, but that’s always been the case with Star Wars. It’s really a giant toy commercial for kids.

  • The Lord Humungus
    Posted at 02:47 pm, 20th December 2017

    this movie was bad. Horrible, even.

    I would say though that the only thing that didn’t bother me were #1 and #6 .

    There would presumeably be hundreds of trillions of dollars of materiel and inventory left over by the ’empire’ , so why (how) would the empire (i mean first order) make all new ships and machines?

    We are used to technology changing rapidly over a period of years, let alone decades, but this isn’t an iron law of the universe. Maybe these ships have been their peak technology for a while.

    Anyway, it sucked hard and I agree they blew their last chance with me. There was a line in the movie where a character says “the spark is gone!” and I turned to my GF and said “you can say that again”

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 03:14 pm, 20th December 2017

    I would say though that the only thing that didn’t bother me were #1 and #6 .

    There would presumeably be hundreds of trillions of dollars of materiel and inventory left over by the ’empire’ , so why (how) would the empire (i mean first order) make all new ships and machines?

    Even if I agreed with that point, how does that explain X-wings in the rebellion then?

    No. You’ve got to admit it doesn’t make much sense.

  • Johnny Clay
    Posted at 05:30 pm, 20th December 2017

    I had posted a few times under your previous entry about Star Wars and Star Trek. I honestly thought TFA was setting up something amazing, and The Last Jedi would offer some big payoffs.

    Well, I was wrong. This film threw out everything that had been set up in TFA, and was really just an example of very poor storytelling. While watching the movie, I honestly couldn’t wait for it to end.

    I’m an old school Star Wars fan who truly loves the original trilogy, and found the prequel trilogy to be flawed yet still fun. But I was so disappointed by this episode that I’m now done with this franchise.

    The next one is “Solo” which will be in theaters in May. It promises to be a disaster. Disney had to fire the director team of “Solo” halfway through production which doesn’t bode well. But I’ll be staying home, revisiting the original trilogy and remembering the days when Star Wars truly was something special.


  • Jack Outside the Box
    Posted at 06:24 pm, 20th December 2017

    only cared about spreading a very clear collectivist message: “Nixon (and later Reagan) bad, democrat good.” Back in the day it was at least enjoyable, lol

    Yes, but that’s always been the case with Star Wars. It’s really a giant toy commercial for kids.

    Star Wars is, and always has been, nothing but “Buddhism in space” and the promotion of pantheism and eastern mysticism.

    It’s worst crime is selling the Buddhist lie that things like “hate” and “love” are nouns which exist as energies in their own right, instead of verbs, or the adjectives that describe nouns, that they really are. This garbage has empowered an entire generation of social justice retards screaming that hate, or being hateful, is a bad thing and that things like terrorism should be responded to with “love.”

    Reality, of course, is that both positive emotions and negative emotions can be good if directed towards the right things. Likewise, both can be bad if directed towards the wrong things. Example: You hate Islam? Then you’re a good person. You love mass genocide? Then you’re a bad person.

    Love isn’t automatically good and hate isn’t automatically bad. Both can be good or bad, depending on the things they’re focused on!

    But we, as a culture, must stop treating these emotions like nouns, or as self-referential, self-sustaining concepts. That’s what the SJWs want and, as we all know, SJWs suck! 

    Also, Fuck Star Wars!


  • Jack Outside the Box
    Posted at 06:27 pm, 20th December 2017

    The Last Feminist Jedi.

    Haha! Let’s hope it’s the last then.



  • John C
    Posted at 11:16 pm, 20th December 2017

    1. could of been made some sort of sense if in the first movie two things were answered. I agree with not having tie fighters but X-wings maybe.
    For one many weapons do not get replace until something better comes along for the type of purpose. We are used to technology always getting better but for most of history the rate of innovation is low often the same style of weapons would be used again and again until something better comes along. Often only recognize after a major defeat. 
    Tie fighter made sense during the Empire times since there was not a major threat for the 19  years. Before that Tie fighter would be cheaper to make. It probably also made the empire look bigger and therefore make other planet scare to fight them.
    After major wars, generals (as so often happens) will go through on why the war went the way it did, (sometimes get the wrong lessons, such as the British and France after WW1).
    Often everyone wants to copy the best weapons unless skills or materials prevents them. The First Order maybe a Neo Empire but the performance of the x-wings over tie fighter should have meant that militaries would scrap the tie fighter for x-wings or something similar or different. The numbers could not even protect two Death Stars from being destroy.
    The problem with this movie is that both sides should be using x-wings if nothing new has replace them.
    It should have been like after the end of Alexanders Empire when infighting started to happen.  New powers were rising and they all tried to use all the weapons, units and tactics of Alexander expect for War elephants. The war chariots which was used by the Persia throughout most of their history after war it preform so bad that it was never copy after that.
    I mean how cool would the movies had been if it was X-Wings vs X-wings. A true Civil war with Han son who is now a general on one side vs the existing government on the other side. They could have played how confusing warfare is and show the evil on both sides. But it is Disney and they wanted to play safe. So story on Good and Evil, so the Tie fighter (even know it makes no sense) have to play a part. The universe now doesn’t make any sense. 

  • The Lord Humungus
    Posted at 12:12 am, 21st December 2017

    Even if I agreed with that point, how does that explain X-wings in the rebellion then? No. You’ve got to admit it doesn’t make much sense.

    Like I said, there is no reason that there would automatically be major technological advancements in the design of their ships just because 30 years had passed.

    That’s what we’re used to these days, but it isn’t something that would always happen. It could just be the best design they have. The .50 Browning M2 has been in active military service for 100 years

    In any case, it’s at worst a minor flaw compared to the rest of the movie’s problems

  • Neil
    Posted at 02:34 am, 21st December 2017

    Yeah, saw it last Friday and I thought it was bad. Plot devices that were so obvious (The “wild” Crystal Foxes that went running into the rebel base and hung around until they ‘found a way out the back for everyone’) and scenes that made no sense (Lea’s ‘Mary Poppins’ moment that had the whole cinema wet themselves laughing) and scenes that were just added to fill time (the Casino planet).

    Considering it was meant to be a tribute to Carrie Fisher, it was pretty awful especially as they’ll have to address her absence in the next film.
     As for the argument about the Emp.. First Order having a load of money/ships/weapons left, that still doesn’t address the fact that they can upgrade Star Destroyers, build another Super Star Destroyer and a Star Killer base that would take millions of people and aliens, decades to build and yet the Republic/Resistance don’t hear a word about it!?!.. Common!?..

    I’d rather have sat through two hours of the mating habits of Porgs.

  • Gil Galad
    Posted at 02:40 am, 21st December 2017

    I’ve been told that I’m a “bad person” for refusing to watch any of the prequels

    If you shut off your brain, the prequels are visually very entertaining, especially the third one. Hell, Camille Paglia specifically praised Revenge of the Sith as “the greatest work of art in recent history”, lol. I don’t care what people say about them, I’ll still be rewatching them every couple years. Also the fact that I’m on the younger side makes me too used to modern special effects to enjoy SF movies made before the 90s, and as a result I can’t bring myself to really love the original trilogy.

  • CrabRangoon
    Posted at 08:00 am, 21st December 2017

    The prequels were overall pretty crappy BUT Emperor Palpatine is one of my fav characters in the series and the prequels did give him tons of screen time which was lacking in the originals since it was more Vader/Luke focused.  Revenge of the Sith was pretty fun for that reason-loved him just cutting down jedi masters and the duel with Yoda was way more cool to me than the Obi Wan/Anakin duel.  2 of the most powerful guys on each side of the coin going head to head was a great payoff after sitting through Anakin and Padme make doe eyes at each other.

  • Alex
    Posted at 12:03 pm, 21st December 2017

    I did not watch the movie so I have a question that might solve question n. 5: did she used the lightsaber as she did in the previous one? Because in the force awaken she used it like a spear (her weapon)

  • Macro Investor
    Posted at 12:23 pm, 21st December 2017

    We live in a world where everything is cheap shit marketed to the max. It’s buyer beware, whether it’s news, corn flakes or medicine.

    Disney has learned that consumers are idiots. No need to waste time on quality. That only appeals to 1% of consumers. The rest will buy what ever shit you produce.

    In a buyers beware world you go slow and verify everything. Wait for the hype to die down and watch for reviews from real people. I’m actually surprised that people who are ZFG in some areas of their life need to watch a movie the first few weeks it comes out. Some of you need to ask yourself why it was so important.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 12:37 pm, 21st December 2017

    Disney has learned that consumers are idiots. No need to waste time on quality.

    Yes. However I think with Star Wars its a little more specific than that. I think Disney has realized that the core audience for Star Wars is two groups:

    A) kids (who also drag their parents)

    B) grown-up Star Wars fanboys, who are robotically programmed to buy a ticket for literally any movie that is Star Wars related.

    Disney knows that if they please those two groups, and just those two groups, then every Star Wars movie will make a mountain of money. Fanboys are very forgiving, and little kids don’t give a shit about any problem brought up in my article or any of these comments.

    It’s actually a good business model; play to your niche and tell everyone else to fuck off. I do this myself. Disney is very good at making money. I’m just no longer in their target niche.

  • Arthur
    Posted at 04:01 pm, 21st December 2017

    Hah, when I objected to Rey being a Mary Sue in the first film, I was told, ‘Just wait until the next one! Everything will be explained then.’ Good to see my suspicions were right and there really was no explanation for her Mary-Sue-ness.

  • Tech Romancer
    Posted at 10:09 pm, 21st December 2017

    There is an explanation.

    Political correctness and gynocentric pandering.

  • The Lord Humungus
    Posted at 12:42 am, 22nd December 2017

    And what was up with Daisy Ridley in this movie? Her face looked all puffy like she was on Prednisone or something.

    I already don’t find her attractive, she is not my type at all ( I like short, dark, and seriously curvy – think young Salma Hayek) But she looked like total shit

  • Eric smith
    Posted at 07:18 am, 22nd December 2017

    Tis a shame. One of the books had a starkiller but it was an ity bitty ship, and Luke lost his apprentice because ancient Sith in the Yavin temple persuaded him. Really blows me away when they didn’t go with the material already out there.


    oh well.

  • David
    Posted at 11:45 pm, 22nd December 2017

    The original star wars fans were done with SW when Jar Jar showed up.

    Regardless, the last two have such horrible freaking actors, they relied on original cast members to carry the movie along.  No one cares if Fin, Rey or Kylo Ren die I promise! But when Hans solo, Luke did, it meant something.


    Also, am I the only one who thought that Luke looks like a normal sized Peter Dinklage?!

  • joelsuf
    Posted at 07:29 am, 23rd December 2017

    Haha! Let’s hope it’s the last then.

    Don’t delude yourself. It’s not the last. Ever since it made a splash 20 years ago, Girl Power is taking over. I’ve had this scouted in high school. And it was confirmed to me when I was taken to the principal’s office for “creeping out” a chick but when I tried to report a chick for punching me, nothing. This was aaaaalllll they way back in 2000. This will not slow down no matter how many manosphere boys fight against it. The feminine imperative, man.

    And I could waste my time and energy “fighting the good fight” against it. I really could. But I’m good. I’ll just accept that things are different, adapt to them, and then make necessary adjustments. Its what Alpha 2s do.

  • PrepZ
    Posted at 01:49 pm, 24th December 2017

    Reading about the glaring problems with the last few films, and now this one, confirms my abandonment of the whole Star Wars franchise after the sixth film, episode 3, Revenge of the Sith. I only endured episodes 1 and 2 to see the Darth Vader origin story alluded to in the original episode 4.

    I knew nothing good would come of any more attempts to string along the franchise in the universe Lucas created, which Disney so conveniently transformed into another mass marketing infomercial to sell crappy merch to kids as well as adult fans.

    Where’s Triumph the Insult Comic Dog when you need him?



  • POB
    Posted at 05:47 am, 26th December 2017

    There is an “Old Republic” short on youtube where they got every CGI cutscene of the game and pasted it together.

    Just google “the old republic movie” and have 30 min of old SW fun.

    Next in line is DC. If they don’t nail The Flash, Batman and Aquaman stand alones they’ll loose me for good too.

  • PK
    Posted at 07:46 am, 26th December 2017

    Saw the latest Star Wars a few days ago.  Thought it was okay, not good.  But, I’ve learned to take these newest episodes of Star Wars with a grain of salt.  They have some cool fight/battle scenes and graphics, and I enjoy seeing the original characters, but that’s about it.

    * Definitely a lot of PC crap, like the “strong independent women” saving everyone, don’t harm animals ever, be like the Beatles:  all you need is love, etc.

    * The scene of Leia flying through space was utterly ridiculous!  Prior to this movie, her Force powers have been pretty limited.  Yet, she manages to do something they haven’t even shown Jedi Masters doing before.

    * How about the Asian gal who went from a security guard who never flew or saw combat action to suddenly being able to pilot a rickety, outdated-technology fighter?  Like having some chick from Wackenhut immediately know how to fly a P-51 Mustang.

    * I didn’t get enough of one of my favorite original characters:  C3PO.  I always liked his quips and quotes, especially when he would bicker with R2D2.  I found him rather plain in this one, the few lines they gave him.  I was also hoping to see some screen time for Obi-Wan Kenobi, coming back in spirit form to mentor Luke again.

    * Maybe it’s just me getting older, but it seems like a lot of the minor characters and other people in the background are very young.  In the older SW films, it seemed like many minor characters — like Rebellion squadron leaders, mid-level Empire officers, etc — were middle-age.  Now it looks like only a choice few people in the whole film are over 30.  Kylo Ren looks more man-child than menacing.

  • CTV
    Posted at 01:14 am, 4th January 2018

    The movie was def not as good as other movies and lacked creativity and back story for the First Order.


    If they’re smart they’ll pick apart the KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC video games and books for a movie. An excellent story line is Darth Bane, those 3 Books are probably some of the best Star Wars material out there. They have lots of things about the Sith that have never been put out there yet.

    If you really really need you Star Wars fix? I suggest you download some of the audiobooks. They’re very entertaining with sound effects, voices and music. It’s a sensory overload.




    Posted at 09:01 am, 5th January 2018

    Just a note about “old” military tech. Sometimes, certain types of military hardware never really go out of date because they represent the ultimate design possible for it’s intended purpose. A few examples that I can think of off the top of my head are the M-2 Browning Machine gun, the Colt M-1911 pistol, & the M-14 rifle. The M-2 has been in continual use with the US armed forces since WWII with very little change. The 1911 was recently reissued in the Marine Corps to an updated design (basically a rail system & some other little tweeks) all based on the original from over 100 years ago, replacing it’s replacement, the M-9 Berretta. Vietnam vintage M-14’s (that were originally designed on the WWII era M-1 Garand) from armory stockpiles were re-issed in Afghanistan because they could take out the Talley at greater ranges due to their Battle Rifle sized ammo which had a longer reach & more killing power than the standard 5.56mm Nato round from the 3rd generation of current production M-16s.

    In the Navy, the nearly 30 year old Ticonderoga Class cruisers are being considered for a major refit to give them another 10 years because there is no direct replacement for them & their important roll in the fleet.

    In the Air Force, the B-52s may get a set of new engines that could make them last until the 2040s & that’s on airframes that left the Boeing plant in the late 1960s, possibly resulting in 80 year old bombers.

    Sometimes cutting edge tech is at the front line of combat & sometimes the old tech is just too good to replace. Lately, in the US, it’s caused by spiraling development costs as the technology of the day gets more & more expensive. Sometimes it’s because the replacements don’t turn up to be better than the older model.

    Just tossing that out there.



  • MoChnk
    Posted at 02:41 pm, 11th January 2018

    Alright, I’ve just seen the movie. Totally unplanned, but I got spontaneously asked out by a group of friends so I went. I had probably the lowest expectations possible and thought “Well, I know it’s going to suck but at least the visuals are going to be great”. But even with these low expectations I got disappointed.

    This movie didn’t look like Star Wars anymore. The evil guys were always on the brink of bursting out in tears that I had the feeling I was watching a Star Wars parody.

    The look of the alien creatures in past Star Wars movies has always been kinda ugly and weird. But in this one, they changed the looks to a Japanese anime-inspired look. These merchandise penguins, the running beasts, and these ice-foxes reminded me a lot of Pokemon from my childhood.

    The golden-dressed Snoke in his red screen background-illuminated studio reminded me of the jury of a casting show and I couldn’t stop thinking of an actual audience sitting in front of the stage and watching Kylo’s and Rey’s “audition”.

    Same thing with the sounds.

    Kylo Ren’s lightsaber doesn’t sound like a lightsaber. It doesn’t have the typical continuous humming sound but sounds more like something out of a Transformers movie.

    The whole movie didn’t have any structure or arc of suspense whatsoever. The villain was barely introduced before he got killed.

    And the feminist agenda was so blatantly implemented that it made feminism look really bad.
    Snoke’s ship was called Supremacy.
    Not some, but all leaders from the good side were women.
    Luke has become a pathetic wimp literally sucking on the saggy tits of an alien that resembled a stereotypical fat ugly feminist.
    The period-blood color red was used without a real reason for it, not only in Snoke’s American Idol studio but also for the red salt lake. I mean, why did the hovering vehicles of the resistance have to touch the ground? Did they get some energy by connecting to the salt planet or what? I don’t think so. It was just for the purpose to accompany the message of women’s resistance to the color red spreading over the salt lake.

    The producer Kathleen Kennedy even walks around wearing Tshirts that say “The force is female” and graduated from Berkley University, which is one of the biggest snakepits of SJWism in the US.

    And you know what? My blue pill guy friends all liked the movie, but the girls didn’t! I told you earlier in this comment section that women don’t like this lame girl power stuff either. And it was funny how the guys later changed their opinions about the movie for the girls and agreed that it wasn’t that good.

  • ATAT
    Posted at 11:03 am, 23rd January 2018

    On #10: Two things – The first is that if you’re mad about no gravity in space, you also have to be mad about sound in space. Sound needs a medium (for instance air) in order to travel, so the distinct TIE fighter noise for instance is total movie bullshit. The second is, you could potentially accept that the spaceships are so massive that they produce gravity on the order of a small moon or something, so bombs will actually fall on them within a certain range.

    On #15: I wouldn’t say that Force jumping is a different type of technique than flying (at least for that brief moment). Both involve applying force (lowercase) to move your body somewhere for a limited amount of time. I don’t think she could’ve just used that technique to fly across the galaxy like a spaceship, it was a temporary boost if anything. But as for the reason they even made that stupid scene, it was most likely some symbolic bullshit like “Carrie Fisher is dead but we brought her back!” or something.

  • Johnny Ringo
    Posted at 11:52 pm, 1st February 2018

    Agree completely!   Great points here Caleb.

    I sat at the movie theater and was just dumbfounded at the bland, uninteresting story telling.    Worse, I saw a good amount of apologists for the movie, talking about how great it was that we didn’t know who Rey’s parents were.


  • Seppuku Maru
    Posted at 04:39 am, 4th February 2018


    Completely agree. If I was George Lucas I would beat myself to have sold the rights to people who desecrated the work of my life. So many scenes are just like a gross copy paste from Episodes 5 and 6. Also don’t understand how Leia can survive the vacuum of space. There should be no survival possible.

    But I’m surprised you didn’t pick up on the blatantly obvious feminist agenda.

    Men are depicted as weak and helpless without a woman. Luke is cowardly hiding from his responsibility until Leia talks to him into action. Poe is the guy who is almost right, pushing for a plan that fails miserably, but as a reward for his pathetic efforts he is eventually qualified with a “… but I like him anyway” by his female boss. Good boy. Finn would be the valuable guy, but in the end he can’t succeed anything without the wise advice of his ugly fat chick “maintenance turned resistance fighter”, who seems to be domesticating him in the end. Of course, the Last Jedi is a woman. The only apt resistance leaders are all women. Even the Storm Troopers end up having their huge female boss.

    The message couldn’t be clearer: all men are helpless weaklings who can’t achieve anything without their female master. I have never seen a feminist propaganda so obvious in a Hollywood movie. Almost disgusting.

    Yeah, how could this be rated 93% at Rotten Tomatoes? it’s a 15% at best.


  • Throughfare
    Posted at 01:26 pm, 26th May 2018

    Postscript: Disney continues to crash & burn the franchise.

    The latest movie Solo is bombing at the American box office, and cratering even worse in foreign markets:


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