Help With Finding Your Mission


This is a very simple exercise you can follow if you really have no idea what your Mission or career should be. This exercise assumes that your current focus in life is business or career-related. If it isn’t, you may have to modify the exercise just a little, but it will still help.

Go to this page and look at the names and faces of the top 20 richest people in the world. These people are all high-end multibillionaires. Pick out the one you think you would be most comfortable with if you knew them as a personal friend. Try to pick one from the top 20.

Imagine your billionaire buddy invited you to a one-on-one lunch to your favorite restaurant. After talking, relaxing, and joking around, your billionaire friend told you that he/she would like to give you a job. Not a specific job he/she had in mind, but any job you wanted.

Out of all the companies, charities, departments, and other enterprises the billionaire had under his/her control, you are able to pick literally any job you want, at any pay level you feel is fair for that job. If you want to be a janitor, you can be. If you want to be the CEO of a major corporation, you can be. If you want to run a small office, you can do that too. If you want to be an artist, or scientist, or journalist, you can be that too. Literally whatever you want.

If for some reason no business or job under the billionaire’s control appeals to you, he/she offers to create any job, position, business, charity, or enterprise you want so that you can have your perfect job. You can actually design your own job or career. All of this person’s billions will make it so.

This is not a freebie, the billionaire warns. The job can be whatever you want and whatever pay you want, but once you have it, you will be expected to actually work it and do at least a decent job. Otherwise, you can and will get fired just like anyone else.

You ask your billionaire friend if you can have the weekend to think it over. “Of course,” he/she says, “This is a big decision. Take your time and let me know on Monday, and I’ll set up any job you like.”

So you go home and think about it. What job/position would you want? What kind of business would it be in? Would it even be a business, or would it be a non-profit charity? What kind of work would you be doing if you could choose literally whatever you wanted? How many people would you be working with? Where would the job be located?

Remember, you can choose whatever you like. The sky’s the limit.

Come up with your perfect job (or calling). Then turn it into a goal. And there you go.

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