How An Alpha 2.0 Business Sets You Free

The countdown has officially begun for the release of the Alpha 2.0 Business Course this Thursday March 5th at 4 p.m. EST. Over the next few days I will provide a few articles overviewing how you can set up your own low-work, high-income, location-independent business that makes you money and enhances your lifestyle at the same time. These articles are free, even if you choose to not get the course. My usual blog posts will continue as well.

Overview of the Alpha 2.0 Business

An Alpha 2.0 business is very different than the typical business started by most people.

It’s a company that generates at least $6,500 (USD or the equivalent in your currency) per month in pre-tax net profit for you (equaling or exceeding the Alpha Male income minimum of $75,000 per year). This can be much more than $6,500 per month if you’re willing to put in a little more effort; many Alpha 2.0s make strong six-figure incomes.

This income can be sustained on less than 30 hours per week once the business is up and running. I only need to work 15 hours per week to maintain my income (though I choose to work much harder than that because I have not yet hit all of my financial goals, but that’s me).

Also, the Alpha 2.0 business owner sets his own schedule 100% of the time. He literally never needs to work when he doesn’t want to.

Lastly, this income is also 100% location-independent, meaning you can travel, visit, or live literally anywhere on the planet and the income still continues.

The Alpha 2.0 business actually sets you free instead of creating another hassle in your life.

Overview of the Alpha 2.0 Business Structure

The Alpha 2.0 business structure means you have 2 – 4 small, profitable, location-independent, highly niched Alpha 2.0 businesses, all of which spin off money every month. Each business sells a completely different thing to an entirely different and unrelated market. This means you have a “portfolio” of diversified income sources.

You start one business at a time, growing it to a certain monthly income level, at which point you place it on autopilot while you start up the second one, and so on. Starting your first business is the hardest and will take the most amount of time. The good news is starting your second business (and all subsequent businesses, if you want them) will be incredibly easy and you’ll be shocked at how fast the money comes in from this second company. This puts your income on an exponential growth curve. And it’s all location-independent. It’s fucking awesome. (I will show you exactly how to do all of this in the course.)

When your two, three, or four businesses are all “done,” you have a strong income that allows you to live or travel anywhere you want in the world while having a highly secure and diversified income without having to work very hard. This means you are not only free, but safe from most recessions, governmental regulation changes, your political enemies (if any) banning you, and so on.

Since I have three diversified, location-independent businesses, if one of those enterprises goes out of business for whatever reason, I might be upset for a little bit, but my financial life continues just fine because I still have plenty of income from my other two companies.

It’s very nice. But it gets even better.

Each of your Alpha 2.0 businesses also has multiple income streams. You don’t just sell one thing to your niche. Instead, you sell a variety of things to appeal to all the unique needs, desires, and modalities of your niche.

I will illustrate with an example based closely on a guy I’ve been working with who’s been making shitloads of money doing this. (And no, please don’t ask me who he is.)

He has two small businesses. In his first business he teaches dating advice to women. (Find your ideal husband and all that other Disney shit). He has a coaching service and does workshops, both virtual and online.

He also has a second business where he sells consumer products on Amazon. He’s outsourced almost this entire process to a company that handles most of the advertising and even some of the product selection. This cost him a decent amount of money to get started, which is not required for an Alpha 2.0 business, but today he’s very profitable.

So, he has two different companies selling to two completely different markets, both of which make money, don’t require a lot of work on his part, and are totally location independent. He makes a low six-figure income and he works about 20 hours a week. Not bad.

That’s what Alpha 2.0 is all about.

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