How My Typical Year Looks

Going over my 2014 battle plan, it occurred to me that while my day-to-day life is quite varied, most of my years tend to follow a similar flow. January through December are filled with all kinds of different things every year, but most years tend to follow the same overall structure. Much of this I do on purpose, since there are certain things that are best done at certain times of the year. Much of this I don’t do on purpose, and are probably the result some kind of subconscious habit on my part.

-By Caleb Jones

I’ve already described what my typical day looks like, and my typical week. I thought it might be fun to describe my typical year. Again, every year I experience is very different. When you run three very different businesses, date multiple women, travel regularly, and have ever-growing children, every year is quite different from the last. It’s wonderful. So in this post I’m going to demonstrate the structure and flow of my typical year, rather than specific events that occur.

This is the same general flow I’ve been following for about six or seven years now, and I will likely continue this until I move in with a future OLTR or move to a more free country at some point down the road. At that time the flow may change a little, but the core items will remain the same.

January –

On New Years Day, I usually tweak my goals for the year, having already formulated them in detail during the last week in December. Then I usually relax for the day, avoiding any work, knowing that Go Time is tomorrow. I never get drunk, so while everyone else is hung over I usually relax at home that day.

January 2nd is my favorite day of the year by far, the first day of Go Time. At 8:30am on January 2nd I put my head down and blast off like a rocket, working 100% towards my goals and doing virtually nothing else.

Also in January, I usually do the biggest online dating blitz of the year, since January is a fantastic time for online game. I blast out several hundred openers, and by the end of the month I’m having sex with at least one new woman.

February –

Go Time continues at 100% speed. I also keep up with my big online dating blitz. Usually by the end of February I have added 2-3 new FBs or MLTRs to my rotation. Then I delete my profiles and get off the dating sites so I can put 100% focus into my goals.

February has one danger point I have to pre-plan for: Valentines Day. By February 1st I know exactly what my Valentines Day battle plan is, and how I will be “busy” that day so none of my women will have access to me. I make sure I’m working all day long, well into the evening with clients, or that I have my daughter all day and “she’s my valentine.”

The only possible exception is if I currently have a high-end MLTR I’m seeing that I consider a candidate for OLTR. Then and only then I may spend time with her doing something a little romantic but inexpensive (and my EFA is still 100% Alpha/open/poly as usual; Valentines Day doesn’t change this).

March –

Another full-bore Go Time month, and I’m still in work mode at full blast, roaring towards my goals like a bullet train. In my down time I will spend time with my daughter or my FBs/MLTRs, but not much else. I might take a quick trip to Vegas to recharge my batteries over a weekend, but other than that, March is 100% work time.

April –

At least once a year, perhaps twice a year, I take a big trip, usually an international one. I try to do these trips in October but sometimes that can’t be done, so the next best month for these is April. This is the one major exception I will allow to Go Time, which is still in effect.

So while I’m gone for a week or so during my big trip, I will still work, and as soon as I get back, Go Time resumes. If I don’t take a trip like this in April, I take a little break on my birthday (which is also in April). This usually involves dinner with my family one day, and the next day usually involves me renting a nice hotel suite downtown and enjoying myself, either by myself or with a woman (or two women if I’m feeling adventurous and schedules work out…it is my birthday after all).

May –

Still a Go Time month, but in May I start to falter on my 100% focus a little. By the end of May, it’s been five months of consistent Go Time awesomeness, and I’m a little tired. I’m a high-energy guy but I have my limits. As May ends, I look back on all I accomplished during Go Time and smile. I get more productive work done during the five months of Go Time than the typical man does in three or four years, and that’s no joke.

June –

Now it’s summer, and time for a well-deserved break. I dial back my work focus and relax a little. I said a little; I’m still very focused. It’s just that now I take much more time off and have a less intense daily schedule.

I never travel during the summer, since in the US Pacific Northwest where I live, summer is the only time of year it’s actually somewhat nice here. So I stay in town and take advantage of those three months by doing a lot of camping and hiking, and try to get outdoors as much as I can. Trips to the local beach are also common for me at this time.

My kids are also out of school during the summer of course, so I spend a lot more time with them. My son comes up and visits more often, and my daughter spends one or two weeks at a time with me, several times over the course of the summer months (making the logistics of my dating life a little complicated, but I always work it out).
July –

Pretty much the same as June. Some of my work projects actually start to fall behind, just a little, around this time because I’m taking it easy. Usually by the end of July I’ve noticed I’ve gained a little weight and start to get pissed at myself. It’s so hard to keep a regimented diet during the summer with all the vacations, family, and fun time. (Not to mention my women, who are always trying to get me to eat.)

July is also my once-a-year family reunion, and those are always interesting. As a rational Alpha 2.0 INTJ in a family full of hyper-emotional, left-wing suburbanites, I usually just smile and observe rather than get involved in their constant chaos of family, financial, and relationship problems. I love my family of course, but damn. These reunions remind me of how glad I am that I’m not a normal person.

August –

In August I’ve had enough of the easy life and usually start to ramp things back up. Any projects that have fallen behind I catch up on, and any weight I’ve gained I start to re-lose. I pull out my yearly battle plan and check up on myself to make sure everything is going well, and to ensure I don’t lose focus.

September –

Everything gets back to normal in September. The kids go back to school and the weather starts getting rainy and shitty again. My schedule normalizes. I’m back to a strong work focus, though not quite as insane as during Go Time. I know I have two and half months before everyone starts shutting down for the holidays around mid-November, so I get my ass back to work into both my financial life and woman life.

September (or sometimes early October) is often when I do my second online dating blitz for the year, but only if I need it. If I still have my usual three to four women on rotation, I skip it. But if my rotation numbers drop to two, or looks like it might be dropping to two soon, I hop back onto the dating sites, test out a new tweak or photo in my profiles, blast out some openers, and get a few new women into rotation. I must always have at least three women on rotation, otherwise I may not get sex whenever I want it. Since sex is part of the gasoline that powers the energy behind my business goals, and since it always keeps my outcome independence nice and high, I can’t be messing with a possible lack of sex.

As always, my goal is to not have to go back into sarging mode again if I can avoid it. As a hardcore Pleasure of Sex man, I don’t like the process of dating and seduction; I just want the sex and relationships without the effort. So if September rolls around and I’m still going strong with many FBs and/or MLTRs on rotation, I give myself a huge pat on the back at my relationship game and time management success. If not, and I am indeed running low on women by September, I go back and evaluate what I did (or did not do) in order to cause such a condition so I can avoid such a problem next year.

Sometimes this happens and it’s not my fault at all; just bad timing. No problem. I get back on the dating sites and get one to three new women by the end of the month (or October at the latest).

October –

October is usually when I take my big international trip. It’s colder in October, and right before the holidays, so very few people are travelling, making things easier for me and less expensive to travel.

I used to take my kids trick-or-treating on Halloween every year, but my kids are too old for that now. In the last year or two I’ve given thought to hitting up some Halloween parties for some freebie pickup, since it’s the one night of the year it’s socially acceptable for “normal” non-clubbing women to dress slutty. Which, of course, is dumb, because women should dress like that every day. If you’re hot, or at least have a hot body, why not dress like it? But I digress.

November –

November is always an oddball month, for many reasons.

First, by the middle of November, everyone starts shutting down for the winter, and I often get a little frustrated, because I want to work, dammit!

Second, American students get a ton of time off in November, so my kid-time goes way up, causing a little chaos with my schedule.

Third, November is a huge month for soft nexts and LSNFTEs. It’s maddening. Every November, unmarried women of all ages all over the Western world suddenly get monogamous boyfriends. They dump any Alphas they’re currently playing with, grab the nearest beta male they can find, and instantly make him their super-serious boyfriend so they won’t be “alone for the holidays.” Or something. And of course, a few months later after Valentines Day has come and gone, the women dump the poor bastards and come right back to us Alphas. It’s dumb, but it happens every year. I’ve come to expect it.

December –

After the wackiness of November, December is nice. I love Christmas time, Christmas being my second-favorite day of the year after the first day of Go Time on January 2nd.

December is usually the driest month of the year for sex (though some years there have been notable exceptions to this). This is because of the stupid LSNFTEs from November, as well as the fact that online game is near-useless in December, since women are too busy with boyfriends and/or family, or traveling. There are some Decembers where I’m down to just two women(!). Shit…it’s almost monogamy. Yuck! As always, the number one is the most dangerous number. But that’s okay, since January with its biggest blitz of the year is right around the corner.

In December, I usually back things down a little like I do in the summer time. The last week in the month between Christmas and New Years is completely dead, and I use that time to set goals and make plans for the next year, which is very fun and extremely exciting for me. I also review the year to see what I’ve accomplished. Almost every year it’s the same story: I’ve accomplished a lot and I’m happy, but I also berate myself since I know I could have accomplished more.

I also check on how I’m doing on my five-year plan, then get very excited again.
Then on New Year’s Eve, I rub my hands together in giddy excitement, waiting for a new and exciting year…

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  • KDN6
    Posted at 07:55 pm, 6th August 2014

    Why do you consider “sarging mode” a bad thing, if it can be considered good “practice” to hone your skills?

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 10:46 am, 7th August 2014

    Because at this point in my life I have no huge desire to improve my dating/seduction skills. Where they are right now serves my needs just fine.

  • RGZ
    Posted at 09:58 pm, 7th August 2014

    How are you able to so well match you work schedule to your personal life? Lots of jobs don’t have this type of flexibility.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 10:28 pm, 7th August 2014

    That’s why for maximum long-term happiness, you shouldn’t have a job. You should run your own business instead. That way, assuming your business isn’t schedule-intensive and employee-intensive (and my 3 businesses aren’t), you can have as flexible a schedule as you like.

  • RGZ
    Posted at 11:04 am, 8th August 2014

    Do you have a Blackdragn business method similar to your dating method? What businesses are devoid of employees and significant time requirements? I would guess a lone wolf consultant, but you could easily fall into the trap of being treated like an employee.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 11:30 am, 8th August 2014

    Do you have a Blackdragn business method similar to your dating method? What businesses are devoid of employees and significant time requirements?

    The answer is yes but it’s way off-topic for this blog. I cover aspects of it over at my business blog.

    Buy my book when it comes out in September. I have 4 or 5 detailed chapters in there on exactly how to design an Alpha 2.0 business from the ground up, with no employees, location independent, schedule independent, and high income potential. A business based on personal freedom rather than Societal Programming.

  • RGZ
    Posted at 06:11 pm, 8th August 2014

    Are you selling your new book through the Blackdragon website under the ‘resources’ tab where you have your other books?

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 10:39 am, 9th August 2014

    I’ll be selling the book all over the place, don’t worry. In a few weeks you’ll see so much advertising about it you’ll be sick of it. You’ll have no trouble finding it.

  • Aaron
    Posted at 01:52 pm, 9th August 2014

    How do you justify spending so much time working? Why wouldn’t you be happier to have just a little extra money and spend more time relaxing and doing fun stuff like traveling?

    I’m asking this because I know there are good answers and I want them. I want to find the motivation or justification to work my ass off on my businesses instead of playing video games. Its hard when I can find so much enjoyment right now without really trying, when my goals take a lot of effort.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 08:24 pm, 9th August 2014

    How do you justify spending so much time working? Why wouldn’t you be happier to have just a little extra money and spend more time relaxing and doing fun stuff like traveling?

    Yes, that is exactly what would make me happy. And does. Having a little extra money and travelling. A “little extra money” for most men means $75,000 a year annually even if they don’t realize it, as I explain here. For me that number is a little higher but not much.

    Moreover, if you look at my entire typical year, I work less than 35 hours a week on average. Far less than the vast, VAST majority of men my age (who usually make less money than me).

    I’m asking this because I know there are good answers and I want them. I want to find the motivation or justification to work my ass off on my businesses instead of playing video games. Its hard when I can find so much enjoyment right now without really trying, when my goals take a lot of effort.

    Then that means:

    1. Your goals aren’t compelling to you, and/or you probably have set the wrong goals for yourself. You probably also lack a Mission.


    2. You’re too comfortable. You don’t have enough discomfort to make a change in your life.


    3. You were born with a more lazy personality.


    4. You live in a culture (coughScandinaviacough) that discourages self-reliance and/or personal achievement.

    I have a strong Mission, have very strong goals that really turn me on, and some of my current conditions make me very uncomfortable, compelling me to improve them. I’m also a naturally high-energy (though introverted) guy.

    Add all that up, and that’s why I’m motivated.

  • Aaron
    Posted at 08:08 am, 20th August 2014

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that your response really made me think. I’ve bumped up my goals to things that are really meaningful and motivating to me. And you are right about the culture I’m in not encouraging self reliance and personal achievement. But I don’t live in Scandinavia. I live in Indiana. Perhaps it’s more local culture/family that isn’t supportive in this way.

    Anyway, I am working hard now, and I’m actually enjoying it! I’m really excited to make changes and do some big things.

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