Justice League Movie Review

Nerds (like me) have been waiting almost 50 years for a Justice League movie. Seriously. In the late 1970’s when I was very small, one of my favorite cartoons was The Superfriends, a watered-down version of the Justice League. (The TV networks didn’t allow the name “Justice League” because they thought the term was too “jingoistic.” Ah, left-wingers.) This movie has been anticipated longer than any Star Wars movie, or any other franchise you could name with the possible exception of James Bond.

Is it good?

The answer is, it depends on you. I’ll lay it all out below. Warning, this review contains some spoilers, but frankly, this is the kind of simple, fun movie where it really doesn’t matter if you know spoilers or not.

If you didn’t already know, the director, Zak Snyder, had to pull out of production early because his daughter committed suicide. Snyder was responsible for the overly dark and complicated tone of movies like Batman v Superman and Man of Steel. I liked Man of Steel and my mini-review of that movie is here, but Batman v Superman was way too dark and convoluted (my full review is here).

When Snyder pulled out, the ridiculous Joss Whedon stepped in. This was actually a good thing, since Whedon, they guy behind the Avengers movies, lightened the tone and removed much of the morose, depressing feeling the movie would have had if Snyder was still in charge. The movie is actually too light and campy at times, going to the opposite extreme.

But you know what? This is a damn superhero movie with Superman and Batman and shit. If you don’t have the ability to turn off your brain when watching a movie like this, you shouldn’t go see something like this in the first place. Every once in a while, we get an amazingly interesting and complex superhero movie like Captain America: Civil War, but I realize those are the exceptions to the rule. If you just relax and shut off most of your brain, Justice League is fun. Plenty of problems, but still fun.

Superman (yes, he comes back, that’s not a really big spoiler) is finally done correctly. For the first time in these new movies, Superman is the corny, happy-go-lucky Superman instead of the depressed, brooding, Batman-like Superman we’ve had in the last two movies in the series. What happens right after his return is the best part of the movie. The best scene in the entire movie is when Flash learns, with a simple turn of Superman’s head, exactly how powerful (and fast) Superman really is.

Wonder Woman is fine. Not great, but fine. As I’ve already said before, Gal Gadot is a moderately skilled actress and doesn’t look like Wonder Woman at all, which still bothers me. (Wonder Woman has a huge, almost female body builder frame and really big tits, Gal Gadot is tall, but extremely skinny and flat-chested.) Most men have been enraptured by Gal Gadot’s very pretty face, but that still doesn’t mean she looks or acts like Wonder Woman. Still, Gadot isn’t bad, and I accept her in the role.

There has been some complaining on both sides of the political isle about this movie, from the alt-right bitching about how it shows white men being evil (huh?) to the SJW’s bitching about how it oversexualizes women. It’s all BS. There is one scene were Gal Gadot dresses unusually sexy and her butt is in the frame twice. There’s one more scene that lasts literally one second where the Flash falls onto Wonder Woman’s boobs (or more accurately, boob-armor, since Gal Gadot has no boobs). That’s it. Stupid, but not “oversexalizing” in a two hour movie.

As usual, people on the extreme right and left are actively looking to get upset. Jesus people, get a fucking life. Seriously.

Batman is also pretty good, but this bigger, buffer, slower, older version of Batman still takes a little getting used to. Ben Affleck is good as Batman, but I still see mostly Ben Affleck instead of Bruce Wayne. I would have preferred they casted a lesser-known person, but I realize that’s not how Hollywood works.

I really like how vulnerable they show Batman is as compared to the other superheroes. Batman is the only one without super powers. When Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, or whomever gets thrown against a car, they just shake it off and get back into battle. But when Batman gets thrown into a car, even with his considerable armor, it hurts. He groans and is basically out of action, and later you see his back is covered in horrible bruises. I like it.

His older age is also an issue, which I also like. The best line in the movie is when Wonder Woman tells him, “You can’t do this forever,” and he responds, “I can barely do this now.”

Cyborg is fantastic. He’s probably the best in the film. He’s an unknown actor which again, is a good thing and really helps the audience get into the character. I can’t wait for this guy to have his own movie, which apparently he will.

The Flash is entertaining and funny. He’s a little over the top, but in this kind of movie it works. I legitimately laughed several times. He should probably dial down the performance just a little bit, but I have no complaints. Good job.

Aquaman is fun, though frankly, he’s really just Jason Momoa playing himself. I wasn’t really watching Aquaman as much as I was watching Jason Momoa wearing an Aquaman costume. As such, this version of Aquaman is nothing like any version of the character in the comics. I’m not exactly complaining though, since I like Jason Momoa and find him to be a fun and entertaining Alpha Male persona.

The villain in this movie is fucking horrible. He’s a CGI bad guy who looks like absolute crap, whose mouth doesn’t follow his speech, whose motivations are unclear, and who is thoroughly uninteresting. I find it fascinating that superhero movies always have such difficulty having interesting villains in their movies. Very weird, and a huge fail that really damaged the movie.

Speaking of CGI, some of the CGI in this movie is pretty bad. Why? Why must a movie that cost almost $300 million have crappy CGI anywhere in the movie? Dumb.

The music in this movie is interesting, in that it brings back the old Batman theme song from the early 90’s, but it doesn’t really bring back any themes for any of the other characters. You might get a tiny hint of Wonder Woman’s or Superman’s theme if you listen really closely, but that’s it. This is probably not surprising since the movie in Justice League was done by Danny Elfman, the guy who did the original Batman themes (and who I personally think is quite overrated as a composer).

It’s a shame, because Wonder Woman has one of the best theme scores of any character in movies, ever. So does Superman; both the Christopher Reeve and Henry Cavil versions of the character have great theme songs. Wouldn’t it have been great to have heard these themes as they were flying into action? It makes such a huge, positive difference in the moviegoing experience. But no, not in this movie.

Lastly, the movie was way too short. It needed at least another 30 minutes to breathe. I can’t believe I’m saying this, since Batman v Superman was way too long, but Justice League needed more time. Warner Brothers sent down a commandment that none of their movies will be longer than two hours. Not good. I guess I’ll have to wait for the extended version on DVD to truly enjoy what this movie was supposed to be.

Overall, Justice League is a big, simple, somewhat dumb, but very fun movie if you can shut off at least parts of your brain and just enjoy watching Batman and Superman punch monsters. Since I have that ability, I really liked it despite its numerous problems. It’s a shame they couldn’t have done a better job with such a long-term anticipated move, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy myself.

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  • CrabRangoon
    Posted at 08:16 am, 22nd November 2017

    Thanks for the honest review-I too had high hopes and have that same ability to shut my brain off and enjoy these types of movies.  I feel like it’ll be good, dumb, fun as you say so I’ll check it out.  The reviews have been kinda “meh” overall.

    I’m bummed the villain sucks-that can make or break a movie.  Heroes are only as good as the villain they face.  I’m thinking the Joker in Dark Knight (not that awful cholo joker in suicide squad), Vader/The Emperor, Zod, etc…  I wish they’d use Brainiac for fucks sake-that’s a worthy villain.  Or just get to Darkseid already instead of this in between dude.

  • Keith
    Posted at 08:27 am, 22nd November 2017

    I always enjoy your reviews and they make a difference on whether I’ll pay at the theater (unusual) or wait it out for my Netflix dvd (way more likely). Between you and Quintus Curtius who reviews lesser known mostly streaming Netflix movies I always have something in my queue to watch. Both of you have a quality that is missing in some more ideological reviewers….the ability to enjoy parts/themes in a movie without liking everything. In fact, sometimes hating other parts. Keep it up.


  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 09:59 am, 22nd November 2017

    Or just get to Darkseid already instead of this in between dude.

    I’m actually excited for the Legion of Doom they teased at the end of this movie.

  • CrabRangoon
    Posted at 11:27 am, 22nd November 2017

    Hell yea Legion of Doom!!!!  Post credit type thing I assume?  Although if Lex is involved which I would think he’d have to be, I wasn’t a fan of this portrayal of him as twitchy and neurotic.  I envision a brash, bombastic, egomaniac.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 06:23 pm, 22nd November 2017

    Post credit type thing I assume?


    Although if Lex is involved which I would think he’d have to be, I wasn’t a fan of this portrayal of him as twitchy and neurotic.  I envision a brash, bombastic, egomaniac.

    I agree 100%, and it looks like they got the message from the audience (no one liked that performance). Jesse Eisenberg’s performance is greatly dialed down from the weirdness in the last movie.

  • Neil
    Posted at 08:02 am, 23rd November 2017

    Great review. I loved “Dawn of Justice” and felt the JL was a worthy follow up.

     I find it fascinating that superhero movies always have such difficulty having interesting villains in their movies. Very weird, and a huge fail that really damaged the movie.

    I think this is a particular common problem for team superhero films. The movies have to spend so long on developing all the heroes roles and/or back stories that to do the same for the villain, would mean the film would have to be about three and a half hours.

     I’m thinking the Joker in Dark Knight (not that awful cholo joker in suicide squad), Vader/The Emperor, Zod, etc

    Vader is an iconic villain but he had three films to show that. If any superhero film tried having the same villain in back-to-back movies, it would be criticized for being repetitious.

    I thought Steppenwolf was a good villain. I enjoyed the fact that, like Doomsday in “DOJ”, he could hold his own in battle against the team. Compare that to the Avengers films, where the heroes just blast through dozens of expendable aliens/robots.




  • POB
    Posted at 11:07 am, 24th November 2017

    I actually think the movie is really good IF you like the Justice League Unlimited cartoon (I do). It’s exactly the same tone. But the problems you pointed out do exist:

    – too short, so no time to let the audience care about the main characters, specially those who do not have their solo movies yet;

    – no plot, just a basic comic book rip off;

    – crappy villain (again);

    – no time to develop interesting secondary characters, like Commissioner Gordon or Silas Stone;

    – Gal Gadot is beautiful, but she does not look like WW. Period. She also looks like a fragile girl, not a battle tested warrior (don’t care about her army training, I’m talking about the illusion on the screen).

  • David
    Posted at 10:48 am, 25th November 2017

    I think aquaman was lame.  He didnt do anything … aquatic… to help.  It seemed like a cameo to setup for another movie.

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