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Not all skills are the same. Many skills are useless. I know how to optimize memory in a DOS-based IBM-PC 486 from 1994; I spent years of my life learning how to do that and today it’s a completely useless skill. Cool.

Other skills are extremely useful. I know how to market my services; an extremely useful skill that’s made me a lot of money and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. Yet other skills are partially useful, and so on.

The limitation of most skills is that they only work in one part of your life, what I call the Seven Life Areas or SLA (financial, physical, women, social, family, spiritual, and recreational). Learning how to code might help you in your financial life but it’s completely useless in your dating life or physical life, and may actually make these areas of your life worse if you’re not careful.

However, more useful and powerful than all of these types of skills are what I call leverage skills. These are skills that are not only highly useful but have a direct positive application to multiple areas of your life. If you learn a leverage skill, you “leverage” its ability to help you in two, three, or more areas of your life instead of just one.

Therefore, you should learn and master every leverage skill there is. This is actually possible since there are only a few leverage skills. Here they are.

Leverage Skill #1: Time Management

SLA benefited: All

This is probably my favorite one. I liked it so much that I developed an entire consulting practice around it years ago.

The ability to effectively manage your time on a daily and weekly basis, as well as strategically plan your time for periods longer than a week, will positively affect literally all of your SLA.

The reason most people suck so much is that they don’t know how to manage their time. They let their phones, email, Slack, texting, social media, emergencies, bosses, customers, family, and wives/girlfriends direct their time and attention instead of doing it themselves.

When you tell all of these people/things to fuck off and start managing your days and weeks based on the outcomes in your life you want, you will see improvements in all areas of your life (make more money, get more healthy, get better with women, have less stress, etc.). Often you see these improvements almost immediately.

Time management is a learnable skill, just like any other skill. It requires a little knowledge and then practice. It’s a ridiculously powerful leverage skill.

Leverage Skill #2: High Energy Management

SLA benefited: All

Daily life requires energy. We live in a world now where everyone is sedentary, overweight, doing drugs (and prescription drugs count, you dumbasses), not getting enough sleep, not drinking enough water, eating too much carbs or sugar, not having enough sex, shoving coffee and/or cigarettes down their throats, not having any exciting goals or a life Mission, and having completely fucked up hormonal profiles.

Then everyone wonders why they get tired by 2 PM every day. Stupid.

They look at people like me who have sky-high energy all day long, 16 hours a day and are bewildered as to how it’s even possible. Or they assume I’m taking drugs; nope, never done drugs in my entire life. I don’t even drink coffee, because coffee is a drug. (I slam 45 swallows of slightly salted water every morning as soon as I wake up instead; try that for one month instead of coffee and I think you’ll be shocked.)

I have more average daily energy than many people I know who are half my age (and in the case of some women, half my weight). This is because I purposely put in the time and effort to learn how to keep my energy levels high. Again, it’s a skill just like any other.

When you have high energy every day of your life, all of your life areas will benefit, even your spiritual life.

By the way, when you combine high energy with time management it becomes a nuclear supercharger to your entire life. Try it and you’ll see.

Leverage Skill #3: People Skills

SLA benefited: financial, women, social, and family

Learning and practicing people skills will improve your income and your dating/relationship life at the same time. It will also greatly help your social life and in some cases your family life. So many people vastly underestimate how powerful people skills are.

I know what you’re thinking. “But I’m an introvert.” Dude. So am I. Not an excuse.

As an INTJ introvert in my early twenties, I had virtually zero people skills. I thought everyone was stupid and I just wanted to stay home and play computer games all day. In other words, I was like many of you LISGs and Zoomers.

However, I quickly realized that having zero people skills and an overall shitty attitude toward human beings would prevent me from accomplishing my big goals in life, particularly my financial and woman goals, so I sucked it up, bought a few books on people skills, read them and studied them, and went out into the world and practiced them.

By the age of 30, I had superb people skills, was making a six-figure income, and was married to a cute blonde wife, so it worked. After my divorce I skyrocketed my woman life to an 11, and my people skills were a strong component to that success.

Leverage Skill #4: Public Speaking

SLA benefited: financial, women, and social

Learning how to stand in front of a large group and speak confidently and in a relaxed (or fun) manner is a skill just like any other that you can learn. When you know how to do this, the confidence this brings will directly improve your financial, woman, and social life, all at the same time, even if you wouldn’t expect it to.

I started public speaking in the late 1990s and fell in love with it even though I was an introvert. This is because public speaking isn’t interactive; you just talk and people listen, making it different than people skills (which is also important).

Join your local Toastmasters group and work on this; it will help you massively.

Leverage Skill #5: Sales

SLA benefited: financial and women

Of course, knowing how to sell will make you more money, making it one of the most valuable business skills to have. However, most guys don’t realize that dating, pick-up, and many aspects of relationships with women are 100% directly tied to sales skills.

When I started learning pick-up artist skills 15 years ago, I was shocked at how similar they were to business sales skills. If you learn sales, your woman life will definitely improve while your income also improves.

Question of The Week: How Can Thrill of the Hunt Men Be Happy?

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C. M. Writes:

Your analysis of the Thrill of the Hunt type guy is spot on.  What’s the best approach to living a happy life if we are in this situation?  To me it seems like the types are genetic and not changeable.

You’re correct, if you’re a Thrill of the Hunt guy that’s what you are and you’re not going to change any time soon. People can change fundamental personality traits, it’s possible, but it usually takes 20 years or more. So instead, accept who you are and design a life that makes you happy the way you currently are. That’s what I did. I like to have sex about three times a week with at least two different women every week; that’s how I am, that’s how I’ve been for 30 years, and I’m sure that’s how I’ll be 20 years from now. I accept it and make that work.

In order to be long-term happy as a Thrill of the Hunt man long-term in your life without changing, here’s what you need to do:

– NEVER get promised monogamous with any woman, ever, no matter how lazy or tempted you get (which will eventually happen). If you want to get married or settle down, do what I did and get an OLTR Marriage where you can have sex with all the women on the side you want. If you are a TH man and you get monogamous, YOU WILL CHEAT! And eventually, YOU WILL GET CAUGHT! So just avoid all that chaos and drama and adopt a non-monogamous lifestyle the way I teach. It’s not that hard and you’ll be much happier.

– Make it clear to any serious women in your life (an OLTR or high-end MLTR) that the women on the side you’ll be seeing will usually be new girls. You’re not going to have consistent, long-term FBs as I do (you’d hate that) so the special woman in your life needs to understand that regularly you’ll be meeting new girls at a Starbucks or whatever for the first or second meet only before they become temporary FBs for you. If they have a huge problem with that, you’re with the wrong woman; downgrade her to FB and go find another OLTR or high-end MLTR who is more compatible with you.

By the way, many women like this because then they feel (often correctly) like they’re the only long-term woman in your life. (This is the opposite of me, where my wife knows all of my FBs are very long-term people in my life.) Make that a selling point.

– If/when you get a serious woman in your life, stay on the hunt. Keep meeting new women on the side. Don’t make any bullshit excuses about how she’s good enough or how you’re busy with work or all the other lame excuses beta males, older men, or Pleasure of Sex men often make. If you’re not in the hunt you’re going to implode.

– Experiment and find what the best frequency of new girls is for you. Staying in the hunt doesn’t mean you need to spend 20 hours a week dating for the rest of your life. Maybe, for you, one new woman every two months might be enough. Or maybe you need one new girl a month. Or more, or less. Figure this out; the answer is there, you just need to experiment with frequency and then make that your lifetime minimum.

Finding happiness as a TH man is doable. You just need to ignore Societal Programming and think outside the box a little.

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