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Moving Out of the Country – My Passport Plan

In November I’m executing the next part of my overall five flags plan. Specifically, to acquire two or three additional passports in addition to my current USA passport.

In November I’m doing a big South America tour where I will be hitting the following cities:

  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Panama City, Panama
  • Asunción, Paraguay
  • Buenos Aries, Argentina
  • Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Bogotá, Colombia

Instead of my usual travel model where I stay a week in a city at a time, on this trip I will only be spending a few days per city to hit more cities (and in some cities, just one day, like Montevideo). I dislike traveling like that, but the primary reason for this trip (in addition to doing seminars and making business contacts) is to start the ball rolling on at least two of my new passports. This means I need to hit more cities as usual.

Specifically, the two passports I’m going after are a Panama passport and a Paraguay passport.

In Panama, if you open a business checking account at a Panamanian bank and deposit at least $5,000, within five years you are eligible for a Panamanian passport. You don’t need to live in Panama. You just need to visit it regularly, show some business ties, and perhaps speak some passable Spanish. All of these things are easily doable for me given five years .

However, sometimes people do this and don’t get a passport for whatever reason. The laws could also change in five years. No problem, that’s why my backup plan is a Paraguay passport. If you fill out all the correct forms and visit Paraguay at least once a year, you are eligible for a passport in as short as three years (though likely it will take longer).

Granted, in both cases (Panama and Paraguay) there is lot of disorganization, legal hassles, red tape, and delays. There are a lot of scams too. I’ll need to be A) very careful and B) very patient. Even if both passports don’t work out, it will still be worth my time.

I’m not focused on just these two countries for my extra passport either. As I stated here, I’m also going to be pursuing an Italy passport (using ancestry citizenship, since I have family there), a Comoros passport (which you can simply buy for about $50,000) and worst case, an Antigua passport (which will cost $140,000, so I’d rather not do it, but for that, I could likely get passports for my kids and Pink Firefly as well).

As usual, if you want one or two things, you don’t pursue those one or two things. You instead need to pursue 4-6 things and you’ll eventually get your two. Redundancy.

I’ll keep you all posted on how things go. I will also post seminar dates and cities at both of my blogs when I know for sure.

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  1. Investor

    So passport from South America and permanent residency in NZ? Does your SA passport need to be compatible with the NZ residency idea?

    Why do you want Italy? That country is going down pretty fast.

  2. Cronos

    Why do you want Italy? That country is going down pretty fast

    With passports form Europe and Africa, he could have bases in all 5 continents. Pretty cool.

    Also, Italy gives you acces to many other EU countries.

  3. Anon

    Why do you want Italy? That country is going down pretty fast.

    It’s not like that automatically impacts nonresident passport holders in any way. And all the countries that allow visa-free entry for Italian citizens are unlikely to start revoking this privilege en masse.

    If you’re not living in the country of your citizenship, then the passport is just a curious little booklet. All it does is ease your travel to other countries and prevent you from being perceived as some 3rd world lowlife.

  4. CavemanLenox

    he mentioned his family history in Italy. Sounds like he’s going for efficiency with that choice.

    i instantly put my heritage nation where I have relatives on my list after the two nations he mentioned.

    seems clear to me.

    Beats dishing out $50 – 140K don’t ya think?

  5. Caleb Jones

    So passport from South America and permanent residency in NZ?

    No. Zero residency in NZ. I won’t be in NZ more than 6 months at a time so residency is not required.

    Does your SA passport need to be compatible with the NZ residency idea?


    Why do you want Italy? That country is going down pretty fast

    Irrelevant. I won’t be living there or holding any money there or doing any business there. Re-read my articles on five flags, since you don’t seem to understand the concept.

  6. David

    An old friend of mine hired a translator and went to sicily for a few weeks.  He had to locate his ancestors’ old town church, and find the birth records there.  Then he had to prove they died in the US, prove they had kids, prove those kids had kids and prove he was one of those kids.  About 8 months later he needed that translator to make some phone calls to the different cities, towns, provinces etc, since the process seemed to have fallen through the cracks, and eventually he recieved an italian passport.  He was very proud.