Nothing Is Neutral

time management skills, business successUtter neutrality is not a condition that exists in human life. Everything you do or do not do either harms you or helps you. Everything either gives or takes away. Everything either adds or lessens. There isn’t any action (or inaction) that results in “nothing.” Nothing is neutral.

Every action you take today either makes you happier or less happy, at least a little bit. There is literally nothing you can do that makes you “neutral” or “the same.”

Every action you take today either brings you towards your goals or takes you away from your goals. Nothing you do leaves you at the exact same distance. Even if you choose to sit and down and do nothing but stare at a wall all day, that takes you away from your goals (or perhaps takes you towards your goal if your goal is something unusual like “learn how to mediate or be alone for 5 hours”). Nothing is neutral.

Once you hit age 25, the human body starts to die. This means that everything you eat either increases your lifespan or reduces your lifespan. There is nothing you can eat that keeps your lifespan “exactly the same.” Nothing is neutral.

Are there some caveats to this? Sure. If you have a big financial goal, you can’t constantly avoid taking a vacation thinking that by doing this you’ll be pulling away from your financial goals. Taking a vacation for the purpose of rejuvenation will actually help you get to your business and financial goals faster, as long as you don’t go crazy.

One of the healthiest things that you can do for your life is to adopt the “nothing is neutral” mindset. Since I know nothing is neutral, I’m extra careful to avoid negative or lazy actions in my life. I know these actions pull me away from my goals, make me less happy, and/or reduce my lifespan. If you go around thinking all kinds of actions you’re taking are completely neutral, you’re likely making your life worse.

Just by adopting the “nothing is neutral” mindset, you can’t not improve your daily conditions, at least by a little.

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