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Paris Attacks

Just a few quick facts about these terrorist attacks in Paris that are likely to get lost in the media shuffle. As you read, remember that I am 100% against ISIS and think they should be killed.

– People inside the concert hall were texting and begging for help for two hours before the police finally stormed the hall. 100+ died in the meantime.

– France has some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the Western world.

– Three armed men held over 100 people hostage.

– France has been intervening militarily in Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Lebanon for years.

– France’s government has been bombing the Iraq/Syria since 2014, as part of Nobel Peace Prize-winning Barack Jesus Hopechange’s near constant war against that region.

– France was clearly warned by ISIS back in February to stop bombing targets in Syria.

– Six days before this terrorist attack, France’s president launched an airstrike against ISIS targets in Syria.

– These bombings occurred despite a vote in France’s parliament against such actions. Also, 64% of France’s population is opposed to military intervention in the Middle East. France’s government and president clearly don’t a give a shit.

Feel free to connect the cause-and-effect dots here. Again, I am 100% against ISIS and think they should be killed.

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