Pay The Price

Setting personal goals, priorities, and objectives is only half the work. The other half is to specifically state what you will give up to achieve those goals. You need to know specifically what the price is for those goals. Just setting the goal and doing nothing else is certainly better than nothing, but it won’t do much…like most people you’ll just bump into the price of that goal and then shut down.

The “price” means one of two things:

1. Something you like you’ll have to give up on or cut back.

2. Something you hate that you’ll have to do, at least for a while.

Right after you set a goal, you need to determine the price of that goal, then resolve to pay that price. One of my personal mentors, Robert Ringer once wrote

Once I set a goal I determine the price I must pay for that goal, then I get out there and pay the price as quickly as possible to get it over with.

That’s the attitude you need to have. Every goal requires some level of discomfort to accomplish. You need to plan on this in advance. Then start paying it so you can get to the good stuff.

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