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Read. But Not Too Much

time management skills, business success

Reading is good. You need to read. I attribute most of my success in my early life to the fact I was always reading applicable information that could help me get what I wanted.

So you need to read, and make sure you’re reading something that’s directly and immediately applicable to the current project or problems you are working on in your life.

I feel sorry for people who don’t read, or people who read useless schlock.

However, I feel equally sorry for people who read too much. There are plenty of men out there who read news sites, political sites, or blogs all day long. There are also lots of women out there who read mountains of romance novels and trashy tabloid newspapers. That’s just insane. Reading like this is the modern-day equivalent of watching too much television. It’s just an overdump of garbage for your brain.

So read, but keep it relevant and don’t go crazy.