The Real Reason For Income Inequality

Watch the above video. The reason we have massive income inquality is becaues goverment prints trillions of dollars, the super-rich benefit from this money first (before it devalues), get richer, and then the middle class and poor become poorer. The reason we didn’t have this kind of inequality in the past is because the government wasn’t printing all this money.

I’ll let Margaret Thatcher say it a different way:

“I prefer having larger income differentials with everyone at the top of the ladder rather than small differentials with everyone at the bottom of the ladder.” ~Margaret Thatcher


Here’s another one from Thatcher,:

“You would rather the poor be poorer provided the rich were less rich.”

Exactly. Check out her awesomeness here:

If you want to end this insane income inequality with super-ultra-rich people making hundreds of times more money than the average worker, the solution is very simple:

A) Stop printing money (or at least slow it way, way, way down)

B) Once you stop printing money, don’t worry about income inequality as long as average incomes of the poor and middle class are rising. In other words, if you were getting a 30% raise at your job every year, are you really going to be that upset that some billionaire owns a yacht?

Probably not. It’s when your real wages are going down while that billionaire’s wages are going up…that’s when you’re going to get pissed. Rightly so.

As is usually the case, the government is the culprit here.

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