Republicans Want You To Go To War

Something happened the other day that I don’t think has ever happened in my lifetime. In the middle of the US negotiations with Iran, a group of 47 psychotic Republican senators actually sent a letter to the leaders of Iran stating that anything they agree to with Obama doesn’t actually have real weight or meaning.

Good lord. I was floored when I first heard the news.

Look. I hate Obama just as much as I hated George W. Bush. I disagree with 95% of everything Obama has done or said as president. I think, no, I know that Obama’s foreign policy over the last seven years has been a complete cluster fuck. Obama is an incompetent leader and will continue to be so until he thankfully leaves office in 2016.

But none of that matters in this case. When the leaders of your country are trying to negotiate with an enemy to prevent possible war, you don’t send letters to the enemy telling them that our own leaders can’t make any agreements with them. It undermines the entire process. It makes our country look weak. It makes our country look disorganized. It embarrasses our allies. It embarrasses us, the citizens of this once-great nation.

If you’re a Republican senator and don’t like what Obama is doing, there are plenty of ways to stop him that don’t involve mailing firggin’ letters to our enemies. Jesus.

The Republican’s flimsy and stupid excuse is that the leaders of Iran don’t understand our Constitution and need to be educated. That is, of course, a bunch of BS.

The reason these Republicans did this is that they are chomping at the bit to start a war with Iran. They want to send in the bombs and the troops and get our young men killed, and they want it so badly these psychos will cheerfully embarrass the entire nation to do it.

True, Obama is a bloodthirsty warmonger too, as I’ve been talking about forever. We are now in the middle of six different wars, all of which Obama could end at 8am tomorrow morning if he wanted. But the Republicans want even MORE war. More of our young guys getting maimed and killed. More trillions of dollars of our hard-earned taxpayer money spent to police the world, make more of the world hate us, and create more enemies like ISIS.

This is one of the many reasons why I stopped voting for Republicans about 15 years ago. If you love war and want more war, then I guess you should vote for those crazies. But if you hate war and think we engage in war way too often, you should never vote for a Republican ever again. Vote for a third party or stay home during election day. At least then you can look people in the eye and say with confidence that you’re not part of the problem.

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  • gordon
    Posted at 04:38 am, 12th March 2015

    Amen! we have 2 parties the stupid and the dangerous and its hard to tell which is which. I have voted 3rd party since Ross Perot ran. I just ignored any of the “you are throwing your vote away” nonsense. The more representation third parties get the more the ideas might get used and perhaps someday we might actually have a choice rather than the least worse of the 2.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 11:09 am, 12th March 2015

    Any time someone says you’re “throwing your vote away” because the 3rd party candidate “can’t win,” ask them why they don’t just wait until the day before the election, check who’s ahead in the polls, and just vote for that person.

    I mean, if the guy you want is 20% down in the polls the night before and “can’t win,” why would you vote for him and “throw your vote away” Mr. Republican or Democrat?


    Not to mention the concept of mandate. If a Republican or Democrat wins a three-way election with only 34% of the vote, he/she will have much less of a mandate than if he wins a two-way election by 70%.

    Real-life example: It’s documented that the only reason Bill Clinton “balanced” the budget in the 1990s is because 19% of the electorate voted for Ross Perot, whose primary issue was the budget. Democrats and Republicans can thank the Ross Perot voters like us for the “balanced” Clinton budget of the 90s. (Not that they’ll do that of course. They’ll continue the false Societal Programming that Rose Perot voters were insane and Bill Clinton was a “great president.”)

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