The 4 Branding Questions

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Full credit for this concept goes to Gerry O’Brion.

When developing your brand, from which your marketing should spring, here are the four questions you should ask. These are the same four questions used by successful, multibillion dollar corporations.

1. Who is your ideal client?

Write out exactly who your ideal client is, regardless of whether it’s a business or individual. If your clients are individuals, are they male or female? How old? Where do they live? How do they live? How much money do they have?

If it’s a business, what industry? How large? How old? How profitable?

2. What do they want?

What does your ideal client want? What are their needs? Frustrations? Desires? Concerns?

3. What’s your outcome?

What is the bottom line outcome for what your product or service does? You don’t sell lawnmowers, you sell a beautiful lawn. You don’t sell life insurance, you sell security. You don’t sell perfume, you sell sex appeal and self-esteem.

How does your product or service improve the condition of your ideal client? Specifically?

4. Where’s your use of the word “because”?

The word “because” needs to be either verbalized or implied in your marketing and branding.

“You should buy lawnmowers from me! My lawnmowers are great!”


“You should buy lawnmowers from me because our lawnmowers have the longest life and the lowest defect rate in the entire industry, as quoted by Lawnmower Labs, an independent research firm.”

You’ll improve your marketing results just by focusing on the four questions above.

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