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I often complain about how people don’t understand the collapse of the West, deny it’s happening, don’t know it’s happening, or stupidly think someone like Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders can prevent it from happening.

Today I’m going to do something a little more positive and praise those of you who get it.

I’m going to copy and paste some of the best comments I’ve received on my social media from the last few months and give my analysis. I might even make this a regular feature if enough of you like it.

These particular four comments are all from YouTube, but in the future, I will place comments here from my Facebook groups as well, plus Twitter/X and LinkedIn once I start posting blog links over there (which I will start shortly).

They are copy-and-pasted with no changes. Here they are.

G M:

In western cities the crime is happening all over while in south America, Africa, mid east crime is usually more central to 1 area, so you can avoid it. If you make $50k a year in an American city youre gonna live in shit hole apartment in the dangerous parts of town. With $50k in south America, Africa, mid east cities you can live in a nice part of town in a gated community with guards, etc

This is a very astute observation and one I never thought of.

He’s absolutely right. In most cities in countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia, the rising crime rates are just sort of spread all over the place.

Yes, there are nice areas and crappy areas in every city, but rising crime is a problem in the nice areas too. On the day this blog post goes live, I’ll be on a plane to London and I’m going to spend several weeks in the nicest region of that city. I know for a fact that the rich folks there are having all kinds of problems with robberies, vandalism, stuff getting stolen out of cars, and so on.

So even though I’m going to be in the nicest, wealthiest neighborhoods in the entire country, I’m going to have to keep my eyes open for crime in a way that I never have to worry about in my homes in Dubai or even Paraguay.

It’s like this in American cities as well, and not just the shithole cities like Portland but the cities people think are still okay, like Houston and Miami. Crime is getting worse everywhere in any given city.

Contrast this to a place like Bogotá, Colombia, as just one example, a city where many Americans think is a crime-ridden hellhole. Actually, the vast majority of the city is pretty safe. There are just two or three bad areas. So guess what? You don’t go to those areas. That’s it, problem solved.

You can say the same about Guadalajara, São Paulo, Manilla, and many other non-Western cities; the high crime areas are localized to certain neighborhoods.

What he said about the $50K thing is also accurate. All the time I get worried people in my audience asking about if this or that is available in Paraguay. The answer is that everything is available there for YOU as a Westerner because you’ll be living in the best parts of the entire country when you spend time there (or live there).

Westerners accustomed to sky-high prices and taxes have been brainwashed to think that you can’t get basic comforts in non-Western countries. Wrong; in many cases, you can get them more easily.

Brick Lawson:

Our forefathers left Europe.. they didn’t try to overthrow the current government there.

This was his response to the “stand and fight” right-wingers and Trump supporter types who refuse to leave their collapsing Western countries because of the delusional thought that they can save their already destroyed societies by voting for big-government welfare statists like Trump or by yelling at woke people on Twitter.

His point is that if our forefathers had the same attitude, that we need to “stand and fight against George III” and that leaving England was for pussies who couldn’t hack it, then none of us would be here and there would be no America, namely because all of the “stand and fight” idiots would quickly wind up in a dungeon or with their heads chopped off.

Not only is “standing and fighting the woke left” a complete waste of time (because the left already won about 15 years ago as I’ve shown many times) but it’s also the most dangerous thing you can do for your long-term security. As USA/Canada/Europe/Australia becomes more left, it’s not people like me living abroad who will be the most targeted by the government and society. No, it’s you guys, you anti-left screamers still living in these collapsing countries. You’re the ones who will be in for much, much bigger trouble than me.

And for no reason, since there is no path to save these countries anymore, again as I’ve shown many times.

mwayne rowe:

Most people think crime is someone elses problem until it finally hits home. Most people wouldn’t even consider leaving their shit hole city much less their collapsing countries. The few Jews that saw the writing on the wall and fled the Nazi’s early on survived and started new lives. Many begged and pleaded with family members who refused to accept what was happening. Even as they were marched into the showers to be gassed many still refused to accept. Everyone needs a plan B and C nowadays.

This is accurate; there were indeed Jews who saw the writing on the wall in Germany during the 1930s and wisely got the hell out of there. But sadly, they were in the very tiny minority. Most Jews did what most Westerners are doing right now and what I’ve talked about many times; they’re just looking out of their windows, don’t see any homeless people, drug addicts, explosions, or tanks driving down the street, and then say, “Collapse? What is this guy talking about? I don’t see any collapse. Everything looks fine.”

Then they go right back to their soul-killing jobs, Netflix, video games, family drama, weed, and porn like nothing is wrong.

I’m not saying people living in the West are going to be exterminated like the Jews in Nazi Germany, but many of them, if not most of them, are going to have their lives destroyed either culturally or financially at some point in the next 5-30 years (if they haven’t already). And THEN they’ll freak out, usually doing what most people do and blaming rich people or politicians on the other side, but by then the damage will be done.

Kazuma Yoshikaze:

Sometimes, you can’t carry anyone but yourself, to safety, since most of the time, you’re hellbent on solving problems of your own while they stay stuck. Sure it’s important to help them, but respect their decisions on things. You can’t force them since you only own yourself. And so I decided, if my family needs to stay there, ok sure. But I will leave to another country, and that too by myself, so I won’t be a burden to anyone ever again.

This is a great attitude to have, and again, one I hadn’t considered.

By leaving your collapsing country you’re not only saving yourself, but you’re permanently removing yourself from the list of people who will have to be saved or helped.

Because I permanently left the Collapsing USA in 2021, and I will never move back there, I will never be as heavily affected by the decline or the collapse of the USA in ways Americans who live there forever definitely will be. I’m one less person who needs to be helped or saved. I’m one less person to be an emotional burden on my American friends and family members who are in for some very rough waters both now and in the next several years.

My American parents are elderly, both well into their 80s, and both have had some reasonably severe health problems like most people their age do. I don’t think either one of them has a super long time to live (though with medical technology today, I could be wrong).

This saddens me of course, but at the same time, and I’m being very honest and open here, I’m also a little relieved. This is because as America literally crumbles before our eyes like it is right now, when things get really horrible, my parents likely won’t be around to experience it, so I won’t have to worry about them and they will be spared the agony of watching their country, culture, and most of their children and grandchildren be severely ravaged or destroyed.

That’s why I’m so happy my son doesn’t live in the Collapsing USA and my daughter is making plans to leave when she can. Two more Westerners dear to me who I don’t have to worry about.

So if you remove yourself from the Collapsing West equation, you’re not just helping yourself. You’re also helping everyone who cares about you.

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Question of The Week

Using Appointment Setters

M.H. Writes:

I’m launching a business offering premium coaching in a specific niche within the financial sector. I’d prefer not to disclose the niche publicly. In your course, you mention that services priced above $2,500 typically require a phone call to secure the sale. However, you didn’t cover the role of appointment setters or SDRs. I recall being contacted by one of your appointment setters via Instagram so I know you use APs yourself.

At what price point should I start using appointment setters along with closers/BDRs?

What commission rates do you pay your appointment setters and closers?

When just starting out, is it feasible for appointment setters and closers to be the same individuals, utilizing a two-step phone call process?

Thanks in advance.

Wow, great question. (I’ve been having a lot of those lately.)

1. Whether or not to use appointment setters is not necessarily about price point and more about A) the profit margin on what you’re selling, B) the complexity of what you’re selling, and C) how cold the prospects are.

Higher margin – use APs
Lower margin – probably don’t (but then why are you selling something low margin?)

High complexity service – use APs
Simple service – maybe use APs

Prospects are usually pretty cold – use APs
Prospects are usually pretty warm – probably don’t

In the cases where you don’t use APs you will want to use some kind of Google form to qualify the prospect though.

2. This depends again on the margins of what you’re selling. A broad standard for higher-margin stuff (coaching, etc) is 2.5% – 7.5% for APs and around 10% for closers, but this can vary widely.

3. Yes, you can do a two-step call with the same person, and coincidentally we have started doing this ourselves in one of our funnels as a test. The first call (called a “triage call”) is mostly to qualify the prospect, gather some basic info, and then schedule the “real” call where the close will occur.

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