The Coming Left-Wing Civil War

A new social dynamic is brewing in the United States which will be very interesting to watch over the next decade or two. Every month, I see new evidence of a new trend that I’m convinced will intensify with time.

I could list many of these, but here are the last few I’ve seen recently.

Item one. Recently Barack Obama was attacked as “sexist” by numerous left-wingers when he very politely disagreed with Senator Elizabeth Warren on a recent trade deal. As you know, I’m not an Obama fan, but the attacks were very weird and completely without merit. All he did was disagree with her on a policy position.

Item two. Openly gay and very left-wing designers Dolce & Gabbana were attacked by left-wingers because they said they were against in-vitro fertilization. This sparked outrage from left-wingers all over the world, sparking calls for boycotts among left-wing celebrities and the like. See, Dolce & Gabbana are left-wing, but not left-wing enough.

“What is the point of attacking people who are 95% on your side?” Bill Maher asked.

Ah, but Maher is assuming left-wingers are logical, rational thinkers. Instead, left liberals are emotion-worshippers. More on this in a minute.

Item three. Bernie Sanders, the most left-wing, progressive mainstream presidential candidate in US history, has had several of his speeches shut down by screaming people from Black Lives Matter, a left-wing group. You can watch video of this ridiculousness here.

Why did they do this? Because old Bernie is just not left-wing enough, you know? He doesn’t care about black people, you see.

I could give you many more examples but I think you get the point.

Now that the left liberals have defeated the right-wing conservatives in the United States, they’re starting to run out of people to attack. True, Donald Trump provides a lot of fodder, but the entire Donald Trump phenomenon is simply a temper tantrum thrown a group of angry conservatives who are furious they’ve lost. You’ll likely see several more Trump-like figures over the next few years as the losing side continues to scream, until finally fading away into obscurity. (Though I admit that he has a non-zero chance of winning, Trump will not be president. The average 2016 American voter is far too left-wing to actually vote for a right-wing billionaire businessman. So you liberals have nothing to worry about.)

Who will liberals scream at when their hated right-wing enemies diminish to the point where they have no real power?

Answer: each other. Left liberals are going to turn their guns from conservatives, who have been already been defeated, to other left-wingers who aren’t left-wing enough, or aren’t “properly” left-wing. I’m convinced you’re going to see more and more of this left-on-left hatred in the US as the years progress.

In other words, the US will become Europe. Most Americans don’t realize this, but most countries in Europe have five, six or even more political parties that are all various versions of left-wing progressivism. Many, if not most of the European political parties that are called “conservative” are often to the political left of Hillary Clinton. Europe is a big pile of left-wingers being pissed at each other, and I’m convinced that this is what the US will start looking like soon. Perhaps not exactly like that, but similar.

Oh, it’s going to be so much fun to watch.

Enjoy the decline!

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  • Ashwin
    Posted at 09:49 am, 7th September 2015

    Haters Gonna Hate.

    Left = Perpetual Unhappiness.

  • Tony
    Posted at 01:10 pm, 7th September 2015

    I can at least see some logic in the other two, but the one against Obama is ridiculous. He literally just said her opinion doesn’t hold up against the facts. We’ve gotten to the point where you can’t say a woman has an opinion that contradicts the facts without being called sexist. IF you don’t agree 100% with something a woman says, then you’re sexist. If two women disagree with each other, does that mean they’re both sexist?

  • Guy
    Posted at 01:10 pm, 7th September 2015

    Funny post. I largely agree with what you’re saying, but I see some points differently. I think it’s more about victim olympics than an actual leftist civil war. As we hit the upper end of the laffer curve, or our ability to finance deficits disappears, resources will dry up. Leftists have been rewarded for decades by claiming to be victims, but now that it looks like resources will be limited on the near horizon, they’re all scrambling for most victimized person status.

    I see the republicans more as yesterday’s democrats than the actual political right. The overton window has moved so far to the left, that any legitimate political alternatives to the left won’t see the light of day. The job of republicans has been to soak up the dissenters of leftist policies and slowly move them further to the left by setting a hard limit on acceptable political discussion.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 07:59 pm, 7th September 2015

    If two women disagree with each other, does that mean they’re both sexist?

    Haha! Guess what will eventually happen?

    One woman will be “sexist.” The other one “won’t” be. Picture how a liberal views women like Ann Coulter or Sarah Palin.

    Just watch.

    I think it’s more about victim olympics than an actual leftist civil war.

    Wow, yes, you nailed it. Victim Olympics is exactly what this is. The war won’t necessarily be between left-wingers, but between all the groups they perceive as requiring protection and extra support from big mommy government.

    In other words, the war will be women against blacks against Mexicans against gays against transgenders, etc.

    Great point. I agree with what you said about Republicans too. 20 years ago I used to vote Republican, until I realized they wanted the same things as Democrats, just with a slightly different flavor.

  • Ramphastos
    Posted at 11:14 pm, 1st October 2018

    This is what happens when you give idiots the right to vote.

    Full citizenship & voting rights need to be severely curtailed to those with skin in the game (a la ‘Starship Troopers’).

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