The Elite’s Choice for Our Next President

Take a look at the graphic above.

On all these mainstream web sites, Bernie Sanders won overwhelmingly in their own polls regarding who won the Democratic debate last night, yet all the headlines on these same sites scream “HILLARY WON.”

Not only did Bernie win these polls, he won by a ton. Doesn’t matter. The establishment has already chosen your next president (Hillary, or Jeb if she doesn’t work out), so they’re going to ram her down your throats, regardless of who you want.

And unless something very unusual happens, the establishment will get their pick, just as they did with Obama, George W, Bill Clinton, etc.

Still think America is a democracy?

Better start bowing down to your new Lizard Queen.

Enjoy the decline!

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  • Alejandro
    Posted at 06:18 am, 16th October 2015

    Did you watch the debate? I actually found Hillary’s performance was way stronger, it just happens to be that the internet is in love with Bernie sanders for some reason.

    BTW, the degree of support Bernie gets form young people is incredible, at this rate America will be socialist in no time.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 12:55 pm, 16th October 2015

    Did you watch the debate?

    Big chunks. Not the entire thing. Pretty boring. Standard “we’ll give you a bunch of free stuff and it will all work out fine” stuff.

    the internet is in love with Bernie sanders for some reason

    Because young people (as in people under 40). Young people tend to be socialists. Especially these days.

    BTW, the degree of support Bernie gets form young people is incredible, at this rate America will be socialist in no time.

    I know. Been saying that for years.

    It’s a fun time to be a left-winger.

  • Alejandro
    Posted at 02:17 pm, 16th October 2015

    For me the elite’s influence in the media became the clearest when you look at both the first republican and democratic debates and see how much time was spent on each attacking the front runner . While Hillary’s email scandal topic was barely touched (and even then, the consensus was the the public is tired of hearing about it), it seemed like half of the questions in the republic debate where directed at attacking Trump somehow.

  • Steven
    Posted at 08:48 pm, 16th October 2015

    “Better start bowing down to your new Lizard Queen.”

    You mean one of those Illuminati Lizards!

  • Korg
    Posted at 02:20 am, 17th October 2015

    And I was about to link you some imgur links were people complained about this :). Seems you are on top of things.

    And yeah, like they said in the transmetropolitan (a comic series that is great, imho. Esp if you see that “the beast” is Bush, and “The Smiler” is Obama). “The fix is in.”

    The republican debates are horrible: Interviewer: “Candidate A, what is your opinion on Important Topic A” A: “Bla bla bla bla” Interviewer: “Trump, did you same something bad about women?”

    How the fuck is that even relevant? So Clinton can fuck who ever he wants and get away with it, and even get his wife elected? But Trump gets attacked because he said something bad about a woman? Not sure what is going wrong in the USA, but I always thought that abusing your hierarchical position (as president) for sexual favors (which is classic sexual harassment) > Insulting people.

    Fun little fact, when they made the universal declaration of human rights, they explicitly did NOT add the right to not be offended to it. They discussed it, but excluded it. (Probably because it quickly leads to abuse and censorship).

  • Alejandro
    Posted at 09:45 am, 17th October 2015

    Speaking about Clinton (Bill) fucking whoever he wants, do you believe he actually wants his wife to get elected? When you think about it form his perspective, Hillary’s presidency would suck for a man like him. The guy is probably still fucking some young hots chicks on the side (because thats what powerful alpha males do) but if she wins he would go from his alpha lifestyle to living in the white house with his balls locked in a safe so he won’t publicly embarrass his wife again. And it will be like that for 8 YEARS. Yuck.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 04:50 pm, 17th October 2015

    Scott Adams was just discussing the likelihood that Bill does NOT want his wife to win, for various reasons.

    Bill and Hillary win the award for most dysfunctional marriage of a successful couple, ever.

  • Tony
    Posted at 09:30 am, 19th October 2015

    I never understood why guys like Bill get married in the first place. If you’re the type of man who both wants to and is able to sleep with lots of different women, why would you make it harder for yourself by getting married? You can argue for Bill that it helps in politics, but there’s lots of guys who are of that type, so much so that it’s a trope (think Buck Strickland from King of the Hill).

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