The Elites’ Continuing Influence on the Presidential Campaign

Two more recent and fun examples of how the elites are ensuring it will be a Hillary vs. Jeb presidential race regardless of what the voters actually want. One is from the left-wing side, and one’s from the right.

On the right side, the billionaire elites who fund Republican campaigns recently ordered Scott Walker to leave the race so the elites could take out Trump. Like the little bitch he is, Scott Walker obeyed, and then publicly urged other Republican presidential candidates to do the same; quit the race so the elites can focus their money on getting Trump out of the election (so Jeb can win the primaries, but that part is still being left unspoken). Details in this video here:

Now for the left-wing side. Despite the fact that the Republicans are having a bazillion debates (twelve are scheduled just before March, then we’ll have another entire year of Republican debates after that), the DNC is only allowing the the Democrats to have…six. Haha! Just six debates, grand total.

Why? Sounds crazy, right? Doesn’t that give the Republicans way more air time? Doesn’t matter. The DNC doesn’t care. All they care about is making sure the chosen one, Hillary, wins the primaries. When you’re the front-runner, you don’t want debates, since all they can do is hurt you. The elites who run the Democrat party know this, so they’re quietly ensuring that there are the minimum number of debates possible. The Democrat party leadership want to keep guys like Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley as far from the TV cameras as they can. They’re also arbitrarily eliminating eligible candidates from these six debates for no stated reason. All to make sure Queen Hillary has her coronation. More details in this video here:

Most people have no idea that this is how major elections are determined in the Western world. Most people think major elections in the USA are determined by voters, or at least delegates. By and large, they aren’t. Instead, the elites select a small number of people they want to run the country far in advance of the election, then use their money and power to insure two of these people are the only two you get to vote for. Regardless of which one you pick, the elites win, they get more money and power, and the decline continues.

If the one you don’t like wins, you’re pissed, but dammit, you’ll “try again next time.” If the one you like wins, you’re happy. You have no reason to be happy, since that person doesn’t give a shit about you at all and will screw you, just like Obama screwed the liberals and Bush the Younger screwed the conservatives, but it still feels good to “win.” As you’re celebrating and gloating, the elites smile and high-five each other. Quietly.

It looks like a democracy. It feels like a democracy. But it’s not. It’s an oligarchy, and most Americans have no idea.

It’s a pretty neat trick, that.

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  • Tony
    Posted at 07:24 pm, 29th September 2015

    My family is fairly heavily involved in the Democratic party, so I went to a fundraising dinner a couple months ago. Several speakers said basically “Let’s support Hillary as our next president!” I don’t know if I was surprised, but it’s certainly disappointing for the establishment to be so open in backing a candidate before the primaries even started.

    On the Trump side, I might seriously consider voting for him if he went against Hillary. Ideologically I’m probably closer to Hillary, but I’m getting to the point where being able to vote for somebody who will just not give a fuck and do what they want is extremely appealing, and I do agree with him on some very important issues.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 07:23 pm, 30th September 2015

    Yep. The Democrat leadership isn’t interested in democracy. They’re interested in making sure Hillary wins.

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